Happy Thanksgiving (+Canada Black Friday Deals)

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We wish a football, GT5, and turkey-filled Thanksgiving to you from SCEA and your PlayStation Social Media Team!

We’re taking the next few days off for um, football, turkey, and GT5, and will be back with our regularly scheduled programming on Monday. While Sid is evangelizing Twitter and The Walking Dead back home in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and Rey and I are freezing our asses off in the significantly-colder-than-normal, but-not-actually-that-cold Bay Area, we’ll leave you with links to the best PlayStation Black Friday deals.

Black Friday PS3 Bundles
Black Friday PSP Bundles

I’ll now wait for our Canadian friends to remind us that Thanksgiving was last month :) We’ve got you covered too. Toronto-based correspondent Ashley Beaulac sent along these Canada-centric Black Friday Deals:

Often referred to as the busiest retail shopping day of the year, Black Friday serves as the ‘unofficial’ beginning of the holiday season, falling on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

United States you say? Don’t worry, we aren’t leaving our PlayStation Canada fans out! We also have a “Black Friday Bundle” to offer you. Tomorrow we will be introducing the PlayStation 3 EA Sports NHL Bundle and the PSP Holiday Pack at select retailers, see details below:

PS3 NHL11 Bundle

PlayStation 3 EA Sports NHL Bundle – $299.99
• PlayStation 3 160GB Entertainment System
• DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller
• EA Sports NHL 11 Blu-ray Game
• inFAMOUS Greatest Hits Game


PSP Holiday Pack – $129.99
• Piano Black PSP-3000
• LittleBIGPlanet UMD Game
• Karate Kid UMD Movie
1G Memory Stick

These bundles will be available while supplies last at all major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, Future Shop, GameStop, HMV, Loblaws, London Drugs, Solutions 2 Go, Sony Style, The Source, Toys R Us, Walmart and Zellers.

Happy shopping!

Have you found a great Black Friday deal? Share it with your fellow readers in the comments.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Future Ship? haha, at least there wasn’t a t at the end of that typo.

  • You fail at life, yes.

  • 1 psp 3000, 1 free game, 1 free movie, 1x1gb MS, 130$! WoW
    walmart, wait for me! XD

  • Happy thanksgiving to you too jeff!!

  • ####JEFF GT5 HELP!

    Speaking of GT5….. is anyone else having problems with Player 2 not being responsive for Triangle Circle X and Square? I tried 3 controllers last night and we couldn’t get those buttons to work for Player 2?

    There is also no proper guide for head tracking either in the manual or in the game. I had to find out from someone on the GameSpot forums this morning.

  • No PSPGo sales? :(

  • Thanksgiving was last month guys.. ;)

  • I almost want a second PSP… but I kinda want the go variety. Great price for anyone who doesn’t have one yet.

  • Canada thanks you, Jeff & Ashley. Even though Thanksgiving was last month.

  • @unstablefears If you’re Canadian, Gamestop has the PSPgo (with the three-game download bundle) for $149.99 on Nov 26th ONLY. It’s am amazing deal for that device!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans and see you guy on the blog on Monday.

    I would like to know Jeff if you know anything about the rumor GT5 update on Saturday?

  • Please clarify, the stores and this article list the Ps3 package as a 160GB but the pic indicates it is a 320GB bundle

  • Happy Thanksgiving Jeff and everyone at PlayStation.

    There are some good black Friday deals, but I already bought much of the PS3/PSP stuff already on release. Just going to be working on playing/getting trophies on Sly Collection (such a good collection), GT5, etc.

  • Jeff,

    What’s the ETA on getting the third party games unhidden on the My Trophies page? In addition to Enslaved, Castlevania LoS and Rock Band 3 are also not displaying. I’m guessing any other third party game released in the last 6-8 weeks is also potentially missing.

    I also reached out to your customer service team, but they were pretty worthless in trying to resolve this. Thanks.

  • Happy Thanksgiving guys! :)

  • Canada doesn’t have Black Friday, we have Boxing day.

    Fix your typo too. It’s “Future Shop” not “Future Ship”

    Now I don’t feel alone with all the stupid typos that show up in my posts:p

    Also you really, really need to stop it with the retailer specific bundles in limited quantities and make pack ins standard every holiday like the other guys.

  • Happy Thanksgiving all! Today will be awesome!
    @4: LOL. Owned!
    Almost the holidays already! Wow. Time flies don’t it Jeff?
    Am I the only one who won’t be playing GT% this weekend?

  • Oh and I’m still waiting for Ashley to explain why SCEC exists.

    Seriously from the perspective of a Canadian PS3 owner, it looks like they do nothing. Contests are almost non existant. They are definately but a fraction of what the US gets. It took what 2 years after the US to get PSN cards and a video store. Who knows how long it will take for us to get Playstaion rewards. Playstation.ca and the Playstation Canada Facebook page are not updated with any consistancy. It’s not uncommon for them to be forgoten for weeks even months at a time.

    Seriously, When is Sony going to step up and start treating Canada the same way the treat the US?

  • Jeff…

    Add Shoppers Drug Mart to your list…SCEA/SCEC just signed them up for distribution of SONY product a few months ago…

    You haven’t listed the go but I know Zellers will have it for $149.99 ($129.99 after trade and save) and someone else mentioned GameStop Canada having it at $149.99 too…I hope these soon become the normal price.

    @20…checkout sonystyle.ca…still don’t even have the 320GB or 160GB PS3 listed for sale…

    @Kaze…why do you keep seeking Jeff’s help with GT5 on the blog? Email him or use the GT support site? Just curious.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too!

  • how can there be no black friday sale on Ps Move?

  • We don’t all like Hockey in Canada. I’d rather have had a different bundle then the NHL 11 one. Any game from Sony!

  • For those interested Amazon has the PSPgo, PSPS3000 and many other deals live now.

    Jeff, why no Valkryia Chronicles 2 in your thanksgiving?

    PS. Amazon has VC1 ($20) and VC 2 ($30) on BF sale.

  • Two things that are wrong with this blog post.

    1. Football is played with your feet, NOT your hands, replace it with handball or rugby for wimps

    2. There is no such thing as “black friday” in Canada, there is boxing day and that happens the day after Christmas.

  • I woke up early this morning to find an email that I received 3 FREE PSP GO games, Ratchet and Clank, SOCOM 3, and Little Big Planet, and the weird thing is I registered my PSP GO last year when I got it for my bday back when the only code voucher was for Rock Band. That’s something, huh?

  • Happy Thanksgivng, Jeff! Be sure to drop by Playstation Home again sometime soon to get the free Turkey costume rewards by visiting Central Plaza! Enjoy the turkey!! :D

  • its call Red Friday in Canada

  • Happy Thanksgiving all

  • For some reason on the PSN I have to pay tax now!
    So I just got back from a store which was crazy and have a game plus a $10 PSN card for Dissidia FF but now I have to pay an extra 60 cents so that blew my plan!
    Is this for anyone else?

  • Have a happy thanksgiving to you jeff and everyone at SCEA :)

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  • @ ALL canadians , we know you dont have black friday …. but ….. WELCOME TO THE U.S P.S BLOG .

  • @myself
    Nevermind, it was where I lived, aw.

  • Uncharted filled!!!

  • Gobble, Gobble!

  • Anyone in Canada looking for a PSP GO…Amazon.ca has it at 149.99 with 3 downloadable games worth $80.00:

    * LittleBigPlanet
    * SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3
    * Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

    I checked Best Buy Canada and the Go was 139.99, but when I called them…they said it was just the hardware and no downloads included.

    Hurry if you want this one…last I saw at 10:30 am EST at Amazon.ca was there were only 5 left.

  • Hey guys. For some reason, I cannot log into the forums. I can log into my PSN account on this blog and on the web site but for some reason, it won’t let me log in to the forums. Every time I try to log in, the screen just disappears and then it doesn’t log. It doesn’t ask me to relogin or anything. It just keeps showing the Sign In screen with no error messages. Can someone please help me out with this whenever you are free. Thanks Again.

  • @fuzzy clutter
    This blog is part of scea and last I checked canada is part of north AMERICA. Also, why would they post canadian related articles on an all usa blog?

  • We thought we found a great deal on getting Killzone 2 for like $15 at a GameStop, but then we played it and all the stupid camera tricks to fake movement for “immersion” made us totally sick.

    Epic fail.

  • Also:

    Dear Game Developers,

    If you’re going to put in silly camera effects to simulate character movement (swaying, bouncing for running, etc) then you’ll do your gaming audience a great service by providing an option to turn these effects off.

    Thank you, for all you do,


  • Very VERY BAD Black Friday sale on PSN content, Sony! You COMPLETELY dropped the ball compared to Xbox Live. Shame on you!

  • Thanksgiving means the beginning of the end of the indians.

  • PSP Go @ $150 which includes 3 major games is finally a MUST HAVE product. Great Sony, now make sure you’re getting the last remaining psp games on the psn store, and getting more legitimate ps1 ‘classics’ on the psn store. pronto! There’s money to be made.

  • @40 check again . it’s U.S PS BLOG . they do post canadian articles yes , but they arent going to completly ignore one of the biggest shopping days of the year … IN THE COUNTRY SCEA IS HEADQUARTRED IN because canada doesnt have a black friday . I’m certain other SONY divions in other regions recognize regional traditions . it’s not that i meant to imply that canadian content CANT be here … just sayin … IT’s HEADQUARTERED HERE , there is a SCEC … but word is they are kind of silent . but that’s something canadians have to take up with SCEC.

  • oops … one other thing , apparently , facebook has made changes . facebook wont even display in the browser anymore . mostly blank , just thought i would say something .

  • everyone look at the esrb website they are listing FRONTMISSION 3 HOT DAMN

  • wat the beast phone or psp

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