Who Will Make ‘The Tester 2’ Season Finale? Watch Episode 7 Today

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We’re down to the ‘final four’ gamers who have a shot at winning the job at PlayStation. Ches-ka, Gaymer, Mo Chocolate and Scooter compete this week in a high-pressure game show format challenging their PlayStation knowledge and problem solving skills. Who’s got the answers and the intelligence? Only the top 3 move on to next week’s Season Finale. So, be sure to check out Episode 7 of “The Tester 2.”

Visit the video section of the PlayStation Store now to download Episode 7 and later today when the games section updates. Also, visit PlayStation Home’s “The Tester” Theater to catch the new episode and receive the new ‘Game Over’ shirt on Wednesday.

The Tester 2 - Episode 7 Prizes

This Week’s Prize Package

This week we have a special prize from our friends at Sony Electronics. A Sony HDR-CX110 HandyCam and ‘The Tester’ Limited Edition PS3 System are this week’s Download & Win prize package. Be sure to download Episode 7 by December 20 to be automatically entered into the Week 7 drawing. See the official rules here.

And, congratulations to ‘Julian L.’ from Decatur, Georgia – our Week 5 winner of the PlayStation Move starter bundle along with copies of Kung Fu Rider and The Fight: Lights Out.

Episode 6 Extra Scenes

After last week’s epic Episode 6, there were lots of extra scenes not in the episode including more from ‘Cyrus’ and ‘Nauseous’ during their visit at the loft. Check out what they had to say about life after The Tester – Season 1.

Chatting with War Princess

War Princess visited with the PlayStation LifeStyle crew this week to talk about her love for her PSP, her successful YouTube page, and her perspective about what happens when the cameras weren’t rolling. Check out her interview in the newest podcast.

And, don’t miss next week’s Season Finale (featuring Killzone 3!) when the winner of Season 2 will be determined. It’s going to be awesome.

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  • Good luck everyone. Really wish I could have gotten on, but I’ll just have to wait for a *potential* season three.

  • I know this is unrelated, and yay for the Tester! But um, any chance we’ll be seeing the PS+ DCUO beta test on the store tonight? Any chance at all? That would be super sweet, even though it’ll take hours to download the 16gb file. I’m ready to do some testing myself! See how I tied that in there? ;)

  • @1 if you want a chance, change your username… ;-P

  • Mo Chocolate lol.

  • Well, it’s a marginal improvement over season 1, that’s a given. It’s been interesting, though I use the term loosely. Looking forward to the finale, and Killzone 3’s involvement thereto.

  • Not gonna watch this show anymore, what’s the point anyway. Winning and gaining immunity obviously doesn’t mean much. No point in watching such a terrible show where any rules may change at any given time. What’s next “you are the winner! but we don’t like you so you don’t get the 5k contract, thank you goodbye!”

  • @kdiep I agree to a certain point, but can you really argue with how Fazeek was handled? Assuming that’s what you’re talking about, I haven’t seen last weeks episode yet ><

  • Souls we be downloading from the video section of the PS store or the game section? Or does it even matter. I want to win that prize. But id rather win the finale prize. PS3, 3DHDtv… Oh yeah.

    • Downloading the show from either side of PlayStation Store automatically includes you in this week’s drawing.

  • Looking forward to it!

  • I agree with #6.
    What’s the point of giving immunity if it’s not going to be enforced?

  • @#2, GT-420

    Oh trust me, I’ve made my voice heard: https://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/03/17/change-your-playstation-network-id/

    The thing is, I don’t want to bug the people on the PS Blog for features when they have no power or jurisdiction to anything like that. Most of these people are just messengers.

  • nauseous reminds me so much of Gilbert Arenas

  • Cant wait to see this, and i really hope that there will be a 3rd season.

  • last weeks episode was SO GOOD.
    by far the best episode of the Tester so far.
    I was in SHOCK and it was fun.
    good stuff

  • @6 & @10
    I can see what you both are talking about but come on. The guy was running his mouth, dropping the F Bomb here and there going after the other members. No company in the right mind would take someone like that. Lets say the CEO of the company watches that and then hires the guy. No way in hell that would happen.

    That kid was a walking lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • it’s between cheska and scooter simply because they haven’t been been in the bottom two. they may have been in losing teams but the spotlight was never on them.

    glad to have big fat-zeek gone! who cares about your collection of games since pong, it obviously got you nowhere!

    mo-chocolate is a big kid and might just be a surprise winner!

    season 3, here i come!

  • @ #6

    they didnt kick him because he lost. they kicked him cuz they didnt want him to be part of playstation because hes a jerk. it would have been equivalent to him being fired. they did follow the rules because they also kicked that one chick, cant think of her name right now lol.


    posted this thread in the forums but got nowhere – does it count if you download it on your PSP? the rules say to just “download,” unlike in the Rewards, download of PULSE is specific to get rewarded. you have to download the HD PULSE episode, but for Tester, i’m not sure.

  • this show is suppressingly good

  • im really loving this season… just finished DLing this eps cant wait to sit down and see what happens to MO

  • immunity or no immunity, Fazeek had it coming to him… granted, there can be only one winner, but it was definitely not him… you could see that from the very beginning…
    that being said, was sad to see Danielle get voted off, but as the show implies, she was the reason her team lost last week.. very tough to eat and swallow crackers without any kinda beverage… i think Scooter shouldve taken the crackers..

    regardless, ill watch this episode this weekend and my guess is Mo is next to go.. the winner will be Cheskah

  • Why not just tell us who won already? we all know its your average fake reality show. all the drama is fake the people are acting. whats the point?

    Sony you should be using your time, money, and resources to be getting games out on the Psn, or help make games for psp and ps3, or help out with devs. Not funding a fake reality show we already have too much on normal TV we dont need this on our gaming consoles aswell.

    Just giving my opinion. i would rather be seeing games being made/games on the psn/helping devs out, than watching a fake reality show.

  • UUggh..was about to watch episode 5 tonight and with the picture of two players at the head of this article I know who isnt eliminated. Dang spoilers.

    • Don’t miss episode 5. It’s a strong show as the gang must develop and pitch a game concept….in 90 minutes.

  • Gaymer is going to win. The others don’t stand a chance. Either cheska or scooter are gone after today. It’s about time war princess gets off. She should have been eliminated weeks ago.

  • Thatd be awesome to win that camera I’d use it to make my audition video for the tester season 3!

  • @xjordan93

    Exactly, so imagine that they dislike the winner. What will they do? Dun dun duuuh! “You’ve been eliminated, there’ll be no winner” Also, no they didn’t follow the rules. Immunity by its definition (or as defined in this case) means that they can’t be eliminated. That’s simply a fact.


    He’s the only one who hasn’t been a complete jerk at one point or another…

    That bigfazeek move was insane, and they made the right choice.


    obviously that mo chocolate pass to the final because in the intro of the tester you can see him in a test that wavent been watched in any episode too far

  • @kevin furuichi i have a suggestion for you. why dont you guys do a show about japan. i’m willing to bet that this show will be a huge success.since sony is a japanese brand and most of its fan base are in to comics/anime/jrpgs….or you guys could do a “cultural” show about our fav developers background and culture.since sony hosts a wide arrange of foreign developers from zolt from hungary(the zen pinball dude) to the finish developer of the kung fu game.i dont think that such a show have never been produced before and i would say if done right .it could be an award winning one! :0

  • I’m rooting for the hoochi mamma in the middle. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

  • i want gaymer to win !!! :)

  • *puts on flame suit*

    i wonder if he was white if they would have went about it that way. he was a goofball and he was going to lose on his own. he was never competition in those types of challenges. its just sad that they are laughing at him rather then with him. hopefully he learns from this.

    wish my interview was putting marbles in a jar. scooter must be a genius….meanwhile the broad doesn’t know jack about the company she wants to work for. must be nice

  • WHAT!? For as much as they say that the contestants need to pay attention to details, they really need to take their own advice.
    Q: Please list the buttons on the PS3 controller from left to right? The answer IS NOT Triangle – O – X – Square. That is the order they are in “The tester” logo, but definitely not the order on the controller. They are arranged in a circle so its hard to say the order from left-right, but since the square is farthest LEFT their answer was clearly wrong. In fact Mo Chocolate may have actually been correct.
    Then later: Why should Gaymer be penalized for being in the lead up to the bonus round? He had a strong lead, but could not win because it was impossible for him to earn any more points once the bonus round started. As a result Scooter was able to make up his losses and pull ahead. Very unfair.
    And THEN, you actually give away the gender of the season winner at the end of the show. I won’t repeat it to not spoil it for others, but HOW DOES THAT GET MISSED IN EDITING?
    I was annoyed in last season when they kept letting the competitors watch the first team up in challenges as that gave them a huge strategy advantage, but this season takes the cake. This show is really a joke.

  • I am enjoying the Tester. Keep up the good work everyone.

    One question, technical in nature… If you download the episodes from the Games side of the store the files are not names the same as the ones that are download from the Video side of the store. They also do not have the Tester icon embedded. Why is that?

    It just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Brent you say you want the best person to win but you make your decissions off what the group thinks as a whole there is no way that your final three can work as a group. they single out the better and only think of themselfs. thats not what i thought playstaion was about i thought you said it was a family but by watching this tester this season i doubt that is true i guess to be part of the playstation family you must be out for yourself. i will no longer watch the tester. but still will continue to play playstation products. As always thank you.

  • I wish this would update on Home the same day. I prefer watching it there (even with the stuttering lag sometimes, heh), and as of tonight at midnight they were still showing ep 6.

    Also, go Gaymer!

  • Ches-ka thats who i want to win, why? because we need a womens touch on these games hence Uncharted 1 & 2.

  • I think the show could be a little better, though it’s not too bad.

  • Really the only one I am kinda rooting against is Scooter. All three though are actually pretty good candidates.

  • I still CANNOT believe the four testers tried to throw the one black guy under the bus when there is a black judge on the panel. I mean what the hell guys?!

    Also, what was up with Playstation Home featuring Scooter as a featured guest a few days ago when the finalists or winner had nmot even been revealed? That to me points to *SPOILER* and should not have been done. Now we all know there is a HIGH chance that this guy wins it all.


  • lol, funny comments are funny.

  • where do we send video applications for a potential season 3

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