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Holiday Collection 2010: PlayStation Video Store

Starting this week, the video store gives you more reason to celebrate the holiday season! Now through 12/31, cash in on incredible offers in the Holiday 2010 collection. First, enjoy FREE holiday rentals of Nativity! and Black Christmas from 12/24 through 12/26. Then, starting 12/20, save up to 50% on Hollywood blockbusters like Kick-Ass, The Hulk, Zombieland, The International, and more in our Holiday Sale.

Next, cozy up for a festive movie marathon with a Holiday Movies collection featuring classics like Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights, Home Alone, and more. And what is the holiday season without TV specials? Discover the best holiday episodes from all-time TV favorites like The Office, South Park, and Modern Family in our Holiday TV collection. Last but not least, enjoy Spotlight on 2010 featuring the most raved about movies of 2010 and the year’s box office winners!

Visit Featured Collections > Holiday 2010 on PlayStation Store and let the festivities begin!

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  • Woo, free movies!

  • This is the second holiday that we get free movies.. Thanks Sony.

  • I would be interested if Netflix hadn’t arrived in Canada. But now that it’s here, it blows the PSN video store out of the water.

  • PSN you are the shat!!

  • Only in america

    EUROPE ever heard about it???!!!

  • what happened to the deal of the week?! love owning movies on sale! also, netflix on the PSPgo please?!

  • Wow you’re on fire!! Sadly I don’t have any time time.. Tomorrow is my University final exam and all other days I’m working from dusk till dawn, err. Still, I work at commission so I’ll surely do around 300-600$/day for the Christmas time. Then the University starts again the 5th January… My god! I don’t even have time for my blog right now (, I’ll surely watch movies in 2011, humm or maybe video games instead? =D. My copy of god of war 3 is still not opened (9$ on black Friday haha), same for killzone 2, prince of Persia (the new one)… I’m already planning 2011, man I want to be next summer already, where I ONLY WORK, haha. You workers are lucky!! And my Ph.D. will take me another 5 years, ouch. Anyway, nice update!!! Happy Merry you-know-what everybody on the blog!! =D

  • Sweet. Free movies to enjoy during Christmas and 50 percent off some hot titles. Rock on Sony! Great way to bring joy to your Playstation gamers.

  • @7 wow…i feel like some where in there was a commercial and part of your blog leaking out, and absolutely nothing related to the post

    ON TOPIC… this is great i’ll be sure to pick some of these up! Thanks Sony!

  • Thank you my ps3 has become my only media outlet for movies and games now. Really glad I chose to support playstation exclusively this time around.

  • These deals and free movies are what actually make me check out the video store. Good job luring potential customers ;).

    Last time was on Halloween for Bram Stroker’s Dracula ;D

  • this is nice thank for the freebies,sony!

  • um i like chocalate pudding……. but some people say that cucumbers make for a better pickle

  • Since when did a gnome come to represent the holidays?

  • @3 are you serious? Netflix might be good if it had movies that don’t suck. At least PS store has most of the new releases and other major titles. In this case quantity does not beat quality.

  • “Black Christmas” is your free movie? Really? Um. . .whoever is in marketing that made the decision to go with the film otherwise known as “Silent Night, Evil Night” must be getting paid on the side from one of your competitors. Because there is nothing like a dour, bloody slasher flick (especially the Canadian 1970s original) to get the whole family into the Christmas spirit! Can we expect some gory Christmas LBP costumes to go with it?



  • @ 13 seriously pickles are way better and i hate pudding jell-0 FTW

  • can u add the santa clause for canada??

  • Who cares about free movies? How about just being able to watch a movie I paid for? My first experience at using PSN for a movie was miserable! First the download speed was so slow I couldn’t watch it while downloading (I have a high speed connection) So I decide to let the whole movie download before viewing. It was late at night so we had to wait till the next evening after work to watch the movie. One hour 30 minutes into the movie it just STOPS and we get a message saying … Sorry your viewing time is up! Honestly they cut the movie off before its finished even though you start it well BEFORE the 24 hour cut off? My whole family was watching it. Total BS and a waste of my money and time. Never again will I use PSN.

  • ok, so i check the store today, add says free then i go to get it and the prices are all listed, neither movie is showing free, and while Id enjoy watching a free copy no way in sam hill would I pay to watch either of these, thanks for the thought though thats what counts right, maybe Ill check them later and see if they are actually free, and is this for only the sd version, or will we get the hd version to rent for free?

  • if they are free why is it that when i go to get them im still getting charged ?!

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