UPDATED: PlayStation Move Surpasses 75 Supported Games, More to Come

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PlayStation Move: Gaming List

UPDATE: The list continues to grow! As of today, July 29th, we’re currently tracking 78 79 80 PlayStation Move games released or under development. The list includes E3 2011 heavyweights such as Resistance 3, BioShock Infinite, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, and many more. Read on for the full, updated list…and be sure to let us know if a PlayStation Move game slipped through the cracks!

What’s your favorite implementation of PlayStation Move? What PlayStation Move game are you most looking forward to? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • I don’t have Move but it’s nice to see you guys supporting it.

  • COD BlackOps need an upgrade for Move!

  • My Ps move is about to get a rude Awakening… Time for this Jelly Belly to go bye bye :D oh wait i already got rid of it playing The Fight Lights out… Time To Play some more Awesome games i guess :D

  • And if there were any Move Controller available for purchase people would buy these games too. But there aren’t any! This could have been a very successful christmas business if Sony had shipped some more.
    I know a lot of PS3 users who opted for alternative presents instead. And I think that this pushed Kinect sales too.

    • Yeah definitely had a tough time keeping them in stores. The good news is, I think the supply is finally catching up a bit.

  • I love my Move! Keep up the support!

  • i want to play playstation move heroes but can you tell me in which month the game will be released

  • Looking most forward to Sorcery and currently liking Resident Evil 5 the most.

  • Move is on my Xmas list.

  • Move really needs an amazing game. A game that can only be done with the Move + the power of the PS3. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything out right now, or any announced game (I’m really hoping Sorcery is good) that, in my opinion, is a must own experience.

    I’m hoping for more innovation next year since I already own the Move and I really, really want to support it.

  • When is Sony going to give attention to the PSP? They take our money then hang us out to dry…typical.

    • Square Enix has two (really good) PSP games coming out early next year: The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. I played them in NYC recently and they’re both really polished. I’m hoping to get previews on the Blog soon.

  • It would have been very cool if in addition to dead space extraction if dead space 2 was also supported by the move.

  • All these games are great. I have a few myself and enjoy them but Sony, please create a killer app. Something Move specific that will be entertaining and epic as well. Sorcery is a step in the right direction but it seems like it will appeal to a young demographic. Give me a grown up move experience. Uncharted levels. I feel that it will happen but make it happen asap. Thanks.

  • you forgot PAIN on your list also uses Move now. It also just released a software update that gave you a free new evironment that is actually pretty cool.

  • mine gathers dust while kinect sells truck loads. Sony has the worst advertising on the planet.

  • Just bought a Move, I have to say…most of the games supported are pretty bad (aside from Sports Champions and the older titles like Heavy Rain). Hopefully there’s more support for games like Uncharted, and less support for games like Kung-Fu Rider and Start the Party.

  • More love for the PS Move, very nice. I am looking forward to Killzone 3, Socom 4, Playstation Move Heroes, Dead Space: Extraction, and Sorecy (E3 demonstration looked amazing). I also hope Naughty Dog and Insomciac Games are supporting their games with Move controls.

    Anyway you guys could get the blizzard guys to port Starcraft 2 over to the ps3? ;)

    or maybe have some Developer work on a SCI-FI military RTS specially made for PS move. That would be amazing.

    Killzone RTS….Oh my gosh that would be awesome.

  • The Move is a nice piece of hardware. Unfortunately, the Kinect is the ‘Hot Tech Toy’ this XMas season, winning all the innovation awards and getting all the buzz. Woulda been nice if Sony could have gotten the Move out earlier in the year, perhaps a big time killer app can get the Move some more buzz and steal some of the spotlight away.

  • I can’t wait for Christmas morning to get here!!

  • As long as you don’t don’t forget your controller like those other guys. I’m cool.

    I love having both as a choice to be active or lazy.

    What’s that crawler looking game below Sorcery to the right of the Dead Space shot?

  • I bought the Move for the kids even though I log on entirely WAY too many hours on my PS3. I hope it holds up to the hype. Keep it up PSN!

  • @SpiritThief

    That is Dungeon Defenders my friend.

  • There needs to be a slew of new commercials marketing the Playstation Move and the Playstation family.

    If the PS3 plays Blu-Ray movies, deliver a commercial where it’s sponsored by a newly released movie that shows the PS3 playing it.

    If the PS3 plays Blu-Ray movies in 3-D then deliver a commercial where it promotes a successful 3-D movie that just came out on Blu-Ray.

    If the PS3 streams content via Netflix, deliver a commercial where someone selects the Netflix icon thru their XMB and plays a video.

    If Gran Turismo 5 can be played in 3-D then provide a commercial where it delivers that experience to the consumer.

    If the PS3 plays video games in 3-D then deliver a commercial where a game, third-party even just to make it more appealing, shows it off.

    If the Playstation Move is motion-sensing at its best, then deliver a commercial where a game like “Tumble” presents the beauty and physics of it.

    Stronger emphasis on what the Playstation brand can do and less on stupid commercials where Kevin Butler the clown hogs much of the valued air time with pointless dialogue, and Playstation can start moving more than just units.

  • Oh man, I can’t wait to pick up move! I finally played it last night at the Sony Style at the outlets near me and I’m sold! Exciting year ahead!

    Best thing for mOve would be support for Uncharted 3!!

  • I hate the fact that Move is such an amazing technology but is being underutilized and not giving enough attention by Sony. As long as you treat it like an optional controller method for existing games, why would people buy it? They can just play with a DS3.

    I see a game like Sorcery (for which we haven’t had any NEW info since E3 [yes, I know it was at gamescom]) and I just think, “why isn’t there more like this?” They only Move only games that I see for 2011 published by Sony or otherwise are Playstation Move Heroes, Sorcery, and a PSN title or two.

    It would just be nice to feel like Sony wants to create a lot of new experiences with Move; games that can’t even be played with a dualshock. I’m not saying to make Move only games from existing franchises; you don’t want to alienate fans. That’s where using Move as an alternate control method is nice. I like that. Just get the ball rolling on some new, Move-only titles please!

    I want to feel like my purchase is justified, and I’m sure others do it. Don’t let it be a product doomed to fail by making it a controller that can be used alternatively in games that can also use the controller that they already have.

    • Well, it’s super new. And now that the first wave of games are out, it’s time for “round 2” to begin — I think you’ll like what you see with Killzone 3, Dead Space Extraction, and SOCOM 4 for sure. And they’ll be a lot more, rest assured.

  • i want online co-op ………. in killzone 3 .. plzzz make it happen plzz plzz ,sid plzzz tell herman hulst to make killzone 3’s co-op online … plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • cant eait till my move bundle gets here and I can play some of these titles

  • I still don’t know how to play Tron with the move, lol. No instructions.

  • The only real game I’m excited to play with move is Sorcery. That game just got me excited for it on E3. I bought it when they were on preorder. Now let’s see what the Move can do.

  • While it’s not helping your case with the Move, I do think it was a good idea to include that Blu-Ray commercial so people keep that in mind every step of the way. Hell, you may need to remind them all that the Wii is still SD and can’t even play DVDs.

  • Where are my hack and slash games XD

    • My friend, you will want to check out Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Dungeon Defenders next year for sure. Oh, and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

  • I still wish you guys would give word if Infamous 2 supports Move… or at least hint at a new announcement for the hardcore crowd ;)

  • What about Ape Escape Fury! Fury! ?

  • You missed Pain.

  • “LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4,and many more”

    Those “many more” better be games built from the ground up for MOVE, ’cause it seems the quality titles include it as an optional interface but that’s not what’s going to make Move a success. You need to put your brains together and deliver original and fresh games that fully exploit the Move, the current line-up is severely lacking of those and next-year shouldn’t be spearheaded with the likes of hardcore titles with
    Move functionality added.

    We all know those games will sell well on their on merits as they are designed for the mandatory DualShock3. The Move should be going after new gamers(the ones buying Wiis and Kinect), you need the titles to get those. Sorcery looks good, but you must develop a revolutionary party game. A true Move-only killer app.

  • Move is an incredible piece of hardware! So far I have Sports Champions, The Fight: Light Outs and Time Crisis: Razing Storm for the Move and they are excellent games!

  • And yet with all these games the most fun game type with this Move motion controller are simple sports games like those on Sports Champions. Please make a bowling game that doesn’t suck. High Velocity bowling was designed for the sixaxis and the Move addition sucks big time. I have viewed Brunswick bowling on youtube and it looks like 3rd party trash. Make a great Move designed bowling game. Also a Wii sports type baseball game where I can swing my Move like a bat and pitch a ball like a big-leaguer.

  • I think they did a very good job at Fight: Lights Out. It’s amazing detailed, 3D, and it gives quite a workout!

  • Cod black ops doesnt need a upgrade for move. It needs an update too make it work lol

  • i already have 7 (most games have move support for alternative control method, for me DS should never be dropped) and i am planning to get 7 more in the next future… never had much faith in motion controllers but move is accurate enough for me.

  • the games and controllers are a bit expensive but they rock….
    and plz guide me how do i change the color of my move’s bulb?

  • Not to sound rude but most of those games (at least for me) were uninteresting or just plain boring. The Move i tried out was very unresponsive and it was a turn off for me.

    Out of the release games the only appealing one is Eye Pet, and out of the list of Coming Soon games the only one that even looks remotely good is Little Big Planet 2.

    All-in-all i never understood why games “REQUIRE” Move. it would have been nice to makes most of those games optional. Like did you guys really hold back EyePet just to release it requiring Move? i was hyped to get EyePet and was shocked to see if i wanted to play 1 game i would need to buy 100$+ worth of accessories just to play it. it just doesnt seem worth it in my opinion.

    • The games I’d look at would be Sports Champions, Tumble, Resident Evil 5 Gold, and echochrome ii (next week) for now, then Killzone 3 and Dead Space Extraction early next year. Great implementation, all

  • You should like, hm… Make an HD Collection of Resident Evil. What do I mean? Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil 4: Move Edition… This way you would have an almost complete anthology of RE games with move support and a must-buy for every PS3 owner.

  • i have a question about kingdom hearts 3 can you tell me will be released another kingdom hearts game for ps3 in the upcomings years

  • Any chance wii titles like Cooking Momma or that type of game making it’s way to Playstation.
    My daughter would love that.

  • I really wish you guys would get rid of the semi-circle Move symbol on the game cases. It ruins the boxart.

    Killzone 3’s boxart looks perfect. Why can’t other Move compatible games use that format?

  • I cannot wait for Under Siege! :)

  • Tip: Make sure all move games at least are playable with the Dualshock 3, some people cannot use motion controllers ya know? You outta make deals with developers to make sure they support BOTH controllers in their games and weave that into your marketing, saying that while move greatly enhances the game, you can always use a real gaming controller as well, unlike “other” consoles, PS3 equally supports both.

  • Wait, Zumba Fitness hasn’t come out yet? …But I saw it in stores!

  • If you guys have not tried Tumble yet (especially in the 3D) it is really fun! This game deserves a lot more attention. I would love to see some DLC for it soon. The 3D makes it really feel like you can reach into your set and move the blocks. There is also a great 2 player vs. mode. If you own a Move or 2, you owe it to yourself to give this game a try.

  • Child of Eden needs PlayStation Move support.

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