Swords & Soldiers Adds PlayStation Move Support!

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Just a few weeks ago, we released Swords & Soldiers for the PlayStation Network, and the response has been overwhelming! The strategic action gameplay is being enjoyed by lots of gamers, offline as well as online. With 3 unique factions, 30 levels of gameplay, customizable skirmishes, 3 highscore arcade challenges and local and online multiplayer modes, there’s lots of game to enjoy.

Now there’s a whole new way to enjoy Swords & Soldiers… because we’ve added PlayStation Move support in our latest patch! Just connect a PlayStation Move to your PlayStation 3 and you will be able to navigate the menus and gameplay using the Move‘s cursor function. You can also mix control schemes on a single PS3 as well as face off against people online with different control schemes. So far we have been unable to find any advantage for one over the other, but if you find any, let us know!

Speaking of balance, we’ve also done a few small tweaks to the balance between the three factions. Most importantly, we’ve made the Vikings slightly stronger in the endgame and the Chinese slightly slower to start. Hopefully now we’ll see some Vikings holding their own near the top spots of the rankings as well!

We’ve also changed the trial version of the game. It now includes a few additional, more challenging levels. So if you haven’t checked out the trial, or felt it was a bit too easy or shallow: check out the new version to get a better taste of what Swords & Soldiers is all about!

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  • Looks like move works great with this game :)

  • Will you patch the demo too?

  • I played the demo and I loved it, while I don’t have the money for the full game yet I highly recommend it, and I usually hate RTS-type games!

  • Brought it, and was waiting for the Move support to continue playing. I hope it is worth the wait. If not, I’ll just go back to using the controller I guess.

  • dose anyone know when the next firmwere is coming out?

  • This is very cool news! When is the patch coming out? or is it out now? I read the post pretty fast, sorry if i missed it. Btw-i love how 2D games are still being made!

  • As cool as this is how about some PSN-sized downloadable Move enabled sports games that don’t suck. I want to bowl with my Move controller but high velocity bowling is way better with the sixaxis since it was designed originally for it. Sony, step your game up.

  • Having played this game over 70 hours on the Wii and the demo exactly once (b/c I couldn’t stand the controls)I can’t help but think the Move would have to be a big improvement. Maybe not for people who’ve never played the Wii version, but certainly for anyone who has.

    So – when’s the patch come out and will the NEW demo have Move support?

    • Actually, in our office about half of us prefer the dual analog control scheme since it’s more laid-back once you master it. The Wii and Move controls are far more accessible, though.

  • One of my favorite PSN downloads this year. Simple to pick up but addictive as hell. I thought it was well adapted to the Sixaxis controls. Can’t wait to try it with the Move. Thanks for the continued support. Hope to see some future DLC. Pirates, Ninjas and Zombies LOL.

  • Just watched the video twice and it looks like it plays just like the WiiWare version. Nobody will ever convince me the DS3 plays just as well – especially the “Capture 3 jaguar warriors” level. Can’t imagine. After 70 hours on WiiWare I might just have to repurchase this (52″ 1080P needs the love.)

  • I was wondering if you could confirm if this is going to come out in Australia, and if so, an estimate of when?

  • Actually, I think I may still prefer the DS3. Troops and spells are well-mapped out, making things plenty fast. An overhead strategy game would give a clear advantage, but here I’d say, at the very least, it’s an even match.

    All the same, thank you for giving yet another reason to pull out the Move. :)

  • “So – when’s the patch come out and will the NEW demo have Move support?”

    I just tried it out, so yeah it does.

  • Wow, I was impressed enough with the new 3D support and improved control scheme on the dual shock 3, but since I have the Move I will sure try this out as well. Thanks for the support!

    Perhaps you can add stereo sound to the game next? That’s what I think is really missing. Stereo sound fx or at least stereo music. Pretty please with sugar on top! :D That would really make it more fun to play for those of us with surround sound systems.

  • custom move controller for this game awesome would we’ll be seeing this controller on the market n if yes will we c more like this controllers i want a MAG 1 or a Killzone3 1 also if yes will u do that 4 the navigator because im going 2 get 1 n if custom sweet
    go 2 IGN 2 c what im talk about or the game website that where i found it

  • Nice! I didn’t buy it at first since I heard it didn’t have Move support, but I definitely will now that you’ve been so awesome to add it (as soon as I get some money… ;__; ).

  • OK, that’s one more reason to get move…!!!!!

  • psn is on fire!

  • Love the updates. Enjoyed the demo and the Move controls and 3D updates convinced me to make the full game purchase. Thank you for adding these features. It made an already enjoyable game an even more enjoyable experience. Keep updates like this coming for more games please.

  • Great stuff Team Ronimo :). They still haven’t released the game on the Australian PSN, but I’m looking out for it, and will be grabbing it as soon as it does :).

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