MotorStorm Apocalypse: Skyline Video, Demo in 2011, DLC Plans, Photo Mode and More

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On the recent trip to New York we unveiled the new MotorStorm Apocalypse track Skyline and we’d like to share a video, as well as bring you details revealed at the event. First up, the video of Skyline starring my favourite new vehicle, the Superbike.

Here’s a recap of the new info we shared:

  • Player customization: Perks enable full visual customisation and performance customization in the form of perks are both new features.
  • Playable demo: A demo is being planned for 2011.
  • Stereoscopic 3D: We showed Skyline in stereoscopic 3D, and pretty much everyone agreed with me that it sets the benchmark for 3D gaming. I hope you get to experience it in this way!
  • Exclusive content: PSN avatars, dynamic themes, pre-order and PlayStation Plus exclusives are all planned and we’ll have specifics to share very soon.
  • New Photo Mode: We’ve got a sophisticated Photo Mode that can capture gameplay images in ultra-high resolutions, as well as some easy-to-use tools that allow for fantastic post-effects – all of the Skyline screenshots were taken using Photo Mode mid-race!
  • Post-release content: We have big ambitions to continue support for the game after it releases, and to develop some of the concepts we haven’t been able to find time for in development, including a special island track we’re hoping to be able to give away for free.
  • New taunts and gestures: All previous versions of MotorStorm featured the ability to taunt other riders. This time, we have a set of insanely flamboyant gestures guaranteed to get your opponents fuming.
  • New videos: The videos, including a series of developer diaries , will be launched on the PlayStation.Blog and PSN in the next couple of weeks.
  • Release date: We don’t have a final global release date, but are scheduled to launch in Spring 2011.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3: Skyline track

We always try to release video and game information first on the PlayStation.Blog, but as some of you have already discovered we didn’t quite manage it this time. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the reaction to the unveiling, and some links to me talking and (more excitingly) videos of MotorStorm…including some play-through footage of the track.

Jamie, our Community Manager who answered your questions while I was travelling back, has shared your reactions, feedback and concerns with me, and a great way to be in the loop on all things MotorStorm Apocalypse is to follow him on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and your support. Speak soon!

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  • Cool stuff guys, can’t wait for one of my most anticipated games of 2011!

  • Any chance we will ever get game trailers in 3D on PSN? That would be cool.

    And is the upcoming demo going to be 3D compatible? I really want to see how cool this game looks in 3D. From what I have heard, it is one of the best implementations of the feature.

    • Details on the demo haven’t been confirmed yet, but will be announced on the PlayStation Blog when they have.

  • Looks pretty awesome. I cant wait to get my hands on this. I will be looking forward to more info through to its release!

    I know these games are top quality so it does take a bit of time for the release, but man, I want them already! lol

  • Looks like fun! The level design reminds me of Jet Moto.

  • Someone at evolution studios said it would release early April.Is this true?(hope so!!!)

    • Early April is yet to be confirmed – best to consider this a ballpark date and wait for an official announcement to confirm. :-)

  • I’ve never really been interested in the Motorstorm games, but this looks FUN! Will certainly be keeping an eye on it :).

  • Can’t stress enough how unbelievably excited I am for this. Wish I had a 3DTV b/c I got to play it at Sony’s Hotel-Press thing, and it really is the next level in gaming, at least with a game as insane as this.

    Thanks, Evolution!

    • Evolution Studios has been working with 3D technology for a number of years, so the team are really comfortable with it.

      I hope that many more gamers get to experience MotorStorm Apocalypse in 3D. I completely agree that it’s the next level in gaming – it’s adds a lot to the sense of immersion and excitement. :-D

  • ok i got a question if someone knows pls tell me! What was the exclusive game sony said they were announcing on dec. 13??? ive searched for it and nothing!

    BAck to topic: MotorStorm looks awesome! i want it!

  • sounds awesome.

    got some hands on time with this at MLG finals Dallas

    and the 3D on this game is mind blowing

  • @ DarkOne

    The game was Uncharted 3.

  • Cannot wait for this game, quick question: will we still be able to punch other racers off their bikes? I loved doing that in the first two games :).

    • Absolutely! As well as punching rival riders, the Bikes and ATVs can also ram now, which can be just as useful to dodge as it can be to attack. ;-)

  • I skipped the last Motorstorm but I think I will pick this one up!

  • Please, please, please have less rubberbanding than the last game. After rank 6 races the game just stopped being fun. U know what just take out rubberbanding completely.

  • I had trouble getting into the first 2. I still played them but not for long. I’m hoping a lot for this one.

  • I played it at the Playstation Lounge. 3D like this is what will bring the tech mainstream. It enhances the game. Not just tacked on as a gimmick. That is what is leaving a bad taste in some peoples mouths. U3 should be good to in 3D too.

  • Where’s the video?

  • we own 2 of the motor storm titles and this one looks to be the best one yet I mean cmon riding a super bike thru a devastated city?

    oh yeah bad ass

    • …and you’re there while it’s being devastated! So you’re riding that Superbike thru a devastated city while surviving a relentless apocalypse. Ultimate bad ass. ;-)

  • this looks good,

  • well i have played big heavyweights in 3D ( Killzone 3 , Gran Turismo 5 ) and none of them compare to Motorstorm Apocalypse , to me this is the best example of the technology being implemented on video games ,it does enhance the experience , it does feel more intense , chaotic , brutal and even spectacular sometimes , hope to see the demo , Avatars , Dynamic themes , videos on PSN ASAP , and i cant wait to play the game , LUNATICS UNITE!!!! btw this is a much better post than last week

  • I hope you don’t lose experience when you don’t do well in an online race, that was just insane in the last one.

    It looks great though, can’t wait to see more!

    • Online play is completely redesigned for MotorStorm Apocalypse and provides a deep, robust and rewarding experience.

      Ranking and rewards are no longer based on a ladder system, so you won’t lose places after a poor (or unlucky!) performance.

  • Let me guess. The demo will be exclusive to PSN+ Members. Since demos are not anymore what they are suppose to. To show you the game so you can decide if you like it or not. Now they are a way to sell other useless things like PSN+ accounts.

  • 2011 is turning into another great year for gaming. :)

  • I like the direction that this motorstorm is going for. its something fresh and new for the driving game genre, but it looks like it has the good ol’ motorstorm gameplay we have come to know, but with a twist. I like it!

  • Are you guys gonna fix the rubberband AI this time around? I bought the first two motorstorm games, but I won’t be buying this one unless the AI is fixed. Thanks for the info!

  • Wow, all that content has me interested especially the customization options and the photo mode. Any chance you guys are doing something like a Special Edition?

  • Freaking Awesome guys!!! 8)

  • Motorstorm is the most intense racer this gen. Can’t wait.

    but wheres the video?

  • I can tell this game will rock in 3D. Guess I’ll be getting a 3D tv next fall. Hopefully, the price drop.

  • Is finally a in-game menu Replay function?
    It would be a fantastic tool to take even more awesome pics (and rewatch those beautiful crashes =P) on mid-race!

  • @kidcommando

    WHAAAT!!!! That was already announced!! (u know b4 spiketv) and sony said they were announcing a day later! WTF! i was expecting something we didnt expect, like KH3 or FF7 remake! crash Rebooted! something we already didnt know! sigh….. Sony!!! wtf!

  • Will the demo have 3D support?
    Will you release any 3D video on the store?
    Thank you


  • Pacific Rift is a blast, this is shaping up to be even better but i have to agree with wolverine81, rubberband AI needs to die.

  • Sooo uhhh, why dont you release this trailer in hd on the psn like you did the uncharted 3 trailer, cause watching videos in hd on the internet is not really HD, im pretty sure alot of people know what i mean when i say that.

  • Please include a selectable difficulty level for each event! It’s the only complaint I had with the first two Motorstorm games.

  • Love you guys, can’t wait to try this game out on my 3D tv :D… btw, can I get a hint to the PS+ exclusives?

  • Sounds cool BUT the video isn’t working in the PS3 browser…
    It’s pretty sad when your own content doesn’t even work…
    When are you guy’s going to fix that damn thing!!!!

  • Looks fantastic!

  • How about racing wheel support? Arcadey racers are fun with wheels, too…

  • Hey Matt game looks great a couple things Racing wheel support Fix the split screen in Offline MP co-op campaign
    Post-release content: We have big ambitions to continue support for the game after it releases, and to develop some of the concepts we haven’t been able to find time for in development, including a special island track we’re hoping to be able to give away for free.

    that sounds just wonderful but this has been a major let down for me when I saw the motorstorm for the psp was in Alaska I believe and not going to be on ps3 that was a huge let down I love snow in video games and I think some ps3 snow levels would be absolutely amazing outrunning an avalanche in HD 3d support = Jaw dropping fun

  • three or four small requests:#1 only make the playstation plus bonuses discounts and early acsess(I FORGET HOW TO SPELL IT, OKAY!?)to the DLC, not playstation plus exclusive.I don’t want to be left out of some sweet swag and tracks.#2don’t make perks affect vehicles visually(I’m guessing you already did this but I’m saying it anyway.#3 in-depth(or just basic) character customization. seriously, if my guy’s gonna be rippin’ around on motorcycles and ATVs online, I at least want him(or in some peoples cases, her) to look uniqe(forgot how to spell that one too),just like my car/truck/buggy/bike he(or she) is driving.the ability to assign specific custom characters to each individual custom variant of each vehicle, or just each class(racing suit for super bike, leather jacket and jeans for chopper. see where I’m going wth this?)would also be AWESOME.

  • How about a XMB Status update feature so we know what our friends playing in motorstorm apocalypse

  • @killzone79
    I like your thinking, ALL ps3 games should have this.

  • I saw in a video on GT that you can actually do tricks. Is there a point to the tricks? Do they give you extra boost or something?

    Also how do you do a trick in a big rig? :\

    If there’s no point to them, I know the critics will knock you guys on that one.

  • YES! I loved Motorstorm and PR (arctic storm too!) Can’t wait. I feel like Playstation is the only platform offering up legitimately tasty racing experiences nowadays. Nice job Evolution.

  • Is this game going to be compatible with checkerboard 3d output for Samsung legacy 3dtvs and 3d DLP tvs that utilize the 3d checkerboard format?

  • Can you tell us anything more about the new taunt gestures?? I’m dying to know!!

  • Will it still have 4-person local multi-player mode. Please do not take that away. Motostorm is awesome to play with my friends when we all together right next to one another.

  • How is the perk system going to work? Will it be actual upgrades for your vehicles, or just further customization? I would rather it be customization, because if you can upgrade your cars, some people will get a huge edge over others, and if you don’t have a hope of winning from the start, then there’s so real point playing. And if it’s customization, if you go to a friends house or something, and they don’t have the perks you use, then you won’t have the car you are used to. I liked how in PR, you started off with all the vehicles, and you couldn’t upgrade them.
    Aside from that, this game looks fantastic! I hear there is a demo coming out “maybe around Christmas”-said Matt Southern in an interview. When will it (the demo) be out?

  • oh i can’t wait, i love me some motor storm

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