ModNational Holiday Greetings!

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ModNation Racers: ModNation Monday

Greetings and Happy MNR Monday everyone. Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday update!

Packtacular Creations

So, we’ve got two Packs out now, and you guys just keep getting more and more creative and impressive with the Tracks you’re publishing. Every week, we’re blown away by the creations we see. One of the best things about developing software is seeing the community take something far beyond the team’s original vision, and that what you guys continue to do. The more tools you have to create with, the more imaginative and mind-blowing your creations are, so with that said…..

Attack Of The Holiday Pack

As I just mentioned, you’ve done some incredible things with the Stunt Pack, and the Carnival Pack creations are rolling in and looking amazing. Well, we love what you’re doing, and we’re going to keep it coming, but this time with a Holiday twist. Starting tomorrow (US PSN/ EU PSN on Wednesday), you can add some Holiday spirit to your tracks with the Holiday Pack! The pack is $4.99, and it includes the following parts:

 ModNationMonday Holiday (6)

  • Toy Soldier
  • Wreath
  • Snowball Launcher
  • Snow Fort
  • Snowman
  • Teddy Bear
  • Presents
  • Christmas Tree
  • Sleigh
  • Christmas House
  • Reindeer
  • Candy Cane

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of awesome tracks.

MNR Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PlayStation.Blog.

With the release of the Stunts Pack and now the Carnival Pack, we want to see your tracks with those new props in them.

Mod of the Week

Creator: leonnaoexiste

Panic Phanton

Ramone says: Have you ever had your butt kicked by an Ninja/Owl/Angel? Neither have I, and I don’t want to. That’s precisely why I wouldn’t mess with this Mod. It somehow looks weird, menacing, and soothing all at the same time. It makes me want to meditate, kick box, and swoop on a field mouse. Is it just me?

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: Star Spangled Racing Kart
Creator: chilango70


Ramone says: It doesn’t get much more patriotic than this. If you can spank all of your opponents on the track with this Kart, I salute you. In addition to the all-American color scheme, this ride has some classic lines for a sort of old school meets new school look, and the extra texture detailing in the white is a nice touch. Love your country, love your Modion.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube Channel by emailing and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Wildcard’s Stadium
Created by: Manlius10A

Wildcard's Stadium

Wildcard's Stadium 2 Wildcard's Stadium 3

Manlius10A says: “This track beckons back to a simpler day of Kart racing when mud and bumps on a simple track made for a fun race enjoyed by everyone. This track has a few earthen made tabletop jumps as well as larger jumps! The visuals as well as the layout of the track are simple and easy to comprehend. I have been working on this track since July, but just couldn’t get the proportions right for laying the track until recently. I am very happy with the outcome.

Wildcard’s Stadium is the first track to my stunt series, and it is also my first track where I utilize modbots and a number of the traps the game offers. I have used a few of the stunt pack props on this track as well. This track is a lot of fun!!”

Ramone says: Yeah, Manilus10A. Nicely done. This is challenging, curvy, bumpy, and has multiple split paths, but it’s CLEAN, which is refreshing. There are hazards, but they’re well thought out, and the visual touches on the terrain add a touch of class. I love this one for Action Racing and Time Trial because just the tiniest change in driving style can make a huge difference.

Track Name: Jungle Rush
Created by: Smbradley

Jungle Rush

Jungle Rush 2 Jungle Rush 3

Smbradley says: “Ok here’s my latest track, it’s called Jungle Rush and as you can probably guess it’s situated in a Jungle! The race takes place through a tribal village, past some ancient ruins (where there’s also a big jump shortcut) and a big waterfall (which I couldn’t have built without the advice of atheistsw, Barberian912 and prob_alex).”

Ramone says: OK, I admit that I’m biased here – I love the Jungle Theme, I love wide S curve sections that give me cool drift and boost opportunities, and I love big air. This track has all those things and then some. On top of being crazy fun to race, it’s also gorgeous. All those trees whooshing by really adds to the sense of speed. This one is going to be in my heavy rotation for a while.

Hot Lap Roster for this Week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Wildcard’s Stadium, by Manlius 10A
Tuesday: Phoung Phoung Island, by Generic_Oval
Wednesday: Azteca, by PH1LThy31
Thursday: Taj Mirage, by atheistsw
Friday: Island of the forgotten, by Ghost_218_
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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4 Author Replies

  • Is the holiday pack only available for a limited time?

  • Is it still ridiculously hard to get 250,000 Create XP?

    Thats really the only trophy I find to be blocking me of a platinum.

  • Looking for a few peeps to download my creations, just need a few downloads to get the 3 different trophies for mods, karts, and tracks. Msg me in game if you need DL 4 DL.

  • Any holiday Mods coming soon?
    When’s this pack comin’?

  • A break with the 5 dollar DLC, please, I don’t have the money for everything thats coming out.

    I’m WAY behind on my MNR DLC, so please, maybe a week off, or some free stuff?

  • @2 DL 4 Dl is for n00bs.

  • Sly Cooper anytime soon?

  • How can I show my creations to this blog? Can you give me instructions on how to do it(I’ve never done it before)?

  • Uh… no snow theme to go along with this stuff? What’s up with that?

    @7 you gotta go to the offical Modnation site, from there go to community, then forums. Submit your stuff there :)

  • too bad they forgot about us psp users….

  • @6: Sly Cooper Mod is already out. LOL ;D

  • is there snow or ice cover for track?

  • Pew! Pew! Nothin’ like a huge rocket barrage or a super sonic blast or face-melting speed to top off Christmas vacation!

  • @10: No, it isn’t. They mentioned it was delayed into an unspecified time in December. I was hoping for news on a solid release date.

  • hmmm my tracks don’t got in?? ok no next DLC from me hehehe… i buy DLC because my tracks are in modnation monday… oh well… :(.. but i hope next monday my tracks will be pick… my eyes is so stress because of these track creation lol… oh i like the new Holiday DLC but i will by again if my tracks will pick haha… or some discount on PS Plus Subscribers?

  • This holiday DLC is pointless without some snow and ice to accompany it, another “no buy” for me…

  • Yeah, this is pretty useless without snow :(

  • @ those complaining about the SNOW and sure they will have an update for it soon..for the mean some pretty sure you have that game if you have MNR..if not SHAME ON YOU!. I on the other hand have a question about all those DLC for the game.Would i be able to download a track that has any of the DLC LBP? if so AWESOME..if not..BAH HUMBUG! I really enjoy playing MNR after a few hours of some GT5…the graphics are great but there not as much action as MNR :p ANYWHO… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK UFG!

  • @18

    I think if we were going to get a snow theme it’d make more sense to release it with this parts pack.Dont think we’ll ever get one.

    And yes, you can download tracks containing the DLC and play them without having to buy the DLC.

  • Any new weapons packs coming out soon? would be awesome to have more weapons to choose from

  • LOL! I haven’t even finished my Carnival Parts track yet. Keep them coming, though; The more parts we have to build with the better. : )

  • snow would be nice … but it doesnt render the props “pointless ” . as many geographical locations celebrate christmas without seeing so much as a speck of it . Some individuals do a great job with the gravel … making it look like snow .

  • I will have to agree with most of the people here about the snow and ice theme. There is not much of a point to release the Holiday DLC if the community doesn’t have the snow and ice theme first. I think you should delay the release of this holiday DLC, and release it once UFG finishes the snow and ice theme, if they ever do make the theme. Possibly make the Holiday props DLC and the snow and Ice theme a Christmas gift and release it a bit before Christmas!

    I guess my Island Jam track is out for top tracks and Hot Lap, but luckily I have been sketching some new ideas for tracks with the new DLC props.

  • Thanks for featuring one of my tracks again! But you misspelled my name in the post. It is Manlius, no worries, though.

    I can’t keep up with all this DLC, and that’s great!! On the other hand, these props do look a little out of place without a snow/ice texture or similar. They are still pretty sweet. But don’t worry, I will continue to support MNR with my $5, even if you don’t feature my tracks. I hope to keep great ones coming, though!!

  • Hey Russell, I’m enjoying the Stunt Pack and the Carnival pack and will be picking this up tomorrow as well. As others have previously said, I hope that there’s at least a snow theme that will be available soon so that these props would fit that certain theme better and increase sales.

    If there’s a plan to have another modnation title released in the future, (I know it’s early) but if you could pass this on to your fellow teammates when I say that I hope that you can transfer your own mods,karts, and tracks to the next game just like LittleBigPlanet 2 is doing.

    It would make it feel as if we’re not making all these creations for nothing when they do take alot of time to make and create with everyone. As I said, I know it’s early, but it’s a heads up so to speak. =)

    I’m submitting another track of mine I just finished last night with the carnival props and some stunt props, hope to see it here on the blog next week. Keep up the great work! =)

  • any add-ons coming for the PSP version?

  • Give us a modspot Vote to Kick System Please! The adult players are sick of being crashed into repeatedly by the children who will keep backing up and driving forward to crash into you for immature jollies, while you are trying to hang out with the other adults and share/look at creations.

    VTK or all karts in the modspot drive through each other, doesn’t matter to me but please STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  • @26
    More like dream-ons!

    How would that work? You can’t just not be able to go to the modspot.

  • @28 5 votes to kick player is locked out of the modspot until all 5 players who voted have left.

  • A lot of the modspot problems would be solved if they would let the players moderate the modspots they are in with a VTK system. This is something UFG really should have had from the start of the game. We can’t be forced to rely solely on the broken report function, when it comes to the unnecessary fighting and aruging, because it does nothing when two people are arguing to report them. And we can’t be forced to rely on camera mode or R1 to deter the rammers, because the rammers simply won’t stop. Self moderation is the only.

  • Do the reindeer work like cows, camels, etc?

  • How do you guys pick mod of the week? Is it completely random or can I post my mods somewhere for judging? Hah

  • I’m getting this game for christmas!!! :D

  • @33: A solid choice. Aside from a too long story mode and having most Mod parts locked, long load times, MINOR handling issues, a fun game.

  • Sounds great!

  • Instead of DLC, how about you release a patch that allows you to customize CONTROLLER SENSITIVITY?! Seriously, the sensitivity is ultra high with no way to change it. Makes it almost impossible for me to race! I’m tempted to sell the game and stick to Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing which has perfect controls from the start.

  • Vote to Kick System please. 5 votes to kick, with a 5 vote veto system to prevent the system from being abused. I want an official response on this can we have a VTK system, or is that too much to ask for?

  • Hi Ramone.

    Are you guys planning on adding custom options to the game rules so that a submitted track can have specific conditions? All races right now are first man wins. It would be really nice if there were options for other race types such as Last Man Standing, Highest drifting/combat points in a race wins, last cart after each lap is out (variation on last man standing), and so forth.

    Any chance of adding “fog” in a future patch to create certain weather conditions (along with the fully clouded sky).

    Also, a minor glitch, is that the water level seems to drop a bit after I re-load it if I have it set to full height. Any solution for this?

    Keep up the good work and keep releasing track props.

  • I love that you guys keep releasing these track packs and content but as many others have stated this pack needs a snow theme pack or at least some terrain to go along with it. Any confirmation that theme packs are at least in the works and still planned to be release at some point?

    Also can you confirm if these track packs are intended to count towards the 3 theme mixing limit or if they are exempt from that.. this will definately create issues in the future if not.

    Lastly I just wanted to say thanks for continuing to bring your community new tools to play with – we all appreciate it very much :)

  • @39

    The stunt & carnival packs dont count towards the theme limit.

    It would be nice to know if we’re going to get ANY new themes….

  • @40

    Looks like it’s actually a bug here. It appears as though if you use 3 of the default themes and then try and add anything from the parts packs it won’t let you stating that you’ve hit 3 themes… however if you use 2 themes and some items from the parts packs and then add in stuff from the 3rd theme thats works ok.

  • @38

    I have been having the same problem with the water level. Every-time I reload my track the level of the water goes down a bit, but it only happens when a piece of the track is actually underwater.

    Ramone; Is there any chance that we will be able to use fog when creating a track in the future? Is there a chance for rain as well?

  • Ah thanks for picking my track Ramone! Was a nice surprise coming on here and seeing it, glad you enjoy racing it so much. Should have an awesome Carnival one out soon, and I’ll be having some fun with the Holiday pack too. As Myles G said do these new prop packs tie in with the 3 theme mixing limit?

    And please bring us snow! :D Or at least a white landscape brush. I guess we can still use the light gravel one for now but snow would be very welcomed.

    Thanks again for picking my track, always nice to have the hard work making it pay off.

  • @34 Stop crying, I got all that on a weekend. And yeah there’s the loadings but they’re not that long like when it released it is a fun game, I love it but I stopped playing. Why? you may ask. Because all my friends stopped playing because they got the platinum after the patch that put the EXP so easy to gain. Now is boring to play alone. I wonder how’s Modnation now, haven’t played like in 2 months.

  • Can i talk to an official? Please?

  • Am i the only one with a psp?
    that stinks…

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