The “Definitive Version” of Mass Effect 2 is on PS3

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If you had asked me a year ago if I thought we’d ever experience the Mass Effect universe on PlayStation 3, I’d have said “I sure hope so.” One year and dozens of accolades and Game of the Year nominations later, Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3. And from what I’ve learned, you’re not going to want to pass on this “definitive” experience.

After a recent hands-on session, I spoke with Bioware’s Casey Hudson. In this video, he tells us what bonus features are included on the Blu-ray, what the power of PlayStation 3 lends to the game, and how the PS3 version is using the latest-and-greatest graphical technology and gameplay updates.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

So, you might be wondering, will you be lost if you never got to play the original Mass Effect? From my experience, the answer is: not particularly. For the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, Bioware has teamed with Dark Horse Comics to summarize the first game in a 15 minute comic-style adaption, completely voiced by either the male or female Commander Shepard (your choice).

The comic loads up right after the opening sequence of Mass Effect 2, where you’d be re-creating your character. You’ll make the same key decisions that Shepard makes in the first game, such as how to handle a (seemingly) malevolent race of creatures, which of your crew to save or sacrifice in a life-or-death scenario, and who to pursue a personal relationship with. Think of it as the most in-depth character creator ever, while getting background on the first story as well.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

The in-game database is also a boon to those getting caught up on the Mass Effect universe; it contains detailed (and well-narrated) background info on every race, planet, and event you come across in your travels throughout the galaxy.

Other facts I thought might wanna know but which didn’t make the interview cut:

  • There’ll be a demo on PSN this coming Tuesday, December 21st
  • The game includes all of the available DLC already on disc. Yay for Blu-ray!
  • Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 has been upgraded to a more advanced graphical engine being implemented in the (just-announced) Mass Effect 3
  • Bioware has swapped the shooting/aim-down-sight buttons to R1/L1, as most PS3 gamers seem to prefer. You’ll sort through your skill/weapon wheels via R2/L2.
  • There is an install to aid load times.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3Mass Effect 2 for PS3

The PS3 edition of Mass Effect 2 is shaping up to be the best rendition of the game yet, and well worth the wait. And with Mass Effect 3 confirmed for PS3 for next Holiday, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with Commander Shepard.

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  • @43

    No. MS owns the publishing rights

  • Excuse me, as a PS3 gamer my shooting/aim-down-sight buttons are start/select… >:(

  • Why should I play Mass Effect 2 when I haven’t even played Mass Effect 1 (not to mention the choices in the first game carry over to the second game)? I don’t see what good a comic where you pick a few choices will give me the same feeling. Sure, I could kill or save a certain character but why should I care when I never created a bond with that character to begin with?

    The way I would play this game (IF I played this game) would be to kill off every character possible from the digital comic choices. I don’t have a bond with any of them so they can all die. If anyone approaches me in Mass Effect 2 and acts like they magically know me then I would do my best to make them angry and kill them off if it’s ever possible.

    Not to mention that this overrrated game comes out around the same time as much better games like LBP2 & Dead Space 2. Bioware sucks this gen.

  • Nice! Now if only we could get the 1st game as well…hint hint :)

  • Thanks Jeff for the update, and thanks Bioware for taking the time to make it right. Look forward getting this day one!

  • I don’t really have any interest in playing a sequel to a game when I can’t play the first. Include Mass Effect on the disc and I’d consider it.

  • No lie, but I’ve always felt Mass Effect was going to make it’s way to PS3. ALWAYS. It just seemed like it belonged on a Playstation console so I never touched Mass Effect.

    So am I ever glad that this day is finally almost here and that I’ve saved the experience so it’ll be even more sweet. :) Mind you that was a huge feat as my older brother is an enormous Mass Effect/Bioware fanboy (also doubted my thoughts of it coming to PS3). You want to know what he said to me on Facebook as of recently? Here goes:

    “Ps3 gets the most complete mass effect game ever. Like 40 hours of original gameplay, 10 hours of dlc content, access to the cerberus network, updating and stunning graphics (looks 10x better), and the mass effect 3 engine. I ♥ playstation. Now I can fully say I am a playstation fan boy.”

    Anyhow, I’m glad to finally be able to play Mass Effect, especially since the second one seemed to be better paced than the first. Can’t wait. :)

  • when i heard ME2 was coming to the PS3, i finally got rid of my 360, got this one preordered and paid in full, waiting for the launch and a chance to replay one of the best games of this year :)

  • Insanely grateful PS3 owner here to simply say, “I’m insanely grateful”. Thanks to both Sony and Bioware for taking this port so seriously. I await Janurary 18th with bated breath.

    • I expressed sentiments like this to Bioware (I’ve been hearing them a lot), and Casey seemed super happy about that.

  • looks great cant wait to try demo

  • If ME3 comes out next year, that’s three Bioware games in one year for PS3 :o

    After ignoring the PlayStation brand for so long, I’m so happy they’re finally on board.

  • Can we flip the triggers back to L2/R2?

  • Can’t wait to team up with Jack and Tali again woot woot

  • I’m happy PS3 players can finally play such a great game but how could the “definitive experience” be lacking 33% of a trilogy? No matter how you spin it you’re not getting the full game.

  • My first playthrough I’ll play it on Insanity, have Zaeed lead my final attack against the collectors!

  • Thanks for making the right choice and bringing it to the PS3.

  • LOL This “better version” makes the 360 sound like it was to test it, and made a good fall guy! LOL.
    @50: Agree, but if the demo provides, I’ll try to get this. Mass Effect 3 will come on the PS3 on release.

  • Glade I get to add Ashley to the mile high club. even though its a comic.

  • unfortunately this was the one game this year I bought for my xbox and played the hell out of. The xbox has since RROD(not to bad considering it was a launch model) but I am pretty tempted to pick it up again if only for the DLC stuff that I didn’t buy. Either way ME3 will most certainly be played on my ps3.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU bioware for bring this to ps3!!!! this was the thing i was most excited to hear about at gamescon. sure i already beat mass effect 2 on a friends 360 but this is a must buy for me. bioware i <3 you!!

  • The interactive comic is a pretty cool way to replace mass effect 1 but you didn’t have to put the very last scene from it in the article…

  • @Packet

    Now you spoiled that that was the last scene for people who had no idea

  • Mass Effect team, let me take the oportunity to really thank you. one of my first gaming experiences was a space shooter called colony wars. I know that isnt an RPG but it was an epic trilogy of space shooters on the PSone. I look at this game and it gives me that epic space feeling back. so really, thank you for expanding this to the PS3 audiences. im picking this up day one.

    oh and do you know the size of the optional install? i got to clean my HDD up so i can place ME2 in.

  • Come on guys, develop some cartoony games for a change. I am really getting tired of all those realistic/dull looking games in the current generation of consoles. :(

  • Will there be an option to switch shooting back to R2/L2.

    I prefer it that way and I’ve only had a sony console ever since the first ps1.

  • im not really hyped about this game..Im looking forward to LBP2-CE.. MvsC3-CE..KILLZONE-CE 3..MK-KE and SOCOM 4 :p

  • Wut? A Dev who realized that the biggest complaint Xbox players have with the PS3 controller is exactly what we prefer not to use for our shooters. You have got to be kidding me. L1/R1 should ALWAYS be the default for shooters on the Dualshock. ALWAYS.

  • What more can I say guys but bravo! The PlayStation 3 is turned out to be the best choice this generation for top notch games, just as I told everyone it would 4 years ago.

    Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Twisted Metal X, ICO and Shadow in HD/3D, Last Guardian, inFamous 2 and Resistace 3 all next year!? Are you kidding me? I knew Sony would get back in gear, it just takes patience, incredible exclusives, and price drops from $600 and I knew it would be golden!

    The PS3 will most likely be the last console to be this incredible, so I will enjoy it while it lasts. I surely don’t foresee many more consoles in the future being top dog machines like the LaserActive, 3DO, Neo-Geo or PS3. Sony’s just damn lucky that the console sold at that price tag which no other console has been able to do.

    Kudos Sony!

    BTW, This game is a day one purchase for me! Can’t wait for its release.

  • “Bioware has swapped the shooting/aim-down-sight buttons to R1/L1, as most PS3 gamers seem to prefer. You’ll sort through your skill/weapon wheels via R2/L2.”

    Is there an option to configure buttons or layout? I use the real triggers add-on and prefer using the triggers.

  • can i use the same code for dragon age: origins to get the special armor?!

  • If they are Canadian how come no Canadian retailers have Mass Effect 2 available yet?? When i asked them they said the date hasn’t been “communicated” to them yet….

  • It seems worth the wait, but I have so many games to play.

  • This is going to be amazing.

    And thanks for mapping the aim/shoot controls to L1/R1. :)

  • Soooo good! I beat both games on PC… but I’m no a m/kb guy. I can’t wait to play ME2 (and ME3) on the PS3.. It’s nice to see how much hard work went into this version of the game. Bioware deserves much praise.

  • I will own this accross all platforms, psyched for Platinum trophy.
    Here’s a question, will the DLC specific trophies be included in the 100% for the plat, or will they be in a separate dlc list?
    Also, is there any related to the ME1 content?

  • i got the collectors weapon and armor on the 360 one is it possible to DL them on to the ps3 version or is that under whats in the disk it self

  • Price? I’d like to try this game out. never played 1. I won’t get it for $60 though, no way. Not for a year old game that catered to another console 1st. Maybe $40 would be a sweet spot.

  • the game looks alot better from the images and the movie. Wow this is what games are suppose to look like that are ports after a year. I hope other devs take notes and stop porting half ass games/ Do it right

  • $60 for a year old port doesn’t sit well with me, even with the (IMO) useless Bioware DLC like the first outing’s DLC on the 360.

    Thanks, but I’ll wait until the PS3 version is $30 or less.

  • Took two (2!) days off from work to go into hardcore for this game & LBP. For those saying the first one was better, yea we get it you have an opinion that’s cool, but from the critical reception 2 received vs. 1 I’d say you folks are in the small minority in your viewpoint. Irregardless we PS3 owners who remained patient will be rewarded with the best version of the game, and for that there is no arguement.

  • @76 Yes you can use the triggers as the original, the controls are customizable.

  • So is the definitive version of Tales of Vesperia, but we’re never going to get it because Namco is stupid.

  • Will the comic have trophies? Please let it have its own separate trophies. I’d like to have all three ME games be represented individually in my trophy collection. :D

  • I’ve been wating to play this game since the announcement for the PS3. Thank you Bioware and thanks for giving PS3 owners for this game.

  • too bad itll never be as good as the 360s version
    and wheres tenkaichi tag team for psn

  • @88 proof or it’s a lie. They went out of their way to say “Oh gez wat gaiz! We gonna mess up your controlz!” And they made no mention of custimization. Moreso, their statement implies nothing less than the fact that custimization is not included.

  • Don’t let us down.

  • been waiting for this since the EA russian site slip up. the only game that almost had me jump ship is now riding on the same boat as me. oh happy days!



    now, back to beating Dragon Age before ME2 is release :)

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