ModNation Monday: Double VGA Nominations = Double XP Week!

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Last week, ModNation Racers was officially nominated for Best Driving Game and Best PS3 Game in the 2010 SPIKE TV Video Game Awards! To celebrate this great double honor, we’re going to kick off another week of Double XP. Starting tomorrow, November 23rd, go nuts and double your XP in MNR during the Thanksgiving holiday. It really is a special feeling to be recognized for making a game that we believe in, and we sincerely thank our awesome community for all your support.

Carnival Pack Available

We’ve seen what you’ve done with the Stunt Pack, and we can’t wait to see what that Carnival Pack brings to the Nation. Check it out tomorrow!

ModNation Racers PS3:  Ferris Wheel

ModNation Racers PS3:  Rotating Platform ModNation Racers PS3:  Fun House

Progressive Kart Available for Free Tomorrow!

ModNation Racers PS3:  Flo & Kart

ModNation Racers PS3:  Kart ModNation Racers PS3:  Flo

Flo needs wheels, and here they are. Starting tomorrow, you can pick up your pink slip for this sweet offroad truck for FREE courtesy of our good friends at Progressive Insurance! The Kart includes the Truck body and Progressive decals.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

With the release of the new Carnival and Stunts parts pack we want to see your tracks with those new props in them!

Mod & Kart of the Week

Mod Name: MNR Police Officer
Kart Name: MNR Police Pursuit
Creator: decrates

ModNation Racers PS3:  Police Mod and Kart

Ramone says: This little dude looks pretty cool. He’s clean all the way down to his detailed white gloves, and I get the distinct feeling that he’s ALL business. Coincidentally, he kind of resembles one of the guys at United Front Games…Decrates also made the perfect kart complement to MNR Police Officer in the MNR Police Pursuit. From the “To Boost And Drift” motto on the sides to the “Pull Over” message in front for any unlucky Mod’s rear view mirror, the detail and precision on this one are top notch. I really, really dig this Kart.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel by emailing and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: Elite Theme Park
Created by: RockToonz

ModNation Racers PS3: Elite Theme Park

ModNation Racers PS3: Elite Theme Park 3 ModNation Racers PS3: Elite Theme Park 2

RockToonz says: “This track has seven unique Elite Challenges, uses the Theme Park environment, and is good for Hot Lap and Track of the Week (action races)… Try it and you decide!

Ramone says: I’ve heard of underground racing, but I’d never really heard of race tracks with underground race hazards. You’ll just have to give try this track out to see what I mean. This track has got some awesome uses of the Stunt Pack, and I always love it when there are cool drift and jump opportunities that also involve risks. There’s a great, wide turn to get your Boost on, but it’s littered with flaming clowns that you’ll have to work around, and the big jump needs to be navigated in order to avoid obstacles and/or collect pods. I had nightmares after racing this one. I dreamed that I was about to jump a ramp and a mechanical dinosaur came up out of the ground to eat me. Well played, RockToonz. …well played.

Track Name: Venom Pit
Created by: MightyDeuce

ModNation Racers PS3: Venom Pit 3

ModNation Racers PS3: Venom Pit ModNation Racers PS3: Venom Pit 2

OverReAction says: “Created this track based around a pit of snakes, modeling using blocks and a few other props for eyes and detail. The track itself is an up and down twisting track designed for great racing and drifting. Track also incorporates two big jumps and a sprinkling of pods. There are no shortcuts in this one as I wanted the races to be as close and hard fought as possible. Thanks for looking.”

Ramone says: I should’ve known by the title that this might not be the track for me. The track is crazy fun, with some really good zig-zagging drift opportunities, but once I hit those jumps and got a bigger sweeping view of the track, the ophidiophobia kicked in and things got creepy. Look it up. It’s no fun on a track like this. This is a great one, though. Great for Action or Time Trial, this is one of those tracks that makes a perfect run achievable without being easy.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Elite Theme Park, by RockToonz
Tuesday: Venom Pit, by MightyDeuce
Wednesday: Mountain Switchbacks, by OverReAction
Thursday: Altago City, by apricot-jam-IS
Friday: ALPHA CITY, by SergioChileno
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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2 Author Replies

  • Any news/hint/wild guess on when Europe will get the carnival parts pack?

  • Congratulations! i love all the awesome play. create. share games, especially this one. so you have my vote for best driving game for sure!

  • Heck yeah! It’s clearly the ultimate kart racer; I would also call it the most original game for the PS3 this year. Even if it doesn’t win any awards it’s already won a very special Hamster-Award.

  • suggestion
    1. motorcycle kart
    2. make it so the hair doesn’t go through the helmet,so you can have both

  • hey ramone can you tell ufg to reset the best lap last hotlap?? i dont believe that it takes 26 secs only?!

    and can you include my track on x2 xp week hotlaps T_T becuase im on the monday spot and the x2 starts on tuesday :(


  • and ramone i have a video of that track…. i thought if my track pick you will include also the video

  • I really want to play some MNR, but you guys always have the Double XP event the same week as a Double Cash weekend for Uncharted 2! I’m torn, especially with GT5 this week, and still having to finish The Sly Collection and Fallout: New Vegas!

  • I love Modnations Racers. For me, its the best PS3 game because i love kart racing…. its like playing Crash Team Racing (1) again… nostalgia :,) but with amazing new features, keep up the good work guys!!!!!

  • I so voting for this game, congratulations on being nominated, and good luck on having your first award.

  • Congratulations for the nominations!.. I really think this game deserves it, and it still will be a great game for so long, with these new stuff for tracks, can’t wait for the carnivale pack that ferris wheel is perfect!

  • Ramone: Do you think my Island Jam track will be selected to show up here on Modnation Monday?

    Good Job with todays Modnation Monday. I can’t wait for the Carnival Pack!:)

  • It’s stupid of how people want GT5 to be nominated, it didn’t come out yet! How is that possible?

  • Congrats on the nomination. The best PS3 Game period!
    MSNBC also chose ModNation Racers in the top 5 games they recommend this holiday season fot the PS3.

    Hope to see FULL themes soon……….

    Thanks for the Double XP!

  • It kinda stinks that the double xp week starts the day GT5 comes out…

  • Haven’t played this in a while. Too many games!

  • There are better PS3 games. No offense!! It’s just that I think there are more more worthwhile that released this year: GOW 3 for instance, but congrats! ModNation is a great racer!

  • @16

    to be honest, gow3 has nothing to do competing with other games this year.. it’s a good game and has too much fans, but.. Red Dead Redemption is just hugh better than gow3… but that’s why categories are there…Modnation Racers is totally the best in it’s kind

  • Any idea on when you will have a new weapons packs to change it up any?

  • Not to take anything away from ModNation Racers (it’s a great game and all) but Spike TV’s VGAs didn’t even nominate GT5 in anything yet the nominate DK Returns when GT5 comes out only 3 days after it. Spike TV’s VGAs are a joke and I won’t be watching it. If there are any trailers released for games above mediocrity then I will find them on youtube.

  • Well the VGAs are crap, they always have the weirdest nominations of all awards, someone please tell me how can they make these awards about this year (2010) when the nominees ballot is closed after the (2nd ??) week of NOVEMBER meaning W(here)TF is GT5? and COD Black Ops nominated for game of the year MAJOR LOL!

  • You guys should be super cool and just do a double XP year, haha, congrats on the award nominations! They’re much deserved.

  • HeY!!! any chances of an actually kool DLC which includes NEW POWER UPS!?? PLS ill buy new power ups ASAP! its what this game needs to make me go back and play it…

  • Why do you keep spelling my name wrong?

  • sweet reasons to go back to MNR!!!!

  • Congrats on the nominations!!! MNR has easily been one of the most fun games released in 2010…

  • Congrats guys! Happy you’re getting recognized for making the best kart racker since Mario Kart 64 (IMO)!

    Gonna definitely hop on today to play some races. Actually, going to hop on right now! Thanks also for the double XP!

  • Hey Ramone,
    Double XP doesn’t appear to be in effect.
    Please check and confirm.
    My points earned for Time Trial and XP racing (not in Game Room, but checking Stats in ModSpot) don’t appear to be the double amount.


  • Okay,
    Went back in and things seem correct.
    Getting double Xp –

    sorry for confusion.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • @17: Red Dead’s good, but still not the best ever.

  • Looks like another week where DLC didn’t go up. The Carnival parts pack is up but wouldn’t you believe it the Progressive truck isn’t up. I guess since its free there is no incentive to get it up on the store when they say they will, what a shame.

  • awesome this is great

  • @30 RichieAppel

    ehm.. I just downloaded it… I don’t know if the store was reupdated or what but I saw both, carnival dlc and progressive truck

  • plz we need more double xp.
    I almost got Platinum on this game.
    Please make the Star Creator easier to get like only 100 000 Create XP.
    250 000 Create XP is retarded.

  • Hi, does Progressive truck and Flo wil be avaible to EU store ?? The last time, i wasn’t be able to download Flo, the appears in the modSpot but when i was selected it, the download wasn’t working.

  • @34

    Russell has said before that the Flo mod and Progressive kart it’s only available for US, so you could not be able to download them

  • Give us a modspot vote to kick system! the amount of rammers on this game is fast becoming ridiculous. Fix this one of two ways: 1. Give us a vote to kick system with a 5 vote system, if we vote to kick a player he cannot get back into the modspot until all players who voted him out leave. or 2. Make all the karts drive through each other in the modspot. I understand this game is geared more toward little kids, but us adult players have had it with the ramming. Only you UFG can put a stop to this madness yet you allow it to go on.

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