Marvel Pinball Downloadable Today on PSN, See the Blade Table in Action

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The Amazing Spider-Man, The Invincible Iron Man, Wolverine and Blade are now available in an epic pinball adventure! Marvel Pinball represents a step up for the pinball genre – the 3D character interaction, the amount of crazy boss battles and modes, along with new scoring systems and social features – it’s an amazing pinball experience.

Now for some Blade action! I personally think the Blade table has some of the most stunning visuals you will ever see on a pinball table. Night mode and UV balls are especially necessary as you play to defeat Deacon Frost, Dracula and hordes of vampires. The pesky Hannibal offers some backup support, but it’s really up to Blade to do the dirty work.

Keep your eyes out for tournament announcements as well as new tables – they are coming soon. If you have not already voted, there is still time to head over to to cast your vote for the next table. You guys are deciding who comes next, so make your voice heard (Ghost Rider is currently running away with the vote).

Marvel Pinball for PS3 (PSN)Marvel Pinball for PS3 (PSN)

Even though we at ZEN Studios have been making video pinball games for many years, we never stop thinking of new features to make the game better. Marvel Pinball features two new scoring systems which are designed to improve social connectivity and overall competition. The challenge of beating our own personal scores and checking in on your leader board rankings is fun and all, but we thought it would be even better if you had an idea of your overall ranking in the community. To satisfy the craving, we built the Hero Score system which allows you to track your all-time play records and compare to the rest of the community. What about a score that measures how good you and your friends are together? Team Force requires you to band together with friends to rule the Marvel Pinball community. Could this be the beginning of pinball guilds? Disclaimer: Don’t blame us when you start receiving a bunch of random friend requests!

Pinball is a game that stands the test of time, still living beyond the glory days of the arcade and transcending console generations – we hope our love for the genre shines through in every table we release, and hopefully some of that rubs off on you!

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