Kung-Fu LIVE Arrives with Training Tips and Bandana Giveaway!

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Hello everyone! Teemu Maki-Patola here from Virtual Air Guitar Company back with our very first update since Kung-Fu LIVE’s launch in both North America and Europe this week. For those of you who’ve already downloaded it, we thank you so much and we’re hoping you’re having a blast! If you think you’re having a little trouble surviving though, well then you’re in luck. Today we wanted to come back with a few things that could help you fight your way through to the finish on your epic journey into the world of kung-fu comic books.

Before we dive into a quick tutorial video, I first wanted to thank everyone again for all of their support over the last year, as it’s truly helped us get this game finished and off to your living rooms. That said, we know that our game can be extremely challenging, physically, and we wanted to let our very own in-house Sensei Oskari demonstrate how to do one of the key moves in the game. A lot of you have seen him in our videos and trailers, and he’s back to give you some quick tips on how to pull off the basic “Power Punch.”

As you can see, Oskari likes to get really into the game. Don’t feel intimidated by his moves though, since, to be fair, he’s had well over a year’s worth of practice both testing the game, and engineering all of the game’s sounds. That said, he’s definitely right about the power punch. Not only is it a brutal fierce blow to any enemy on screen, it also doubles as a fast and efficient way to move around any level. You can also, of course, simply run quickly to the left or right – and the game will exaggerate all of those moves on-screen giving you time to then re-center yourself in front of the camera. We find that a mix between both running left and right, jumping, and a clever use of power punches can be the most effective and fastest ways to traverse any level. (Pro tip: This move will be essential when fighting the giants, so make sure to master it before level 7!)

Other tips we have for you are of course to remember to stretch, drink plenty of water, break when you feel as if you need one (or about every 20 minutes or so) and of course – make sure that you have plenty of space and bright lights on in your playing area. About 7×9 feet of playing space should be just right, and you should also have enough light in your room for the PlayStation Eye to see you fighting the good fight in front of your TV.

What else can we offer you in an effort to help maximize your playing experience with Kung-Fu LIVE AND kick some serious ass at the same time? How about a kick-ass Kung-Fu LIVE bandana, just like the one Oskari is wearing! We’re giving away 100 of these hard-to-find collector’s items, you can be sporting one soon to look just as cool as him…

Kung-Fu Live bandanna Kung-Fu Live bandanna Kung-Fu Live bandanna

If you’d like a chance to score a seriously kick-ass Kung-Fu LIVE bandana, all you need to do is email us at giveaway@virtualairguitar.com with one of two things. If you have the game, email us a picture of yourself along your adventure using the image export feature. Any image will do, we’d love to see you in action! If you don’t have the game yet or can’t do that, simply tell us what your favorite fighting move is of all time. It can be from a game, a movie, or even from the real world of martial arts – just let us know what you think is the most badass move of all time. We’ll be randomly selecting 100 entrants to win a bandana mailed straight from us in Finland, so if you enter, check your email for the next steps if you’ve been selected!

Other than that, we simply wish you all have a good time with our game. Whether you’re playing alone or playing with friends, playing for high-score or playing to burn some serious calories – we ask that you always remember to keep the action enjoyably ridiculous and not take things too seriously – it’s been our motto since the beginning! Thanks again to the PlayStation team and please remember to also stay tuned to our Facebook page which we’ll be updated all throughout the holiday season, and be sure to check our website as well for even more pro tips from Sensei Oskari himself, guiding your mind and your fists to victory!

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