Win, Lose, Draw: Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move Hits Tomorrow

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Last week we brought you the 2nd installment JAPAN Studio’s upcoming title Beat Sketcher, a PlayStation Move exclusive title that will be available for purchase in the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 23rd.

For this week’s developer profile, Art Director Kenei Hayama created the following video using Beat Sketcher.

Kenei Hayama – Art Director: “I just enjoyed drawing. My goal was not to draw a tune but to draw what I wanted to draw with freedom, as I drew, the music emerged naturally.”

Here are a few more cool pictures that were drawn using Beat Sketcher, just to give you all an idea of what you can create.

Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: User Art Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: User Art

Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: User Art Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: User Art

Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: User Art Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: User Art

Don’t forget to post links to your best YouTube Beat Sketcher videos! We’d love to see what all of you create! Also, as we mentioned in our previous blogs, the team will answer some of your questions in an upcoming post so don’t forget to to include them in the comments below.

Be sure to download Beat Sketcher for PSN available TOMORROW!

Lastly, let’s finish up our interview with the Beat Sketcher development team.

Q: What is the most exciting aspect of using PlayStation Move in Beat Sketcher?

A: With simple and intuitive game control that Beat Sketcher provides, you can create various works and draw a tune with your imagination. We believe this game experience will be very exciting moment for anyone who plays with PlayStation Move.

Q: What are your favorite moments so far in developing Beat Sketcher with PlayStation Move?

A: The moment when I could draw a soothing line as intended with PlayStation Move controls. Also, the moment when I could play tuneful sounds much better than expected, as a result.

Q: What challenges did you encounter in creating Beat Sketcher with something as innovative as PlayStation Move?

A: This is the first time the team developed a game using PlayStation Move, so we have encountered many challenges at every aspect during the production, and we keep our best to overcome these. Specifically, in terms of creating a very unique game experience that anyone can enjoy regardless of gender, age, or nations, we took a process of trial and error so many times, and finally decided the current final game design.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add about Beat Sketcher and PlayStation Move?

A: Other than enjoying doodling freely, Beat Sketcher is packed with many fun elements such as a new game mode fused with doodle and rhythm action game, or a game mode that you compete or cooperate with your friends and family that everyone from children to adults, alone or multiple people together, can enjoy.

Also, your created works in Beat Sketcher can be shared via globally – for example, a movie taken in the game can be uploaded to YouTube. We are looking forward to seeing that many great surprising works are created from Beat Sketcher all over the world!

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14 Author Replies

  • Looks awesome can’t wait

  • I really like the innovative idea, but I should definitely try the demo again. Overall looks great.

  • wasn’t that the same vid from the last post?

    How much will this game cost?

  • A price point seriously needs to be said, and should have been said 3 blog posts ago. It definitely looks really good, but it seems like it’s getting a LOT of advertisement space on the blog with the requests for a price gone completely un-commented-on.
    It makes me think this game is gonna be 14.99 or something ridiculous, and i dont even want it if it’s that much…

    Anyway game looks cool, but i’d be much more compelled to watch that video if you were to say its 5 or 7 dollars or something.

  • Same video from the last post.

    Will buy for the right price.

  • I’m not an artist, so I don’t think I’m interested.

  • since my question got skipped over on the last blog post, I’ll ask again:

    The sound quality in the demo sounded quite poor, especially given that the game is supposed to be music-focused. Will the shipping version have audio assets that are 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed (e.g. FLAC)?
    If not, why not?
    I had a lot of fun with the demo, but shipping MP3-quality audio on a PS3 exclusive game is generally not something I intentionally pay for.

  • looks good but when are we going be gettin some more fun ps move games like sports championship and other good games? :/ i aint into mag or res evil with ps move

  • I’m betting it’s gonna be 19.99 :/

  • any trophies?

  • We’ve got a preview over at including a couple of challenges and a Beat Sketcherfied Biggs from Critter Crunch!

  • @jimmyfoxhound It’s $9.99, definitely worth it.
    @poweredbyzen Yes, there are fourteen trophies:

    Some of ’em are pretty difficult to get, and a couple of them are a ton of fun (paint the screen).

  • Im with #7 here too.

    lol there was an entire post about the audio, and the codec used wasn’t even said. -.-
    xD lol whatever. I guess we can figure out tomorrow.

  • Does anyone know if the images will be able to be saved as JPEGs? It would be nice to save and print some of these out…

    • You can save images you draw to the HDD then print them out.. you can even print from your PS3 directly with a USB printer!

  • why does ppl ask if trophies sony confirm over a yr ago each game has to have them now starten back n 09

  • @ #13

    exactly. EVERY game from the PSN is REQUIRED to have trophies and it’s been like that for almost 2 years now.

  • Looking forward to this. I’ve really been enjoying the demo.

  • As a person who loves doing and seeing art this looks really neat. But when your a poor artist like me $100+ for playstation move just isn’t going to happen. :p
    Looks great though.

    • Beat Sketcher only requires one Move controller. If you have a PS Eye then you can grab a Move for only $49 bucks!

  • @12… You can export the pictures to the Photos section of the XMB, then save to USB etc.

  • I’m not really an artist but I can see this being fun alone or with other people just because the concept is so accessible. I really hope this game is $9.99 but given that a price hasn’t been announced I’m inclined to agree with #4 and #9 that it’ll most likely be $14.99 or up :(

  • Wow! The Move really has some precision! This looks like a fun creative application. When I get Move I will probably get this too.

  • this should have been an EyeCreate update

  • i agree with s.e.g. even if they wanted to make it a 2 dollar add on for eye create.

  • this is one Move game that im going to have to pass on

    it honestly doesn’t look like much more than ms paint

    w/ random music created by your strokes

    maybe once this title is discounted it may be worth picking up

  • Based on the Hong Kong price (HK$78) this should cost no more than US$10

    Quick review and wishlist, partly repeated from previous post

    Beat Sketch is good. The menu system reminds me of why Kinect needs buttons. It is really quick and easy to fly through the menus and options.

    This is not MS Paint. If judged solely on the Create Mode, it’s like Paint with music, image capture and video recording. Luckily there’s alternative game modes, mini games, some basic multiplayer, video recording while you complete challenges. Video recording in particular is fun, especially if you have some friends around.

    It’s kid friendly, and young kids that I’ve seen playing it love the whole ‘drawing on a magic mirror’ experience.

    For ~US$10 here it’s a steal.

  • What would make Beat Sketch even better would be a few of the update requests mentioned in the last blog post:

    1: Music on/off. Microphone on/off. It’d give us more creative freedom, and make Beat into a solid video blogging tool.

    2: Simultaneous multiplayer drawing, or at least support for two controllers so that you don’t need to keep passing the remote.

    3: Video recording in all game modes.

    4: Add your own music loops. It’d just be cooler like that, and make it attractive to music fans as well as art fans.

    5: Sticker Photo Booth style game mode. Take a selection of photos and draw on them with a friend at the same time, with more stickers and shapes available

  • 6: “Face in Hole”-style mode. Add your face to Sony/Columbia Pictures movie posters. Not really related to the main game, but it’d be used a lot by people, and promote Sony movies.

    7: Augmented reality. Draw something like a sword, then have it augment to your Move remote in the video stream. Cool, non?

    8: A few more pens, brushes and ink types. Rainbow, sparkling, colour-changing or animated brushes

    9: Adjustable stamp size. There’s a cool feature where you can cut out part of the image and paste it, but the size is fixed. It should be adjustable, like a brush, or have a freehand cutting tool.

    10: Add a few of the features that Anton M. played with in Move demos… they were amazing

  • I know I’ve listed loads of things in my feature request list above, but I still like the game as it is. I just think that with half of the features listed above, many of which would be easy to patch in, that Beat Sketch could become a “must-have” download for Move owners.

    The other half could possibly even be added in as paid DLC

  • I may really need to try this.


  • wow, this really makes me want a playstation move. the way the beats just come together after you draw something is awesome. just makes me wish i could draw.

  • @Lambrick

    I actually draw and write better with Move than I do in real life. How’s that possible

  • Yeah, this really should have been an EyeCreate update. MAYBE a $3 expansion pack.

  • So where is Beat Sketcher at? Why can I not DL this game today? It is NO WHERE to be found in the playstation store. It’s driving me nuts.

  • Our review is up, if anyone is interested in checking it out:

    Very fun game for every type of player.

  • Check out these Crazy videos people are making in Japan using Beat Sketcher!

    Crazy Giraffe guy!

    Masked Artist!

    Disappearing trick

  • I was just wondering if you can zoom in and out while drawing pictures. That would make it a lot easier to make complicated drawings.

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