Prince of Persia Warrior Within HD today, only on PSN

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is back! The second chapter of the epic Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy is now available for your downloading and playing pleasure in full HD on the PlayStation Network for $14.99. In the combat-focused Warrior Within, you’ll fight an entire island of brutal and unrelenting creatures in stunning HD and stereoscopic 3D (for those lucky enough to own a 3D TV).

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD for PS3 (PSN)

Wield two weapons at once, manipulate the environments and control your enemies with the Sands of Time AND rock out to some Godsmack while you hunt the mighty Dahaka! Long flowing jet-black hair + man-scara + M-Rating + Godsmack = Best. Week. Ever.

Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within HD and Prince of Persia Sands of Time HD are available for download on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. For more information about the game, wall run your way over to the Prince of Persia Facebook page. Come on, you KNOW you wanna “Like” it !

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  • 2 Questions:

    Are the PoP ever going to appear on a single Blue Ray Collection Disc at Retail?

    Do they have trophies?

  • @spunnups

    EVERY game has trophies. It has been a requirement since 2009.

    And I doubt they’ll come out on a disc over here in the States. If you want the games, purchase them online. Don’t hold out on yourself.

  • Great, looking forward to play it again. Also any chance you are planning a bundle of all three games on PSN?

  • OK, Why would I want to buy this agian?

  • @1 has the trophies for all three Prince of Persia HD games already on their site, so yeah the game will have trophies.

    I’m looking forward to buying them all, but I might be waiting for a special price/bundle first.

  • Warrior Within was garbage in my opinion. Sands of Time was the only good game in that trilogy that was worth my time and money. Then Ubisoft had to remind of us of how bad the rest of the games were by releasing Forgotten Sands (which wasn’t good either). *facepalm*

  • @zombie9

    Because Sony makes too much money repackaging PS2 games to re-sell to people on PSN to -ever- provide backwards compatibility for the 40Gb, 8Gb, and slim PS3’s :-(

    They are too greedy and short-sighted to realize that providing PS2 emulation on models without BC (even if it was a $20 ‘extra’ application download) would give a big boost to PS3 sales and actually encourage people to try the “HD/Trophy” versions of their favorite PS2 games.

    Sony = Dumb and Dumber…..

  • Only on PSN? Hah. Maybe everywhere else except Europe.

    I bought my disc version from NCSX.


  • I bought SoT and still need to beat that. I might pick this up since it’s only 15$.

  • I also wonder if a disc version will come out. Otherwise, it would be better to import the European version. It usually is the other way around when it comes to North America and Europe, so this is… strange.

  • holee cow! i haven’t even begun to play sands of time after i got it off the network now this?! i’ll be busy till the end of the year! i have man-crush on the prince of persia!

  • I’m not buying any of these on PSN, it is a lot of hard drive space to devote to them when I *know* it’s out on Blu-Ray. I’ll wait and see if they ever release it here on disc, if not, I might import it someday. Choosing not to release them on disc is their choice, they’re losing out on sales though.

  • These really should be cheaper. $11.99 each or all 3 for $30 would have been the sweet spot. $14.99 each and (Likely)$40 for all 3 is just too much. Nothing should be the same as retail, it’s just plain dumb and that policy needs to end.

  • I wish ALL PS2 games where on PSN. Oh well

  • I will get it when the 3 games will be on a bluray. I’m enjoying sly collection right now so i will wait for the disc.

  • @7 ratchet428

    hmm shut your mouth dude… they would not be remastered with BC and with some more bonus like 3D or mini games they would probably be the same price or around that…..

  • When the three games eventually come on one disc and it is sold for $40, then I will buy it.

  • Disc release. Make it happen and you’ve got a sale right here (along with many others I’m sure).

    I just hope if the rumoured Splinter Cell collection actually comes out it doesn’t get this same treatment. Disc releases for these HD PS2 collections are the way to go.

  • Has the game-breaking glitch that happens right before the last boss, that forces you to restart the entire game, been taken out or fixed? If not, then why did you bother?

  • I like the digital releases , less wear on my lens and no having to get up to put the disc in, lol, lazy me,

  • These games are already on disc in EU for cheaper than the three PSN downloads would be. Import away, folks!

  • This is actually one of my favorite PoP games so I’ll be picking this one up.

  • Thank god i import the Prince of Persia HD Collection Disc now i can save all that hard drive space.

  • I never finished Warrior Within…temptation. But X-Men is more important for now…

  • @15 berae how would they be the same price you can ge t them 4 ps2 4 like 10$ or less

  • waiting for a bundle sale… 4 sure!

  • If this were available on a blu ray disc than this collection would be an instant purchase for me. Since it’s not I will either have to find a way to import it or swallow sadness. Physical media > Digital
    Hopefully the physical copy will outsell the digital version of the game and Ubisoft will give this a US retail release…

  • this will be in ps plus next year. i can wait,

  • @Forever_Blake try here this is where i buy my copy buy others on this blog might know a better site. It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

  • No disk = no sale. Come on Sony, give it a proper collection release like God Of War and Sly Cooper, then I’ll buy.

  • @ Quicky1972

    It’s not Sony fault it’s Ubisoft they chose not to release this as a Disc Base collection outside Europe.

  • you guys should really put them in a pack. Hope it will be in plus ;)

  • I would like to see Ubisoft’s UPlay Win integrated into these HD remakes.

  • Europe got them on disk… I want them on a disk too. :(

  • We want this trilogy on a single blu-ray disc , please.

  • @Mobius2525

    I guess Ubisoft thinks that this collection wouldn’t sell as well in retail..:( I’m not buying into digital distribution if I know there’s a disk version out there.

    Does anybody know the cheapest place to import? If it doesn’t come stateside, I can wait for this to pop up for free on Plus…might take a while though.

  • Did you fix the glitches in this game? There was no excuse to have them there in the first place on PS2, but since they couldn’t be patched on there it was like “oh well”. Now they can be fixed! So, did you or not? You don’t give us a disc version and on top of it expect us to buy this if it still is glitchy (Assuming that it still is) Doesn’t sound very fair at all.

  • can somebody change the blades for this to that of kratos?

  • Please, release this on a single Bluray next year. SoT, WW and TTT… Please, I don’t want to import it from UK, it would be expensive and you know this will sell well in the US!

  • zombie 9 said:

    “OK, Why would I want to buy this agian?”

    OK, maybe you have no reason to get them because you already have played them, but some of us haven’t :)

    And since they aren’t releasing them on disc… because they aren’t…

  • Each game has a platinum trophy.

    And backwards compatibility would not give you trophies, nor would it give you HD resolution. $14.99 is an incredibly reasonable price for a full retail game that was released at $49.99 many years ago

  • love the games. hate the price. put them on a SINGLE blu ray disc for 29.99 like the god of war series and i will buy day 1.

  • If you import the UK Prince of Persia Collection disc like I did, it is not “only on PSN”. :) In stock at and only about $40 USD shipped. Works great on my US PS3.

  • So I take it that this is Sony’s solution to removing PS2 backwards compatibility?

    Put out PS2 games on PSN with trophies.


    In regards to the Prince of Persia games, I have a strong feeling that a disc version w/ all 3 on 1 BluRay is going to come out at $40.

    Right now they’re $15 each?

    $15 x 3 = $45

    Basically, they’re making $5 more on all 3 games in the end and also saving money by not printing instruction booklets, stamping the game disc, etc.

    But knowing Sony, they’ll eventually do a disc version.

    Anyway, good to see that they’re not forgetting PS2 games.

    But I’d love to see an HD Collection for:

    Devil May Cry
    Kingdom Hearts
    Metal Gear Solid (and then release a “Sub” version for MGS4)

  • @LilWayneSuckz
    “$14.99 is an incredibly reasonable price for a full retail game that was released at $49.99 many years ago”

    But you do realize that $50 price was when the games came out “…many years ago…” right? The games have been given the Greatest Hits title so they’re about $20 each brand new (probably less if you look around).

    And you forget that Sony could have easily done a disc version and released it for $40.

    But like I mentioned….

    $15 x 3 = $45.

    They’re making more money in the end for something that they should have released on a disc instead of making us wait for them 1 by 1.

  • Anyway, SCEA is probably going to do a disc version, but is trying to monopolize those fans who want the game by releasing them first on PSN. And then make a disc version like the PAL region has.. (picture below)

  • how bout you fix the first game you put on the ps store always froze on title menu, i had to call sony and got me a refund.m

  • I’m holding off until I know if these will all be put out on a single disk like in the UK.

  • How about a disc release like in Europe? Instead of trying to scam us by charging more for download only versions that add up to more than the cost of a normal remastered compilation.

  • If this is anywhere near as buggy as Sands of Time HD I think I will pass.

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