BulletStorm’s Cliff Bleszinski Explains Co-Op Anarchy Mode, Favorite Kill Combo

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“Kill with skill” sums up BulletStorm’s M.O. admirably. But now that the ultra-violent PS3 shooter is nearing its February 22nd release date, long-awaited details are finally coming to light.

Details including the game’s multiplayer mode, which has remained shrouded in mystery since the game’s unveiling. While BulletStorm won’t include Versus, it will feature a separate four-player Anarchy mode designed for co-op play. While Anarchy may draw instant comparisons to the co-op modes found in other online shooters, Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski pointed out that Anarchy is “not like a Nazi Zombies where you just have to survive.” Watch the video above to learn more about Anarchy’s unique score-based progression system, CliffyB’s all-time favorite kill combo in BulletStorm, why BulletStorm on the PS3 will “very much take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of,” and why he’s a fan of Blu-ray’s storage capabilities.

BulletStorm for PS3: Anarchy

Based on my hands-on time with BulletStorm, the game is a radically different beast than the current crop of realistic military shooters. Though you can aim down the sights a la Call of Duty, this isn’t a game where cautious ninja sniping will get you far. Instead, BulletStorm takes a page out of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater handbook by challenging you to create the most punishing, destructive combo of attacks possible. When it comes to launching a kill combo, your yo-yo-like Energy Leash and powerful kick set up your target for a series of devastating follow-up attacks that can clean out a room like Hercules washing out the Augean Stables.

That’s not to say that traditional FPS tactics won’t be useful in BulletStorm. Though I didn’t encounter any sniper rifle-type weapons in my hands-on time with BulletStorm, Bleszinski noted that not all of BulletStorm’s weapons have yet been revealed. While Bleszinski hinted that long-range weapons may make the cut, he stated that if they did, “they would have to have a unique twist” to match what he called “some of the most unique weapons of any first-person shooter on the market.”

While Bleszinski’s enthusiasm for BulletStorm is infectious, we found time to discuss a host of topics, including his recent podcast with BioShock Infinite director Ken Levine and his recent comments regarding Heavy Rain. Read up on the rest of our talk below.

BulletStorm for PS3: Anarchy BulletStorm for PS3: Anarchy

Q: One of our readers had a question: “We want a BulletStorm beta!” Actually, that’s not a question…
A: We haven’t announced anything about a beta with BulletStorm. I don’t know where we’re going to go with that. I have a feeling you may get hands-on with BulletStorm at some point, potentially without buying it. You’ll have to wait and see.

Q: On that note, you’ve spoken before about your philosophy on betas. So what’s your beef with betas?
A: Well, there’s a difference between a beta and a demo. You have to be careful. Sometimes certain gamers might play the beta and then feel like they’ve had enough. Lately, I’ve come to realize there’s a lot of value in doing a beta, especially with online multiplayer. Gamers get to feel like VIPs, they can suss out issues and contribute to make a more solid product, and you get a little hype bubble before the game hits. So I’m more of a fan of betas now than I ever have been.

Q: One PlayStation.Blog reader wanted to know what kind of environment variety we’ll see in BulletStorm. Are you going to mix up the visual variety later in the game?
A: Without spoiling too much, certain sections might take place in outer space. And the planet is a big place and the city you are in is huge — there are all sorts of different locations that you go. It’s definitely not all desert or all city. We’ll have tons of variety and tons of different textures.

Q: There was an old PlayStation game by Shiny Entertainment called Wild 9 that, from what I remember, had some similarities to BulletStorm. Was Wild 9 a gameplay inspiration?
A: I don’t know if it was deliberate. That game encouraged you to keep your enemies alive as long as possible — like a cat playing with a mouse. BulletStorm is very much like that! In most shooters, it’s all about killing enemies quickly and moving onto the next room. But in BulletStorm, you see a bunch of enemies and say, “Ooh! I’m going to farm you for 5000 points and farm you for 4000 points and then we’re going to buy a bunch of cool stuff.”

Q: You and Ken Levine have been talking! What do you think of BioShock Infinite so far?
A: I think BioShock Infinite is amazing and I want to have its children. I’m a big fan of Ken Levine, I have a lot of respect for him. He’s incredibly intelligent, far more intelligent than I am. I was up in Boston recently and swung by to do a podcast with Ken. That’s something I’d like to see more: to see a lot of the creative types in the industry get together and shoot the breeze.

Q: You’ve recently gone on the record with some suggestions concerning Heavy Rain. Would you like an opportunity to clarify them?
A: I think Heavy Rain is an amazing game. As a gamer I wasn’t sure I was going to get into it, but then I started playing and I loved it. It’s one of my favorite games that came out this year. I think there may have been a bit of a missed opportunity to appeal to a female audience. It’s essentially an interactive crime thriller. And if I know anything about women, it’s that they love two things: true crime and queso dip.

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  • Great interviw. Definitely looking forward to seeing more info on Bulletstorm.

  • Going to have to get BulletStorm a little later, getting Killzone 3 on Feb 22nd

  • Definetly day one buy for me, I’ve been excited for this game since it was announced, It just looks so different. Can’t wait to buddy up and try Anarchy.

  • im for sure getting this game…I for one love epic games, Gears of war buddie lol but for sure getting this game..Look awsome

  • Saying something takes advantage versus something does take advantage are two different things. Game looks awesome and i’m sure it will be a blast, reminds me of Serious Sam.

    On the other hand I am very leery of multi-platform games anymore, I will wait to see.

  • Man Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 on the same day…Couldn’t get any better when I get my copies of them.

  • Is this a joke?

    Why is this piece of garbage game on this blog? It looks like some junior high kids made a shareware game for the PC.

    The graphics are laughably bad.
    The gameplay looks lame.


  • looks more like Borderlands with insane kills. The world and art style look simular. Man I can’t wait for Borderlands 2, I need my fix.

  • Cliff B hates the PS3 controller and he does not like creating games for the platform because the skill and creativity of his “team” is not present.

    They stranded UT3 on PS3 while maintaining proper support on PC and Xbox more so than the PS3.

    The same will happen to this game until the “team” is either taught properly how to make a PS3 game or they learn it on there own.

    The guy is intelligent but lacks the devotion to be a true developer.

  • Who cares if Cliff hates PS3 controller, important thing is that u like it. IF this game is not crap version on PS3, it is day 1 for me.

  • after watchen video a few times it looks fun in gameplay ill check into it more

  • My god does this look awful.

    Bumpy shiny normal maps everywhere. Welcome to five year old graphics tech Epic.

    Guerrilla Games is making Epic look like a sad and pathetic joke of a company.

    The laughably outdated Unreal Engine graphics might be excusable if this was 10 bucks on PSN, but the game looks and sounds like someone is trying to do a Duke Nukem vibe and failing badly.

  • @FredPunella there’s an ‘HD’ button on the embed. Use it, troll.

  • Epic doesn’t have the talent to work on modern graphics hardware like the PS3. They are just a bunch of hack PC coders who still think it’s the early 2000s and people are impressed with ‘teh shiny’ material slapped on everything.

    You would think the incompetent clowns at Epic would be too ashamed to try to sell something this laughably outdated graphics tech when the PS3 is running graphics masterpieces like Uncharted 1/2,Killzone 2/3,Gran Turismo 5, etc.

  • A lot of fanboys here lol…the game looks good from what I saw on this week’s episode of Qore. Talking about it looks “awful”, you guys really know how to overexaggerate how a game looks, especially when it’s multiplatform.

  • It looks very much like a spiritual modern day unreal successor, but, without the spirit…

  • Another Unreal engine game on the PS3? Prepare for a bad PS3 port incoming

  • That was the most over-the-top interview I’ve ever seen. I guess it was warranted by the game, but still. Come on.

  • I really want this game to be good but I do have my doubts which stop me from buying it day one.
    There are really good unreal engine games on ps3 (i.e. Batman AA) but we also received a good share of ports that were not so good.
    Sid, is any of the footage shown coming from a PS3? I bet not. Epic is only showing the 360 version in all trailers.
    And by releasing KZ3 in the same day seems like sony is betting against this game on the PS3.
    I say, wait for the reviews and comparisons between platforms.

  • Guys is it too much to ask for a 3rd person option ala Fallout 3? I think FPS are oversaturating this generation. Please guys consider it. Even Modern warfare 2 made the effort.

  • Effing Awesome!!!

  • @9

    They supported UT3 on PS3 more than 360. What are you talking about?

  • Would buy this but it’s to close to Killzone 3.

  • I’m getting this for the PC, but i’m glad to hear they are doing a good job on the ps3 vesrion for ps3 fans.

  • Were geting a port plain and simple

  • I have built modes with the unreal editor and this game will suck on a PS3. The UT3 editor will not have the capability of utilizing the PS3’s hardware. It’s not an Xbox 360 it’s a PS3 and Gears Of War graphics will look like cow poo on a PS3. Cliffy will have to stay with the Xbox360, That’s all the Unreal engine can handle. Even PC’s are out growing the Unreal engine… soon Cliff will need a real job.

  • I played a build of this at E3, it doesn’t look much different from then as it does now. I can say though, the skill-shots were super fun. Doing this in multiplayer and combining them with a friend will be a blast. Like some of you have said though, the visuals scream unreal engine. Everything they have shown of is browns and grays making for boring visuals. Hopefully they will take advantage of the new updates to the unreal engine with colorful maps and detailed foliage.
    If you have your doubts about what it’s capable of, check this out:

  • Mulitplatforms NEVER EVER EVER use the PS3’s full capacity. This game is NO DIFFERENT.

    It’s going to be a PORT, plain and simple.

    Game looks good, but don’t feed us that crap. We all know at this point it’s not true. Nice try though, lil guy.

  • I am gaining more interest in this game

  • u know…im starting to think american dev’s hate ps3(japanese console). which is why they always ride and make better games for the 360(american console).

    Seems like people forgot what the PS brand has done for the gaming industry.

  • @Solace357. I still see no big change in that video. It’s the same engine with a few different effects to it that will not make the game be any different from a PC game. Now if it were a PC game ported to the PS3 then I would say cool. But it’s being made for the PS3 like Uncharted2. It like comparing apples to dog poo.

  • Hmm…he said nice to have blu ray for extra space at the end, hopefully he means exclusive content for the PS3.

  • Whatever, Cliffy B. You made your choice, we made ours, and this didn’t feel entirely sincere. Clearly you already know what DigitalFoundry and Lens of Truth will discover about the PS3 version the week after it releases.

    You’re a talented and charismatic game designer but I’m not feeling the love. We’ve been crossed too many times, I just can’t take risks with Unreal Engine 3 anymore.

  • Screw Bulletstorm, I’ll be braking the necks of some Higgs, or stabbing them in the eyes come February.

    He trying to sale that line hard “take full advantage of the PS3 capability, nice to have Bluray for extra space”. Him and other developers think, PS3 owners are going to run out and buy there game, because of there bs line.

  • @22, look at the patch releases for PS3 versions compared to Xbox and PC versions. Both Xbox and PC have at least twice as many as the PS3 did. Stranded PS3 users.

    Just because the PS3 one was slated to have mod capability does not mean it was not stranded, like I said.

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