echochrome ii Hits PSN Tuesday, Trophy Update and New Video

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In my last echochrome ii post, we announced the release date of echochrome ii, but now I want to share more about the game. Many of you have asked about the price in the last post. echochrome ii will be available at PlayStation Store for $14.99, so make sure you have funds in your wallet on December 21st!

Also, some of you were wondering about the Trophies. I am happy to announce that echochrome ii supports Trophies and there are 12 Trophies in total. Just like the original echochrome, our quiet hero character patiently keeps walking on the path you create. So why don’t we award him as “Avid Walker”. He definitely deserves to get a Trophy for taking so many steps for us! During the adventure, he may sometimes fall, end up twisting his ankle or hit his head on the ceilings… He cannot avoid these accidents at times to achieve his goal, but who knows…these may lead into obtaining some Trophies? Happy Trophy hunting!

echochrome ii for PS3 (PSN)

echochrome ii is a very unique, original puzzle game utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller. The team is very creative and their ideas always blow my mind. We have a video from Japan featuring the original producers Tatsuya Suzuki and Ken Suzuta, as well as the creator/director of the game, Jun Fujiki that you can see above.

The other most asked question was about the soundtrack. As a fan of the music in this franchise myself, I’m pleased to let you know that echochrome ii soundtrack will be coming soon. The music score was composed by Hideki Sakamoto, the same composer as the original echochrome soundtrack. This piece of music is called “Prime #4507” and is the longest piece of soundtrack composition ever scored for a video game! Featuring over 2628 measures of music written this piece is over 75 minutes long and was recorded over a 5-day period. Indeed, the team has applied for the Guiness World Records as “The longest videogame soundtrack composition”.

Remember, the release date is coming up next week! We can start the count down from today. Stay tuned on PlayStation.Blog, for more information about the capabilities for creating user-generated content in echochrome ii!

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