Dead Nation Metagame: Your Nation Needs You!

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Due to issues beyond our control, a nasty, disgusting and horrific zombie outbreak has occurred and we need you to help prove your nation is the best in world at fighting the zombie infection.

Dead Nation: Necropolis

Dead Nation has a unique online component which we call the metagame. It means that every time you kill a zombie, we know about it and so does the game. The metagame uses that information to track many things. So, every single zombie kill counts!

Every single dirt-ridden, disgusting sack of flesh you kill will count towards clearing the virus in your country. The more zombies you and your countrymen kill, the quicker the virus will be cleared.

Below is a snapshot of part of the Metagame:

Dead Nation metagame

  1. Currently selected country.
  2. Player’s statistics.
  3. Statistics about the currently selected country.
  4. Ticker texts which displays various information about the global status, player’s country status, player’s friends and about the player.
  5. Access to more in-depth detailed statistics.

The metagame features an interactive map of the world, which can be used to access all the information. For example if you want to see who the best player in Japan is, you would select the country on the map to get that information. You can also easily check if any of your PSN friends live in that country and how well they are doing compared to their fellow countrymen. Can you be the best in your country?

The metagame also informs you which player is currently the best zombie killer in the world; best in your country of origin; and best amongst your friends.

On a higher level, the metagame tracks which country is the best in eradicating the zombie threat. This aspect can be seen as “Zombie killing World Championships.” It will be interesting to see which country will come on top and if they are able to hold that position.

Every country is ranked, so that you’ll be able to see how your homeland is progressing against your nearest ally or foe; and as you progress through the virus cycles it is worth keeping an eye out. Who knows when things might change?

Although the basic premise of the metagame is to see how your nation is progressing, it really does much more than that, and will take on a game of its own as it organically grows over the months and years after release. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it and are most definitely planning on supporting the Dead Nation community!

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  • You know I’ve found it really strange that Finland is our main competitor. I would have never guessed Finland. Maybe UK or Japan but…. Finland? :P

  • This game has been living up to everything. Awesome fun. Any chance for four player later?

  • that’s nice feat but how are all these percentages calculated – last time i played finland was first but had way much less zombies killed than u.s and other coutries (i’m not complainig because my country was 3rd at that time but i’m just curious)

  • I Like Tacos!

  • so many zombies have died in 2010…

  • @1 Any country really can be on top. From what I understand, the virus cycle % counts for how many zombies have been exterminated in relation to that country’s actual human population. So in the end, it’s just how efficient that country’s population is at killing zombies and not actual zombie death count.

    I’ve been contributing a lot for Canada though! My brother and I have beaten the game on Grim on co-op and started a new game on Morbid. The zombies will die (again)! :D

  • Love the game!
    Planning to go through on Co-Op Morbid next!

  • How much longer is the PS+ discount going to be active? I’m short on funds at the moment, but I will be picking this up. Zombies, trophies, multiplayer? SOLD!!!!

  • So what kind of DLC will you be supporting us with? =)

  • Yeah, I’m really confused about the virus cycle percentages. Some reports say that it isn’t due to the countries actual population, other reports say that it is.

    Some clarification would be great!

  • Yeah, what is up with the U.S. getting beat by Finland?! WTF this isn’t cross country skiing last time I checked!!!

    On a side note: any word on new characters, weapons, bosses, missions DLC!?

    Dead Nation and Joe Danger = DLGoTY

    I’ve beaten in 3 times thus far. Single – Normal, Coop – Normal, and Last Night, Single – Grim

    The graveyard is so freaking hard, I can’t imagine that level on MORBID. God Help Us.

  • My roommate and I are addicted to this game. Every time we play, we do it “to serve our country” LOL. Whenever the high scores come up, we clench our fist in the air and yell “FINLAND!!” Instead of just asking each other if we want to play, we ask each otehr, “Are you ready to do your part for America?”

    As stupid as it sounds, the metagame is one of the reasons we keep playing.

  • I like this online component of the game. It would be REALLY cool if something was unlocked when a country reaches a certain percentage. A new level would be awesome, but even if it was something small like a new skin.

    Imagine if when your Contry reaches a certain percentage, a new zombie is unleashed!

    Things like that would keep this game fresh for the long haul. It would also give a reason for players to keep killing as opposed to just bragging rights for being on top.

    Anyway, it is an awesome game and having a lot of fun with it!

  • @6

    well actually it’s not and that’s why i asked about it in my earlier post. poland and russia have 10mil kills and that would be accordingly ~25% and ~6,5% but they have almost 80% in game clearance.

  • I wish all games had meta games / leader boards this clean. Love it! Thanks!

  • love the game Robert but can you tell us when online voice chat is gonna be implemented ?

  • I’m seconding the desire for online voice chat. It’s hard to kill zombies in a coordinated, precise fashion if you and your partner are mutes.

  • Really fun game.


  • Considering this metagame uses mathematically irrelevant ways of ranking the countries (Finland in 2nd? Really?), I’d say this post is pretty useless.

    Instead of making a metagame that makes no sense, why not patch in a way to view any statistics what so ever about my own actual single player campaign?

    I’m still trying to figure out how I track kills, headshots, exploded cars, and more importantly…LOOT. You make 2 trophies for getting all the loot, but no actual way to track the look nor a way to go back and get the loot you missed since campaigns end the second you cross the finish line.

    Patch your game before you brag about how cool the lamer parts of it are.

  • @13 Ah… maybe, I actually never bothered calculating to see if it was accurate or not on different countries but after doing a few searches, it’s the only explanation that kept popping up.

    @19 I agree (in a less aggressive tone anyway :P). When you put in trophies to find everything, at least give a player to track their progress. It is way too confusing as it is right now.

  • I bought this game and it is AWESOMEEEE! I Cant believe it is just 15 bucks… the coop is sick as well… if you want to play just add me and ill send you a message while you are playing the game!

  • @13Kid Commando

    That is a fantastic Idea and should def be implemented if possible.

  • For anyone out there who needs a Coop Partner on Morbid Difficulty, I’m your man.

    Send me a friend request and so we can put America back on Top!!

  • The developer is a Finnish company. They probably increased their percentage of people playing the game based on ties to the company.

  • I’ve stopped playing this game until they release online voice chat. No point in playing co-op online if I can’t coordinate with my partner.

  • I’ve been addicted to this game and have definitely done my part for the USA. I will continue to kill zombies in hopes of passing Finland. Those guys don’t quit, though. Last time I checked, they had a 2% lead on us.

    Looking forward to DLC, if that is what you meant by supporting the community aspect of this game. I would like to see the co-op expanded into 3 or 4 players, maybe a survival mode with waves of enemies coming at you for 10 rounds in one closed off area, boss fights added to the main campaign (would love to see this), and of course additional areas. Even without any DLC this is already a great game. You guys did a great job.

  • i really like the game but i agree that LpSquall on that. that should allow online voice chat. but i like it anyways

  • wuz up bryan12112

  • minun lehmä istuu päähäni!!!

  • One thing that isn’t clear to me is the time at which the leaderboard and trophy counts are incremented.

    It appears that zombies are only counted *after* you complete a level. So if you die or if you need to step away, then all your “work” is lost and the hundreds of zombies you killed are not counted.

    Is there a hidden number that actually counts all those kills? Do the trophy counts (headshots, melees, etc.) also only get incremented after a level is completed?

    As a stats nerd, this is the one thing that bothers me about the otherwise excellent game. Thanks.

  • What happens when a Virus Cycle is completed?

  • “wuz up bryan12112”

    Hey, what’s up? Do I know you? :P

  • where is the voice chat? i can’t start the game because of that update

  • I think you really need to patch some common complaints starting with voice chat. This is stopping me from playing the game in co-op. Also, please allow at least 1 save for each difficulty with cumulative kills etc shared. This is made worse by the fact that switching difficulties means losing all your weapon unlocks. Please re-consider this. If I unlock weapons they should still be available at a different difficulty. I know this will effectively make it somewhat easier overall but I think that the tougher difficulties are tough enough. You could always release an even more extreme level as dlc or as an unlock at future zombie cycles.

  • I would also like to know what happens when a Country clears a virus cycle.

  • Community support, eh? The game being expanded to a 4 player local/online co-op would be amazing.

  • I to havent been playing due to the lack of voice chat. shame really, game is so much fun and Im dying to hop into it again but its boring as hell when your buddy keeps dying and all you want to do is tell him “Dude you have to dash through fire!”

    DLC is a must for this game. Ill buy anything that comes out for it but a Horde or endless wave mode would be incredible. my 2 cents

  • reason #54 why I love this freakin game

  • I love the metagame. I love this game. Do your part!

  • It is amazing you can track this, but not if I watched Pulse. Good work Sony.

  • Does the game unlock a new game + with your armor on all levels but no leaderboard updating and saving in the middle of a level if everyone reaches virus level 2? No? Okay, can’t care.

    Worst blind-buy of the year for me. And I had so much hype due to Studio Marquee.

  • Maybe the percentage could be weighted in terms of how many people have bought the game? I was wondering this too.

  • Can we get some different stats on the leaderboards, say top zombie killer? I would like to see who has the most zombie kills.

  • I stopped playing because of no voip. Lemme know when it’s in then I’ll do my part.

  • To bad that one of the richest country in the f***** world banned DN for PSN. Yeah that´s right, i am speaking of Germany. Cause SCEE didn´t get their crap together this is just another 18+ game that we will never see @ the german PSN. But hey, i could get it for Xbox Live! Now that´s a deal or ? I knew that this is the wrong blog but our stupid playstation blog give a s*** about this problematic. AND THIS SUXX. So keep your great Metagame feature or what ever cause 80 Mio. peps don´t have the right to buy the game on PSN.

  • @46

    chill out. SCEE didn’t make the law in your country. they didn’t rate this game either. go blame someone else.

  • blablabla voicechat?

  • I Served My Country Well but i must take a 3 hour break before i kill more zombies naw who am i kidding i’m killing zombies right now while i’m typing this lmao

  • This game need an endless mode… With a changing environnement: dropping cars, stash, with little breaks sometimes to upgrade weapons or weapons could be upgradable on the fly.

    Anyway, I would really like it! Rather than redo the same level again and again.

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