MotorStorm Apocalypse Pre-order Content Revealed

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We’re happy to confirm that MotorStorm Apocalypse will be hitting shelves throughout North America in Spring 2011, so get ready for the most insane and adrenaline-fueled racing experience of your life. As we start gearing up for launch, we wanted to fill you in on the three awesome bonus packs available when you pre-order MotorStorm Apocalypse.

MotorStorm Apocalypse Pre-Order Pack 1: Carbon Edition Supercar

Pack Contents (all exclusive to the Supercar):

  • Carbon Edition Supercar
  • Unique high-end vinyl design plus 4 exclusive chrome sticker designs (which can be applied to any other vehicle in-game).
  • Dynamic XMB Theme
  • Carbon Edition PSN Icon

MotorStorm Apocalypse Pre-Order Pack 2: Carbon Edition Rally Car

Pack Contents (all exclusive to the Rally Car):

  • Carbon Edition Rally Car
  • Unique high-end vinyl design plus 4 exclusive chrome sticker designs (which can be applied to any other vehicle in-game).
  • Dynamic XMB Theme
  • Carbon Edition PSN Icon

MotorStorm Apocalypse Pre-Order Pack 3: Carbon Edition Superbike

Pack Contents (all exclusive to the Superbike):

  • Carbon Edition Superbike
  • Unique high-end vinyl design plus 4 exclusive chrome sticker designs (which can be applied to any other vehicle in-game).
  • Dynamic XMB Theme
  • Carbon Edition PSN Icon

You can find these pre-order programs at retailers like, Best Buy, Gamestop, and/or other participating retailers.

That’s all the updates for now, but keep checking back because we’ll have many more exciting updates for you in the next few months before launch, and here’s a quick word from Game Director, Matt Southern.

This is the first time Evolution has offered any form of pre-order gear, and we really hope you like what you see! There are two of the new vehicle classes and an old favourite, and we’d love to know which one you guys like best. For me it’s the Superbike again, but some of you will know we made some amazing rally games in the past, and a lot of us have been trained to drive them, so there’s a lot of love for the Rally Car at Evo towers.

Vehicles are the main star but we wanted to offer some more, so we’ve also put together some nice carbon-themed content, plus the ability to use the livery elements on any vehicle. Hopefully we’ll see some of these vehicles and liveries featuring in your Photo Mode shots when we launch, for that added layer of cool.

I’ll provide more info on DLC and other aspects of the game as operation blow-load marches into 2011!

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2 Author Replies

  • is pre-order content based on which store u pre-order?

  • boo! pre-order bonus’s suck. just give you loyal customers everything in the game instead of making them pay for small DLC through either pre-ordering or paying on PSN months later.
    seriously, its not like pre-ordering is useful for anything else. the game will be available day 1 to me, despite me not pre-ordering…so why should I?
    anyways, nice job following suite with the rest of devs who withhold content from a majority of their customers..

  • Thanks for the info. Just preordered mine at amazon. This is my second most wanted game of 2011, right behind Little Big Planet 2.

  • sorry I know this has nothing to do with this game, but what happened to Sam & Max for Plus users?

  • Love the series and I’m looking forward to Apocalypse!

  • I’m gonna go old-school and say that the rally car is be my fave out of the three. Its great seeing all of this pre-order content, thanks for listening Evo!

    I hope the other regions (EU and Asia) get pre-order bonuses too.

  • STOP with the retailer specific pre-order DLC!

    You’re not doing this for us, you’re doing it for them.

    If you really want to do something for fans AND retailers, release ALL the packs at every retailer when you pre-order/pickup on day 1 – get us to pay $60. It helps the retailer and the developer (not buying used).

    At this point, there are so many games that come out, I usually wait until I can pick them up for $30 or less, which has become a much shorter time period than it used to.

    Doing that, I’ll still be ahead when that “retailer exclusive” DLC goes on the PSN for a couple of bucks.

  • ok Evo i love all 3 but the one i like the most is the supercar but i really have to ask why theres no buggy on the pre order goodies included? or even a Monster Truck ? anyways i love all 3 as i said and since my 2 brothers , my sister and my little nephew are stormers !!! , yes we all have all Motorstorms ( even Arctic Edge ) i will make them pre order the game so i can get all the dynamic themes lol , can i get the supercar dynamic theme if i pre order from best buy ? thanks guys , i’ve played the E3 demo yesterday in 3D ( again ) at the playstation lounge , cant wait to play the game , LUNATICS UNITE !!!!

  • I was one of the first 5 people in the world to platimum Motorstorm: PR and I’ll happily be in the first 5 again if you addressed the online and rubberbanding issues.

  • i hate paying $50-$60 a game! The programmers don’t get crap! They get paid their yearly salary or there short term pay while the CEOs make bank! Its bull crap! IMO

  • hey Rob i have a question are we gonna get the flame MS logo Avatar that Phenom is been using at the European blog?

  • yah Im done with the whole pre order business not enough to make it worth my while and heads up you game devs not giving me the full content available when I paid for it is gonna get ya sued…

  • I’m simply amazed at the number of incredible titles coming out for the PS3 in early 2011. Wish I had the time to play them all! And I hope Sony does the appropriate marketing for all of these great games so the games get the attention they deserve.

  • I like ’em all but jeeze Evo…relax already. We’re gonna’ buy the game. What’s with the preorder goodies? Just give me all the stuff when I plunk down my $60 at the game store.

  • I appreciate pre-order bonuses, but dislike having different ones at each retailer. It just makes one feel like they are missing out on content, and it is unreasonable to try and get it all. (Buy three copies?).

    People pre-ordering should be rewarded with all the pre-order content, not punished by choosing one retailer over another.

  • Are the PSN avatars all the same? Any pictures? I like the dynamic themes+avatar offer but what about adding a PS Home space or costume?

  • i wish people could make more sense. pre-orders don’t hurt the consumer at all. developers hand out bonuses to people who put a little bit of money down on a game early. money that goes toward the purchase price. it guarentees one more copy sold. a $5 down payment toward the purchase price gets you extra stuff. nobody’s getting hurt with pre-orders. ESPECIALLY if you plan on buying the game Day 1 anyway. i don’t see a reason not to pre-order a game you fully intend on buying anyway. stupid.

  • also, these bonuses described here don’t seem to be Store Related. these are special editions of the game from the developers. they’re giving you a choice of bonus content.

  • I can’t wait to play this in 3D guys … super psyched ;)

  • I just bought Motorstorm Pacific Rift today to get me ready for Apocalypse. Are the Carbon Edition PSN Icons avatars? That would be cool if it were.

  • Needs a solid release date.

  • yes , can we see the PSN avatars as well ?

  • i love my Buggies ^_^


    I got a message and attachment from Sony to download Sam & Max last night.

  • Will Motorstorm Apocalypse support the Driving Force GT wheel? Not a deal breaker cause I love you so Evo but it would’ve been nice.

  • What #2 and #7 wrote.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • What about Motorstorm Artic Edge? tired of giving my money….

    I want that Dynamic Theme!!! So Awesome…

  • The dynamic theme w/ the superbike looks pretty badass!

  • do the theme have sound effects?

  • Can we get the pre-order bonuses from any Canadian retailers?

  • Probably a little late, but hopefully the trophies show a little more creativity in their appearance, makes it hard to compare at a glance with friends when trophies dont tell some kind of story.

  • I have got to be honest… those themes aren’t very good :(


  • ZZZZZZzzzzzzz
    i guess thats why i am not in marketing
    The really great part was from matt southern – ‘I’ll provide more info on DLC and other aspects of the game as operation blow-load marches into 2011!’
    fantastic!! he should have said ‘ ….as operation blow-load’ explodes into 2011′ though.

  • I have a question.

    Are the vehicle classes split even further among types? I just received a promo email regarding Motorstorm: Apocalypse stating there are over 13 vehicle classes to choose from, including superbikes, choppers, muscle cars, supercars, etc. So instead of a motorcycle class that encompasses all types, there are multiple categories? Same with rally cars?

    Can’t wait to see all the content!

  • A lot of people i talk to either in person and on the web and of course on PSN multiplayer games, are tired of the region based exclusive content,,

    An example – I pre-orderd GT5 Collectors Edition(UK version) from Amazon, but when comparing that edition with the US equivelant we in the UK didnt get the model stealth car or the pre-order bonus of the in game stealth car, and the 5 chrome line cars that i did get – the US version got as well, they paid $60 – i payed £60, so i have actually paid a bit more than they have going by the exchange rate, yet
    i got less.
    Its about time this changed, I see nothing wrong with store pre orderd bonuses, but edition based bonuses is just a joke.

    If i buy the collectors edition in the UK then i expect to be given the same content out of the box as the US collectors edition.

  • Also, i’d like to know if the DLC i have bought for Motorstorm Pacific Rift will carry over?, this is another thing that is really annoying a lot of people now,,

    I’ll use PGA tour for a small example – every year EA spew out what is basically just an updated version of PGA from the year before, but every year they expect people to make another new character and buy the same courses all because they added some more spectators or a new bunker feature, rather than update what you had previously to bring it all forward into the new game, they’d rather milk people for all their money, and people are starting to wake up to it.

    This has to change,

    and hopefully the people who have read my post will realise this and agree.

  • please tell me that apocalypse will have four player split screen online play!!!!

  • I loved the original MotorStorm, but the rubberband AI grew tiresome in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. That’s why I won’t pick this up at launch. I still dig the series, so I’ll wait for a couple of price drops to get it. The aggravation with rubberband AI is not worth $60.

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