‘The Tester 2’ Dives into the Trenches in Episode 4, Available Today Only on PlayStation Network

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During the first three episodes of “The Tester 2,” the cast has been tested on their PlayStation knowledge, attention to detail, memorization and communication skills. This week, it’s time to see what they’re truly made of in the most physically demanding teamwork challenge of the season, inspired by Medal of Honor. We’ll see who can really dig into the trenches and continue to prove that they have what it takes to be the next PlayStation QA Tester.

Along with the Medal of Honor themed challenge comes the Tier 1 beard! Greg Goodrich, EA’s executive producer for Medal of Honor, joins both Adrianne Curry and Brent Gocke to determine who’s moving up the ranks and who’s turning in their badge.

Episode 4 of “The Tester 2” debuts today only on the PlayStation Network. Look to download from the PlayStation Store later today after the update and check it out in PlayStation Home starting Wednesday to receive a new ‘Game Over’ T-shirt.

The Tester 2 - Episode 4 Prizes

This Week’s Prize Package

Continuing with our Medal of Honor theme, this week’s ‘Download & Win’ prize is a copy of the newly released Medal of Honor Limited Edition signed by Greg Goodrich and a ‘The Tester” Limited Edition PS3 system. Download Episode 4 from the PlayStation Store to be automatically entered to win. See the official rules here.

More Deleted Scenes

This season we increased the length of the episodes for “The Tester 2” to show you more behind the scenes with the cast. However, there is still more that wasn’t included in each episode. Check back on ‘The Clips’ section on the official “The Tester” website for previous Extra Scenes. Here is a sneak peek at some of the deleted scenes from Episode 3.

Catching up with Fantasy Girl

Fantasy Girl was one of the quieter cast members in the house. However, she definitely had a lot to say after her season ended, including an outburst that was not shown in Episode 3. Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s weekly podcast to learn more about Fantasy Girl.

Enjoy Episode 4 and tell us what you think!

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  • I want that :D

  • You guys should tell us who the winners are for the “Download & Win” so we can immediately be jealous of them!

  • I just can’t get behind this show.

  • I hope Big Fazeek gets his fat ass taken out of the running to be the next Tester. He is the most immature adult i’ve ever seen.

  • I agree with that buttmuffin!

  • Big Fazeek is such an ass! I mean get him off the show oooooo “I own every game there is” you failed the first challange!

  • What does he do for a job besides creep out children?

  • Whooo! Another contest Canadians can’t win. Who cares about Canada less then SCEA? Noooooooooooobody!

    Well SCEC gives them a run for their money.

  • @Mike78Larsen AND he has “spent $1,000,000.00 on games”lol don’t forget that one. I can understand the competitors being well, competitive .. but he is just an abusive poser. I’m sure it’ll catch up to him soon. PS: @Craazy God Idea, they should announce the winners1

  • Does Sony PlayStation Chose children play mouse and cat in Tester 2, i think the first session guys better !

  • Are they ever gonna release MOH frontlines on psn?

  • So maybe in 2 hours I can dl this…?

  • I definitely plan to watch.

  • way to go Playstation Lifestyle!!!! Woooooo hooooooooo!

    PSLS 4-Life!!


  • How can Big Fazeek have every game when “the PS3 has NO GAEMS”?

    Only kidding of course, I’ll be gobbling up games from the PSN today. Loving the series so far guys, great stuff.

  • haha big fazeek is hilarious.

  • Wouldn’t hire any of these guys, they are incompetent at these challenges. The last one giving verbal navigation to blind team mates in fat suits, NONE of them knew how to give directions properly and that should not have been very difficult at all. Should have used “clock” directional commands (12, 3, 6, 9 O’clock) and standardized step size codes. Why wasn’t that obvious to them?

  • i used to agree with buttmuffin until i saw buttmuffins name.

  • keniken “So maybe in 2 hours I can dl this…?”

    dont hold your breath.

  • get better actors, the “drama” presented here is about as real as a unicorn.. “Where’s my ModNation Racers???” “I.. I.. I.. I can’t deal with this right now!” ppththttt.. haha.. ok.

  • Thanks for making the contest US only.

  • Uh, dang; Big Fazeek just said f**k five times in about five seconds. I’m definitely going to check out the episode just to see what happens next.

  • @20, lol. Every week it gets later and later, its not so much a case of Sony droppin the ball…..more like they lost it and still cant find it.

  • Interesting challenge. I’ll be sure to watch.
    @17: I actually find him annoying.

  • I love how everyone complains about it being U.S. only… its like blog.us.playstation.com was a U.S. website or something.

  • Wow I was right, 2 hours after this was posted…its finally available.

  • lol it’s does always seem like that 2 hours later

  • @27 it’s been available for awhile under the Video store…..I watched it about 2 hours ago :)

  • Come oooonnnnn kick Big Fazeek ass out this house…..

  • Now have you think about Big Fazeek being the next playstation tester? Now think about the great work team…he saying F***you for every one who is working in some project…
    Now think about he saying well i have spend 1 million dollars in games….what you don’t believe? I have every game ever made….
    What? F***you F***you F***you!
    If Big Fazeek win this tester i will change my mind about Sony professionalism.
    I just do not feel good watching this season any more. Every time i hear this guy talking i feel like i want jump on my TV and Kick his A**.

  • Aww man and I wanted 8bit to win =(. Poor guy.

  • @BlazeKush420
    I think the best tester for this season should be the girl Sheeska( I think spell on that way).

  • Hey SCEA, this was the best episode of The Tester, ever. Keep it up and next season spend even more time with the contestants outside of competition! There are some great personalities that I’m sure your viewers would enjoy becoming more familiar with.

  • @BlazeKush

    I didn’t watch a single episode of The Tester season 1, and Mickey was the sole reason I started watching this season. Oh well, I guess this means now I don’t have to watch this season either.

  • im glad 8bit got kicked off! yeah he was the fan fav! but he made no effort, and just like adrianne said “silent follower”! so true. big fazeek needs to be kicked off too! he is such an idiot. war princess i <3 u! i cant wait for the next episode

  • Those sunglasses that both male judges had on after both teams finished the challenge were pretty cool. Does anyone know what model Oakleys they were?

  • so when will the tryouts for the next season be? I really want to try out for this!! I didnt even hear about the auditions for this season :(
    I have 596 trophies, 3 of which are platinum! as a female gamer, im pretty proud of that!! I know I would be a viable asset to the testing community because i friggen love playing games, cant get enough of games, and im always playing hardcore, even through campaign modes, so i get the full effect of the game and the challenge. this show is great, but they need people more serious about gaming on there!!!

  • dumb. challaenges are dumb.

  • intelligence, intelligence is a great thing, Ken..lol

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