Merry ModNation Monday: The “FAR EAST” Track Theme DLC

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Greetings and Happy ModNation Monday everyone. Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday update! If you’ve been dreaming of an extension to your ModNation career, some slick new creation parts, and new Trophies, your dreams are about to some true.

Introducing the “Far East” Track Theme ($9.99)

It’s time to take MNR to a new level – literally. The Far East Track Theme hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow (Tuesday, December 21st) and it brings a whole new series to your career, new Trophies, and tons of new unlockables. Race on and over the Great Wall of China, drift and dodge huge obstacles in an abandoned fortress, or speed through a thick bamboo forest filled with obstacles and surprises.

Here’s a look at what you get:

Seven New Tracks:

  • Great Wall
  • Hidden Forrest
  • Dragon City
  • Terraced Drop
  • Fortress
  • Monsoon Edge
  • Imperial Gardens

Extend your Career:

  • New career race series
  • 10 New Objectives
  • 35 New Unlockables
  • 7 New Trophies

Create New Tracks!

  • Over 50 New Props

Everything in the Far Eat Track Theme has a cool Eastern flavor to it, and as you can imagine, this is a HUGE new addition to ModNation Racers that makes an already killer game even better. Check it out when it hits the store for $9.99 tomorrow. We can’t wait to see some of the incredible creations that our awesome community publishes.

The Elephant Man

ModNation Racers - Babu Mod

As you may have noticed, there’s also a new Mod in the Nation. We’d like to extend a welcome to our good Mod Babu. Our pachyderm pal comes with the following creation parts:

  • Elephant Mask
  • Elephant Ears
  • Turban
  • Sash (Shirt)
  • Sash (Pants)
  • Fancy Bracelets
  • Pachydermititus (Skin)

Check him out on the PSN Store now for just $0.99.

MNR Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PlayStation.Blog.

With the release of all the new parts packs, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod of the Week

Creator: lowrider1-23


Ramone says: I’ve never really thought of Santa as a “cool” guy. Friendly? Sure. Jolly? No doubt. Generous? …on those rare occasions when I acted right as a kid, I guess… But this half Santa/half Snowman composite looks downright cool. I can see this Mod cruising the planet in a drop top toe leave kids presents and then parking the ride so he can go fight crime.

Kart of the Week

Creator: lowrider1-23


Ramone says: Remember that ride I was talking about? This is it. You can’t be a crime-fighting, present-delivering, half Santa/half Snowman stack of awesome without an appropriate whip. Complete with holiday lights, snowflakes, and an airbrushed image of its two-face driver, this is all badness all the time.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to ModNation’s YouTube channel email them to and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Modopolis
Created by: Underdisc


Underdis 2 Underdis 3

Underdis says: “This track is likely the most strong of my six tracks. My goal was to make a track all Modnation racers could enjoy! For people who are just beginning to play the game and for the pros of the game! With this track I think I have met that goal, because I have been going to many casual game rooms, and I tested the track with others and I got their own suggestions on how I could make the track better. I have taken in all the suggestions and with those suggestions I made this track a king! While racing with others online, everyone thought the track was great as well, even with the mistakes. It has also been tested by myself a lot as well, in time trial mode.

The purpose of this track, is to travel through Modnation. A racer will begin at the Modnation seaside, and travel through a small park, the city, carnival, country-side, and the old town of Modnation. Once a racer has gone through the old town, they will jump over the carnival. Now is time to show off your skills in mid-air, and try to avoid the Ferris Wheel, and Salt and Pepper ride. This jump will lead to a little trail that puts the racer back on the beach. When you are racing on this track you should be looking at the screen 100% of the time, and you should never lose your focus, and that was another one of my goals with this track, because it makes the track much more fun to race on, and I hope I have succeeded in doing this. This track also includes props from the stunt and carnival pack. ENJOY, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Ramone says: I dug this track from that first downhill corkscrew. Once I’d drifted through that and came out in the pack at the bottom, I had enough Boost to get my sideswipe on, and I was the leader. There’s a lot of eye candy in this track, and I especially enjoy it when big jumps have some obstacles to avoid, making them more than just a simple spin opportunity. This is a well thought out track, and the action is fierce in Action Races.

Track Name: Elite Santa’s Toy Factory
Created by: RockToonz

Elite Santa's Toy Factory

Elite Santa's Toy Factory 2 Elite Santa's Toy Factory 3

RockToonz says: “HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas to all Modnation Community… This track is awesome for action and pure racing because there is so many obstacles and you will experience what looks like to be inside Santa’s Toy Factory… You will also see santa’s reindeers and his sleigh and take note it’s huge! i mean really HUGE!! hehe Enjoy!!!

Ramone says: Learn this track before you try to compete on it. I was a little confused at first, but once I got it, I had a crazy good time with this one. RockToonz never disappoints, and this track is no exception. As the name implies, it’s chock full of toys and all sort os hazards to keep your laps challenging, but it’s got such a festive look and feel that you can’t help but love it even when things don’t go well. Bravo, RockToonz. You have some serious Track creation skills.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Stunt Spectacularium, by grey_jeep
Tuesday: Apocalyptic Devastation, by grey_jeep
Wednesday: Modopolis, by Underdisc
Thursday: Ruins Jungle, by yika_mnr
Friday: Rio de Janeiro!, by atheistsw
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

Happy Holidays

Modnation XMas art

ModNation Racers has been fortunate to have a really great and supportive community, and we wish you all the happiest of holiday and the best for a great new year. We’ll see you all in 2011, when we’ll have even more MNR goodness on the way!

All good things must come to an end

This will be my last ModNation Monday blog as I must focus 100% of my time on another project. It’s been a wonderful 7 months and you guys have been great. Thank you for creating so much content to keep the community here racing, creating, and sharing. ModNation Mondays aren’t going anywhere as Jason Coker will take over from here on out. Take it easy and keep those creations coming.

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3 Author Replies

  • The Far East pack looks great, any chance of a PS Plus discount?

  • Can’t wait for the Far East Theme…
    Thanks Ramone for ALL your support, info and Blog…
    Good luck with the new project and Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    See you in the Far East —->


  • $9.99 is a great price point. I’ve never seen any official word on whether or not new tracks will make it to XP series/races.

  • Nice! Can’t wait!

  • Very nice, I just got back into this last night with my wife.


  • Best of luck on your next project Ramone.

    Pretty good blog post to finish on! ;)

  • Great that the Far East Theme has a decent price, any confirmation of how much it’ll be in the EU though? Fairwell Ramone, you’ll be sorely missed :)

  • Whats the name of that song in the video and where can I get it?

  • Will the new tracks be features in XP Races?

  • please make a crash bandicoot and spyro the dragon mod both have been a big pat of sony so please make some!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do these have cutscenes?

  • Is that song in the video in the game (or DLC pack).
    If not it should be.

  • It only does high priced DLCs!

  • That’s awesome. Buying it.

    I still hope for something that allows more options for road color. I can’t make a proper yellow brick road for my wizard of oz level. I was trying to make it work with the roof’s of some trucks but :/

  • $9.99 is a ton to pay for DLC. I could get a full downloadable game for that price.

  • SUPER!!! I am purchasing this as soon as it is released on PSN.
    I really would like for these tracks to be in XP Series.
    Those official tracks look great.

    So can we expect those official tracks to be in the Series any time soon? Really appreciate the devs.

  • $9.99 isn’t over priced for what they are giving us.
    This is coming from someone that doesn’t buy almost any DLC, so it shows how great this is. If these tracks get into XP Series than this price is fully reasonable.

  • Thanks for all the great times Ramone and for the really well written posts that always kept the community updated :) Oh and thank you for featuring my PlayStation Move Mod a few months back; I really enjoyed seeing it in the spotlight. I hope your new project goes well! Any hints on what it might be? ;)

  • @Ramone hmmm that is not the new edited Elite Santa’s Toy Factory track that i have created ramone… :| oh well only tracks of the week… but thanks! ^^ i like your reply on my track and last thursday my elite game show did not show up at hoplap T_T can you put it again…
    Good luck for your next project ( Modnation 2?? ) oh yeah! ^_^

  • Sorry, looks like I need to read a bit slower, missed the part where it comes with a full series of tracks. Still think it’s a bit steep, but it isn’t crazy expensive, like COD map packs.

  • @19 Ramone does a lot of work with the community at operationsports with regards to MLB The Show. Wouldn’t be surprised that he’s got to start getting more involved with the ’11 version.

  • I think $9.99 is a bit over priced for this but.. I’ll wait and see how many people will use this new stuff.. Is it only for career mode?

  • looks great. was really hoping for a theme with snow and a total winter feel to it. maybe next time? anyway, will be downloading this since its a great price. thanks to the devs!

  • If you dont like the price then dont buy it. But i think for what we’re getting & the use we’ll get out of it, its a fair price.

  • @25

    Its coming “soon”, have a look at the video on last mondays modnation blog post.


  • @27
    thanks. just watched the video. looks great and i cant wait. i’ve been wanting snow tracks since i got the game. seeya online!

  • @29

    Yup, looks good. Thought it’d make more sense to release the snow theme now then the far east one later but a new theme is a new theme!

  • Dang! yall took my Great Wall track idea, the name and everything!! Well I guess I’ll come up with my own twist on it!

  • Awesome! I live in the Philippines (located in ASIA)!

  • Hey Ramone I’m sad to hear your leaving. I have one question. What about the music in the video? Is that going to be added to the game anytime soon with some type of soundtrack extension?

  • Babu Mod should have his personal kart as well.. at least that’s what I think… but it’s a pretty cool mod!

    Good for the Far East theme… hopefully the snow theme will arrive to the Nation very soon as well (next week? lol)

    Oh Ramone!! it’s too bad that we won’t see you posting here again… but wish you good luck in your upcoming project, rock’em all ;)… ohh by the way.. please tell Jason Coker that don’t forget the prizes of the Halloween Contest winners that are still pending…

    Merry Christmas!

  • So I see you chose grey_jeep’s Apocalyptic Destruction track for hotlap which utilises the ‘glitch prop’technique ;) Does this mean you guys will be looking to implement this simple addition into the MNR track editor at some point in the near future? Because it sure does open up the creative possibilities even more!

  • I hope my Elite Santa’s Toy Factory hopefully will be at hot lap next week…

  • Please bring us button remapping. See my blog.share idea if you agree.

  • @36

    Think i saw a reply on a Modnaton Mondays blog post a few weeks ago saying it’ll never happen. Shame, seems it would be easy enough for them to patch in.

  • @36

    Found it. Modnation blog post from 29th Nov.

    “No custom controls will be added to the game”

    (Reply to comment #38)

  • On second thoughts forget about that! The reply was worded wrong. The person that asked was asking for more race options!

  • ;p;pmkmnh

  • Played both tracks, they’re both AMAZING, I especially liked Elite Santa’s Toy Factory it was pretty Elite status right there, finished in second. And Modopolis was just crazy, I crashed into the Ferris Wheel all three laps and finished in second sadly, it is awesome though!

  • Thanks for all of the amazing Modnation Monday updates Russell. You have left the world of Modnation stunned with this fantastic game. By the way, what project are you going to be working on, or will it be involved in Playstation’s, play, create, and share series? It has been a great pleasure to be a part of your last Modnation Monday

    Thank you so much for using my track on hot lap, and Top Tracks, everyone at UFG can be expecting more tracks from me.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    • Your most definitively welcome but the thanks really goes out to everyone in the MNR community for keeping the game fresh with all the UGC.

  • Alright Ramone, thank you very much for everything, already answered your MP, Merry Christmas and Happy and Succesfull 2011!

    Hope you can find some time in the future and post in Modnation :P

    Good luck again

  • It’s been one long roller coaster ride of a journey since May 2010. Merry Christmas Chuck, Ramone, UFG Team, San Diego Studios, Sony, All members of PS Blog, All members of PlayStation Network and EVERYONE!! And a Tagging New Year!!

  • 7 months? i feel like thats both a long and short time. good luck with the new stuff. don’t know if i’ll get this right away, but will eventually.

  • Modnation YA YA YA! Modnation YA YA YA! lol – awesome.

    Those new UFG tracks need to be in XP series please.

  • No wonder u were MIA for quite some time on the forums Russel. Sad u didn’t make it to any of the Mods vs Elite races. Farewell…

  • That truly looks just awesome. Can’t wait to see what kind of tracks come from this. ^^

    By the way, I had an idea. It’s actually something I’ve mentioned before, but a little different.

    Before I mentioned about being able to pick the ai options for a single race, such as the their kart, mod & name.

    So I thought, why not take that, and go even deeper, with a Career creator. Allowing people to make their own careers with their own objectives, characters and karts. And setting all the racers your meant to race against, as well as the track owner who’s meant to know the shortcuts more. Pretty crazy, but it could be fun. ^^

    Anyway, though I’d bring that idea in, could be interesting. ^^

    Well, that’s pretty much it. Keep up the great stuff guys. :D

  • Just some more money to spend … this looks super fun!

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