Stream HD Movies Instantly with VUDU Application – Available Today

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Last week, we announced a partnership with VUDU that will bring you the ability to stream thousands of movies straight from the cloud to your PlayStation 3. Today, that announcement becomes reality as the VUDU application launches in the United States on PlayStation Network. VUDU delivers a cinema-quality movie experience in the comfort of your home theater, complete with full 1080p HD with 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus sound, and video on-demand without downloading. No subscription is necessary to browse their library of more than 4,000 HD movies, including many new releases the same day they are released to DVD and Blu-ray. The movies are available on-demand and you only pay for the movies that you watch. Also, when you sign up for a VUDU account, you will receive a $5.99 credit on your account for one free HD rental.

Check out the video walkthrough:

The VUDU app adds to the vast amount of entertainment available through PlayStation Network, including movies and TV shows via Netflix and Hulu Plus as well as live sports with and NHL GameCenter LIVE.

To download the free VUDU app, go to the media category in the PlayStation Store. Once downloaded, the app will appear under the video icon in your XMB. Also – VUDU recently unveiled their new UI, VUDU 2.0, at a recent press event, and if you download the app, it will automatically refresh on your PS3 when it launches next month. VUDU 2.0 will also offer PlayStation Move compatibility for easy to use motion control navigation.

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  • cool. i m a subtitle guy, will there be subtitles with these movies?

  • …but not in Canada… as usual

  • Excellent. Since I can’t buy videos off of the PSN Video Store for some obscene reason(activated on a dead PS3) I can still watch a nice selection of titles that aren’t available on Netflix.

  • What about outside US/North America, will work with ips outside US?

  • Need a price drop — at $6 a title, a trip to the redbox looks a lot more appealing than this. Still, it’s nice to have options! Keep them coming…hulu, netflix, vudu…what’s next?

  • Lol, “Rotten Tomato Meter”

  • all these apps are brilliant.
    not in Canada sucks, but i wouldnt really use them even if they were in Canada because of my monthly download/upload limit. 60gb goes quick with 2 computers, 2 consoles and cell phones all downloading and streaming. I would rather torrent a movie for free, then worry about being charged for going over my limit than paying for the movie, going over my limit and then paying again.

  • maybe it will come to canada in 2011??

  • really impressive that sony is allowing direct competition to there video store

    keep the apps coming

  • This looks awesome. Live today at 5pm PST? Netflix might finally have some serious competition here.

  • Nice to see more options on the PS3 for streaming video. in regards to move compatibility it’s nice to see it has made it into VUDU any luck getting us support for move in the other streaming services mainly Netflix. Also it actually surprises me you have not offered a music service yet why not?

  • Will this need a firmware update?

  • Suhweet! This looks to be an awesome service that completely compliments Hulu Plus and Netflix on PSN. The ability to rent or buy movies the same day they’re released on Blu-Ray or DVD is awesome. Definitely getting this. “PSN Level Up!”

  • This is a great addition, but those HD rental prices are still very uneconomical.

  • Sweet!!!! Sound better then NETFLIX in my opinion. Will this surport subtitles or CC.

  • What exactly is 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus, simulated like Dolby Pro Logic Surround or true digital surround?

  • An app that seems to rival your own PSN video store, nice for the movie buffs I guess.

  • How about you fix the gimped Canadian video store before you come out with multiple options that do the same thing?

  • Ooooo

    Free HD rental for just signing up? I might just try it out.

  • Only for US right? pitiful…

  • I’m from Canada and I don’t care if it takes a while before these become availabe and even if they don’t. The mix of Netflix and PSN Video Store already offer huge libraries to choose from. Hulu, Vudu and coming soon Mubi are alternatives. Which is good when the available options suck, but it’s not the case. I just felt like sharing a different opinion from my country. Cheers.

  • I’m sure I’ll pick up a Movie now and again, If it’s not for rent on the store … or available instantly on Netflix …. or discounted on blu-ray … It’s great to have options, but it does seem a little steep. is Everything $5.99?

  • is this only for US or is it for UK and US?

  • Woohoo!!

    I’m on it – As soon as the prices are reasonable. Honestly, who in their right mind would pay $6 a rental? Isn’t that why hollywood video and BB went out?

  • Why don’t you guys quite wasting time on this streaming apps and work on our Cross Game Chat issue that we have been yelling at you for four years about.

  • @SilentNoise1780

    Not in Canada yet. Kevin Butler hasn’t filmed the commercial for it yet.

  • So… let’s get this straight. The PS US market gets Netflix, Hulu, PSN Store rentals and now Vudu?

    You know what we have over here in Europe? Nothing.

  • VUDU is a Walmart America owned, I’m pretty sure. So don’t expect this to be in other regions any time soon. Europeans, you already got LOTS of apps on your PS3’s (VidZone, and isn’t there a BBC app?). And fellow Canadians, how dare you go and complain about ANOTHER application when we’ve been delivered the PSN Video Store AND Netflix within a short time span.

    Sony and Netflix bent over backwards for the CRTC, and now you want VUDU to do it again just so you can get same day releases of crappy movies?

  • @foshi #3. I had the same problem with YLOD ps3. One tweet to @askplaystation fixed that. Or just call them up to reset it for you.

  • Nice! But PS3 has Netflix and Other sources. Why ya don’t focus on the damn web browser that sucks!. We want Firefox! Better updates and versions PLZ ASAP!! Another thing, if you’re in war with MICROSOFT, why the heck SONY electronics comes with windows etc MICROSOFT stuff? Why SONY don’t create their own operating system VAIO SONY OS :P lol!! Web browsers, search engines :). I support SONY!!!

  • Looks great Eric. I can’t wait, but we really need Amazon Video on Demand app for PS3.

  • impressive

  • that’s pretty cool you pay for only what you watch and that you get same day releases and HD streaming nice!

  • why have this when i can pay a one time monthly fee with netflix and watch any movie i want anytime and not worry about spending almost 5$ or more to watch a movie? This is like having a blockbuster on your tv. And we all know where blockbuster ended up.

    You want my feedback? Have a monthly fee and compete with netflix which is as of the moment offering a better deal then this bs.

    Thank you and your welcome.

  • This seems pretty impressive. the PSN store needs an APP section and also a PS2 section if you guys can do that.

  • Will it also support Vudu Apps?
    I think Vudu just put a stop to all my “downloading” finally a paid service that rivals those of the unpaid variety.
    Thank You!

  • Love how there was no talk what so ever about a possible Firmware update! another crappy movie service that not to many people will have time for! (= good effort though!

  • Those renting prices are ridiculous.. $6 plus tax to watch one 1080p video. All these movies should be $1. I rather pirate.

  • WOW, VUDU’s interface, excuse my french sh*ts on Netflix interface. Plus it seems like it has newer movies.

  • @30 SpyDudeFX
    I would also love Amazon VOD, Sony has said that BRAVIA Internet Video is coming to the PS3 and it has Amazon VOD support complete with 5.1 audio, let’s hope it all makes the transition.

  • why doesn’t Sony create a cool application like vudu for their own movies and game content, VuDu seems to have lots of great social options in there. the PlayStation store is old and needs a major facelift

  • @3 I thought i was the only one with that problem, i fell your pain.

  • Seems like YEARS since i have seen a Eric Lempel video on this :D

    I used to like the Firmware update ones but we hardly have any big Firmware updates anymore which is a shame :-(

  • It will reach Canada in time for PS4…

  • @SiCofReality

    Vudu is pricey, but the quality of the video is much better than the Netflix HD movies. They also don’t screw up the aspect ratio like Netflix does, and have much newer movies available.

    Their competition is really redbox, more than Netflix in my opinion.

  • There is no real reason to rent movies from these services currently, with red box you can rent a blu-ray for buck and change that is much cheaper than anyone currently. I’m not saying this is a bad service it’s a great service but I do not bother with any of them anymore due to redbox.

  • I really wish Netflix had all of these options (Move, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia, Trailers, etc.). Although I really like the service, a title update with more features would be Fantastic. really. Netflix is extremely behind in their interface and features. but again, the service is awesome.

  • Move support? Didn’t see that comin’! Take THAT kinect!

  • Will it work in Canada? Or 5 years later it will be implemented maybe?

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