“Life’s a Pitch” in Episode 5 of ‘The Tester 2’, Now Available Only on PlayStation Network

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Last week’s grueling teamwork challenge pushed the cast to their limits and this week, Episode 5 ramps up the pressure with an intense creativity challenge. With nearly half of the original cast eliminated, the seven remaining gamers are given the opportunity to create a video game concept and actually pitch it to a focus group of real PlayStation testers. Add to the mix the critical eye of this week’s guest panelist, Kotaku reviews editor Michael McWhertor, and you won’t want to miss what does down in Episode 5.

Download Episode 5 of “The Tester 2” from the video side of PlayStation Store and later today on the games side after the update. Or, watch in PlayStation Home starting on Wednesday when the next ‘Game Over’ shirt is available in The Tester theater.

The Tester 2 - Episode 5 Prizes

This Week’s Prize Package

To inspire your own gaming creativity, we’re giving away one of the most innovative products of the year, the PlayStation Move. Along with the PlayStation Move starter bundle, this week’s Episode 5 ‘Download & Win’ winner will also receive Kung Fu Rider, The Fight: Lights Out, and a “The Tester” Limited Edition PS3 system. Entering the ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes is as simple as downloading Episode 5 of “The Tester 2” from the PlayStation Store. See the official rules here.

More Extra Scenes

Here’s a look at a couple Episode 4’s extra scenes we thought you might enjoy.

Catch all the Season 2 ‘Extra Scenes’ in ‘The Clips’ section on the official “The Tester” website or on the PlayStation YouTube Channel under “The Tester” playlist.

Thanks again for watching. Enjoy Episode 5.

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  • Stopped watching after episode one….of season one….

  • I actually like the tester, I wanted 8bit to win but guess Its up to Mo Choclate now

  • Just curious, if you win one of the weeks prize packages, are you contacted by Email or directly to your Playstation Network account?

  • YES! I usually watch the tester at PlayStation Home but the extra bonus prize is too much to pass up!

  • Hey look, another contest Canadians can’t win.

  • HD video file size is 1337 MB

  • I’ll be downloading this. :)

  • Ha! Those are the exact playstation move games I have, and I dig all of em!

  • sneaky way to get people to download this! XD dang you Sony. I gotta try to win a new PS3!!

  • The Fight is a fun game.

  • There should be a way to stream The Tester and Pulse to our PS3s! It kinda sucks having to download the 1.2 GB video file and waiting to start watching.

  • I prefer the less dramatic season one, but this season has had its moments. However like season one, the opening title montage shows way too much info and makes things less climatic.

  • I really like the series keep it up!

  • Love the series! bigfazeek is annoying though. Let’s see an actual videogame challenge! Let’s make a gaunlet out of it! As they beat a level in one Playstation gamne, they run up a flight of stairs to a new game challenge. What’cha think?

  • i’ve been following the show one download after another, and i might even try out for Tester 3! where do i sign up kev-o?!

  • do someone know the playstation ID of adrianne curry? I would like to play with her :P

  • I like the tester but really war princess… what were you thinking when you applied. You applied for the playstation the tester and you don’t even own a Playstation. Really a childs game? If you read any stats most gamers are between the ages of 24 and 35 of men. Tripplethreat- Why didn’t you add a multi player. Games in this day and age are more about online multi-player now. That why a lot of games content are down to 8-10 hours. Wow how can I apply? Because they need some help. this is just another reality show.

  • I love to watch the Testers it’s great .

  • US Only… Pffft.

  • scooter getting mad cuz his girl went home is quite lame. get the booty first before you cry about it. i really hope it is him that brent made that comment about but more than likely it was fazeek.

  • @ken-chan3000 come on…that guy fazeek is suck. He should be out of the house on the first episode…
    “I have every game ever made, i spend over 1 million dollars in video games.”
    He is sucks.
    I wouldn’t buy any ps3 any more having this guy working for playstation family, he is kinda person that never will be a person that work nice with others.

  • This show is full of people who really need to look at themselves and ask if they deserve to be there. me, a teenager, know more than just about anyone on there when it comes to gaming. Even Big Physique, someone who supposedly plays a lot of games, doesn’t know anything about PlayStation or it’s games. it’s obviously this is more about drama then it is about an actual job application. So far the Sharkface concept was the best part of the show. i’m looking forwards to seeing what the lbp community does with sharkface.

    and the “Story is what keeps gamers playing for hours” is bull. There’s a reason why mario has been going on so long, and i bet it isn’t from story…

  • OMG How can the judges be so BLIND ???? It’s exactly like first season, right people go home, the wrong people stay. It’s just awkward to the point you realize it’s probably done deliberately.

    Big Fazeek has got to go home next…it’s can’t be another “Star” case like in the first seaons. This show majorly sucks for the people who participate in it.

    Brent Gocke is such an idiot for voting off the right people.

  • * meant to say “wrong people” in the last line.

  • I think you guys should make Shark Face a PSN game. I’d buy it Day 1.

  • @23

    Hey, in the end the best guy got the job. Cyrus is the man.

  • I would crap my pants on the spot if I won that! I download it every week! Fazek is a moron.. but I would’ve at least told them in a better way that this concept for our game really needs some retooling. But he’s been made himself a target… they hate that guy LOL. Mo’ Chocolate I’m pulling for you homie!

  • BTW Sharkface does sound like a pretty lame game that I’d try to play and probably may ending up liking LOL

  • Ches-ka lives 30 minutes from where I live at :) I hope she wins

  • Well// hopefully scooter wins this session

  • Although a lot of people are hating on Fazeek I’m actually warming up to him; I agreed that he seemed to be the only sane member on the team for voicing concern with the storyline.

    Tripplethreat and Cheska are my girls but they should have been able to take the criticism and own up to the fact their game was being dwarfed by the ridiculous storyline. Not even discussing multi-player? A big mistake…PS3 is heavily online; to me it’s a big disappointment when I buy a game and there is little to no online content. Everyone wants it, as well as trophy content. With the sharky game, I agree they were making a mistake with making it so dumbed down….but at least their presentation was comprehensive and well planned out!!

    Guys on the other team should have had the media right away to back up the idea and Tripplethreat probably let her nerves get to her by rambling on about the story and overlooking that. I was still shocked they voted her off but I hate to say it..made the most sense. It’s just a show though, all the cast is still getting their foot in when it comes to the long run! Happy for all who made it ^_^

    Much love to all the girl gamers out there! <3<3

  • This is so not cool its a compotion not a chance to find love i’m glad tripplethreat went home she needed to work in a group and that was a not a good idea for a game. Warprinces who dont even own a playstation had a two week crash course on playstation needs to go home NOW. Mo’s not a good team player and he so child like i dont think he would be a good tester.but again this tester is more like lets finding my BFF or finding love the only two that seem to want to real work for playstartion are BIGFAZEEK and GAYMER so they are who i’m rooting for.

  • BigFazeek claims to own every game ever made, but that doesn’t mean he would do well in a team environment in the real world. Agreed triplethreat’s game presentation was a mess but that doesn’t mean they weren’t creative. They believed in their game, and were very creative. It just wasn’t as clean and simple as sharkface. Warprincess’s game was much easier to follow, and presented well. However…triplethreat has been a strong competitor so far and she gets the boot after one loss? Gaymer has lost both times he was the leader and he’s still there. I just don’t understand why the panel left it up to a model & a blogger to make the final decision. Posing for a camera, and critiquing someone else’s creation doesn’t make you qualified to decide who would do better at Playstation does it? I think that guy Brent or whatever should’ve stepped up and booted bigfazeek. If he can’t get along with a houseful of people, how’s he gonna make it working with hundreds of people?

  • I love to watch THE TESTER this season got off with a slow start but it got good, if you ask me they should have eliminated Boo and War P. because THEY DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT PLAYSTATION! they said it them selves. They might be good people but that shouldn’t matter. if i had a job opening for a game tester i wouldn’t give the job or opportunity of a job to someone who never cared about gaming. Judges should have waited to review all of the contestants backgrounds then started to eliminate. ANYWAY this Season is going good I liked the 1st season better but then again this season isn’t over yet.

    Hope Scooter wins, well him or Ches-ka

  • so after watching season 5 big physique should have never said anything becuase that game was terrible and they were just trying to make it seem like he wasnt part of the group yeah he may not be the favorite but he’s never been in the bottom and he is solid. i think the judges were tuff on him becuases if i was him i would have ran with the multiplayer and saved the game. but at the same time he wasnt creative director.

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