Qore Episode 31 – LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

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December’s episode of Qore features highly anticipated games that span a wide range of video game genres. From the extensive new playground that is LittleBigPlanet 2 to strategic dismemberment of Dead Space 2, December’s Episode 31 is stuffed with hit titles for your holiday enjoyment presented in full 720p.

Spanning the Globe

An extensive tour of LittleBigPlanet 2 leads off Episode 31. The developers at Media Molecule have filled the LBP2 sandbox full of lots of sweet new toys and Veronica takes a close up look at several of our favorites. Watch. Enjoy. Repeat.

Freaking Veronica

Veronica is so not a fan of survival horror. That’s why the Qore team sent her to cover Dead Space 2 because nothing is more fun than watching your host get creeped out by just the idea of Necromorphs. DS2 Art Director Ian Milham dissects the gory details behind their ever-evolving technique to find new ways to shock and horrify Ms. Belmont (and the rest of us).

Cliffy B’s Reign

Crazy guns, a high tech lasso and extra style points for creative kills make Bulletstorm a must-play choice for folks who like their shooters on the extreme side. Along with sweet-looking gameplay, Epic Games’ Design Director Cliff Bleszinski talks about “putting the fun back into the first person shooter.”

Chase ‘em Down

Audrey Cleo takes us through Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The Electronic Arts racer returns with the cops geared up in exotic high-performance rides to chase down the speedsters in Seacrest County.

As for DLC, we were hoping to announce a highly anticipated demo in time for this week’s episode release, but we are not able to reveal this yet. We’ll have more details later this month, sorry for the delay.

Look for Episode 31 later today.

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  • Is that it no DLC of any kind?

  • I’m sure there will be something but the demo has been delayed it would seem.

  • 3RD.. great news! But NOT FOR ME ..My original 60gb PS3 died, and i sent it in to be repaired, and i got it back Nov 24th. Mom in the hospital, so most of my time with her. 1st game I played was Bowling, this past Saturday night.
    I turn on my PS3 today, download the 3.50 update, and then i hear 3 beeps and my just returned, and FIXED, 60gb PS3, is now once again, DEAD…dead..DEAD…!

    So I will now be without my PS3 for yet ANOTHER 3 weeks…I I AM a Playstation REWARDS BETA Member, and since I’ve been in that, I’ve been PS3-Less 3 weeks, now another week and 1-2 more weeks after that…. PLEASE MAKE NOTE AND PASS THIS ALONG TO THE PS REWARDS MANAGER/SUPERVISOR!


  • OK you got it, Haskell.

  • Kevin,
    Please read the note above this one about my now 2nd time, that my PS3 died and must be sent in for service.

    Kevin, I looked all over the PS Site, and no where does it give any address etc, on contacting someone higher up who is IN thr REWARDS Department, because they MUST KNOW that the reason this PS Plus & PS Rewards Beta member has not been downloading, or going to any of the “Quests” is because my refurbisjed PS3, is now dead once again.

    Please Advise
    Ed H

  • Thanks Brian lol I knew you were the man to go to!

  • I heard they were all at a meeting saying, “Hey, how come Haskell420’s status bar isn’t going up??? What’s the deal???”

  • Psst….if you wouldn’t have mentioned that a demo would not have been available, no one would have known.

  • Actually, yeah..next time just say nothing. Oh and when ARE those select + lbp2 beta codes going out?

  • Why do I get the feeling that the mentioned demo is Duke Nukem Forever?

  • lol @ #3-7

  • Has anyone done Rifftrax on PS3? Easy to do?

  • Freaking Veronica


  • Nothing in the download center? Qore’s downward spiral continues…

  • @ Majin47

    You mean with a PSN bought video, or playing the audio from there? I’ve done the second one, but everytime I try to use a digital file as video(rather than a disc), the frames per second is slightly off. This causes a noticeable and unfixable drift.

  • Veronica & Sack-boy = the CUTE’est things in the world :D

  • Can you consider breaking Qore into an ala carte system please. I don’t want to take hours to download 1.6GB of stuff I’m not interested in. I want to watch the LBP stuff, but nothing else. I should be able to download only 400MB and not waste Sony’s and my bandwidth.

  • DLC is LBP2 demo. Five bucks anyone? If anything at all.

  • @TwinDad:
    Would rather see it as a streaming with download options for content.


  • Oh man now I’m excited for that demo! LBP2!?

    Also, just some errors I’m experiencing with firefox. Sometimes it locks me out of this blog and the euro blog for a certain period of time saying some 400 error occurred but when I try with IE everything is fine.

    Anyone know issues/fixes? Sid? Jeff? KHANNNNNNNNNNNN!?

  • @3 sry about your mom and your ps3. i’d suggest you to buy a new console since the old ones are just unreliable. i had mine 60 gb crap out on me on december last year.so, i asked for help and got a new slim for xmas.hope that your mom gets better and that you get a new ps3!

    anyways, man veronica she is just a one hot mama! XD

  • There is 3 possibilities of what the delayed demo will be starting with the most likely: LBP2, possibly an early accsess to the LBP2 demo witch is suppoused to go live on the PSN on the 21st [I think] #2 most likely: Motorstorm Apocolypse, during a interview [with the ps blog actually] they mentioned A demo for thier highly anticipated game, around winter time.[umm guys its around winter time still no word? tsk tsk.] And #3 Killzone 3, the reason I expect this as 3rd most likely is beacouse its not the long away until it realeses on febuwary.So community, what do YOU think the demo will be?

  • MMMMM Ms. Belmont.

  • u no it be nice 4 people that got a 3dtv if pulse n qore were 3d

  • o n tester

  • So basically, we have to leave Qore on our harddrive until the DLC is released. Yay.

  • c’mon update. I wants my pre’moves!!!

  • My sister loves The Nightmare Before Christmas!
    Did anyone else notice she put that Panda-Sackboy to sleep? Why can’t WE have offices, classrooms, coffee shops, Gamestops, and recess times on LittleBigPlanet?

  • Demo is lbp2 right?

  • Another very great Qore episode yet again and again! Gonna love this one for sure! :)

  • Soo glad I have PS+, these Qore episodes are well worth it!

  • Can’t remember the last time we had an episode of Qore that was this packed with good games… Congrats Sony.

  • Can’t wait to watch this when I finish downloading this. Hot Veronica lol.

  • qore rocks!!!

  • Cool!Ya’ll always adding new stuff,that I can’t keep up,but keep up the good work Sony Playstation!

  • i want it :O

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