echochrome ii Coming to PSN on December 21!

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Wow, it’s been some time since our last game update so I am very excited to announce that echochrome ii will be available for your holiday gaming pleasure on December 21st! And if you’re already enjoying PlayStation Move and our vast library of Move titles, then echochrome ii will be a great addition to your collection.

If you didn’t see my last post and are curious as to what echochrome ii is all about, it’s a unique puzzle game using the PlayStation Move motion controller to shine a light on a series of blocks and objects to create realistic shadows on the wall. The blocks and objects you see in each level will cast different shadows depending on your movement so as you alter the perspective and angles by adjusting this light source, you will manipulate the shadows they cast to ultimately reveal a solution to the puzzle and guide your character to the exit. You can check out some actual gameplay in the video above.

echochrome ii for PS3 (PSN)

Once you check out the game for yourself I think you’ll enjoy how it uses PlayStation Move in this rather unique and original way. The best way to think of it is to treat the controller like a flashlight that you shine on these objects to manipulate the shadow within the scenery—this is actually one of the ideas that helped the dev team come up with the concept.

echochrome ii has 100 built in levels and there are three different ways to enjoy each one. Navigating the character to the goal by creating a shadow path is called “escort” mode. Additionally, there is “echo” mode and “paint” mode. In “echo” mode, the objective is to collect the ghost-looking characters called “echo.” You will see a few of them in each level, so collect them all to clear the stage.

echochrome ii for PS3 (PSN)

In “paint” mode, the characters are colored in red, green, or blue. When the characters walk, they will color any blocks that are creating the shadows they’re walking on. A red character makes a red block and a blue character makes a blue one. Each time you color a block, your clear percentage will increase. Your goal is to reach the target percentage to clear the level.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this upcoming release! Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation.Blog as I’ll be back to discuss additional game features and answers some of your questions posted below.

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  • OMG YES!!!! SO excited

  • Why don’t we have a demo for it? Europe has had a demo ever since the Move launched.

  • Yes.

  • And there is a demo, liquidypoo. It’s on the demo disc, the Start the Party disc. Stop crying.

  • @liquidypoo Make a EU account, genius.

    As for the game. I’ll be sure to pick it up as soon as I get a Move.

  • Looks great, but how much will it cost? that’s the better question

  • I <3'd the demo. Can't wait for the full game.

  • Thank you! I’m also getting Move for Christmas, so the timing is impeccable!

  • Definitely want to buy this, loved the first game. How much will it cost? $10 I assume.

  • @5, That doesn’t work. It is incompatible due to refresh rates or something weird. Believe me, I downloaded the demo already. I want an NA version!

  • Cool, will def check this out!!

  • Which stores will be holding an echochrome 2 midnight release party? I’m prepared to spend $59.99 on this game!

  • I’ve been waiting for this release since I got my Move!!! I *loved* the first echochrome, and it was the second game I got 100% of the trophies in (the first was Linger in Shadows).

    I hope the released game has better quality audio than the demo did. The great thing about echochrome was the modern, sometimes atonal soundtrack. While I liked the music in the demo, I was expecting HD-quality audio.

    I was also disappointed that the demo appeared to be rendering in 720p. Will the released version support 1080p like the original echochrome did? It would be a shame if the sequel had an overall drop in audio-visual quality over the 2-year old release of the original.

    Now we just need Flight Control HD and the reasons I bought a Move will be realized!

    PS: When will we get a Move-enabled version of Siren: Blood Curse?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the first echochrome and got 100% trophies! I’m sure you will enjoy this one as well.

      The full game supports 1080i and 1080p. :)

  • Can this game be played without PlayStation Move?

    • You need to have a Move to play this game as it plays an important role of the gameplay. Xmas present, maybe? :)

  • And yes, this looks bloody fantastic. I think I’m going to throw some money on my PSN account just for this occasion.

  • Can’t wait!
    Love echochrome!

  • I still haven’t played the demo yet and it has been sitting in my PS3 forever since it was first released as a download. I must try this out.

  • @ plaztiksyke

    “Now we just need Flight Control HD and the reasons I bought a Move will be realized!”

    ^^^thats wat im waiting for!

  • Is it possible to play this without the Playstation Move? I would love to get it but really aren’t keen in buying Move yet =/

    • You will need a Move controller to play this game.
      The team designed the game to offer the most fun and the best experience when played by Move controller. This may be a great time to get it if you don’t have it yet! :)

  • I know it’s been asked … but Price and is this a PSN or Disc or Both? Oh and thank you plaztiksyke, I’m so holding out for PS Move Flight Control in NA !!! It’s on Steam and I think the Aussie’s have it , but Firemint hasn’t mentioned anyone else getting it.

  • I’ve been waiting quite a while for this one :)

  • Wow, this is awesome. So this game only works with the Move? If so, that is fine since the Move is awesome. How will the custom level work?

  • Really disappointed this appears to be Move only.

  • Can’t wait to try a demo.

  • Any chance you’ll release echoshift & echochrome ii soundtracks on PSN? Maybe do a bundle with an echo-related dynamic theme or something? I love the heck out of the soundtracks that were released for the original game (and of course the games themselves!) :)

    • Thanks for your support on the music. I’m glad you liked the soundtrack of the original game. Please stay tuned for the future updates regarding the music! :)

  • @#4

    They have a demo in the PSN store. You’re telling him to buy a whole game for a demo?


    The EU demo doesn’t work in the US, genius.

  • @Fsavoie
    I would believe the price would be $15, or am I wrong Kumi Yuasa?

    Don’t matter; I own the 1st Echochrome, the PSP version with the expansion pack, & the most recent one with the OST & psn avatars. So am pretty exciting for this game to come out. I bought the move last Thursday too.

    • Wow, you are the ultimate echochrome fan!!! Thank you so much for your support.

      Please check back to see the information about the price.

  • @ plaztiksyke:

    Could you do me a favor and let just ONE blog post go by without writing some stupid complaint about audio assets?

    WE GET IT. You have ears like an elephant and you want high quality audio.

    MUST you tell us EVERY BLOG ENTRY?

    WE GET IT. (And no, I’m not yelling. That’s just high-quality audio coming at ya).

    You’re worse than MegaMan with all his PS3 Legacy: 0 crap…

  • Bend shadow, bend light, make perspective relative? ARGH! Multiple brain cells bursting!!!

    • Yup, this one will definitely bend your mind as well! :D

      I’ll come back with more info about the game soon, so please stay tuned.

  • Will MOST def buy on Dec 21. Been waiting for this!

  • Wow out of no where I thought I would come out next year. Mos def a day on purchase

  • Awesome! I really love the first echochrome, and this will be a great addition to my PSN game collection.

  • Looks good. The first was fun for awhile and then ramped up to just plain frustrating.

  • BTW, I’m still waiting on an Echoshift native release for PS3. Any chances of that happening soon?

  • Echochrome games have always been a trip.

  • wow this looks extremely boring
    this couldn’t have cost you guys a whole lot of money to develop as i am sure i can re-create these levels with just a couple of clicks in Maya
    good luck with it though!

  • @liquidypoo Yeah! Genius!! I told you it was on the Japanese store Day 1. You’re an embarrassment to the Playstation community.

  • hope it isn’t toooo much.

    I do plsn on getting it though

    price will dictact if sooner than later. :) :) :)

  • About time we here some news on this, was assuming it’d be out within a month of Move’s release. @.@

    Will be nabbing it when it’s out, hope to see the demo of it on PSN prior for those of us who didn’t get the Move starter-kit bundle.

    Also hopin’ echoshift will get a PS3 release eventually, or possibly a ps Minis revision of the original so I can use it on both platforms.

  • I want this game, looks awesome. Bad timing for me though at launch as the GT Academy starts the day before.

  • i first played echochrome in Playstayion Home in the Bowling/Pool/Arcade area and loved it, ill get this one for sure and love the Move support! The Shadows look great and love the music! Great taste!

    • Thanks for your kind comment! The music in echochrome ii is more uplifting compared to the original and I never get tired of listening to it. :)

  • @Ageguyera21

    Geez maybe I want to complain for the sake of complaining. I JUST WANT SOME CONSISTENCY

  • Awful decision here (financial or otherwise). Way to alienate the majority of your users…

  • Uhhh, I’m pretty sure there was an Echochrome 2 demo on the demo disk that came with the Move bundle… for people asking for a demo.

  • Hey solace, not everybody bought the Move bundle. How is it that it takes more than a moment’s thought to figure that out? Every demo ever should always be on the PSN. Especially when other regions do, in fact, have that demo on their PSN.

  • I loved echochrome and echoshift and I fell in love with this game at the DC move meetup a couple of months ago and not having it has been killing me, I can’t wait!

    This is easily the most innovative puzzle game out there, which is ironic since before this the most innovative was the first echochrome :)

    • Thank you for your kind words! The team’s idea always amazes me, too. I’m sure you will enjoy playing this one. :)

  • If I download the video and upload it on YouTube again, would this violate copyright?
    Thanks for an answer :)

  • HA! @30…elephant ears.

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