PlayStation Home Turns Two, New Games Incoming

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It’s amazing to look at the evolution of PlayStation Home and see how much it has changed since we launched in December two years ago. From our humble beginnings in 2008, we’ve become a world filled with hundreds of games enjoyed by 17 million users worldwide and given PlayStation Network users a unique and dynamic gaming experience that can only be found on our platform.

The idea of what games mean in PS Home has also changed. In contrast to the handful of simple mini-games offered at launch, we now see a huge variety of games, including massive full-length games developed by some of the most prominent and innovative indie developers in our industry. The experience of PS Home itself has radically improved over the years as well, with faster load times, zero-wait game access, intuitive navigation, and the addition of features such as group-based voice chat and robust inventory management.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the infographic below to see how PlayStation Home has evolved over the last two years into an industry leading social game platform:

PS Home Infographic_FINAL

Also, as part of our second anniversary celebration, I’d like to discuss some new games for PlayStation Home. These games clearly show PS Home as a platform for the most exciting indie and social games today. Some of these titles are sequels to hugely popular games in Home, demonstrating the business success of our partners. From Novus Prime which launched last week, to Sodium 2 coming next year, I hope you are as excited about these games as I am!

Novus Prime – Now Available

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Novus Prime

Created by Hellfire Games, Novus Prime brings a multiplayer space shooter to PlayStation Home. Players can band together to protect their space station. Along with the ability to customize ships and embark on space battles of epic proportions, players can also jump out into zero G and defend the space station from parasitic insects. See the game trailer here.

Midway 2 – Now Available

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Midway 2

The folks over at Mass Media have seen a great amount of success with the first Midway game released on PlayStation Home in 2010. They’ve been so happy with how their title has preformed that they are back again! Mass Media has expanded their offerings of popular Midway games with Midway 2. Midway 2 brings nine new games plus the timeless classic, Miz Fortune, to the already robust set of games in Midway. Along with the new games comes 100 new game prizes, a new meta-prize for winning all 20 Midway games and a Scramble Puzzle game as the meta-prize for getting 5,000 points. For those of you that were fond of Darla, we’re bringing in Karla – Darla’s sister – in the game “Wet and Wild,” where you can dunk her in the water tank and get a snapshot of her giving you a kiss! Check out the official trailer from Wednesday’s update.

Conspiracy – Available January 2011

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Conspiracy

There is a mystery afoot! Jet Set Games is getting ready to release its first ever PlayStation Home game and is ready to take players into a secret world filled with covert infiltration and espionage with their new action/puzzle game, Conspiracy. Conspiracy will have players join different factions as they work to steal goods from enemy corporations. As the rival corporations battle it out, they will uncover the mysteries of the ultimate Conspiracy. Be prepared to learn the secrets of the Conspiracy world in early 2011.

Sodium 2 – Available Spring 2011

PlayStation Home Anniversary - Sodium 2

Veteran PlayStation Home developers, Outso, are back with a sequel to their highly successful PlayStation Home game, Sodium One. Sodium 2 is looking to expand on every area of the original game with heavily customizable jet racers, supersonic speeds and a pounding soundtrack. The future of Sodium is coming soon, so be on look out for Outso’s new game coming in Spring 2011 to a teleporter near you.

These four games just barely scratch the surface of what the future holds for PlayStation Home. We hope you continue to enjoy what we have to offer on our platform as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

See you in PS Home.

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  • Its amazing to see how far the platform has evolved and yea it still feels like we haven’t seen anyone touch the surface of what Home is capable of.

    Heres to another good 2 years :) Kudos to the Home Team!

    Also i cant wait for those games :D

    • I totally agree Jim777. It’s been an amazing ride the past two years. With these games (and many more secretly in development), the next two years are going to be even better!

  • Amazing Growth !

  • I know what Home needs: Poker!

  • @3 Sorry, already have it.

    But Sodium 2 a futuristic racer? Count me in! I always thought this universe looked like a cross between WipEout and MotorStorm. This is really exciting.

  • Great work, Mr. Buser. Thanks for the heads up. I will make sure to spread the news for those in the community who have no access to the Blog or Forum.

    Have a great Holiday Season!

  • maybe next home will let those of us with the camera put our faces on our avatars…

  • It needs support for the Mexican users! I had to make an American account so I can enjoy HOME :( … But, I have all my achievements in the Mexican Account!

  • Kudos to everyone in the HOME team. It’s been a crazy ride since the initial beta. Keep up the good work. Any plans on the possibility of releasing the trophy room?

  • I know what Home needs: to be faster

    • Be sure to jump in now DZORMAGEN. We’ve clobbered loading times in recent client updates. We’re way faster than a lot of games!

  • nice very nice guys , i visit home once in a while and its kool , i own the 2 motorstorms apartments , ratchet and clank and others , hope you guys add the trophy room soon , that would be really really good

  • Home always wins baby!!

  • Don’t get to visit Home that often, but when I do it’s always got so much more content and things going on then the last times I visit. That gives me an idea for an article to post on my blog.

  • Amazing growth, yes! Glad this launch was a success.

  • Now if smaller modelers and developers like myself could actually set up a storefront and sell our wares (with a cut going to SONY) you would actually have something.

    Id love to create Items for sale in PS Home using 3D Studio Max 2010 whether small items or homes or playspaces. Giving us the users a way to work and play in Home would be fabulous.

  • Home has truly evolved!

  • Holy crap… are those in game graphics for sodium 2?

    • Yep. I have a build running here in my office right now. You seriously won’t believe it when you see it running. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

  • How long before we’re able to do things with our avatars outside of Home? That would give me more incentive to actually go into it more often.

  • Don’t think anyone for a minute believes Home has 17 million users. Most people logged in a couple of times and after experiencing the silent world, long load times and complete lack of anything to do, never went back. How many unique users are there every week? It’s good that there is a core fanbase but it’s pretty much failed as the social hub that was first envisioned.

  • Been with Home since Day One as a closed Beta with the elevated dance floor in the Plaza with only the Harbour Studio as an apartment. Now with all the possibilites and Brand products in the Mall to et it has grown more and more.

    Here’s to many more years of Home. May it bigger and better.

  • sodium 2?…..sweet

  • It’s NOT just a nice Chat room,that it is but it is SO much more and has flourished into a mega world.
    I just sent your message out to my facebook people.
    This info needs to be shared.

    Have a Happy Holiays Jack.Sure was great seeing you pop in and out occasionally on the Home forums.Great to be here another year in Home.

  • Oh and Jack…I am all decked out in the original Tron outfit and is SO sweet.
    Thank YOU!!!

  • Now if we could just get that trophy room shown way back in 2007. ;-]

  • When is poker coming back to PS Home?

    Also more integration with new PSN and BRay titles would help the platform..

  • For the longest time Sony has been telling us “Home is NOT a game” but more of a social network and yet here we are with more and more mini games being added to Home.

    What gives Sony?

    I miss the old days when game spaces use to be use for game launching and finding new friends that also like the same games as you do. More game spaces are being added all the time but very few of them have game launching like Warhawk. But Sony took away the one space that seemed to be working right.

  • Tons of people use home….if one considers that there is a space limit of 64? per instance and a peak times the place is packed.

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of Home at first but with all the new stuff can’t wait to wander around some more

  • 2 years, and still a lack of hair customization, and hardly any freebies thrown in for new clothes to ALL people who log-in. What a waste.

  • hey Jeff what time is sony going to reveal the new playstation 3 exclusive game on sunday ? and where ? here on the blog ?

  • Home still suck in my opinion. All the interesting features that was promise when home was first reveal have yet to be implemented. You know the trophy room, streaming content from your HDD, an actually universal party system in HOME for all games, etc.

  • Amazing. Look forward to the future.

    HOME should integrate with the social networks. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Googles upcoming +1!

    Fathasun has just completed a Playstation Rewards Quest in Playstation HOME!

    That would create quite a buzz!

  • i like home but you guys need to figure it out how to integrate it even more to the XMB , how about accessing home spaces within games? i think if im not mistaken the upcoming Motorstorm Apocalypse will have that feature , that would be something kool , instead of doing all the loading to go HOME

  • Oh… And create an app for all that….! Android and Apple!

  • Home has really evolved since its open beta launched back in 2008. I have been there for these 2 years and I really enjoyed a lot of different features that have come along.

    All the great special events, interaction with those leaders and developers in the gaming industry and so much more. It’s just been a great journey. It has had its ups and downs but I’m really looking forward to see it continue and improve.

    BTW that screen of Sodium 2 look sweet.

  • Please give us the “Hall of Fame” AKA trophy room. Also TV’s, Radios and most of the other things Phil told us back in 2008.

  • Novus Prime is some good fun, I look forward to seeing how it develops.

    Sodium 2 looks incredible and like a first day buy based on that screen shot. Hopefully the pilot jacket looks COOL this time! Hahahahaa!

  • Dudes! I’m still waiting for our Personal 3D trophy rooms! Whatever happened to all that hard work when SONY showed us how cool our personal Trophy rooms would be on that presentation? MAKE IT happen……before the “competition” does it first and claim it as their own idea!

  • I still think Home really missed out on being a huge success.
    Sony should have integrated the Home avatar with the PSN & Facebook. I don’t want many different worlds, I want just this one – but a big one.

    Learn from Microsoft on this (and I hate them).

  • wow two years already? If possible would like to see some pictures of when it was in closed beta to the present (I have a couple from closed beta, but didn’t realize the change that was going to happen before it did and missed taking pics of what the mall, theatre, and central plaza looked before their overhaul

  • Wow 2 years Really??? I loved last years Balloon shirt…. It would be awesome to have some checker tables in the mall or somewhere where we can play checkers… I love to beat the pants off of people in checkers…

    (A Big Home FAN!)

  • 2008: Boring

    2010: Still boring

  • Games are not worth buying if they are not on a disc.

    No matter what the content.

  • I remember when I first downloaded Home. I had no idea what it was! I didn’t hear anything about it’s release or what it was about. Yes, it was kinda boring at first, but it’s definitely developed into something pretty great. And for free? (minus the clothes, etc.) Yes!! GIVE ME PLAYSTATION OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!

  • jack r we still goin to get the ps home trophy room?

  • How’s about some PSN codes to celebrate?

  • But in Brazil we still cant use Home and Store… sad =/

  • Dear KingofHearts,

    Phil Harrisons vision for Home is dead, get over it, when he was run out of Home those aspects were shelved for another vision. Move forward, live in the present, the past will never happen unless you have a time machine and can go back and undo decisions made in Japan at Sony HQ. You remind me of an episode of Star Trek Voyager where an alien wanted to bring back a loved one and created a time travel device to go back and bring her back to life. You can’t do that with Phil’s vision since it was his vision, now that he is gone that vision is dead, unless those who removed Phil have the same vision and they have proven not to share it.

    So we go forward with a Home Application that has a sort of Psychotic existence, not knowing if it is a gaming app or a social app. But as is proven is that at least 17 million users are using the app as it is so it will not change.

    So let’s move forward live with what we get and keep suggesting things you would like.

  • I can’t wait for the new Sodium 2! Just imagine all the fun and awesome from the first one but now with racing! I can’t wait to get playing that one! So many awesome things coming to Home lately we’re not going to know where to start!

  • I love home, but why do we need to hold R2 to talk? Please fix this!

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