New Patch and DLC Info for The Fight: Lights Out

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Hey there, Fight fans. Thanks to those of you who have given us feedback on The Fight: Lights Out since it launched; today we’re bringing you the first update to the game. This update resolves several small issues reported by players and includes the ability to make your fighter transparent in order to get a better view of your opponent.

If that weren’t enough, you will now be able to use all of the boss characters as well as the main man, Duke, to use in both online and offline multiplayer modes as part of the Duke DLC pack.

The patch will soon be available to download when you start up the game and the Duke DLC will be available from PlayStation Store in December.

The Fight: Lights Out is a brand new type of fighting game. It puts your moves and your actions directly into the game, with an unprecedented level of freedom. Your own skill is the only limit.

But as with all great new things, there is, of course, some great new rules and details to learn. Freedom is better when you know what to do with it, so we’ve put together these little bonus tutorials to help everyone get to grips with this wholly new way to play fighting games. For more helpful videos, click here.

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  • So happy for the transparency view! Any other tweaks included with this patch…?

  • I want Dead Nation!!!!!! Sorry.

  • Glad to see improvements are being made….I plan to pick this up for X-mas.

  • Love this game, really wears me out!
    Welcomed updates!

  • Awesome news with the transparency patch!

    Hopefully that will translate to the training rounds as well.

    I wasn’t going to buy this game because of the reviews. After I watched a couple youtubers showing how accurate it was, I picked it up that day. The game is loads of fun and I am glad I didn’t pass it up!

  • So hopefully this patch will help address issues with the game that prevented it being purchased. Shame since it was my most wanted Move game only for it to have atrocious review scores. Step yo game up Sony.

  • Patch isn’t up yet.. i just booted the game and no prompt do download new content..

  • Nice, I wanted to go get that game this week but there’s Dead nation and i already have Assassins creed, Gt5, CoD but in December I’m getting it for sure with Sly collection.

    Keep the patches coming, can’t wait to try this game in December!

  • PSN demo????

  • I don’t care what the reviews say, I think I’m gonna get this game. It looks fun, and can’t be as bad as Wii Sports’ boxing…

  • good to hear about the transparency thing, first person mode next maybe?

    Also I’m apparently having issues with Head Tracking across the board here. I think part of the problem is that the wall behind me has two extreme contrasts. I have wall scrolls hung up on a white wall. In general I think Sony should work on enhancing these libraries for developers and work with them to improve the feature. Unfortunate that the PS Eye doesn’t have a means of measure distance beyond the PS Move to help with this feature. Especially since when the feature does work for the short time I can get it working, it was pretty cool. My face just lit up like a child when I was actually able to full on dodge a punch.

    GT5 I still can’t figure out how to get head tracking working right or “enabled” as it says in the manual.

    anyway a few quams aside brought up in many reviews, this is an awesome game… I don’t think my upper body hurt so much even after playing the wii for hours on end lol.

  • @KazeEternal

    Yea the Fights head track doesn’t work well if there is anything really in the background. I took the game over to a friends place and there were two pictures up in the background that we had to take down for it to work well.

    As for the GT5 head tracking, I’ve had the same issue. It tracks perfectly in the options menu, but it won’t do a thing in the actual game. It may be one of the many things that isn’t in the game yet that they’re patching into it, such as matchmaking.

  • Great to see you guys listening and patching the things that people care about.

    Transparency is a big thing that will make the game much easier to play.

    It’s a shame that this wasn’t thought of before though, as the reviews are already out now.

  • I believe I will be picking up this game later today. Thanks for the heads up on the update, Josh. I wasn’t sure about getting this game until now. I can’t wait to try it.

  • if my other acc on ps3 have be hack, how to get it back???

  • thank you for the update. If those videos came with the game as tutorials, it would be so much better. But they are still good, I will be picking this up.

  • Oh, by the way, why not make it so a colored cloth or something could be used to enhance head-tracking? Not everything has to glow to be picked up. Remember those basketball-tracking-games at those science centers? All you had was a basic specifically-colored cotton glove.

  • Awesome! I had faith in this game since Day 1, unlike most people. Glad to see its getting the support it deserves!

  • I still haven’t gotten head tracking to work. Not sure what they want for lighting. natural, bright, low … it tracks to my elbow which is nice.

    Here is a good video review ( before patch )

    or the article:

    I thought that review was better than some of the others out there. AC

  • I like how developers are listening to their fans and fixing their games in order to make it the best it could be… I was very excited to get this game but a lot of reviews complained about the very same problems this patch is fixing… So now I will defiantly pick this game up.

  • All the people who are letting the reviews keep them from playing this need to take a second look at those review sites. (I’ve already talked to you people about “professional” reviews, but whatever.)

  • Great game guys, I love it

  • can some1 plzz help me whit get the acc back???? the Id name was xHeRo_Pr0

  • @Josh Miller
    Thanks for the link, I’ll give it a go once I get off work this evening.

  • Awesome , glad to see support for the title. I wish Head Tracking wasn’t finicky, but the game is a blast regardless.

  • Boooo this game is garbage.

  • i wont to pick this game up but i have one question does the online allow u to box against a friend of urs lets say im in NC hes in VA could i box him

  • Can you also make it so that the distance between fighters is a set distance? That and the camera were the things that I found most frustrating. You’ve fixed one. Can you please fix the other? Then I prolly will pick it up.

  • i get it back <3

  • I still can’t believe some of those bad reviews out there for this game. People should really give this a test.

    If you’re not into fighting games that’s one thing, but if you give Kinect Sports Boxing a try, you’ll understand why “The Fight” is FAR superior. But I guess if you’re a family with 9 year olds, maybe you would opt for Kinect Boxing.

    Let me tell you what else, this game is a workout. Took several days for my shoulders and back to loosen up

  • After buying this game I must admit it was kinda fun the first day I had it, but its fun has worn off quite fast due to the game mechanics being completely crazy, and the head tracking being nearly completely broken unless you have a flat white background behind you with tons of sunlight in the room. Which is where I draw the line.

    I work during the day and when I get home at night, no matter what I do this game refuses to work properly. I have sat there for hours on end trying to figure out the perfect settings to get this game to work properly in my gaming room, just to hear Danny tell me I suck 100 times because the head tracking sucks, and I do not want to use the d-pad to bob my head around. If I wanted to simply use dpad instead of getting into the game by ducking and moving around then I would have just bought street fighter.

    Truth be told, the game is a letdown and seriously requires way too much reorganizing of the house to work properly. When the sun is not out the head tracking is broken, and when it does work hitting the target dead on is far too difficult making you swing wildly at the air hoping to hit anything at all really.

  • Even in 3D, this game is not easy to get into or to play and should be purchased by those who want to do a ton of workouts, but not really game. Which is also why I refuse to review this game on my youtube channel. There just is not enough positive to say about the game. Having Danny in the game rocks though.

  • This game is outstanding. Its the closest simulation to boxing/fighting I’ve ever seen.

    About head tracking I did set it up to work at night its a bit annoying but it required two lamps on both sides (like torches in a throne room) of me and a blank background (I put up a white curtain on the wall).

    After that the head tracking worked flawlessly but its not something which everyone is wiling to do.

    ==The Stats
    The movement motion tracking is very 1:1 action however the STATS still make a huge difference in your gameplay. Speed determines how well your character actually moves around and head tracks.

    If you raise your stats (all of them) past 20-25 then I think you will have an accurate feel for how the game plays.

    As far as real boxing? Much of the boxing theory out there actually does apply to the game. Learn how to punch properly in real life and this game plays better. Its outstanding.

  • I love this game! I the transparent fighter is what I wanted to see fixed the most! Can’t wait for the patch.

  • I’m interested in this but I have a lot of games right now (I haven’t even played GT5 yet) but I plan on getting this sometime

    keep up the support!

  • I almost didn’t pick up this game due to the poor reviews it had received, and it has really gotten a bad rap and I can’t understand why, I finally decided I would make my own choice since I wanted to expand my move collection and I was really excited for this game. Let me tell anyone who is interested this game is awesome, I can’t believe it, but I find myself playing this game more than black ops, (this is after the work out and being sore the next day and getting over it, you get in way better shape).

    And now the developers are already patching the only problem with the game. incredible! definitely worth my $39.99.

    thank you!

  • Love the game. Thanks for supporting it beyond launch. With all of the exercise games out there, you may want to consider a better marketing approach. Stupid, lazy game reviewers, this is an awesome game!

  • How long before people will no longer be able to use cheats like the one used against me in this video-
    It ruins the online play to have people doing whatever this guy does to people.

  • We need some female fighters in a future patch.

  • Looks like the patch is now up. Enjoy!

  • After being put off by wrongful “bad” reviews I went ahead and purchased this game from amazon a few days ago . I realized how these nerds that own websites and never had a real fight were.playing the game wrong and didn’t know how to fight or how to punch speeding or punching bag. The guy from iwaggle3D ,after realizing I had been duped by clueless reviews I gladly paid for the game I been anticipating. Apologies for the developers and the Church of Sony for I lacked faith .soon the game will be in my hands … literally.

  • Like others, I almost didn’t pick it up. Glad I did though. Enjoy that it almost is like a simulator than a goofy game with motion controls. Also, excellent work patching to add transparency so soon after release. Looking forward to playing it more over the holidays.

  • I can’t wait! I won’t be picking this up until I move into my new place in January (and find a 2nd Move controller) but I’m glad to see it’s already patched for me.

  • I’d just like to say a big thanks to Josh and the team behind The Fight. As a fight fan and Martial Artist this is THE single best fighting game experience I’ve ever had. It allows me to actually apply the skills I acquired over years of real life training to be better in-game – now that’s cool!

    Love the after sale support, keep up the good work, and just so ya I know I supported you guys too by buying 2 copies of this game (one for a mate).

  • I haven’t gotten the game but it’s on the Christmas list :)

  • Reviews of the run gave this game a 2.5/10. I dont think they new how to play it . Lol Noobs

  • @DJ_DTM #38

    I think its not “glitching” as much as someone just spent $15 of “Cheat unlocks” on the store for a $40 game.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if buying all that DLC is equivalent to Maxed Out Stats. Meaning the guy you fought had Strength, stamina, speed all at 100 or something.

  • been holding out in hopes of a demo.
    can even make it a timed demo-lock it once the game has been played for a certain amount of time.
    that way we can get a feel for the game and be obligated to go out and grab it.

    and before anyone says it, im not interested in renting-it’s either i buy the game or i dont.

  • I can’t recommend this game enough. I hope people pick this title up it’s not getting the attention it deserves.

  • @Zalaamir it would be hard for this game to have a demo because it’s like an RPG where your moves become more effective the more you level up. It would be like getting a GT5 demo and only getting a yaris.

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