Top Darts for PlayStation Move Coming Soon to PSN in 1080p

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Top Darts is a new PlayStation Move title coming soon to PSN, and it’s a realistic darts game that is perfect for all users – from those who love to play darts often and know a lot of the classic games, to those more like me who enjoy playing but don’t own a dartboard because the wall would look like Swiss cheese.

Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)

Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)

The developer, Devils Details, has been hard at work making this fun and challenging game to play along with your friends. They packed in classic dart games like 501, Around the Clock, and Cricket, as well as a large selection of other game modes. For those who want to play with friends, Top Darts allows up to eight people to play in a range of games that are suited just for the multiplayer gaming experience. If you’re on your own, work your way up the League and Cup modes to become a world-class darts player!

Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)

Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)Top Darts for PlayStation Move (PSN)

Top Darts doesn’t just cater to the traditional darts player; there are also simultaneous game modes. This allows two players to play at the same time offering a fun and fast paced gaming experience.

There will be a lot more info coming in the near future on the features of this game. Look for it to arrive on the PlayStation Store in full 1080p HD majesty this Christmas. Also be sure to check out the game’s website here.

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  • I am a hardcore steel tip player so can’t wait for this!

  • I like this idea BUT isn’t a Move 10 times heavier than a dart?

  • Any online multiplayer?

  • I’m into this.

  • We need a demo to try it out. Seriously.

  • 3D support?

  • Wait, do you point to aim the Move at the screen and push a button to throw the dart, or do you actually perform a throwing motion to throw the dart? Im curious how this works either way. Definitely need a demo or a better description. A video would have been nice too, cause im definitely kind of curious.

    • Aim with the move controller, throwing motion with the move controller. Also your throwing angle is tracked as well.

  • It’s a tough situation here.

    I think a demo might detract from actual game purchases, for those who aren’t looking for too much depth.

    But at the same time, it’s REALLY hard to ask someone to plunk down some hard-earned cash (even if it’s not that expensive) for a Move game that relies HEAVILY on motion control, seeing as the Move is so new still.

    I’m torn about which I think is the better choice. But I guess that’s why I’m not paid to make this type of decision. Still, I personally don’t think I’d take the plunge without a demo, unless I was REALLY wow’ed by just seeing it.

  • This game NEEDS online multiplayer and tournaments please.

  • If its priced right…that will determine the success of this, 1080p… GOOD, im tired of playing 720p stuff on my 1080p tv… Like GT5, 1080p is what all the cool kids want.

  • Do you pick pre-made character avatars in this game or can you take a pic of yourself with the PS Eye and use that as your character avatar?

    • Using the camera you can take a picture of yourself to use as the character avatar. Or if someone wonders what they look like with a mustache or a wig on, you can do that also with your picture. :)

  • Wow, I haven’t played a dart game since…well, Shenmue minigame? lol! I wish I knew someone who bought the Move, though….

  • online Multiplayer please , same goes to Sports Champions

  • mmm video on store looks good but not sure about the game it self prob stick to throwing real darts ..

  • i cant wait to see the video where someone throws the move controller at the TV lol

    seriously though this sounds interesting

  • is there going to be a baseball dart board?

  • video so i can see it being used with move plz, need to see id i can use it, im in a wheelchair and need to see the motion you are doing, i want it tho, love darts.

  • I’m intrigued, but like others, I want to know how the gameplay actually works b4 I can be sold.

  • That’s awesome… I am really looking forward to play a darts game with move support just in time for Christmas… Day one buy for me :D

  • this one looks fun! If the move is involved too looks like the release point is going to be key to being good, similar to real darts right!

  • No online multiplayer makes this a lot less interesting, but I’ll probably still buy. No brainer if it’s 9.99 or less. A bit more hesitancy if priced higher than that.

  • I’d get this for like $5 or so. Could be fun for quick games.

    Should be cheaper than the PDC world Champion dart game on bluray?

  • Nice!!! 8)

  • Is this a PlayStation Network exclusive?

  • You’d be better off not releasing it until you add online multiplayer.

    I would have definitely bought this on day one, but without multiplayer online I wouldn’t even play it if I got free from Playstation plus.

    It’s not rocket science, dudes. Without online multiplayer this is a terrible waste of money for a video game developer since most won’t buy it.

  • what this needs is wagers and playing for drinks/shots. Where if you miss you take a shot and the more shots you take the more your vision and accuracy becomes impaired.

  • I like Darts, but this would ROCK with at least two player online MP …

  • This looks like a lot of fun. Always enjoy darts, but no space to set up a board. Would like to see online MP too.

  • I am so surely picking this up. Thank You very much for this guys.

  • is the 1080p anything to do with them “working closely with SCE XDev division”?
    maybe you can get those guys to make black ops and red dead atleast 720p native? well its too late now but for their next game. were not getting much 1080p but 720p minimum would be nice.

  • My dad would love this game. He’s loving the Move so far with the Sport Champions’ Table Tennis and this could add another one to his enjoyments.

  • looks pretty cool! Can’t wait til i get my PS move this month!!!

  • ****



  • what is your reason for not adding online multilayer mode?

  • hope there are wrist strap warning screens before playing ;)

  • Looks like a fun game, you’ve done it again sony!

  • definitely can see this as being good for the Move controller.. but trying to figure out just how its held and used… but sounds good… and for $10, really not that bad of a price.. anyone who thinks these kinda games arent worth a mere $10 is not seeing the full picture… a movie at the theatre is $10… you cant even get 2 beers at a ballpark or concert for $10…2 packs of smokes, $10… a game that will provide, at minimum, 10 hours of fun is definitely worth $10…

  • Can it be played with a standard controller or only with a move controller?

  • Could we get a video of the Move in action with this game?

  • I like the sound of this game. I wanted to put a dartboard up in my house, but I don’t really have room and I’m not crazy about any damage rogue darts would do to my wall. Count me in!

  • Awesome, can’t wait!!!

  • Damn, I’m definately interested in this. Only thing is, it seems like my brain is going to want my hand to release the move controller when I throw a dart. lol

  • It looks like Penny Arcade just made a reference to this game in their latest comic:

    They kind of chew into simple motion control games that don’t really need to be simulated. I disagree because I can’t really have a dart board in my own room.

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