LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: Music Sequencer

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Greetings fellow Sackpeople! We are happy to release the latest LittleBigPlanet 2 “feature”-ette to you….the MUSIC SEQUENCER. What’s gaming without music right? Now LBP2 lets you compose your own score with multiple instruments to chose from and gives you ability to connect in-game objects to your custom tunes. Again, LBP2 takes CREATE to a whole new level!

Watch and enjoy!

Take a look at how some talented Beta testers have already used the Music Sequencer below and be sure to learn all about the other great new features that LBP2 comes with January 18th!

“Sunrise” by AssassinatorRFC

Sounds in LittleBigDreams’ Head

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  • Even though I’ll probably never be able to use this to its full potential, it looks amazing!

    Can’t wait to make some 8-bit tunes

  • Can the sequencer create user-defined stereo or surround channels?

  • Cool! Is there any word on the LBP 2 demo coming out?

  • Brilliant. I’ve never much dabbled into music sequencing before but this seems like as great a place as any to start. Probably better than most! Looks fun.

  • This is going to be insane.

  • Awesome! Music wasnt really my thin in LBP1 but since its now a feature in LBP2 ill be sure to check it out.

  • I will use this more than the level creator….then I can make visualization levels to my music…..awesome sauce with cool added for measure

  • This game looks entertaining but i won’t get it

  • I have the CE preordered!
    I made a song level once in LBP. It was quite tedious! This looks like a huge leap forward!

  • I can not wait for this game… the beta has just made me want it that much more!

  • That was very cute and awesome!

    Pleaee PSBLOG, please put THAT SONG on the PSN Store, I’ll pay whatever price you guys ask for! I want that song! :D

  • I am enjoying my beta, but I have come across some problems. Where would I go to report these. The problem is if you attach a control seat to holographic material and put an advanced mover on it, you can fly outside the border. You cant go to far, but if you keep going your sackboy dies and your creations gets deleted. I haven’t tried in play mode though. Also, if you bolt a material to a sackbot and put a control seat on it, then the sackbot dies, your control seat spins in a cicle and floats away uncontrollably. Again i have only done this in create mode. not play.

  • I was just thinking about this! Mm rules.

  • Oops sorry, I forgot to say for the FIRST video, I want that song (or whatever remix that is)! Thanks!

  • I can’t wait for this game? Or that demo for that matter. It looks awesome!!! Any beta codes today?

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on LBP2. I really wish I could get into the beta. I want to see what can be done with it and help you guys improve it.

  • LBP 2 is Amazing! the Beta Makes me want it even more, keep up the good work.

  • @15 should be: I CAN”T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!

  • I’m sooo psyched for this game… just pissed that you guys dropped 3D >.<

  • wow the first sequencer video showed the thermomenter rising all the way to the top almost.

  • If the music from the trailer is original soundtrack could you PLEASE upload it to the PS Store?

    or if the music form the trailer is from an artist, could you please tell us the Artist name and/or album?


    LBP has always had amazing music! and it is great that we get to make our own!!
    Congratulations to Media Molecule, you are the most innovative developers in the world!

  • im glad i got a PS3, with all these exclusives on PS3 there so fun even staff are full of excitement like MM or NaughtyDog for example

    i can’t want 4 you guys to release LBP2 i know its going to be epic and win more awards than ever!!

  • So Glad I already paid in full for the Collectors Edition! Can’t wait to get my hand on it! Also thank for the demo this tuesday. I want to download it now!

  • Thanks for the video. The new music creator looks awesome.

    I can’t wait to play the demo on Tuesday. There are three cool demos on Tuesday (LBP2, Mass Effect 2, and Dead Space 2), but LBP2 will be the first demo I download! I’ve been wanting to play this game so much. Tuesday will be awesome. :)

    Of course January 18th will be even better. I have my collector’s edition pre-ordered. *drools* So can not wait!

  • The music reminds me of Anamanaguchi.

  • This is awesome. The only thing I ask is that you add more sounds over time. Especially a concert grand piano, unless it and many other sounds are already there. So far though, I only keep hearing a honky tonk, electric, and/or whatever type of piano it is.

    Either way, this isn’t a complaint. I’m just an actual musician, and very enthused about this game. I’ve already got it pre-ordered!

  • About that piano–maybe it’s not honky tonk or whatever, but something about it just sounds weird to me. Like it needs to be tuned or something.

  • I’m extremely impressed with the sequencer. I’ve already composed my first track on it in the beta, but how can I make it “interactive?” I’d like more instruments to start playing when a player steps on a switch, like in the “feature”-ette. Anybody know how I could do this?

  • those were pretty awesome. Jan. 18 can’t get here soon enough

  • I noticed how the thermometer spiked with that single sequencer. Still the music is way more complex than anything we were able to do in LBP. Simple tunes would spike the thermometer before. Now this is amazing. I’m sure the complex full songs are going to fill the level.

  • The demo is coming out Dec. 21, right? what will be in the Demo? Just story? Or will we be able to go into create mode, also I have Sackboy’s Prehistoric Move, will I be able to use those costumes in LBP2?

  • Upload to YouTube :D

  • Will you be able to save the music as audio files on the PS3?

  • @Chuck. You said “pushie”, not “plushie”. FAIL
    CE pre-ordered! Sack it to me!

  • You guys are AMAZING!!! I love it when developers like you make a sequel thats way better than the prequle and inproves it in every way!!! LBP 2 is going to be one of the best platformer games of all time!!!!!!!

  • On the demo, can you create in my moon? And use the music sequencer?!?

  • Im with privateguy123.can you!!!!plus im hoping to hear some A-W-E-S-O-M-E music on lbp2 from creators this year and so on!

  • I have a home Music Production Studio with thousands in software. How does the background code work in all this? I would love to see it. I also have beaterator and the KORG DS10 synth. Any ways to export this to wav on the PS3? If you don’t have that please patch it in. I would really love to use this professionally. It looks really easy and in depth. Thanks and I cant wait. CE already Pre-ordered.

  • You better watchout “MySpace”!!! LittleBigPlanet will be the future base for new music! :) :)

  • I WANT!!! IT!!!!! =D

  • You guys should give us the option to put the piano on top of the screen instead of the left side because it’s easier to read a piano the way it’s supposed to be played.

  • This is brilliant!

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