Welcome New DC Universe Online Beta Testers!

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DC Universe Online beta for PS3

To all of you who have been participating in our DC Universe Online PS3 Beta, we’d like to welcome you and thank you! We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and we’ve heard a few of you are running into some technical issues. We want you to know your feedback is valuable and we are implementing fixes as quickly as possible. In the next patch many issues will be resolved.

Some of the specific issues that we are fixing include numerous changes to improve the user interface, in particular text readability. In addition, we want to make it easier for you to play with your friends! What is an online game without playing with friends? :)

Social enhancements will make it easier to communicate, play and group with others. Improvements to chat input, frequently used phrases menu, and the ability to use emotes will further convey your personality and mood to the world. There are also several adjustments in process that will improve instruction and hint messages within the UI. Plus, we are adding a way for you to quickly access combo sequences, super power information, and buff/debuff information for your character.

Finally, stability of the game has been greatly improved in the latest version. So, as you can tell there is a lot going on and more to come. Please, keep giving us your feedback and insights, and get ready for a great game play experience – thanks to your feedback!

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  • Anyway I could get a beta code for that please?

  • I applied back in September but I didn’t get in… <=[

  • I want in! PLEASE!!!

  • I’ve played but was not all that impressed so far. And what gives with that excessively long install?

  • Sorry Ryuhza it’s never fun when you apply and don’t get one.

  • Thanks for the Beta for PSN+ it’s so much fun!

  • Make sure you have 15 free GB, and a high tolerance for freezes.

  • I’m enjoying it so far. I’m some what of a noobie to MMO’s, but a bunch of friends and myself got codes and made a “league”. Haha. So far we’re having an awesome time.

  • still downloading from last night….

  • man i haven’t gotten a chance 2 play it because of the update :{

  • Pre-Ordered the game sent my receipt & still haven’t received my Beta Code. Would really like to know why I haven’t gotten it yet.

  • Awesome, Looking forward to playing it, Still Downloading though.

    Will the PS3 and PC share the Same Servers? If not, Will it eventually? Don’t want to get the PS3 version and find not that many are playing.

    And Will we get any updates on The Agency or Free Realms soon? Are those still coming to PS3?

  • I am sad to say I am addicted to this game. Congrats as soon as you announce your payment structure you have one copy sold here.

  • I really wish that this game didn’t have a monthly fee.

  • Very much enjoying the beta so far. I have to agree that the text needs some work. I have ran into a few tech problems, but no freezing or anything game breaking.

    Was going to pass this game up but because of the beta I might be changing my mind.

  • I cant be bothered to download it, takes way to long. Why couldnt you have made it one big back round download?

  • You guys need to add more servers. I hate waiting because there’s a queue. Glad to see the social features being added, they are much needed. Btw it looks like the forums are buggy. It keeps telling me Either the page doesn’t exist on our servers……. etc.

  • Somebody tell them on the forums to fix the text in the game it’s way to small fix the chat boxes and fix the group invites so you can hear people on the mic And actually get them in it cause sometime it does not go through

  • This game takes like 5 hours to install, its insane.

  • This game is fantastic just as a demo. My brothers and I play it.
    Too awesome.

  • 13 Gigs to udpate?! Yowza. Even with a 160Gig PS3, I ran out of space quick and so having a hard time making some for this game.

  • 21st XD

  • fix the whole system crash thing first. game crash is kinda acceptable but freezing up the system is not even remotely good.

  • I can’t wait to get my 2nd replacement PS3 back, so i can get into the BETA, and then i can begin re downloading EVERYTHING all over again

  • just froze up on me when i was viewing a side quest, was the 1st time it froze up, kind of a fun game, wonder how the prizing model will look like

  • hey guys can someone tell me how to play with our psn friends ? i mean is there any way to invite them to our game?

  • Loving the Beta. Having some freezing issues but that’s OK. Does anyone know if its possible to change your characters color in game?

  • I’ve been downloading all day. I have to say that I’m not impressed with the downloader. It fluctuates, saying I have 3 hours left one minute, then when I check again it says I have 160 hours.

    The biggest failing with the downloader is that I don’t know how much I’m downloading or how much I have left. I really hope the game’s interface had more thought put into it.

  • Patience is needed for most Beta’s. I am having a lot more fun than I thought I would. Most likely I’m gonna be picking this up upon release.

  • You guys should also just upload the 15 gigs on the PSN store. I mean, having to wait for it to download on YOUR servers while the game is booted is a little ridiculous….

  • took forever to download, and I had to erase 3 of my games to download this game, its pretty cool! can’t wait to see how awesome and refined it’ll be when it releases into retail stores

  • Anyone know if you can pause the dowloading? cuz i want to play black ops and it have like 5 hrs yet to finish D:

  • I would have made this a purchase, but the monthly fee turns me off of it. I have this tendency to play a game for a bit, go to another game and then come back.

  • I just want to say that I am pleasantly surprised and impressed with this game, it’s awesome. One thing I was wondering about though is if the graphics in the beta are representative of the final release? Everything seems to lack detail, like the normal maps are low res or something. I’m guessing it’s just because it would take forever to download all of the assets that will be in the final, but I was just curious.

  • Hmmm my feedback is theres to much information being crammed down in the beginning,

  • ill let u know in 2011 after if completes the download :)

  • this looks good, download complete, haven’t played but love participating in beta tests!

  • Despite the problems it has, I love it. spen 5hrs straight last night, gonna get on later

  • Its been 11hours and its not even half way loading whats up!! Also how much a month is this game going to be to play! LAME let it free like other online games

  • Glad to see info on the forums being provided for PS3 users. Didn’t know where to go. Also, they are down just now. Any idea when they will be back up?

  • I watched some footage of the DC beta online and I’m very impressed. I’d like to get in on the beta too. What do I do?

  • A little freezing here and there and the text needs to be a little larger, other than that, the betas a blast.

  • Sign up for ps plus.

  • I am still downloading the assets :( I really want to play it.

  • Freezing aside, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the beta. Always room for improvement, but I think you guys have done an excellent job thus far.

  • when are they going to make dark cloud 3?

  • Great news, loving the beta so far.

    Have you considered a blog/bio section for each character?

    where one could create their own superhero/villain bio and story and share it online. zam.com, an mmo game forum site has a similar feature on the site for mmo fans to get involved more in the fantasy of it all.

    Please allow pc and ps3 cross server play. it worked well with ffxi. its an mmo, we need it populated.

    Lastly, how about an option when creating our characters to use our PSN names or an option to show our psn names below our created hero names…

    Keep up the great work. looking forward to the final release.

  • complete bs you need 11gb to play the beta? you should warn people before they download that u REQUIRE 11gb to play the damn beta. this is silly.


  • We are working on the freezing and hope to have much of it resolved in our next patch.

  • so i don’t know if this is a common issue or not, but i know that it has happened to more than just me due to other online forums. i cant get past the first area, the first mini-boss, because of a “corrupt download”. i’ve redownloaded the psn beta several times and it’s taking me from other games. everyone knows what the wait is like to download the game. ive been waiting for the game very patiently and this delemma is turning me away from it. if there is a way to fix it that i don’t know of, please notify me as soon as someone has a chance. also, this is posted here because the forums arent working. sorry ’bout that.

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