echochrome ii Hits PSN Tuesday, Trophy Update and New Video

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In my last echochrome ii post, we announced the release date of echochrome ii, but now I want to share more about the game. Many of you have asked about the price in the last post. echochrome ii will be available at PlayStation Store for $14.99, so make sure you have funds in your wallet on December 21st!

Also, some of you were wondering about the Trophies. I am happy to announce that echochrome ii supports Trophies and there are 12 Trophies in total. Just like the original echochrome, our quiet hero character patiently keeps walking on the path you create. So why don’t we award him as “Avid Walker”. He definitely deserves to get a Trophy for taking so many steps for us! During the adventure, he may sometimes fall, end up twisting his ankle or hit his head on the ceilings… He cannot avoid these accidents at times to achieve his goal, but who knows…these may lead into obtaining some Trophies? Happy Trophy hunting!

echochrome ii for PS3 (PSN)

echochrome ii is a very unique, original puzzle game utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller. The team is very creative and their ideas always blow my mind. We have a video from Japan featuring the original producers Tatsuya Suzuki and Ken Suzuta, as well as the creator/director of the game, Jun Fujiki that you can see above.

The other most asked question was about the soundtrack. As a fan of the music in this franchise myself, I’m pleased to let you know that echochrome ii soundtrack will be coming soon. The music score was composed by Hideki Sakamoto, the same composer as the original echochrome soundtrack. This piece of music is called “Prime #4507” and is the longest piece of soundtrack composition ever scored for a video game! Featuring over 2628 measures of music written this piece is over 75 minutes long and was recorded over a 5-day period. Indeed, the team has applied for the Guiness World Records as “The longest videogame soundtrack composition”.

Remember, the release date is coming up next week! We can start the count down from today. Stay tuned on PlayStation.Blog, for more information about the capabilities for creating user-generated content in echochrome ii!

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  • i think im a get this, thats the Home statue i have!

  • i love you SCEJ =]

  • sweet. good day the 21st so much coming out.

  • Weird. Someone fixed what wasn’t broken.

  • Finally a must buy Move game.

    • Thanks for your comment. It almost makes you think Move was designed for this title. I’m sure you will love playing the game. Happy echochrome ii!

  • Will there be a PS+ discount? I loved that it was done for Dead Nation and hope to see more [new] games dish out the discount.

  • When is Pixeljunk shooter 2 due? And Scott pilgrim sale? This game is great…but I’m not Lookin to get it right away…right now it’s just in the way…no offense. xD. Go ii

  • RAD! I’m still addicted to DCUO Beta and Beat sketcher. Beat Sketcher is my fav moce game/app. Yesterday I was watching toy story, when I was done I just had to go draw buzz. Hopefully I can keep away long enough from DCUO beta to download this bad boy. I can’t wait! I’m enjoying all the support move is getting.

  • Looking forward to this! I played the demo, it is a very innovative way of using the Move controller.

    • I’m glad you played the demo. It is very different from other Move titles, isn’t it? It’s very original and unique. Hope you will enjoy the full game.

  • *poke* PS+ 10 dollars for the game?

  • Kumi’s blog posts are very creative and her words always blow my mind.

    • Thank you for your comment, Neil! Looking forward to seeing your cute unique level just like you did in the original game. :)

  • can you please unencrypt the ps3’s hdds? so we customers that buyed a launch PS3 and got the YLOD can replace it with a hopefully a problem-free ps3 slim without lose all our data??

  • like the game but not the move.

    • Hmm…what don’t you like about the Move? Which game did you play? You may like echochrome ii as it’s quite different from other Move titles. The way Move is used in the game is very unique and original. Give it a try?

  • Look just bought this game and its perfect with move. I like the Move but for FPS could you have the option of twisting the move left or right to turn???? Please aiming at the edge of the screen is disorienting and unnecessary! The wii could not register twist… thats the only reason they have aim at the edge of the screen! PLEASE twist to turn option because without it move will not work!

  • I’ll pick up but after a price drop. $15 is a bit steep considering the other $10 and cheaper items the store has to offer.

  • ..;.;kihygtsedrf

  • The 21st is going to be an awesome day for the PSN store.

  • Definitly going to pick this up, it looks very interesting w/ the use of light for the puzzles. Thanks for the heads up Kumi!!

    • Thank you for your kind words! It’s a unique puzzle game using light and shadows. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Happy echochrome ii and holidays to you!

  • The original blew me away with it’s concept and style. Now, the sequel has me floored. I can’t wait to purchase the game next Tuesday.

  • Be sure to bring an Echochrome ii arcade to the Playstation Home Bowling Alley. We have an Echochrome arcade already, but it’s been there for 2 years now. Time for an upgrade?

  • Is this playable with a DualShock 3 or is a Move required?

    • Move is required to play this game. The team designed the game to offer the most fun and the best experience when played by Move controller.

  • Finally! I can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for this since the DC move meetup, this is a day 1 for me. This series is incredible!

  • $15!!, don’t matter. Going to tomorrow to purchase a $20 card. Can’t wait for the OST & maybe more psn avatars *fingers crossed*. Also, 12 trophies is a bit to little even though it’s the same # as the first one. Maybe a future DLC in the works? Can’t wait for next week.

  • Thanks for your comment. Did you manage to get all trophies in the original one? Happy trophy hunting in this one too. :)

  • Woooo! Yes! The soundtrack is coming! The game is just next week, can’t wait! It’s nice to know that their listening to the fans. It’s nice to see Suzuta-san and Suzuki-san again, I had fun watching and listening to them and musicians while they record the soundtrack on ustream a few months ago, ahh, memories! hehe, they already know I’m going to pick up the game ’cause I’ve been bothering them on twitter! lol

    Anywhoo, I know I’m going to double dip on the soundtrack if there will be a disc version of it, *hint hint* thanks for the info Yuasa-san!

    • banok-san,

      Thank you so much for your comment. So you attended the recording, huh? I’m so jealous! I was only watching it on ustream. Lucky you!

  • Hello Kumi!

    Thanks for the info! However, I was wondering if there would be any sort of multiplayer for the game? Even if the game does not have multiplayer, I will be buying it regardless!

  • I think this might be one of the first games that really make my purchase of a Move controller worthwhile. Love the fun and charm of the echochrome series as a whole. Can’t wait to play it.

    P.S. Whoever did the english voice-over in the video has a really cute voice.

  • Hey! Yuasa-san,

    No, sadly I was also watching it on ustream, -_- On the last day of recording I stay up till 5am pst! they were so good! wish I was there though, they always have food ready whenever they took a break from recording! lol! ^_^


    Hmm, multiplayer huh… interesting, they probably have to change the game mechanics again if they go multiplayer though.

  • i thought the first game was so clever but this is jus pure genius.

  • I played the first echochrome demo and also at a friend’s house, but didn’t ever buy it.

    I also played the echochrome ii demo at a friend’s house, and I felt like it was a very different experience. Almost like a totally different game!

    I think I might have to buy this one.. we’ll see. :)

  • i thought under siege was the only title left in 2010 for me to buy, forgot about echochrome ii…

    will definitely buy, been looking forward to these games since early on in the year..

    can’t wait.

  • yes at long last, I have been waiting for this ever since I played on the demo with my move, this game is so innovative with move controls!!

  • This game looks EXTREMELY EASY!

    Reading your description of the trophies certainly implies that this game’s difficulty could be listed as “Toddler”

    You shine a flashlight at the screen… wow, what an intelligent puzzler… I’m sure a lot of 6 year olds will have fun with this title.

    Does this “game” support custom soundtracks?

    Thank you. If there is no demo, then there will be no buy, since in theory this game sounds abnormally simple.

    Good luck with future attempts.

  • I own two Move controllers, but don’t have the demo disc, since i’ve had the ps eye since eye of judgement launched.


  • Utilizes Move? Or requires Move?

    Why does everyone forget the poor, poor sixaxis for motion control? :(

  • @33 (Chuckbait): Yes the game may sound easy, but I am extremely positive that the game will be hard if not as harder as the first Echochrome. If you got a Playstation Move bundle pack, it should of had a Playstation Move demo disc which contains a demo for Echochrome II :D!

  • @33 again, sorry didn’t read that you did not have the demo disc! Look at some gameplay from the first one :D

    To Kumi:

    But anyways, Kumi I was thinking for multiplayer there could be perhaps an online (or local) co-op multiplayer which you and your friend must work together to pass certain stages. An example of how the co-op would work would be that one of the two people playing would only have one life, the other person would have a certain number of lives, the person with the one life must go from one area to the next (like the normal game), however the person with multiple lives must assist the person to getting to the other end by either distracting an enemy, using himself as a bridge, or assisting the other character by lifting up a ledge, pushing/pulling him while he is in a kart of some sort, that kind of thing. It’s a rough idea which I just came up with now but I think it would be interesting. Or another idea would have one person try to make the other person not reach his/her destination by placing objects such as blocks, an enemy, or something of the sort to block his/her path.

  • come dec 21, I will be buying battlefield bad co: vietnam. woot woot!

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