New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment

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Hi Everyone! There’s been a lot of talk about what shooter games will be like using motion control. We know that some of you gamers might be a bit hesitant to put down the gamepad, but we believe the upcoming PlayStation Move sharp shooter will make motion control for shooter games quite irresistible. Available concurrently with the highly anticipated Killzone 3 in Feb 2011 for $39.99 (MSRP), the sharp shooter is perfect for gamers who want to experience the most realistic action possible.

Sharp shooter

The PlayStation Move sharp shooter houses both the motion controller and navigation controller, giving you complete control over aiming, movement and interaction within the game. It will truly offer the most intuitive and immersive control experience ever found in a shooter game. It was designed for both comfort and precision, including easily accessible buttons, a responsive digital trigger, adjustable shoulder stock and convenient access to the navigation controller. In addition, the sharp shooter has incorporated a firing mode selector, realistic pump-action and a reload button that allow for new ways of engagement.

So what games will you be able to use the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter with? The PlayStation Move sharp shooter was designed specifically with games such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs in mind and even comes with a Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 sticker pack. Other compatible titles include Time Crisis: Razing Storm and Dead Space Extraction, but you can expect many more upcoming games that will work with it as well.

Jungle Green DS3 controller

We have some more peripherals news to share with you. In addition to the PlayStation Move sharp shooter, a new “Jungle Green” DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller will also be available in February 2011 for $54.99 (MSRP), to coincide with the upcoming launch of Killzone 3. There is already a wide array of colors available in the DUALSHOCK 3 family. Tailored to the core fan, the new “Jungle Green” controller will add yet another option for you to accessorize.

We hope you’re all as excited to get your hands on the PlayStation Move sharp shooter or the “Jungle Green” DS3 controller as we are. Enjoy!

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5 Author Replies

  • Wow, $40! Jeez…

  • Couldn’t the gun be a little more colorful, e.g. in black or army green rather than look bland?

  • The gun looks pretty ridiculous.

    The Jungle Green controller is cool (looks similar to my MGS4 Gunmetal Grey controller)…but it would be better if they bottom was green as well.

  • Nice Dualshock. That gun reminds me of the super scope for SNES.

  • I guess the $100 I spent on those Move controllers wasn’t enough.

    I realize you’re trying to steal the Wii’s thunder (and refine it), but I didn’t realize that meant the entire business model. What next? A balance… “platform”?

  • While this is nice, i won’t be picking it up since i don’t have move yet, yah and it would be nice if it came in various colours.

  • Wow, that new dualshock 3 controller is amazing. I’m going to get it when it comes out cause my current one is already getting worn out from countless hours of gameplay.

  • The gun looks great, but could black be an option so it matches the Move? Even though the whole way it looks seems PS1-era and that’s nice as well.

  • Jungle Green?…Killzone 3?

    Oh my… Guerrilla, what crazy landscapes do you have secretly planned?

  • that controller looks HOT. havent gotten a new controller since the Dualshock 3 launched a few years back…i think this two-tone controller might be the next one i get

  • i’ll wait for the limited edition metal gear solid rising bundle to match my metal gear solid gunmetal PS3!

  • Gun Looks amazing but jeez $40? if it comes in Black i’ll buy it white just seems so plain and i would want the color to atleast match the move color.

    • The sharp shooter will come with Killzone3 and SOCOM4 stickers for you to dress it up with.

      With regard to price, it is a sophisticated attachment that connects to the extension connector of the motion controller. That allows buttons to be placed on this attachment for easier accessibility. Also, features such as pump-action, firing mode selector, etc. will take gaming interaction to the next level.

  • If we’re going to innovate on the Move controllers, how about starting with those painfully bad colors we’re stuck with. It’s really hard to not come off looking like an panzy waving around baby pink and powder blue wands. My mailman looked at me like I was crazy.

  • Hmm, I kinda like that Dual Shock. That may be the only color other than white that I would want.

    I’ll wait and see about the gun attachment during actual gameplay, but that looks way more comfortable to use than the one that puts the Nav controller in the handle.

  • they have a cooler looking one on amazon for 29.99 plus shipping, look up psm sub machine gun

  • Will Jungle Green DualShock 3 be available in Europe too at the same time with US?

  • Jungle Green aye? Wouldn’t a new controller for Killzone3 be better if it was some sort of rusty metallic color, or possibly some kind of arctic snow camo? If this color was released around S4 then it would definitely fit in, unless KZ3 is taking us to new places that weren’t in the Beta.

    The “Sharp Shooter” looks way too much like a Nintendo peripheral rather than a PS3 one. Now, if this was out for the PS1 it would look like it belonged, but with the “Sleek and Slim” PS3 it looks way out of place!

    Even with the “customizable” sticker packs the gun just doesn’t look like it belongs, but I guess we’ll have to see when those sticker packs come out.

    The handle on the gun looks way more comfortable than the 3r party “Precession Shoot” that’s currently on the market though, I guess that’s a plus.

  • Do want! I need to get a move…but the logitech racing wheel is first on my next to get list, as i have been playing gran turismo 5 as much as possible lately.

    Also; zinacef, why dont you just tape up the buttons, and paint it? lol

  • Will the final “Jungle Green” controller be all green? It looks awful with the bottom half being black.

  • That gun looks like a PS1 accessory. Please and i mean please make it black and the orange part blue and the PS logo white! Changing these simple colors will make everyone buy it! As for the Jungle Green DUALSHOCK 3 i will definitely be buying it.

  • I think it should be a a black color, white is such an annoying color.
    It’s funny how most people agree that it’s all about color!
    In the end, awesome device with a nice price. ****

  • for sure getting the jungle green dualshock..

  • No Special Edition Killzone 3 controller O.O anyway I’ll give this a go.

  • So this is more prefered by Sony then the PS3 Move Battle Rifle
    by ICON? Or do the people at SCEA, messing around with Move stuff, just like this one better?

    I suppose this one being white is better…the controller by ICON is black and it will get you shot if you took it outside. ;-)

    • The primary difference is that the sharp shooter allows access to all buttons on the motion controller and navigation controller in a very natural manner. Our design takes advantage of the extension connector on the motion controller to enable this, unlike the 3rd party options available in the market.

  • The new ” PlayStation Move sharp shooter ” seems like a stamina drain, wish I could give it a test run to see how it was on extended play, I would love to pick one up but I am leery of it reducing my playtime.. although it could be almost like a strength tool if used enough ;)

  • The controller looks nice but how about some new features ?

  • These guns aren’t black because that’s a safety issue. If a cop sees you pointing this at him and it’s black he’ll shoot you. If it’s white then it’s obviously a toy gun. That’s why responsible companies don’t make toy guns in black.

    I love the green dualshock but c’mon, make the WHOLE THING green. Half and half looks awful.

  • Too expensive for what it is. Other than that, probably fun to use.

    Not wife friendly at $40. To her, it’ll just seem like an expensive piece of litter cluttering up the place.

  • Looks super cheap and really dumb. But hey people will buy anything now a days.

  • I want one. Except… no mention of MAG?

    If this doesn’t work with MAG, then forget it.

  • Have you ever held your arms out extended for lenghty periods of time? Try it some time and see how long you can actually hold your arms up. I think im going to stick to my DUAL SFX FRAG PRO. Much more precise than that could ever hope to be.

  • HOT DANG!!!!

    I will buy BOTH day one, i was waiting for a REAL gun peripherla for move.

    Is the gun compatible with MAG?


  • As someone who has put over 100 hours into MAG using the Move I can tell you that this gun peripheral IS NOT going to work.

    When playing a shooter the move acts more as a mouse than it does 1:1 pointer. The reason for this is because it’s not a 1:1 pointer. You can get it close via calibration but it’s not like light guns that are sending infrared at specific pixels on your tv.

    Also you need to hit those face buttons… but with that trigger you can’t.

    I understand that this thing looks cool, and it sends off a hardcore vibe for the device… and I absolutely love the move, especially in shooters, but people need to know before they buy it that this thing won’t work nearly as well as the two devices separate, in your hands. Like I said before, in shooters it’s more akin to a mouse, with subtle and smooth movements. It’s not like holding a gun. At all.

    • Most of your comments are right on. I would like to make the clarification that you can hit all the face buttons with this gun, that you would hit with the motion controller and navigation controller.

  • Hm, How bout that, I was looking into getting a new DS3 controller. And that Jungle color looks pretty cool.

    Jeff! Sorry to be off topic but, Will we get any info X-Men Arcade soon?

  • Awww…thats lame, the gun should be black.

    All the games that will use this peripheral are Mature rated. The console is black, the Move controller is black, the nav controller is black, but then we get a white gun. stupid.

    Sony just doesn’t want some gamer to pull this toy out on a cop and then get killed. It’s not that realistic, geez.

    You obviously know people have preferences with colors, you offer DS3’s in many colors. Please just offer this gun in black, like EVERYTHING else you make.

  • controller is sick

  • Mmmmmmmm…jungle green….must buy….

  • So it’s not like pistol for move? Can I actually pull the trigger on the rifle to shoot? If this correct it’s my first buy!

  • sweet cant wait. both look super cool

  • Both Controllers look sick and judging from some of the comments. I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys didn’t read the whole thing or any of it at all.

    And you guys have to under stand toy guns or accessories of guns can’t be black unless they have a orange tip.

    I’m getting this anyway looks great! $40 is a good price

  • Thank god Sony is finally releasing their MGS3 Dualshock controller.

  • Looks ridiculous. But screw it, I’ll get one anyway and give it a try in the campaign.

  • Does the fire select (semi-auto) work for any and all shooters? How does the pump action work, or does a game need to be built around it for it to function.

  • woah!! that gun is so sick!! pump action?! sholderstock?!! Adjustable ROF?!! cant wait.

  • Why isn’t that controller ALL green? It’s ugly half black and half green, not to mention lazy. It’s why I didn’t buy the Nintendo DS that was Maroonish. Since it wasn’t all the maroonish color.

    Yay for cheap looking controllers, eh? I guess it matches the PS3 Slim. God that thing is ugly.

  • BTW It is over-priced by $10 and should have been Navy Blue or Deep Red with black grips, so much better than full white and isnt black/silver.

  • And remember everyone, Airsoft guns are white for the same reason,.. wait, no there not, GIVE US A BLACK GUN WITH THE STANDARD ORANGE TIP!!!

  • Exactly! I was hoping you guys were working on Move peripheral to allow the use of the sub controller for a fore-grip, where it should be for shooting games! Way to be heads up Sony!

  • I like the “jungle green” color DualShock 3 controller, however, the bottom of the controller needs to be green as well.

  • And personally I’m willing to sacrifice style points for functionality. It’s not like I care who sees my Move peripheral anyways! “Jeez LUGIEZ your move attachment’s off white is so yesterday, eww!” Big Whoop? It works:/

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