Interact With Your Home Entertainment Options – Know What You’re (not) Getting

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At PlayStation we know, as do most of you, that the PS3 ‘Only Does Everything’ and with the addition of the PlayStation Move we’ve added precision motion gaming to what is already the most powerful gaming console available. Our content offerings (Netflix, Hulu Plus, live sports via and NHL apps, as well as original programming like The Tester) – combine to make the PS3 an all around great Internet-connected home entertainment system.

With so many game consoles and entertainment boxes available on the market today, deciding on what’s right for you given your preference of features – be that motion gaming and 3D capabilities, or watching Blu-ray movies – is no simple task.

We hope the interactive graphic below will provide some clarity around the features and functionality currently available on some of the entertainment devices out there today. We know which one we’d choose…

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  • PS3 only does the best over every entertainment system.

  • Advertisements. Yea :(

  • @ 1

    Except cross game chat. lol

  • Ps3 for the win! love the console and its games

  • would be good to have an interactive graphic on entertainment on the go too ( meaning the PSP and PSP GO ) and future PSP 2 lol

  • Notice how XGC wasnt in the list of what each device can do

    • Good point — this is a quick reference guide to home entertainment features, which can be overwhelming for some users. Thanks for commenting!

  • But Nintendo has the Nintendo Week episodes for how long now? Doesn’t that count for original programming? Not that it matters and I already have a PS3 anyway :P

  • this is pathetic.

    no cross game chat

    dead nation still has no voice chat, me and my friend had to start an xboxlive party chat while we play dead nation

    AND i am still unable to download sam and max.

  • @TwinDad

    Free Online Gaming

  • @8 use skype, much easier

    Though Sony should implement skype like they did on the psp. Would be the same as XGC

  • It doesn’t do Cross Game Chat….but at least liking they are trying to bring things up to speed. I am asking for ps3 to have Cross game chat for christmas gift :)

  • Ha the Internet browser is crap and constantly freezes up the PS3.

    Xbox 360’s online isn’t free but it’s way better than PSN.

  • That’s funny. All that is a list of PS3 selling points. Why not list all of the selling points of all systems in that chart and then compare who has MOST of them instead? Where are:

    Backwards Compatibility
    Virtual Console
    Cross Game Chat
    Virtual Arcade
    Indy Dev Support

    While I do agree that the PS3 has more for your dollar, it most definitely doesn’t do anything close to everything.

  • I have a PS3 and I’m not getting cross game chat, I know that much…

  • it only dose everything

  • Isn’t this what you have Kevin for? Let’s hear some news on future GT5 updates and download content.

  • Custom Firmware would have been a nice ps3 exclusive feature…but stupid pirates had to mess things up and make sony remove it.

  • Er I meant Linux….Or whatever the heck its called…Other OS? Idk…

  • As others have already accurately pointed out, this is pretty pathetic. Look at last month’s NPD sales for consoles, this isn’t proving anything.

  • my ps3 may do downloadable movies, but it does it so pathetically (17 hours to download an hd movie), that santa will be bringing an appletv this year….

  • @PatrickGYT: That would be because of your internet speed. Its not going to matter what device, your speed will still be slow for any device.

  • I love the PS3 offerings, but two things. Let’s get more digital download only games on the store for REASONABLE prices (at least $10-$15 less than their retail counterparts).

    And I’d really love to know if DCOU will be getting a download only option. I don’t like to play MMOs all day when I game so swapping back and forth at my leisure would be great.

    Oh, and MORE MMORPGs. DCOU is rather brilliant. FFXIV is coming. Now hurry up and NAIL DOWN GUILD WARS 2 :)

  • I’m a fan of ps3.. but hulu netfix doesn’t work in my country.. and original programs? tester? I’m not complaining just make some points that may help to get even better..

  • cross game chat?
    cod without campers?….no wait that’s just impossible

  • I love my PS3 as much as anybody else, but this tasteless shilling just shows desperation. You stack the deck in your favor, but who doesn’t when they sell their own product, however as mentioned above, the browser and a few other “features” are poorly implemented.

  • How sneaky.

    You put down all the features of PS3 only, then cross-referenced with other consoles.

    If you put things like:
    “Cross-game chat”
    “Other OS”
    “A good, functioning browser.”
    “A company and people who listen to what the fan wants and does not flick them off.”

    The PS3 would not match FOR ANY of those.

  • We are getting Kevin Butler :)

  • You guys are all correct. They should have mentioned all the benefits of Wii and XBox on the blog. Geez, get a life, tards.

  • This is a little biased, though. Clearly 360 has the better online experience…though it’s LITTERED with ads. I’d rather take no ads, and free online…but you can’t dismiss XBL.

  • The major problem for me is the fact that you can’t play split screen with 2 profile signed in BOTH earning trophies, that is a a very basic and completely broken system that I feel needs to be addressed immediately. Thank you

  • PS3 has…
    No Backwards Compatibility (PS2).
    No Cross Game Voice Chat (XBOX360 has).
    Ability to install an Other OS, (removed).
    Full BD title download (limited to a few games).

  • Of course they’re going to highlight features that look better on PS3.

    Actually to be quite honest, I think they went easy on the XBOX360.

    360 has 3D support, but it seems like a lot more games support this on PS3, it’s a more serious effort.

    For me a really not well known feature of the PS3 (slim) is Control for HDMI. Means my PS3 can turn on my samsung TV automagically when I turn it on. When I turn off the TV, it will also turn off my PS3 (if it’s not doing playback and other functions). Another benefit of this feature is I can use my Samsung IR remote control as a remote for the PS3. Very useful for playing movies, netflix or the store. Only problem no button maps to the PS button of course.

    Bluetooth support is also a plus, can reuse my phone’s headset and remote keyboard. Don’t need custom solutions.

  • In your face Kinect!

  • Cross game chat would be pretty good cause then me and my bro could at least chat while playing dif games or even dead nation while the guys work on the voice chat patch.. Which I can’t see taken very long to implement but oh well.

  • guys chill out. For one of course Sony is going to show things in their favor. Two, the blog is talking about how it works as a home entertainment device. This is meant for people planning on buying a system for home entertainment. Adults that are looking for this don’t give a crap about cross game chat, linux os, and backwards compatibility! They want something that plays movies, music, games, and most of all free internet access.

    Geez some gamers man….make us all look bad.

  • Here Sony I’ll fix this for you.

    *Please note Sony can and will remove features any time they feel someone actually wants them. Prices will not go down so there is no point waiting 5 years down the road for a price cut. Digital content will not be supported even if it is a devices only way to function. We guarantee to release a new version every year with little to no additional value other than the price increase that comes with said version. Not valid in Rhode Island

    Read in your standard announcer voice.

  • You really rub people the wrong way with these kinds of comparisons. The readers of this blog are up to date on all the details of interactive entertainment. We know what features the PS3 offers over its competition. We also know the features you’ve clearly left out of the comparison to make yourself look better.

    Put this kind of ‘information’ up on for a more out-of-touch consumer. Don’t patronize us with this stuff.

  • Also you forgot to add PlayStation Home to the list and that none of these other entertainment systems shown offer a similar app or service.

  • Sony, this add failed. There’s so many things that the PS3 doesn’t do that we can find elsewhere.

    Cross-game voice chat
    Off game party that follow you from game to game
    Demo of every downloadable games

    Why don’t you add those features to your list? ;)

  • guys its Home entertaintment options not freaking Home gaming options.

  • I can’t see the video on my iPhone…..and can’t download Sam & Max also.

    I guess it’s a cool video I suppose….

  • @Korbei83
    I’m not a religious man, but amen.

  • Umm…. false advertising, you guys don’t do live sports (generic), you do live hockey and baseball. Something you need to fix mind you, maybe even provide a sports package so gamers aren’t paying out ….(use your imagination)…. for separate packages. I’m not speaking from my own self interest as I could care less about the sports aspect, but I do have friends who maybe interested in that sort of thing if it were offered on PlayStation. Hulu also needs to increase its selection of titles as well to really make it a benefit that is worth while paying for.

  • hehe PS3 unfortunately does not have ESPN3….sorry just because the PS3 has all these so called “features” its not going to make people switch from what they love. I like PS3, 360, and any other media device, but just because something is free does not mean the quality is great…..I’ll pay for great quality…

  • This is really an embarrassing effort by Sony. As someone above correctly stated: this is tasteless shilling at its worst.

    But you gotta give Sony props for having the balls to include “Internet Browser” on the list. The “Internet Browser” on the PS3 should be called the “Guaranteed System Crasher”.

    …and I can’t believe they actually took the time to build an interactive screen showing this nonsense.

    A big SHAME ON YOU to Sony. Get this crap off the blog. It’s just embarrassing to your customers.

  • Awww…it so cute!

    All the liddle Xbox fanboys hanging out on the Playstation Blog trying to hype their piece of garbage console!

    No wonder the Xbox 360 is in last place this gen.

    The PS3 has destroyed the 360 in graphics.

    The PS3 has destroyed the 360 in exclusives.

    The PS3 has destroyed the 360 in media capabilities.

    The PS3 has destroyed the 360 in online gaming:

    Free online gaming for everyone
    Standard dedicated servers for all games
    Lag free PC like online play thanks to the standard dedicated servers
    Giant online game sizes thanks to the standard dedicated servers
    The massive Home online gaming world


    60 dollar a year forced online fees
    Laggy P2P based online gaming
    Tiny online game sizes due to the junk P2P Xbox Live networking
    Creepy Nintendo Mii ripoff avatars

    Sony continues to humiliate Microsoft’s junk online service. Sony is showing Microsoft how to do online console gaming right. Why isn’t Microsoft learning from Sony?

  • Playstation 3 for the win!

  • The PS3 won’t play MKV files from a SAMBA share, which why I also own a network media player.

    And indie dev support is a big reason I also own a 360.

  • LOL @EVanHelsing

    What a loser.

  • it does lot of things, yes a lot…but needs a polish, and that’s a problem. I think sony should focus on Usability Issues. Update browser with webkit (I know sony is working on that ;)…. just need bit polished one. Other, add let us control our music through iphone/android please. But, it is true, PS3 is doing more than any other platform available in the market :)

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