Quests Added to PlayStation Rewards Program

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Since the launch of the PlayStation Rewards beta, members have been benefiting from doing the things they love to do on PlayStation and progressing towards Select, Pro and Legendary. You may have even seen some of the members that have already reached a rewards tier showing off their status in the forums or online via their exclusive PSN avatars.

PlayStation Rewards

When we announced the PlayStation Rewards program, we promised that it would continually be evolving. We have heard your feedback and today are excited to announce the addition of Quests to the program, which provide yet another fun way for members to participate and earn progress. Quests are PlayStation-related activities that you can complete to directly add to your progress meter.

For example, with Quests, users will earn progress for playing an eligible PlayStation Move game in the “Move It” quest, for watching PlayStation Network’s PULSE in HD on their PS3 system in the “Check Your Pulse” quest, or for visiting the Central Plaza in PlayStation Home in the “No Place Like Home” quest. Nine Quests will be released in the beta by tomorrow, and we’ll be adding crafty new quests throughout the year for your enjoyment.

We hope those of you in the program are enjoying it so far. PlayStation Rewards was made to recognize and reward members for doing the things they love – interacting with and experiencing the entertainment that PlayStation offers. As users play games, check out PlayStation Network’s original programming, review games and explore PlayStation Home, they will earn progress toward the program’s three tiers – Select, Pro and Legendary status. In addition, members of PlayStation Rewards will be eligible to win exclusive prizes and collectible memorabilia throughout the year.

When the PlayStation Rewards program becomes available to everyone in April next year, be sure to check out Quests as a fun way to get involved with all the things you love to do with PlayStation.

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  • Well…that’s definitely how to get me to do something. Make a quest. Competition, even if it’s just myself, just tweaks my brain the right way to get me motivated.

    I think that’s why I like trophies so much. Great stuff!

  • Love It!

  • I didn’t know PlayStation Rewards started already. I heard that GAP members and early adopters of PlayStation Plus would get early access, and I fit both of those criteria…

  • Love PS Rewards already, so this is great!
    Thanks for the exclusive avatars!

  • Very cool.

  • Very Nice … love the idea

  • Sounds cool

  • When you release the rewards program to everyone in April you best to reset those in the beta back to the same starting status. Also a question, once someone reaches legendary status what’s the incentive to continue pushing for higher status? Is there a minimum needed per week or month to maintain said status, otherwise over time everyone will be same status level which is pointless.

  • ah man april of next year, any chance i could get a beta invite would love to see what this is all bout.

  • Hope this helps the bar move more quickly! Thanks!

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve seen a few Pro avatars floating around and want one.

  • what about downloading psp games from psn ? playing psp games ? downloading movies from the video side of the store? comics from the psp ? anyways im almost reaching PRO status , have you guys announced the CES contest winners yet ? i really want to go since i love my psp ,i have a feeling it will be a great show for psp lovers lol

  • Sounds good! “KALEL114 and the Quest For Select” will begin tomorrow!

  • “When the PlayStation Rewards program becomes available to everyone in April next year, …”

    Does this include Canada yet?

  • I see #14 already asked what I came in to post. This really needs to come to Canada…

  • I love the idea.

    Can’t wait to test out doing the quests this week :)

  • Hey wheres our UK reward system Sony :(

  • These quests are a good idea.

  • Will there be a list that tells you what the quests are? Or will they be mysterious until you activate them?

    • For members of the program, the Quests will be listed on your PlayStation Rewards profile page (the same page that shows your progress meter.) Your profile page will also keep a running tally of the Quests you’ve completed.

  • if you want uk news go to the uk blog… why is that so hard for people.

  • Awesome! Another thing to increase my progress bar!

  • SO when am I getting into the rewards program lbmanuel1 ID DO IT!!!

  • How will we know if we completed a Quest? By e-mail or through a PSN message?

  • So when you say it’s going to be available to everyone in April, does that include Canada as well? Or still strictly to the US?

  • @ Cobrafang.

    Your status resets yearly like Nintendo and Square’s does.

  • i want this how do you get it

  • I got selected into this program with my Master account which I never use anymore. I always play with my sub-account (I am well over 18 years of age). So my question is, will sub accounts get reward when PS Reward becomes available to everyone in April? I think it’s BS that only master accounts get access to everything even though you don’t use them. My sub account is my Playstation Plus account and I have over 2500 trophies and stuff.

    When will SONY give us the ability to promote a sub-account into a master account.

  • Enjoying the PS Rewards. Great stuff!

  • Will more users be invited through to April?

  • Wondering:

    You said “When the PlayStation Rewards program becomes available to everyone in April next year”.

    Everyone means from all contries? I’m from Canada, and hoping we’ll get that too. It’s not like I play less video games if I live in Canada instead of US. (3rd and 4th plat on the way soon)

    Anyway, thanks for the update. I like the idea of playstation rewards (especially for “real physical stuff” =D Like a playstation wool hat , haha. or maybe free PSN games/real games in exchange of those points? dunno)

  • Cool, looking forward to this!

  • The PS Rewards concept is a very good idea! Me being a member of the beta, I love how I’m getting exclusive avatars and content for doing what I love to do.

  • Most excellent. Can’t wait to work on these!

  • Woohoo!! go Rewards Beta :D

  • See, this is what this program should be about and have more of. At the start of the rewards program it pretty much seemed less like rewards for Playstation loyalists and more for people who are going to spend a tonne of money. Now if trophy acquisition could be integrated somehow, or have actual hours logged mean something.

    I mean, if I play one game that I particularly like for hours on end does that mean I am less loyal to the Playstation brand than someone who just goes and spends a bunch of money?

    This is a good step in the direction of really rewarding faithful Playstation fans instead of only rewarding people with cash to burn.

    Thanks for hearing us.

  • I got in but it never worked for me web site needs updated or some thing. (try again later) I know. But havent bough anything since Castlevaina. Game on!!!

  • This rewards program is pretty confusing. I’m a plus member and I did sign up for the rewards beta, but I have absolutely no clue how it works and how I progress or even where my profile page is where I can see my status?

    Also, this ‘quests’ thing sounds like it goes against what you put in your faq:

    PlayStation®Rewards is a different kind of Rewards program – we want to Reward your natural activity, not give you a bunch of hoops to jump through. We also want your feedback; during the beta tell us how this system is working for you and help us make the best program for everyone.

    • If you’re in the beta, sign-in to, then when you roll over your PSN online ID in the header you’ll see a drop-down menu. Click on PlayStation Rewards and it will take you to your profile page. As a beta member you’ll also have access to a closed forum on called, PlayStation Rewards Private Beta. You can find more answers to your questions there. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for your feedback on quests. They’re intended to be another fun way to participate in the program while doing the things you love to do with your PlayStation. But ultimately it’s you’re choice what quests you’d like to try.

  • Can I see my rewards program stuff right on my PS3? If not, why not?

  • already got my free themes and avatars for making “select.” i’m not far from reaching “pro” status! i’ll be watching pulse and visiting home more often!

  • i have been part of beta and have yet to move to any tier o% progress maybe this will get my progress goin

  • hey chris, i want that PLAYSTATION REWARDS avatar! maybe you can include it with the words “select,” “pro,” and “legendary.” i actually like “texts” more than “images” sometimes. the 15th anniversary logo is really well made!

  • This is a cool idea. I’m already half way to pro so this will be a plus for the extra help.

  • I’m liking the sound of this! Quests!!! I’m excited!

  • Sounds to me like the beta is going well..any chance of getting this system implemented to the public “before” april? i just dropped 20$ into my wallet and damn near spent it all already lol.

  • 1 question: when PS Rewards is available for everyone, will it reset or will we get rewards for what we’ve done during the beta phase for those who are not in the beta? Also, will it be coming to Canada. I’d love to have this program here.

  • I’m looking forward to checking out thse quests. Thank you for keeping us posted, Chris.

  • please allow us to change sub accounts to master accounts and vice versa.

  • I joined the beta as soon as I was given the chance, but I’ve made NO progress. I log in to Home at least once a week, and spend an embarrassing amount of money on new games (both 1st and 3rd party)… so how am I not going anywhere?

  • or allow rewards program to be active on a sub-account.

  • I am a fan of the rewards program so far but is there a way to look up our status on the ps3? I hate having to log onto my computer to see something that i should be able to see on my ps3.

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