Dead Nation – Turning Up The Heat

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Dead Nation invades the PlayStation Store in only one week! We want to make sure that you’ll hit the ground running because the zombie hordes will be relentless in their quest for fresh, warm meat. Today, we want to show you Dead Nation in its full chaotic glory. Watch Super Stardust HD pro Tlo-Mek, who has since joined Housemarque’s development team due to his gaming prowess, eradicate the zombie infection when the heat is turned up to 11.

Dead Nation is a twin-stick shooter but the controls give you far more flexibility than you might expect. In the video above, you can watch Tlo-Mek, some of you played Dead Nation co-op with him at a MLG event using melee, Rush, and the game environment to his advantage. All three of these tactics are critical to survive Dead Nation’s most fearsome battles, particularly when you’re faced with special zombies, Jumpers, Bombies, and other lurking threats – in addition to huge hordes of the undead.

Study up on the control scheme now – the undead are only a week away!

Dead Nation control scheme

What weapon are you most looking forward to using in Dead Nation? Do you think you’ll go solo like Tlo-Mek, or buddy up online? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Author Replies

  • any word on a future 3D patch for this game?

    as Super Stardust HD is one of the best examples of 3D in gaming

  • Awesome trailer! Can’t wait for next week :)

  • Does this have online play?

  • see ya next week!!!

  • i think i’ll BUDDY UP 4 SHURE!
    new entertainements for ZOMBIES NAZIE KILLERS! ;)

  • @famousmortimer
    can you read?

  • I’m defiantly looking forward to the online co-op aspect of the game. As for my weapon of choice, SMG all the way!

  • Please encourage me, this looks kinda slow and somewhat boring. Had higher hopes for the game. Just looks plain with splats of blood. An overhead shooter has to be more colorful or zoomed in closer. I don’t want to have to squint to see whats around me, and that’s on a 50″.

  • the game didn´t looked that good before (to me), but this vídeo bought me… I can´t wait to play it!

    ps: there is someway to have 4 player mode? got a lot of friends that miss the old couch multiplayer action.

    • No 4-player mode at this time. But you can still bring your friends over and switch off. Turn up the difficulty for even quicker turns. ;-)

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    I missed the last paragraph. I feel kinda dumb now.

    But thanks to Mr Bull for answering my already answered question anyway :)

  • @Azfargh, has a nice Quicklook video up. Go check it out, if that doesn’t sell you nothing will.

  • Awesome can’t wait till next week. Especially excited about the ps plus discount we get.

    Do you guys plan on releasing a demo for this?
    I mean I’m buying for sure with no need for a demo but I’m sure you could get a lot more sales by allowing people a demo to play first.

    Too many games released on PSN have no demo and there should be a demo for any game with a price tag.Even if it’s a trial of the game with a time limit like what we get with plus.

  • I wish they’d make the right stick aim AND shoot. I love other games that have had that system.

    I hope it has local 2-player in addition to the online co-op. It’s getting harder and harder to find games to play when friends come over. Either way, I can’t wait to play it.

  • Wow what a trailer. Just want to throw some praise out there for having R1 as shoot when so many games have the ultra crappy R2 as shoot now days.

    • Woohoo! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the cut. I wouldn’t call it a proper trailer per-say, more like an epic montage!

  • So stoked! The 30th can’t come fast enough.

    I’m wondering though: Is there any alternative control configuration where reload ISN’T on R3? Considering there is nothing mapped to any of the face buttons… I’d much rather reload be X or O.

  • I just hope these trophies aren’t as painful and time consuming as SSHD.

    …I guess no matter what it really couldn’t be worse than Eden.

  • I’m just surprised that after making super stardust 3D… they haven’t bragged about this game being in 3D… :(

  • Are u releasing this the same day as Pixeljunk shooter 2? And putting Scott pilgrim on sale? I won’t give up!!!

  • I’ll be getting this day one. I love your games…

    Also, the PS+ discount definitely sweetens the deal and I want to see that on more newly released games :)

  • Hey David..This looks great…

  • Wait, this guy got hired because he destroyed the leaderboards? That’s a pretty epic way into a game development job.

  • Online co-op is definitely the way to go!

    Been waiting for this game for awhile. Glad it’s finally upon us. PS+ discount FTW!

  • wow…that looks better than i expected.

    I will be picking this up for sure now.

  • so many games on PSN. im just gonna have to get a $100 PSN card to get everything i want.

  • Does it have the option to play your own music if there is i will buy day 1 love what you guys are doing keep it up.

  • Me and the Mrs. are gonna have fun with this!

  • I’m getting this game because of the co-op support and Playstation Plus discount. That automated-sounding ladies voice that keeps on coming up when you pick something up or switch through weapons is annoying.

    Here’s to the fun factor on Dead Nation being off the charts.

    Rock on Playstation.

  • Super Star Dust HD is still my favorite PS3 game. This looks great too. Any word on a PS+ discount?

    While your bringing the heat, can you deliver to my house, been without power since Monday afternoon and it’s 40 degrees in the house.

  • This Tlo-Mek is a beast. He makes me want the game even more!

  • TWO WORDS… CO OP!ahhh 14 words… add me if you want to play this game co po stylez! my tag is judalation

  • Fantastic! Fantastic! I want to play now!

  • I don’t suppose we could get a price and what the PS+ discount will be? :)

  • Can`t wait for Dead nation, going co-op all day.

  • That picture reminds me, Why do most game manuals or in game control images remove the SONY logo from the picture of the controller?

  • Oh my GOD! Day One!!!!!

  • is there any way to set up the face buttons to control the aim? yes i know it’s weird but that’s how i play every day shooter.(love that game)

  • Man people weren’t kidding when they said the sound quality was impressive the game sounds really good… Nov 30th can’t get hear any sooner

  • Please tell me there is local co op..

  • Is there a good story to go along with this awesome looking game?

  • does dead nation have new game+. cause i would love for everything to carry over even if its just for that difficulty u started on the first time.

  • I believe I’m sold on this game.
    Nov 30th is going to be a good day for us and a bad day for zombies.

  • Well, I have been asking the same thing as #1 has asked and have had no response. We want this game in 3D just like we got for SSDHD. Is this game going to have 3D option available? And is there going to be any opening with real FMV like shown in the trailer?

    I want these added to the game if they are not. 3D makes the games easier to play and see key items (for me anyways), and it adds more depth to the game playing field. And FMV openings are a blast to watch. I’ve loved real FMV in my games since the days of Sewer Shark and Resident Evil. Please try to make it happen. If not upon release, add something with a patch. :)

    Please reply and tell me what you guys are doing.

  • Is the 30th here yet?

  • Game is looking great its going to be a first day buy for me!

  • GUYS

    Can you please put Super Stardust HD on sale next week, to celebrate Dead Nation’s release? Maybe sell it for like $4 please? Thank you!

  • Will there ever be a KB Dead Nation ad ? I can only hope !

  • Man… I can’t stress how much I’m looking forward to this game…

  • Yeah, I could go for a Dead Nation Kevin Butler ad. He could be the VP of Undead Relations, or VP of Zombie Survival.

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