echochrome ii Coming to PSN on December 21!

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Wow, it’s been some time since our last game update so I am very excited to announce that echochrome ii will be available for your holiday gaming pleasure on December 21st! And if you’re already enjoying PlayStation Move and our vast library of Move titles, then echochrome ii will be a great addition to your collection.

If you didn’t see my last post and are curious as to what echochrome ii is all about, it’s a unique puzzle game using the PlayStation Move motion controller to shine a light on a series of blocks and objects to create realistic shadows on the wall. The blocks and objects you see in each level will cast different shadows depending on your movement so as you alter the perspective and angles by adjusting this light source, you will manipulate the shadows they cast to ultimately reveal a solution to the puzzle and guide your character to the exit. You can check out some actual gameplay in the video above.

echochrome ii for PS3 (PSN)

Once you check out the game for yourself I think you’ll enjoy how it uses PlayStation Move in this rather unique and original way. The best way to think of it is to treat the controller like a flashlight that you shine on these objects to manipulate the shadow within the scenery—this is actually one of the ideas that helped the dev team come up with the concept.

echochrome ii has 100 built in levels and there are three different ways to enjoy each one. Navigating the character to the goal by creating a shadow path is called “escort” mode. Additionally, there is “echo” mode and “paint” mode. In “echo” mode, the objective is to collect the ghost-looking characters called “echo.” You will see a few of them in each level, so collect them all to clear the stage.

echochrome ii for PS3 (PSN)

In “paint” mode, the characters are colored in red, green, or blue. When the characters walk, they will color any blocks that are creating the shadows they’re walking on. A red character makes a red block and a blue character makes a blue one. Each time you color a block, your clear percentage will increase. Your goal is to reach the target percentage to clear the level.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this upcoming release! Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation.Blog as I’ll be back to discuss additional game features and answers some of your questions posted below.

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