New PixelJunk Shooter 2 Video Shows Online Battles, 20 Weapons, New Boss

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Long time no post! Here at Q-Games we’ve been ultra-busy finishing PixelJunk Shooter 2; unfortunately it took a little longer than we expected but that’s because of a number of (very cool) reasons!

You may have already heard, but PixelJunk Shooter 2 has the most insanely fun online Versus mode that has ever been created. Rather than just do a simple battling-type system, we created a special cat-and-mouse type game which has you and the enemy take turns as cat or mouse, either scouring the stage for the other player or running away from him. The trick being that the “mouse” is invisible to the other player unless he views you directly, so you can sneak around collecting the survivors and transporting them to your base. Each survivor that goes into your base is an extra point. But watch out: When it is the other player’s turn to play mouse they can steal them back if they are cunning enough.

PixelJunk Shooter 2PixelJunk Shooter 2

Carefully laid out on top of this really addictive core game is a league system that earns you “money” that you can use to buy crazy and special items for use in battle (you only have to buy them once and you can use up to three types at any time per battle). The ultra-slow but ultra-smart homing missile is one of my favourites (it doggedly tracks the other player and is difficult to shake off!), as is the “Time Slip” item that rewinds the positions of both players for a few seconds. There is a limit on the number of uses of certain items within a battle, so a lot of strategy is involved and it has a seriously good “just one more go” factor – if you win, you will climb into new leagues to get bonuses so you can buy even cooler weapons (with 20 to choose from!) and more maps to play on. I can see many, many late nights being caused by just this part of PixelJunk Shooter 2.

PixelJunk Shooter 2PixelJunk Shooter 2

But on top of all this we have created a whole new set of three worlds with new liquids, puzzles and some brilliant new enemies and bosses, packing even more fun into the regular adventure mode too! So PixelJunk Shooter 2 is not only our first true sequel in the PixelJunk series, it’s also our first PS3 online-enabled game and the combination of these two things means it is simply bursting at the seams! Oh, and remember to look forward to the new “suits” for your ship of, course!

Anyway, no more chit-chat. Check out the trailer above and see what I mean!

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  • Only interested in an online coop mode, versus isn’t my thing. Doesn’t matter though, will still buy for the fun single player.

  • Hopefully there is more, you know, shooting in this one. The last one didn’t quite live up to its name.

  • I even more excited now. I can’t wait to try all of the new modes. I loved the first game so much.

  • I’m looking forward to this. I really enjoyed the first one. I have a suggestion. Can you make the soundtracks available for this game and the first one. I liked the music in the first one.

  • *Looks at League Battle and the planets*
    Poor, poor, Pluto…

    This will be amazingly fun. Thanks Q-Games.

  • *twiddles thumbs while waiting*

  • First game was awesome. Can’t wait for the new one.

  • I want to play it now!

  • Love PixelJunk. Hope to see release date and information on the next game in the series soon.

  • WOW!
    This looks AMAZING!!!
    It would be nice if it had online Co-Op. I have only one controller…

  • Still like ‘Pixel Junk Geo.’ So I assume its not releasing this year? And with all the extra features, will it cost more than the first?

  • This before monsters 2 ? I´m so dissapointed.

  • Looks great but Online Battle? Now that sounds good and all but please tell me you have online Co-op, I would much rather have that then vs. modes.

    • Unfortunately there is no online co-op, instead we spent our efforts being more creative with a truly original fun versus mode.

  • MONSTERS 2!!!!! and Dungeon are needed

  • when ? when ?

  • Hello Q-Games team.

    Your games are really cool but please do something to avoid pixel burning on plasma TV.
    may be create an Option to remove the UI or let the player set the opacity of the UI. Something like that. Thanks
    My plasma TV don’t like it.

    • All our games have an option in the menu to do that. Also, Shooter’s UI changes regularly between the “cockpit” and the PixelJunk logo so unless you leave it switched on for hours at the title screen you should be fine.

  • would love to try some of the pixeljunk games. any word on if there will be a sale on them anytime soon.

  • AMAZING!!!

  • That game looks 110% better than Shooter 1! Can’t wait to get it day 1~

    Hey Dylan, working on any more awesome psp games? maybe like shooter for psp? :D

  • Online battles? I suppose now that name might actually fit.

  • Will there be Voice Chat, and Cross Game Invites?

    • I’m not sure what cross-game invites are, but there is voice-chat and you can invite anyone who is online and in your friend list. (for the friendly battles)

      When you are playing in the league system you are matched randomly to make it fair.

  • Voice Chat? Party System? 2 Vs 2 or 4 Vs 4 Battles?

    Game looks great. Day 1 No Brainer like all PJ games.

  • When? Voice chat? Co-op? When?

  • Any news on 3D support. I loved the first game btw, keep up the work ;)

  • What I want for this game…..
    2-player Offline Co-Op like the first game.
    2-4 player Online Co-Op with Match Making and a Party System.

  • If there’s online VS, I hope to see 2v2 or a Co-Op campaign option. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! Pixel Junk is always a day one download.

  • HOW SOON?!

  • I guess you guys aren’t ready to announce a release date yet? But it is coming this month, right? Pleas don’t delay it to next year!

  • When the hell is COD MW3 going to come out

  • There’s an old indian proverb ” Those who go to bed with itchey ass…. wake up with smelly finger!

  • Sort of makes PJS1 look like PJS1/3.

  • Is story mode coop online? If so is it only 2 like the original?

  • really wish they would have done a squeal to shooter and done a squeal to monster or eden or even better release some info on Dungeon the game that was rumored last year and there hasnt been any info on.

  • will this new game see our existing Shooter save and give us any special unlockables

    will the PixelJunk Home space be updated?

    can we purchase an HD version of the soundtrack as a separate download and have the game use it instead of the lower-quality assets it ships with? The quality of the encoding for the music has always been a major weakness with all PixelJunk games :(

  • pixeljunk monsters 2 make it happen,dylan!

  • OMG CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Absolutely LOVE all the PixelJunk games but man you guys take too long to make games.

  • looks great.

    im guessing its not coming out in 2010 anymore, right?

    • unfortunately not, we had to delay it to make it as best as it could possibly could be, however it *is* finished so we just have to go through the submission and final checking process.

  • jeeze can we get a date already? I have been setting aside my money for this!! Or atleast a release window.

  • Shooter is easily my favorite PSN game. After seeing that video, it looked like the sequel will be dethroning the sequel.

    Also, I read about about someone wanting a soundtrack. I just want to support that as well. I loved the music from the last game.

  • There was plenty of shooting in the first one. It had a nice mix of shooting, puzzle solving and survivors collecting. So I’m not all that happy that shooting only has had an increase…

    I absolutely loved the first one because of those reasons, here’s to hoping Shooter 2 has more than just added shooting.

    • Not just the shooting has had an increase – puzzles and cool situations have had a big increase too. Just wait until you are flying through the pulsating intestines of a giant space creature ;-)

  • can’t wait to play it… really, i can’t….

  • Keep ’em coming.

    PJ series = <3

  • Super excited. Thanks for the new video.

  • Enjoyed the first one very much, but still haven’t beaten it, I will make sure I do before the second is out. I really loved all the hazards and different puzzle types and upgrades in the game, its awesome.

  • Looks great. Man sony is rocking the big teasers this week. I must start saving my money. I will get this the day it comes out.

  • I just hope there are levels outside of the big monster. This game is supposed to be much bigger than PJS, but I can’t imagine playing a game the length of just PJS all inside some big monster with stomach acids and this light/dark weirdness.

    That’d be quite a *lot* of belly play.

  • Wow, this looks awesome!

    It is great what you guys did with the online battles,
    but I, like many others, still think a online co-op is a must!
    Is there a chance it’ll be added in a patch in future?

    and High Frequency Bandwidth did a stunning job in the first one!
    Are they responsible for OST in this one too?

    One last thing.
    Like everyone I love how the soundtrack creates a unique atmosphere and how it grows in battles.
    After playing I was hearing some Nine Inch Nails and just can’t stop thinking how some songs fits perfectly with the game!
    It would be great if you added a way for users to edit songs and make them play with PJS2 (making them change withing battles too)!

    I really doubt Trent Reznor would aprove comercializing his songs but, heck, I don’t want to sell it, just to listen.

    Big dream of mine, indeed!
    I’ll make a clip someday and send it to you =)

    PS. My FIRST comment on PS3 blog. Think you guys deserve it.

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