MAG Full Game Trial on December 21

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MAG Full Game Trial

We’re extremely excited to announce that starting tomorrow, on December 21, MAG will be available in its entirety as a full game download on the PlayStation Store.

Priced identically to its boxed “Greatest Hits” counterpart, the downloadable version of MAG (4.7 GB) will run you a mere $29.99 and come complete with all the bells and whistles found in our patches up to v2.10.

To celebrate its release, PlayStation Plus users can try MAG out for free with an exclusive full game trial! Members can play the game and any of its original modes at no charge for as long as their PlayStation Plus membership lasts, with their only limitation being a level 8 character cap. However, members will continue to earn experience as long as they play the game, allowing them to automatically receive credit for time played once they’ve purchased the full product.

Membership has its benefits, yes?

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  • Well, looks like I’ll finally be playing MAG now. I’m really excited for this. I don’t know about other people, but PS Plus has totally payed for itself for me already. Thanks Zipper!

  • WOW, now thats a really cool perk for PS+. I will d/l this and try out the Move controls (was very curious) and maybe, just maybe MAG will suck me back in.

  • with move support?

  • WHOA WHOA WHOA, Clarify this for me — Does this mean that MAG is MY OWN for the next 10 months? I don’t need to pay for it until my PS+ Subscription lasts??

  • What if we already own the disc? Can we download it and play it without the level cap since we own the game?

    • Two different executables. If you have the disc version in and boot that, it’ll be as normal. If you launch the trial version, it’ll be treated as the trial.

  • Best Christmas Evar!!!!

  • NOWAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
    i was not sure to buy borderlands… but count me 100% on that one!!!
    thank you very much, and what about a PS+ discount this time!?
    PLEASE 20% PS+ discount at least.
    Merry Christmas!

  • So we will have this for as long as we have our subscription? Will it have move support as well?

  • Do we get move support?

  • Why the sudden push 4 digital games

  • Bwahahah here comes a torrent of new players!!! You guys’d better be prepared cause this game is very different than other shooters.

  • I’ve been meaning to try this game out, now I can for free! thanks Sony! :D

  • Hey i thought MAG was 12gb, now its 4gb, what happen?

    Make limited trial for all users like Warhawk

    • We’ve found a way to minimize its size through a number of methods — most notably, localization. You won’t have to download every language and all the VO that goes with it with the trial, for example; just the language that is native to you.

  • this is a good beginning for a great yr to own a ps3 :) and it will finish strong with UC3 :D

  • hey to all asking for Playstation Move support , i’ll tell you now its lot of fun to play the game with it but it wont be easy to get used to so be ready to mess up your kill/death ratio , im now having tons of fun with the control but it took me quite some time to get used to it but i think i’ll be more than ready when Killzone 3 and Socom 4 come out lol

  • Despite the fact that I already own MAG I just want to say, this is a great idea and I hope it brings more people to the game!

  • yes it dose lol

  • I am intrigued by this but it is really just a trap :(

  • Do you guys at SCEA know if SCEE are also offering this ??

    Just they probably wont update their site this late at night now.

  • To answer some users question, yes it will come with move support(any version of mag on or above 2.0 comes with move support). If you are having trouble with the move controls, try these settings: go to controls and select “normal play”: Pitch area = 15, turning area = 15, pointer sensitivity = 50. do the same for iron sights. If you have problems with these settings, adjust the pointer sensitivity first and try that out before changing the other settings.


  • FAIL!
    This was your chance to have me try this game and maybe purchase it, instead it is only for PS+ users. I’ll stick to COD BO thx

  • What if you have already played the game and passed the level 8 mark?

  • I remember when you said on Zipline that MAG would never be available as a download…

    Guess you gotta take everything with a grain of salt.

  • i cant wait till tomorrow! :]

  • Will this offer also be available for European Plus subscribers?

    Tried out the beta and was mighty fun, so I’m thrilled I might get to play it again!

  • Sorry, but keeping it ‘exclusive to PS Plus members’ is a total fail.

    WHO’S THE GUY RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT?? Gimme your reasons why you think that it will drive more sales for MAG compared to allowing ANYONE to download it.

  • Please throw in some major discounts on PSN games for the holidays, and throw even more special discount for plus subscribers!

  • @3

    YES…. with MOVE support!!!


    YES… with a level 8 CAP, BUT you will still earn points past the level 8 cap.

  • I think some people are confused, specifically comment #22 and #27. The game can be bought by everyone, PS+ or not, for 29.99, BUT if you ARE a PS+ member you get the game for free (lasts until your PS+ subscription runs out), just with a limit cap of level 8.

    So PS+ or not you can still buy the game digitally on the PSN tomorrow.

    I also have a question: Will these be available for europe as well? I sure hope so..

  • @22

    Explaine how this falls under”FAIL”just because you dont like it and or your opinion is different.

  • “Priced identically to its boxed “Greatest Hits” counterpart”

    But i can get it for 19.99 NEW at walmart…

  • @27 warezlbanez

    You are a little confused. EVERYONE can download the game (29.99). But the PS+ suscribers get a free trial and other stuff =)

  • Wait a second… is this post saying what I think it’s saying? MAG for free for as long as you’re a PS+ subscriber? That is an amazing idea.

    I was just looking through the PS Store a couple of days ago, wondering why there was no MAG download or demo :)

    Dear Zipper, can you extend this to all regions, because I’m over here in Hong Kong (SCEH), and I’m sure there’s SCEH and SCEE members who’d love to be a part of this.

    This be the future of digital distribution for multiplayer games, right here: Getting a capped full game as part of Plus, and then paying to unlock everything. Sounds good to me

  • PS+ is fail and so is this deal.

    Priced the same as it’s greatest hits boxed version – with less money used to make this one available.

    No more consoles for me after this gen. PS1-PS2-PSP-PS3-DONE! Time to break the cycle and say screw Sony.

  • Sony, you guys are idiots for charging digital products the same as their physical counter-parts. This should easily be cheaper than a new physical copy and competitive to the used market which puts it at around $15-20. And at that price it would sell like crazy, at $30 when its actually cheaper to buy used or even new is some cases, HECK NO!

    This is why the PSP GO failed Sony, have you not learned?!!!

  • I just purchased this game for $15 brand new at Gamestop. Some kinda sale going on. So anyone who doesn’t have it might wanna check that first.

    But this is kinda confusing. I distinctly remember a question and answer blog they (Zipper )had when this game was first announced.

    Someone asked that due to the fact this is an MP only game, will it be available via the PSN like SOCOM. The stated no, and it never would be due to the size of the games.

    I wonder how they changed that.

  • I have been playing Mag ever since Crap OPS was released with all its glitches… If this game gets popular again it will easily top Call of Duty!

  • @31 Brook-O_C

    Thanks for making this point. Now I don’t have to!

  • Playstation, I love you =D

    I will finally play MAG, I was think about buy the blu-ray game, however with this release, I will buy the digital copy for sure =D

    Merry Christmas =D

  • @twooh

    You don’t have to buy the digital download. If you like the game then guy a disc… jeez

    They’re letting Plus subscribers, who chose to subscribe, have access to a capped version of the full game at no extra cost. That’s a pretty good deal.

    I got Plus in Hong Kong at launch, and I’ve had access to tons of games that I’d never considered before, and got discounts off good games too.

    I’m not sure about the US offers, but here in HK we’ve had God of War 1&2 full game trials last month, Ape Escape and Crash Bandicoot discounts this month, and Pixeljunk Monsters full game for free next month… what’s there not to like?

  • might need to clear out some space on my harddrive…i really need to get around to upgrading it…been interested in trying the game and seeing how it is, not really my style of game as i generally dont like shootahs

  • @36, I totally agree with you. It should be at the most $20. Why would you buy the digital version when a used copy is only running $20? Then you at least have something to get store credit for if you don’t like it.

    I’m just glad I got it for $15 new. I got real lucky. Because I just checked, and the Gamestop sale is over.

  • Very good move, Zipper! Hopefully this will influence the player count and bring it up in all game modes alike!

  • ^^ did I just say “guy a disc”? I’m sure I typed “buy”

    I digress…

    This is an amazing deal, and perhaps a new business model for digital distribution on PSN is beginning:

    Full game downloads, capped and restricted to Plus, with upgrades available when you purchase. It could drive MAG sales and Plus subscriptions.

    Dear Zipper and blog people… If we get this full game trial, and then buy the full game on Bluray, will our progress carry over in the same way? Please clarify, although I really hope it does, as it will please retailers and bargain hunters.

    Also, will it be released in other regions? I’m in Hong Kong (SCEH) and I’m sure people in SCEH and SCEE would love this offer too.

    Actually, I was just on the PS Store two days ago looking for a MAG demo or full game download, and wondering why it wasn’t there. PlayStation: It only does mind-reading

  • If we get the full game trial, and then buy the game on Bluray, will our progress carry over in the same way?

    I hope so, because then retailers and bargain hunters will have nothing to complain about. You could try it on Plus and then pick up the game in the Gamestop sale

  • A couple of my posts are missing, and I think I spelt “buy” “guy” in one post above. Anyway, sorry if this turns out to be a repost.

    Dear Zipper

    Will this amazing offer be available in SCEE and SCEH (Hong Kong, where I am)?

    I was just on the PS Store two days ago wondering why there was no MAG download or demo, and then it suddenly appears here on the Blog. Could it be that PlayStation only does mind-reading?

  • Finally, this is much better than the 1 hour limit… hope they do this for Borderlands also

  • Got Plus two days ago, and i’m liking what I’m seeing!

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