Joe Danger Sale and New Characters!

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Hello, It’s great to be back on the PlayStation.Blog!

When my three friends and I first got together as Hello Games and started work on Joe Danger, we never expected the amazingly supportive response we’ve had from the PlayStation community. So what better time to have some fresh news than at Thanksgiving :)

First off some people still haven’t even played the multi-award winning Joe Danger yet! Just for those patient people, between the 23rd and 30th of November you can purchase Joe Danger in the American store for HALF PRICE. That’s just $7.49 for what many are calling the “Game of the Year” on PSN (mainly this was our Mums… but they know their games). If you don’t trust our Mums, then you can check out IGN, GameInformer or Destructoid. That’s the cheapest 30 hours of death-defying, stunt-biking, high-octance gameplay you can get ANYWHERE.

To celebrate the sale, we’re releasing some awesome new characters for Joe Danger, each of these comes with their own unique style, new motorbike, crazy new moves and special collectibles. Grab a new character to show off your new skills in multiplayer or use them to record hilarious replay videos!

Joe Danger new characters

We thought it might be nice to ask the community for their suggestions for new characters and here is what they came up with (don’t blame us). Firstly we have the ghoulish, undead Knight “Sir Bonehead’, collecting Holy Grails to undo the curse of the Lady of the Lake. We’ve also got Joe wearing a Chicken suit, with egg-cellent new special moves like “The Red Rooster” and “Cock-a-Doodle-Danger”!

The most popular suggestion by far was for a playable Monkey (of course), so say hello to “Chuckles the Chimp”, you mightn’t know his name, but maybe his Fez will be familiar.

Joe Danger new characters

Joe Danger new characters Joe Danger new characters

We don’t have Thanksgiving here in the UK, but Hello Games really like food, so we celebrate it anyway. That’s why we decided to let loose Joe Danger’s turkey-chomping, Native American brother “Geronim-Joe”. Prepare your best War Cry and have a happy Thanksgiving as you gobble down some tasty turkey on your trusty steed!

Hello Games wants to genuinely thank the community again for their amazing support. We really hope you enjoy the new characters or grab a copy of Joe Danger at half price! Go and spread the word :)

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us a e-mail!

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3 Author Replies

  • Great timing, I was thinking of getting this over the weekend :)

  • Wanted to buy this when it went on sale, but with the collection going half off too (3 games for $7.50) and auditorium HD coming out today… I may pass, and wait for another sale?

  • are these extra characters free or paid DLC?
    and with a price this good, you MUST get this game… just sayin’.

  • :) nice..

  • Amazing deals =D

  • Been waiting for this sale since I played the demo. Picking this up today for sure.

  • Looks great but why didn’t your team produce PlayStation Home content for the game? Check out the new Home Dev Kit v1.4 which makes it even easier to develop content. Offer Home content = more sales.

  • nice 4 my little n me she was plying the with the PSmove yesterday n she only 3 lol it was sport champions she didnt won any but she finish the game include my she was plying she got a higher score than me on 1

  • Me likey. Thanks!

  • you guys need to make full ps3 game. your way to good for a psn title. Even if is just 4 guys from radio shack. I wish you guys the best and hope to see what you have in store for 2011.. oh and some dlc of differnt bikes would be cool also a new course made by you guys and new challenges.

  • @chuckbait what collection are you talking about…you have peaked my interest with 3 games for 7.49

    @zezzler…i would like to know that as well

    @people who dont own this yet…no more excuses this is an absolute must have for $7.49

  • cant wait to pick this up been holding out for along time.

    but todays the day

  • dumb [DELETED] :( i wrote my comment wrong that what i get 4 typing to fast n not rereading it
    nice 4 my little sister n me she was plying the with the PSmove yesterday n she only 3 lol it was sport champions she didn’t win any matches but she finish the game include my mom was plying she got a higher score than me on 1

  • Are the DLC free and only region specific? Anyway for this price I will finally get Joe Danger, I loved the demo.

    • The new characters are coming out for all regions (they release in America today and the rest of the world tomorrow).

      Glad you liked the demo, I’m sure you’ll love the game!

  • grabbing it first thing when the store updates xD

  • PS+ will receive something?

  • I absolutely trust your mums! haha, you guys are great! Thanks for making Joe Danger it’s been a lot of fun even though I completely suck at it.. :(

  • @Dosx001…you can keep trying if you’d like. 0-2 so far.

    Related, yes I’m gonna pick this up today.

  • Can’t wait for this, JD is a fun game now I can start playing it again.

  • I just love this game, its fun and challenging. Everyone could play this game, my cousin is going to be happy when I tell her that this game is cheaper now! Keep up the amazing work guys! Can’t wait to hear about your next game if you ever make one! :)

  • Chuckles the Chimp = AWESOME

  • Nice touch with the monkey. I remember you mentioning at the Develop Conference that one of the publishers you went to wanted you to change Joe into a monkey because they thought it would make the game sell more.

    • We thought those publishers were crazy! Then after I gave that talk everyone said “a monkey in Joe Danger would be awesome”…

      Now that we’ve added “Chuckles the Chimp” I have to agree, monkeys in games actually rock…

      I reckon from here on, all our future games will have to have a playable chimp somewhere :)

  • Awesome Sean. If you need any testers, remember my name ;)

  • I do have the Joe Danger full game but might have play it again lol. Been to busy playing NHL 11 and NFS HP and now GT 5 tomorrow ;).

  • After having such an incredible blast with the demo, I was a fool not to pick this up at full-price. But I’m definitely jumping in now. Such an incredibly fun and charming game. Thanks Sean, and the rest of Hello Games. I wish you guys the best!

  • Looks like Joe Danger and Deathspank are going to be purchased by me. Half price for two quality titles with so much polish. Can’t be beat.

  • You guys are awesome.

  • Picking this up today.

  • does that video look like crap to everyone else too, whatever. This game is really REALLY AWESOME!

  • you can never go wrong with a rag doll monkey( especially when it looks like the monkey from the simpsons)

  • I <3 Joe Danger!!!

  • Yes let us all be thankful and give thanks to the Pilgrims who came to this land and killed off massive amounts native people with there diseases, then kicked them off there own land. Let us celebrate on the 25th Americas first biochemical atomic attack!!! /end sarcasm… This world is sick.. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE LOL!!!

  • NyPrince – Have some Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tears.

  • You guys better give us Europeans a 50% discount too.

  • Thank you for the new content. I am assuming it will just update when I play again. Glad to hear that you are all still playing around with the game and have plans for it since I spent a lot of time playing this after it was released.

  • I love Joe Danger! Thanks for the characters, Hello Games!

  • Thanks for continuing to support your product. I tip my hat to you guys.

  • What’s the price of the characters?

  • This is a fun game that we’ve had for a while now. When my 9 year old says, “Hey Dad, wanna play Joe Danger with me?”, you bet I do! Good job guys!

  • Is the video quality awful for anybody else?

  • My kids (one boy and one girl) love to play this game. I have the Demo and have been thinking about getting the game. Now at half price, I have to get it tonight when I get home. This is a fun game that kids of all ages can enjoy. When I was a kid, I played with a Evil Kinevel wind up motorcycle and action figure. I thought of that the first time I saw Joe :-)

    Thank you Hello Games for making Joe Danger!!!

  • @Sean, Yes! Monkeys will become the Hello Games staple… for a crazy reason.

  • .99 for each of the 4 add-ons. They are available now if you search for Joe Danger. I don’t understand why Joe Danger isn’t in my download list anymore. I went to re-download it but I couldn’t.

  • So when will this be available in Canada..?
    Kinda pointless to release anything on the 24th, as everyone and their dog will be playing….

  • I will be buying your game since it is on sale and looks fun. I wish more games would go on sale. People are still hurting from the economy, and buying $15 games isnt always an option, but being able to buy games for half off is something a lot of us cant pass up on.

    Look forward to having fun in your game :)

  • really 99 cents for a costume

  • I just purchased this game two weeks ago. Bummer.

  • this looks great might be picking it up

  • Good luck getting me to pay for costumes for a game I don’t play anymore. I’d honestly buy these and go back and complete the rest of the title IF YOU HAD *REALLY* LISTENED TO YOUR FANS AND ADDED CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS! Really!? A DLC update and still no patch for this essential feature? There are not enough games with CS support, and downloadable games like this with throwaway, unlicensed music like this are the worst offenders. Unacceptable.

  • Joe Danger is AWESOME and by far the most fun PSN game out there. LOVE JD!!!!!!

    One Question – where is the custom soundtrack option that was released a few months back in that patch that added all kinds of goodies?

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