The “Definitive Version” of Mass Effect 2 is on PS3

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If you had asked me a year ago if I thought we’d ever experience the Mass Effect universe on PlayStation 3, I’d have said “I sure hope so.” One year and dozens of accolades and Game of the Year nominations later, Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3. And from what I’ve learned, you’re not going to want to pass on this “definitive” experience.

After a recent hands-on session, I spoke with Bioware’s Casey Hudson. In this video, he tells us what bonus features are included on the Blu-ray, what the power of PlayStation 3 lends to the game, and how the PS3 version is using the latest-and-greatest graphical technology and gameplay updates.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

So, you might be wondering, will you be lost if you never got to play the original Mass Effect? From my experience, the answer is: not particularly. For the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, Bioware has teamed with Dark Horse Comics to summarize the first game in a 15 minute comic-style adaption, completely voiced by either the male or female Commander Shepard (your choice).

The comic loads up right after the opening sequence of Mass Effect 2, where you’d be re-creating your character. You’ll make the same key decisions that Shepard makes in the first game, such as how to handle a (seemingly) malevolent race of creatures, which of your crew to save or sacrifice in a life-or-death scenario, and who to pursue a personal relationship with. Think of it as the most in-depth character creator ever, while getting background on the first story as well.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

The in-game database is also a boon to those getting caught up on the Mass Effect universe; it contains detailed (and well-narrated) background info on every race, planet, and event you come across in your travels throughout the galaxy.

Other facts I thought might wanna know but which didn’t make the interview cut:

  • There’ll be a demo on PSN this coming Tuesday, December 21st
  • The game includes all of the available DLC already on disc. Yay for Blu-ray!
  • Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 has been upgraded to a more advanced graphical engine being implemented in the (just-announced) Mass Effect 3
  • Bioware has swapped the shooting/aim-down-sight buttons to R1/L1, as most PS3 gamers seem to prefer. You’ll sort through your skill/weapon wheels via R2/L2.
  • There is an install to aid load times.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3Mass Effect 2 for PS3

The PS3 edition of Mass Effect 2 is shaping up to be the best rendition of the game yet, and well worth the wait. And with Mass Effect 3 confirmed for PS3 for next Holiday, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with Commander Shepard.

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14 Author Replies

  • Thank you for bringing this out! :)
    I wish we had the original as well.

  • Nice very nice thanks sony

  • and it comes with all the DLC

  • HELL YES!!!

  • see i knew my Brooklyn Rage brought this game on too ps3.

  • Its nice to have options and Mass Effect is a great game… But I hope people don’t forget that LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 COMES THE SAME DAY…. this is terrible scheduling because many will be forced to choose. I will get both but LBP2 Is a day one purchase for me.

  • Glad to see all of the bonus content coming to the PS3 version.

    I’d like to see some type of online co-op mode in ME3.

  • Oh yea – can’t wait!!

    Is there only 1 version – no special edition, just 1 bluray disc with all the DLC??

  • So exciting. I’m very that Bioware made this decision. Love this game

  • that’s great news, can’t wait to kick some A$# in a better copy of the game

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for ages. I was going to buy a $1500 PC for just this one game. Thank God the announcement came when it did. How long is the interactive comic by the way? (Just curious)

  • Yes PS3 Version FTW.

  • whats the characters main goal in mass effect 2?

  • so, is this a shooter disguised as an rpg or an rpg with shooter elements in it?i’m asking because i’m just terrible playing shooters.also, the vid seems to stop/stutter a lil this just me or is anybody else expiriencing this prob?

    on a side note, its really nice that the disk has alots of free dlc. i think more devs should do that more often…

    • Hmm, that’s a good question, and really, it depends on the character you create. If you play as a soldier, it’s a shooter with RPG elements. But if you wanna be more of a technician and use commands for your cohorts, you can play it quite strategically. Try out the demo on Tues.

  • This franchise is a WELCOME addition to the PS brand! The extras such as graphical enchancements, all bonus DLC, etc is slick move! I hope everyone interested in this game supports it with a well-deserved purchase. Thanks!!

  • Can’t wait to pick this up and Dragon Age 2.

  • Awesome! I Love Mass Effect and I’ve always wanted it to be on the ps3! Can’t wait and Day #1 Buy for me.

  • Any exclusive DLC besides that intro thingy?

  • i own the collectors edition for the other console and i ‘ve already have this one pre-ordered. Now, if we could get Knights of the Old Republic on PSN somehow…

  • I guess all the extra DLC means this game will be $60, right?

  • awesome, but i saw a lot of frame rate drops in the video :(

  • How much is it?

  • Optional install or forced?

    Jeff, what’s the status on the whitelisting the missing games/DLC for everyone’s My Trophies pages?

  • How big is the install?

  • When you say it has all DLC, does it have:

    Firepower Pack
    Aegis Pack
    Equalizer Pack
    Alternate Appearance Pack #1

  • Thank you Bioware for bringing the series over to Playstation 3. You guys are talented developers and it’s really awesome that all gamers can get a chance to play one of your greatest creations.

  • meh. Mass Effect is 10 times better than Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 have little to no RPG elements and is more of a shooters than a RPG. Everything many of us loved about the original was either taken away or dumbed down for the “casual” players of RPG. Sorry but an interactive comic will never give players the experience the original was.

  • So awesome, so getting it the day it comes out!

  • @14
    combat wise it’s more of a cover shooter like uncharted 2, but other than that it is an RPG with leveling and a class system.

  • i beat it on xbox but i think i’m gonna buy this game on ps3 because it’s just awesome (and i haven’t played any dlc missions also)

  • 26
    you are one of the only people i seen say this. ME2 fixed so much from ME1.

    “meh. Mass Effect is 10 times better than Mass Effect 2. “

  • Very nice, it’s only a month away! Any idea what the install size is?

  • I wan’t the first one to, i really hate jumping into the middle of a story

  • Took a long time to get your act together Sony. But Sony just got lucky EA ate it up for us.

  • @32 ForgiveMyAim
    Did you not see the video?

  • For years I had been dying to play the Mass Series on the PS3! I was so desperate to play, that I even gave up on waiting for the PS3 version. My only option was to play the games on my low spec PC(don’t have the other console). I could run the games at a smooth enough frame-rate that I was able to enjoy the games. However, I was beginning to wonder if my computer could handle ME3 when it came out. The gaming gods answered my prayers when Mass Effect 2 PS3 version was announced. I will now be able to play the series from start to finish all in glorious HD! Thank you BioWare and Sony!

  • YES!!! I want loading times to be as fast as it can be.
    @26 Lucky me i already beaten ME 1 on my cousin’s xbox.

  • I need to say BioWare has put a practically unprecedented amount of effort into making this PS3 one-year-later version of the game amazing. I’ve never heard of so many improvements being made for a mere console port. Definitive? No question about it. What remains to be seen, I suppose, is whether this version of the game will remain exclusive to the PlayStation. In any case, BioWare is truly first class among game developers. I have a ridiculous amount of respect for them. Doesn’t hurt that they’re Canadian too, eh?

  • EFF YEA! I cannot wait to get this day one.

    PS3 has officially destroyed the console war (in terms of content) and will make 2011 year of the PlayStation.

  • How big is the install? Is it a must?

  • Kudos to BioWare for taking the time to properly port this game over :)

  • @29 Jisatsu_Kiddo
    “ME2 fixed so much from ME1.”
    If you mean they iron out some of the major bugs from the original, then yes, they did “fixed” so much from ME1.

  • Expected. Big ME fan right here! POWER OF TEH CELL

  • Is there any plans for the first Mass Effect at all for PS3? … It’d be nice as it seems odd to only have the 2nd & 3rd versions in a game where I’m told the storyline from the first carries over.

  • Played through ME1 and ME2 on the PC…. out of pure insanity and an extreme dislike of ME1 I’ll be getting this on PS3 next month lol (loved the store of ME1, but it just had to many issues). PS3 gamers would have to be out of their minds to skip this game. It’s because of this game I’ll be buying two copies next year of ME3 just to accommodated my original Shephard. I’m interested how the controls handle, seeing how I avoided the X360 versions like the plague (went as far as upgrading to a Geforce GTX260 for a smooth clean ride).

    Miranda FTW!

  • I’ll care when the PS3 gets the definitive version of Mass Effect 1. The Mass Effect series is what ruined the Dragon Age series. Now instead of getting a RPG like Dragon Age: Origins, we will be getting an Action/Adventure game like the Mass Effect series. I want a REAL sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, not Dragon Effect 2. Decreasing the options you have with 3 moral choiced dialogue trees does not make this game a RPG. It has been years now and we hardly have any real RPGs and now Namco Bandai stopped localizing Tales games for the West (I couldn’t care less about the lame Vesperia game but I want Graces F & the Xillia).

  • How big is the install? Oh, and I appreciate the care put into making this. Most developers * cough Bioshock devs cough* don’t recognize the simple differences for PS owners… like using L1 and R1 rather the triggers to shoot. That is greatly appreciated. That and the updated engine. Your game is bought sir!

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