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Killzone 3, MLB 11, UNCHARTED 3, Mass Effect 2 PS3, Kratos in Mortal Kombat – 2010 isn’t even over yet and we’ve already got so much to talk about for 2011. Not so fast – 2010’s last gasp will be a big one; stay tuned for details on a frikkin huge PSN update hitting Tuesday. Rey will have all the titles for you later this afternoon.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Weeks of December 6, 2010 and December 13, 2010)

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  • Do you know if we’ll be hearing from id or Gearbox next year for Rage and Duke Nukem?

    Also, if you get the opportunity to speak with them, can you ask them if they have any plans to release some of their classic FPS’s on the PSN (though it wasn’t gearbox who made the DK3D so perhaps only 3D realms could answer that).

  • Hey Jeff, isn’t there a GT5 update coming tomorrow?

  • Cool updates. And this is random, but since I just used up my (once per day) idea on PS Blog Share, so I don’t forget, PLEASE add a “.com” and “www.” to the ps3 messaging keyboard. That way it will save time for users on the internet on their ps3s. Thanks! :)

    P.S. The ps3 keyboard already has two blank spots on it to fit these two things, so please add these soon! :P

  • A great list and like Jeff said, the PlayStation Store update this Tuesday should be HUGE. Mass Effect 2 demo huge.

  • The lack of “Agent”

  • The lack of “Agent” and Sorcery news makes me sad. *

  • When is SOE going to release an update/patch that fixes the horrible freezing problems with the DCUO beta?

  • For 2011, I want Destruction Derby 3.. or at least news that one is being developed by a quality company(not EA)…

    looking forward to this big update on Tuesday…

  • Hey Jeff

    I just wanted to ask about Share. I know the team must have lots of ideas to search though, but people I know have submitted good ideas that aren’t duplicates and never appear.

    I’ve got one idea that’s in action, and I even told them to mark it as “in action” through the ideas submission form, and it’s still not been marked.

    I’m wondering if they’re even reading all the submissions :(

    • It gets looked at at regular intervals, but day to day publishing means there’s sometimes a bit of a backlog before it gets cleared out.

      Can you link me to your idea that should be marked ‘in action’?

  • Jeff, will you ever visit the PS Home community again, like you did before? We’d love to see you again man. :)

    • Yeah we’d be happy to do it. We’re looking at a couple of Home actinides in the new year. Our travel schedules are insane for the first 3 months of the year, but we’ll see what we can do.

  • Jeff,
    Will we (US PSN users) get a iPhone/Android app?

    When will we be able to send and receive PSN messages through the web?


  • Jeff, I am curious to see when the team will take its action to fix because the trophy list on PC tends not to show up- even one, three or six months later they show up. I thought that once new games are being inserted, the trophy list will automatically be synchronized with Playstation 3 unit and PC. Please look into this and have them fix that one. Thanx.

  • great pixeljunk shooter 2 trailer this week. Are the developers iching to release the release date? i have a strange feeling they will wait till the day before. xD

  • Time to go holiday Shopping…On the PS store LOL

  • I’m having trouble with playstation rewards beta, I am certain that I played a playstation move game (The Fight (all week)) and I posted more than 5 reviews on the blog, yet those quests haven’t shown up for some reason.
    At least it’s just beta :D

  • I have been playing Castlevania: Harmony of Despair on my 360 more. I was wondering if you have anything coming my PS3 that has that much stuff to do in it (also multiplayer)?

  • Hey Jeff

    Sorry to go all off topic on you up there. Thanks for your reply.

    The link is

    Of course, adding a “mark as in action” button might be easier than having to spam your blog threads :)

    BTW: Uncharted 3… wow!

  • Hey Jeff

    Sorry to go all off topic on you up there. Thanks for your reply.

    The link is

    Of course, adding a “mark as in action” button might be easier than having to spam your blog threads :)

    BTW: Uncharted 3… wow!

  • Oh hey guys, Crystal Dynamics just confirmed that the PS3 is getting a Tomb Raider HD Collection which includes TR: Legend, TR Anniversary, and TR: Underworld. Sweet.

  • I’m excited for Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 because of all the thing I heard and it will be the version that people want to get.

  • Kotaku is doing their weekly photoshop contest, and this weeks topic is the Move controller. Some of the submissions are pretty funny and creative. Check them out here:

  • Hey Jeff.
    May I say something please? (think of a guilty child standing in front of his/her (probably her) teacher yelling after seeing an F mark)
    you know I’ve been thinking on this since the day you’ve published revamped European Playstation® site. Isn’t it great to make PS store like the revamped site?!!!!! It’s pretty easy-to-use, It’s beautiful, It has great stuff like how to get Dead Nation trophies, gift guide, game of the year etc new!!!!!!! but don’t make this Internet based (like old PSN). and please, just please make the new PS store integrated with XMB® so you won’t have to quit XMB and see this… (think of easily reading messages without quitting store)
    Hope to hear from you ( i.e see your message)
    I’m your buddy Jeff. Following you.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Can you convey my thanks to CrystalD/Eidos/SquareEnix for coming through on something I’ve been asking for since the store release of Underworld?

  • I meant REDESIGN PS STORE and XMB (if required) in order to be able to use Redesigned PS store as mentioned (Make them integrated) Mr.Rubenstein ( XD :-) )

  • This Jets, Steelers game…

    apparently, if you gain 9 yards, its a first down?

  • RedFlagDeals is starting to get the Boxing day flyers. If the Zellers and Futureshop ones are any indication, Major Fail Sony Canada.

    One or two free games bundled? That should be standard durring the holidays(like Microsoft has done the past what 3 years?), not a boxing day door crasher.

  • jeff, rumor has it that qriocity will be announced soon! :0

    anyways,do you know if tetris will support in-game music?speaking of tetris i hope the game will be less than 15 bucks for us fans (cross fingers)

  • btw, who was responsible for the netflix update? and what was it for? as far i could tell i didnt see any difference with the exception that the browser’s flash seemed to be updated because for example i couldnt read neogaf before and now i can! XD

  • Hey Jeff.

    I am new to using these forums or whatever you want to call it, but I have a new idea.

    I think there should be a way to check your messages on the psn much faster.

    I find that when I am playing an online game and I want to quickly see what my friend sent me, I have to press the home button, go to the mailbox, and then let it load before I can finally read it.

    Can you please make an update that will quickly let you check your messages like double tapping the home button or something?

  • I keep trying to get an answer from various PlayStation related sources about whether or not DC Universe Online is getting a digital PSN release (for the PS3 version, which I rather enjoy the beta for).

    I generally purchase all my MMOs this way and would prefer to do so with DCUO.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)


  • q; LBP2 COMING IN 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  • and gt5 is wicked

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