UNCHARTED 3 at the Spike VGAs 2010 Show Tomorrow!

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Now that we’ve got the announcement, some early info and a few images for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception out of the way, I’ll bet you’re all wondering when you can see something in motion.

UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception

Well, you won’t need to wait long as we’ve just put our first trailer in the can and you’ll be able to watch it first at the Spike Video Game Awards 2010!

We’re looking forward to giving you the first glimpse of the challenges and intrigue that are in store for Nathan Drake in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception!

Check out the Spike VGA teaser for UNCHARTED 3 embedded below. You can also view it on Spike.com.

The Spike Video Game Awards 2010 will be airing live on the Spike channel or on Spike.com TOMORROW, Saturday, December 11, starting at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT.

Uncharted 3 in Entertainment Weekly

And don’t forget to pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (12/17) to see UNCHARTED 3’s reveal in print!

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  • I said it before I’ll say it again. I know a lot of great games will come out in 2011 but I’m calling this now. GOTY 2011 60+ awards.

    Great stuff Naughty Dog and SCE. I’m really excited for tomorrow’s trailer and more to come before and through to the release. Uncharted is an epic game like no other.

  • Any idea if we can stream the VGAs in Canada? (Doubt it)

  • Cannot wait. Uncharted 2 was like my most hyped game of the forever and it delivered in just about every way imaginable. The only thing I don’t like about this is now I know it’s coming but late 2011 is so far away! The wait will be horrible!


  • Not going to waste my time watching that rigged Award show…but I’ll definitely watch the trailer when Sony launches it! :)

  • do you know if they´ll be streaming the awards on internet since thats the only way i´m able to see the awards cause i live in mexico ,,, any links ?

  • When can I pre-order in fill price, lol…..I already know this game is going to be awesome! Definitely the BEST FRANCHISE for the PS3!! These are fun, hope to see a lot more games with Drake, and some hot women!!

  • 13 premiers tomorrow at the Spike VGAs Uncharted being one. I wonder what other SCE exclusives will be shown in that mix. And then the big announcement on Dec. 12th?

    Great time for Sony announcements.

  • Arne is Uncharted 3 the game that will be shown on 12th by Sony? One day after VGA.

  • Who wants to bet 1 million dollars that this game will have a collectors edition everyone can buy? I got dibs on the Collectors Edition!!

  • at 7, Resistance 3 first gameplay video is another premiere and im excited for both games , Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 , i wanna know what could it be the big announcement on sunday 12th ? Starhawk ? Syphon Filter?

  • Hey Naughty Dog, are we going to see MOVE integration into U3? Sony talks about real life gaming experience with 3D, but motion gaming is a must then. I mean common you guys just launched the MOVE sharp shooter thing. It will be so much fun to play U3 with that. Its a no brainer to integrate MOVE into U3. Look at killzone 3, thats a complete punch with everything, 3D, MOVE. you guys gotta do this. Please for the fans. Thanks :d

  • Is there still going to be a new PS3 exclusive announced on December 12th, or was it just Uncharted 3?

  • HA. I’m so getting people together and watching this.

  • I don’t care what anyone says. The Uncharted series is the best series ever. The first two have been like interacting with a movie, and I don’t expect U3 to be any less. Even back in the days of Crash Bandicoot, and even the Jak trilogy, NaughtyDog knows how to deliver. Look out, I think this is just the beginning of what we’re going to see from them. U3, LBP 2, and Killzone 3 with own 2011. With ease.

  • As long as there’s no multiplayer, co-op or Move pointlessly integrated into the game, I’ll be happy.

  • Oh, trust me… I won’t miss this! :D Thanks, Naughty Dog!

  • How about a Collectors Edition? That Nathan’s necklace looks sweet

  • I didn’t need to be reminded but thanks. Can’t wait to see it. If a Fortune Hunter’s edition happens again, let’s make it buy-able; I wanna support devs I appreciate greatly. :)

  • I’ll b watching from the figueroa at the playstation event its going to be awesome. One question which shirt should I take my playstation move shirt i got from the ciudad restaurant event or my Killzone 3 shirt from E3 any advice?

  • I want it so bad :(

  • OMG I cannot wait Nathan Drake ftw :D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D

  • Looking forward to it

  • Collector’s Edition FTW!

  • I CAN’T WAIT, where’s my Delorean, come on Doc get a MOVE on, I’m hyperventilating here!!! 8P 8)

  • Sony must have the worst PR in history. Their big “exclusive” reveal comes on a quarter of a page on EW. Uncharted 3 is huge, and certainly deserved a better placement than that… Sony should learn to negotiate better its coverage deals.

  • @1

    Have you ever heard of under promising and over delivering?

    -Amy Hennig- PROMISE… “interactive, cinematic experience”

    -Amy Hennig & Naughty Dog Team- DELIVERING… GOTY and Continued Support

  • @Einhander138

    to reply to your comment in the other thread.. nice argument. “I’m right and you’re wrong” is very effective. Also when you have nothing useful to say attacking the typos of others works well too. I bow down to your infinite knowledge and wisdom.

    Your shallow way of thinking clearly puts you in the right ahead of the many fans and developers.

    On topic.. Can’t wait for the reveal tommorow!

  • @26

    How about you comment again when your IQ increases, or atleast when you know what your talking about… Worst PR ever????? really!?!?!

    The Uncharted series sells itself, it doesnt need the BEST PR in the world when Naughty Dog is the one behind it. They could release nothing about the game and have the name written on there with a sharpie and only sell the disc infront of stores with a crazy talking man/woman selling them on a table with three legs and a wood crate inplace of the broken fourth leg…and i would buy it because whats on the disc is what matters most!

    A game still stinks if the PR was amazing but the game was bad.

  • Well…i kinda feel like its a little to early for Uc3. I mean i just brought Uc2 last year. The dlc kinda losses value too knowing that Uc3 is coming next year.

  • Hey guys,i love the Uncharted series and can’t wait for the third installement…the 1 thing i would love to have in Uncharted 3 that i wish was in the second 1 is a *CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK*!!!!!! atleast for the online multiplayer part of it…Thanks ttyl :)

  • OH GOD the time is moving so slow. I cant wait to see wht they going show in VGA, i remember when they showed Uncharted 2 Drake was on the hanging train and bleeding to DEATH, Right then i knew this game was going to MIND BLOWING.

  • Seeing_Red_Again said:

    “Is there still going to be a new PS3 exclusive announced on December 12th, or was it just Uncharted 3?”

    I was wondering the exact same thing. Meh.

  • How is the show rigged when Uncharted 2 won GOTY last year? THATS RIGHT.. can’t wait to see the trailer for Uncharted 3

  • This is gonna be a tough call for GoTY next year. It’s between Uncharted 3, an amazing game developed by my favourite developer of all time; or Resistance 3, my favourite FPS ever and probably my favourite game this gen.

    Really tough call.

  • All hail the Naughty Gods!!

  • Let the pre-ordering begin!

    I am waiting till they announce the Collector’s Edition! They better have one this time around :)

  • Please, Arne, make a collector’s edition that is purchasable. People would’ve spent a fortune on Fortune Hunter (lol) edition. :)

  • is this also the playstation vs capcom vga or different

  • Hooray for more Sully focus-! He’s like the best character. X]

  • This is one game you don’t need to read a (p)review or play the demo to know if you want to buy it. I hope that get to Uncharted 100. Great series.

  • So is this the exclusive game that Sony was planning on revealing at the VGA’s? I was kind’ve hoping they would reveal something that we didn’t expect.

    ..Regardless Uncharted 3 is going to be awesome. Can’t wait!

  • Cant wait too see the preview tommorow night:)

  • When can I pre-order? Lol.

  • cant wait for it!

  • Niceeeeeeeee!, i’m new to this serie and i know this chapter will be mind blowing, can’t wait.

  • An even better reason to watch!
    @12: Yeah, the pump taunt’s not nearly as awkward by pressing X, now we get to do it ourselves!

  • They should have called it Uncharted 3: Drake of Arabia

  • OMG im soo excited, and drake looks a bit different in this one, in a better way :P

  • @44
    You can now, at Amazon, and EBgames/GamStop…

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