Pulse 11/23 Available Today: Sly Cooper, Meet Sly Stallone

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In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, this edition of PULSE features some of the great deals coming to PlayStation Store during their “Stock Up For Winter” sale. Also, join Christina Lee for a look at the moving action of The Sly Collection (three re-mastered classics with support for stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move) and the exclusive Beat Sketcher. We’ve also got a list of the Top Ten games we are thankful for so far this year. What about you? What title are you most grateful for in 2010?

On the video side of things, another Sly is back (maybe not up-rezzed, but definitely pumped up) along with his other action hero buddies in The Expendables.

Download to your PS3 in full HD after today’s PlayStation Store publish.

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  • What about you? What title are you most grateful for in 2010?


  • i am soo broke its not even funny and its my birthday month, GT5 CE is on its way tho.

  • what is the best 3d tv out there right now? price and qualitly
    thinking of getting one, please help

    what are you guys using?

  • @seg

    ive got a really nice 50in 1080p Samsung 3Dtv

    came from best buy for $960 with blackops, 2 pairs of glasses, 50 dollars worth of movies

  • Auditorium HD… the demo online is a lot of fun. Definitely getting that later when the store updates.

  • I wouldnt get one at all. 3D television sets are at crazy prices because they know consumers will buy it. Its not worth it and will never be for the average gamer. If you want to experience 3D to the fullest extent, you’ll need a huge television set(over 100 in. which they do make) which will tens of thousands of dollars. I dont see how its worth that unless you have a boat load of money sitting around.
    If you buy a 3D 42 inch television; it may be great, but it wont do you justice for that size of an television.
    In other words, its not worth the money to pick up a 3D television unless your willing to drop big and I mean big dollars for one.

  • Samsung Plasma 3d tvs are the best on the market and not too much more than a regular plasma.

  • Huh??? I dont know about no tv adds for GT5, But to not mention it in your own vid blog is just not cool…

  • Uh, I’m holding off on 3d TV(s) for now … I don’t feel like they’ve been out long enough to ‘compare’ feature for feature … besides my 46″ Sony lcd cost me a pretty penny, and looks awesome in 2d, and I’m not ready to invest in a new TV just yet. I’m thankful GT5 released this year. There are SO many good games coming in 2011 I didn’t want to have to worry bout GT5 as well.

  • Pulse really should be stream-able from the XMB as a way to let more “Gaming-only” Gamers involved into more playstation original program it can boost sales in the ps store. The whats new should just be and icon how about a whole new vertical catagory to scroll through. like PShome. Their navigation screen can really be a great XMB
    Users Settings Media(photos music video) Games Applications Spotlight(whats new) PSN friends

  • Another great edition of PULSE! How is it that even as a cartoon drawing, Christina Lee is still beautiful? Sony sure knows how to pick them! Christina Lee & Audrey Cleo FTW!

  • @7 – yeah, I was surprised by GT5’s absence in the video and as far as a commercial, I haven’t seen ANY Sony commercials in over a week, never mind one featuring GT5…

  • C lee has some nice legs. but i wouldnt mind seeing her in a pair of jeans once and awhile… ALso i have 47 inch samsung 3d tv. its the best on the market. i dont think there to pricey but dont be a fool and buy one at 5k$ when you can get a package deal and boat load of gifts and add ons for $900-2300 or less.

    I agree xxkingxx. Pulse needs to be the new “whats hot and etc in playstation universe.. Pulse is very good short but informative show that does alot in a short amount of time. I honestly look forward to it each week,. Not just to se C.Lee’s beautiful legs :), but to see new games and information too.. Also they should keep on doing original games and give tiki create a chance to make full fledge ps3 title franchise

  • Good, more Sly coverage. It needs more attention.

  • “Sly! Can you hear me? SLLLYYY??”
    “Yeah, I hear you. Loud and… very loud!”

    “Relax Bentley, I live for this stuff.”
    “Yeah, and that’s what worries me!”

    I love Sly.

    Here’s something that’ll cause discussion: Sony’s unleashing a new PS3 exclusive on the 12th. Who thinks it’ll be Sly 4?

  • @15 lol Sly 4 was already announced.

    When you platinum all 3 games in The Sly Collection, it gives you a Sly 4 Teaser Trailer.
    Youtube it if you wanna see it. >.>

  • @16: I know that. I meant details like a release date, gameplay video things, what Sly looks like here, that sort of thing.

  • @16: You don’t need to platinum all three games. You just need to complete them. I know, since I have it unlocked and don’t have the Plat for Sly 3 yet.

    And that’s hardly an official announcement.

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