Funky Lab Rat: PlayStation Move-enabled Puzzle-Platformer on PSN Tomorrow

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After a week over flooded with big announcements and sequels, time has come for one of the most exciting and original 2D platformers with physics inside: Funky Lab Rat!

This title will be available exclusively for purchase on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th. Using the PlayStation Move motion controller or a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller you can freeze time, stop the action (gravity too) even rewind to re-arrange and place the available items to facilitate your fast escape.

Check out the trailer:

Play Diego, a super- powered Rat willing to escape from an experimental lab. Your mission is to make it through the final lab gate by crossing over pits and overcoming obstacles! 81 levels and 10 worlds await you!

Funky Lab Rat Funky Lab Rat

It’s not easy… trust me! This game will keep you busy for hours even if you are one of those hardcore players. Collecting pills on your way out will help you to get rewards, medals and trophies!

Funky Lab Rat Funky Lab Rat

Long story short, we think Funky Lab Rat is worth the investment. Funky Lab Rat will be available tomorrow on the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

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  • looks like a lot of fun!

  • yea it does but ima wait on reviews before i do anything with this game.

    • Francois Potentier

      Let’s try the demo and decide by yourself if you like it or not. Be careful though, this game is highly addictive… And remember, the demo is only a small part of the game. Many challenges await you to help Diego to get his freedom back.

  • Played the demo today, just a couple of hours ago, and was amazed at how fun the game was!
    Also, a question: By “This title will be available exclusively for purchase on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th”, do you mean that you can only buy it ON November 30th or from November 30th and out?

  • @3…

  • Cool, I wasn’t aware that there was a demo. Any excuse to use my Move controller is a good one.

  • looks really fun. Reminds me a lot of Angry Birds. Something about the art style and the puzzle gameplay

    • Francois Potentier

      When we worked on this game, we wanted to build a game we would like to play to. And all the team enjoyed a lot working on this game. We are a bit sad the game development is finished. The great news is that the good time and fun begins for you! So, enjoy the game!!!

  • @ 2

    Cut the cord, child. A review is just one man’s opinion and that’s a lazy cop-out– I’ve enjoyed the hell out of games that got between 3 and 7 far more than the 8-10s. Get the demo and make your own decision.

  • Anything Braid like I will be trying.

    So bring it.

  • I’ll definitely get this….

    when it eventually goes on a 50% sale :P

    any PS+ discount planned?

    too many purchases lately :(

  • this game should be called “Braid 2: The Labrat”

    • Francois Potentier

      Thank you for the comparing Funky Lab Rat with Braid, which is a great game. You will see throughout the game that Funky Lab Rat has got its own personality…

  • Really fun game but wont be buying it as GT5 was released last week and this week it’s DEAD NATION!!!!

  • Looks fun, but…

    another 720p game? with no co-op? and no level editing/sharing?

    for $10 it had better have HD audio, at least.

    • Francois Potentier

      That’s true Funky Lab rat is not a blockbuster. But trust me, that little game whithout 5.1 HD sound will give a lot of hours of play especially if you want to get all the trophies. For your information, the lead tester, who’s a guy who knows the game by heart, took 15 hours to get all the trophies. Some of them are really challenging and I think that the few people who will achieve the game at 100% are really harcore gamers…

  • how does the ps move controls works in this game?

    • Francois Potentier

      The PS Move is used in two different ways. In the game you will have to use a flashlight to chase the clouds that cover some items. The orientation of the flashlight is managed by the orientation of the PS Move.
      The most important move feature implemented in Funky Lab Rat is the “Pause mode”. In that mode you can move and rotate interactive objects with the PS Move. It’s really interesting and comfortable to use the Move for that kind of actions because you don’t have to point the screen. You can move freely whitout taking care of the orientation. It’s very “natural”.

  • Any chance of having dualshock control options? (I won’t have a Move until Santa brings it.) I play mostly platformers and my finger wants to hit the X button every time I have to jump. I mean every time. Even when I hit the R1 button I still sometimes hit X. This game really needs to control with X as jump and the shoulder buttons for time management. Good demo otherwise. Demos are good.

    • Francois Potentier

      No sorry. Mapping the jump on “R1” and “L1” was a really hard choice for us. We’re all used to jump whith “X” but, in Funky Lab Rat, you have to control the flashlight with the right stick. As the control of the flashlight and the jump are both important, we decided that the player must be able to do those two actions simultaneously. So we put the jump on “L1” and “R1”. It’s a bit strange at first but much more comfortable to use.

  • so its basically a fun version of braid.
    i wonder how long until someone makes this whole game in little big planet 2.

  • Oh and for those wondering who haven’t played the demo yet, it plays as a cross between Kahoots’ 1 level at a time get to the exit design and the WiiWare’s Max and the Magic Marker – which doesn’t control time per se but you play a lot of the game paused manipulating things.

  • looks great gonna have to get this =]

  • I bought it from the euro store and man, it’s awful. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my Move controller, but controlling the flashlight and rotating objects was a mess.

    • Francois Potentier

      That’s strange. We made a lot of tests with the PlayStation Move and we’ve never notice strange behaviours as you describe. Could you please give us more informations about that? Was your PS Move discharged or something?

  • I bought it yesterday, it came to Europe last week.. I love it and everybody should buy it if you have the PS Move controller, or at least try the demo.

  • true that @7 flip review they always get wrong 4 20-40% or 2 50-80% people just because he like it doesn’t mean I’ll like it n the same 4 me we r all different

  • Looks like great fun. Perfect for between-mission breaks on Sly Cooper Collection.

    • Francois Potentier

      Be careful… Funky Lab Rat is highly addictive! Let’s begin by a between-another-game-missions… and then tell me how long you spent on Funky Lab Rat before returning to the other game. Try the demo!!!

  • I may end up picking this up as well …

  • Custom Soundtracks in this game? Yes or No?

    Your lack of responses will not help sales. Thanks and good luck with sales.

    • Francois Potentier

      Yes you can use your own soundtracks in the game. That will only remove the background music of the game but not the sound effects.

  • didnt think much of the game,but downloaded the demo anyway.

    loved every minute of it!

    the Move controls work pretty damn well,too.

    gonna grab the full version in a few days ^_^

    by the way, any DLC planned?
    or will you just release a full sequel?

    ….or is this a one time game(no sequel)?

    • It is good to hear you liked the demo. And you will have fun for a while as there are 81 levels in the full game. You will need more than 15 hours to achieve the game at 100%! For the coming months, we are mainly thinking of DLCs. We have many ideas of new levels… It seems that Diego will still need you help for a long time!

  • Looks really fun, will have to download the demo this weedend, also very nice to see so many replies from you guys, shows that you are listening to the comments which is what one or more devs should do more of!

  • i’m playing this more than Dead Nation and GT5! LOL

    really addictive

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