MLB 11 The Show: Twins All-Star Joe Mauer Returns as Cover Athlete

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Sports fans –

Today it’s my pleasure to announce that Minnesota Twins All-Star catcher Joe Mauer will be returning as our cover athlete in the latest installment of the best selling baseball franchise, MLB 11 The Show, hitting store shelves on March 8, 2011, just in time for Spring Training! Mauercontinues to be a driving force in Major League Baseball as the premier all-around player in the game and just in case you need convincing, here his 2010 stats—third consecutive Gold Glove, recorded his 1,000th career Major League hit, and finished third in the AL with a .327 batting average, not to mention his 43 doubles rank second on baseball’s all-time list for doubles by a catcher…not too shabby.

Here’s a look at our new MLB 11 The Show cover art featuring Mauer…

MLB 11 The Show

For a rundown of new features in MLB 11, I have some required reading for all of you. Take a look at’s first look impressions of the new game. In the article Jon Robinson writes that…”MLB 11 The Show is anything but a roster update. In fact, this might be the biggest jump in terms of both control and gameplay enhancements the series has ever attempted in a single year.”

And last but not least, two items that I think you’ll be excited about…first, fans who reserve and purchase their copy of MLB 11 The Show for PS3 will receive 30 days of MLB.TV FREE, which gives you live access to every regular-season game in HD with full DVR-controls (blackout
and other restrictions apply, visit for more details). Second, to coincide with our launch on March 8th, a new DualShock 3 – MLB 11 The Show Edition will be available at retailers nationwide. Available for $54.99 (MSRP) for a limited time, the newest addition to the DualShock 3 family is perfect for baseball fans and provides the same motion-sensing technology, vibration support, and comfortable grip gamers are already familiar with.

MLB 11: The Show DualShock 3

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Loving both cover art and controller. Keem ’em coming, Sony!

  • Loving both cover art and controller. Keep ’em coming, Sony!

  • I have officially just wet myself.

  • Once again MLB The Show will set the standard for what a Baseball game should be.

  • waiting for the metal gear rising edition! :D

  • The new game sounds amazing. Can’t wait. The MLB: The Show games are one of the big reasons I bought my PS3. No other baseball games compare.

  • Every year I wonder how they can make the game any better, and every year I am amazed. Keep up the great work. Oh yeah, the 30 day free subscription to MLB.TV is icing on the cake!

  • I’m def. gonna pre-order this.

  • Cool controller! Repeat cover athlete, kind of disappointing.

  • If I can pitch and bat with the move controller thats great but please dont make me pitch with the dual analog stick , I hate that. Yes and get Albert Pujols for the cover .

  • I am looking forward to MLB 11 The Show on PS3 one my favortie sports game to play no doubt. Quick question for the sony team will their be real stadium sounds in MLB 11 The Show Like the drum guy in cleveland , and the tomahawk chop in atlanta for the braves etc? Thanks.

  • I can’t wait to see what the game looks like when it’s completely finished.

  • Shoot…I was really hoping to see Josh Hamilton and Kevin Butler going back and forth this spring. I am excited to see the Move thrown into the mix for the MLB series.

  • This series has been top notch the last few years. I know there were little detail issues and some online headaches but here is hoping those are gone in this version. Looking forward to next years installment.

  • Awesome, can’t wait. Love every year’s. Last year’s franchise/trading was a little crazy and hopefully you’ve fixed that. I was tired of seeing Pujols being traded for a couple of A potential prospects, every season.

    Oh and please chill out on the online trophies. I love the game so much I want to platinum it every year but 500 points online is more of a chore than fun after a while. Keep up the great work though!

  • “blackout restrictions apply”

    Looking forward to the game but I hate those words.

  • Repeating the cover athlete is the absolute hight of LAME! Unless you’re planning on re-branding MLB The Show into MLB Joe Mauer MVP ALL STAR Baseball I suggest you fork over a quick check to Joey Votto and have a fresh faced slugger on the cover.

  • Love the controller though!

  • Oh my that controller is too cool! And 30 days free of MLB.TV when I preorder? That is an awesome deal! Count me in!!!!!!!

  • Wow, just when I thought this game couldn’t get any better you guys prove me wrong.

    The new co op made is going to be very fun. Also the new AI feature in online leagues is much needed. KUDOS!!

    The only problem I have with the game is Joe Mauer is on the cover again, but then again I am a White Sox Fan, lol.

  • I want that controller!!!!!!

  • Should have put Jose Bautista on the cover; I would have bought the game just for that.

  • Will this game release in Europe too? Would love to buy it now that it have move support.

  • How is it that Mauer gets the cover again when he had a sub par season. Should have been Someone like a Roy Holiday for the Philly’s. 2 no hitters one perfect game, and the NL Cy Young winner. I think he earned it more then a guy who was hurt twice last year and who lost first round of playoffs.

  • The trailer was awesome. Hearing Joe Buck was not. :(

  • The forest green Dualshock and now “The Show Edition”? Both of these controllers will make great additions to my ever growing Playstation collection…

  • Will there be a MLB 11 the show demo at all

  • Will we be able to inport our face onto a player using the Eye in the 2011 edition?

  • We need a video of the Move support in action, please!

  • (or a demo with Move support, of course)

  • WOW! Are those really in-game graphics?

  • EPIC TRAILER!! Great job guys, with all the additions this game is a steal at 60 bucks.

  • that’s one sweet looking controller.

    very nice design, i’m pleased to see sony making new ds3 skus. the black and green one that was shown with the sharp shooter is also nice.

  • The graphics look the same to me seriously.

    I like the controller.

    Joe Mauer on the cover again means something bad is going on. They probably didn’t put that much work into the game since I’m finally seeing them not upgrade the graphics drastically. Maybe the dev team was working on another game

    The online needs serious help.

    I hope I don’t get disappointed as I never did with any TheShow game.

    BTW You guys said you were going to remove the lag from the online experience and there still was a lot of lag in MLB10TheShow.

  • I still havent purchased the 2010 version as its $54 used. Man I cant win. Well this one has move support so it is a must. Will have to watch for sales after its released. I remember demoing 2010 one in best buy with my pops and it was amazing so I can only imagine.

  • My big moment has arrived!

  • How do you play with the move?

  • I can’t wait. This reminds me I must return to MLB the Show 10. I still have stuff to do. I’m also looking forward to the new “well played Mauer” commercial that inevitably show up. Part of me was hoping Lincecum would be the cover dude or Brian Wilson. Still I’m excited. Good work San Diegan game makers.

  • ithe controller looks niceee

  • Mauer? is that so you can run the same commercial and million times again next year?

    should have been cliff lee or king felix.

  • I like the controller better than the plain white one, but WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE??!! I’ve never bought a second PS3 controller because of the ridiculous $55 price tag! It’s a little bit better on Amazon, anywhere from $40-50, but even that’s a bit high for me right now.

  • Mauer is awesome, but I’m a little disappointed he is cover athlete again, there are so many good players you could have chosen from. Sounds like the fielding might get annoying, hmm might have to hold out this year..

  • I’m Loving the controller!

    Get your Portable ID!

  • I am really, really hoping that the Move is 1:1 when batting. That should be so, so, so fun.

  • I can smell the grass!

  • I read the article… im happy to hear you have a new voice when it comes to play by play.
    The original three were getting boring…. they may not have all changed, but just getting one new person will be fresh thing to hear.
    I just hope you guys are planning on adding more commentary… the game every year repeats the same exact commentary. It’s so boring when i hear them talk, i just mute the volume and listen to music.
    As for the cover athlete, you could have chosen someone else. Mauer is a great player, but no player should be on the cover 2x in a row. you guys had SO many other great player to choose from.

  • For some reason I thought Buster Posey would be the cover athlete.

  • Nice trailer but why Mauer again? Would have loved to see Josh Hamilton here.

  • You are gonna make me print another alternate cover this year. As a White Sox fan I cannot have Mauer one of the greatest catchers in the league on the cover. Maybe I can find a Konerko or Dunn cover for this year.

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