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The torrent of holiday-season games is finally starting to ebb (with one major exception), but the same can’t be said for the gaming news cycle. DLC is being worked on, titles are being patched, and one upcoming PSN exclusive will allow you to buy your way into the character lineup (for charity, of course). Read on, fellow PlayStation fans.

PS – Less than 3 days!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 15, 2010)

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  • waiting for both tetris and gran turismo. although, i wont be buying at launch cuz i gotta wait for my next paychech XD

    the vudu vid service was a nice addition to the ps3.because it gives you more choices,enough said!

    lastly, i wish sony latin america lots of success.but i have a question…will sony latin america have their own games as NA or what? i’m confused about that.becoz if they localize their own games then that could be usefull for those of us that lets say dont get said jrpg here..:0

  • Hey Jeff,

    What’s up?

  • Yes, its Sunday! Time for P.A.W: W.W.R.

  • One thing I have noticed, absolutely not a peep about any “significant” firmware updates. Also Jeff, you guys should to a yearly PS Share update post. This would address all the ideas that have been acted upon, maybe some that are in progress, some that are on the to do list and others that simply cannot be done at this time. This would be really appreciated, so that we can at least feel like we are making a difference.

    • We’ll probably do that once Share has been around for a year, which is in another 4 months. Good idea.

      However, I don’t want to get into a habit of identifying each idea that can or cannot happen. Bear with me – here’s why:

      Let’s say we go through and ID ideas that can’t happen – people will begin to assume that the ideas we *didn’t* label can and will happen. Like tomorrow. I prefer not to label ideas that *could* happen, because “maybe” = “yes” in the world of rampant gaming speculation. I’ve been here long enough to know.

      So we label that which has happened, or has been announced to happen (like the Team Ico collection). Think of Share as more of a listening tool and less of an idea status announcement vehicle. We do that via blog posts, etc.

      Believe me when I say it is making a difference. I’ve been in meetings where Share results have been discussed, and the feedback is really valuable.

  • As far as “titles being patched,” would you know if The Shoot may receive one in the foreseeable future? I really want to unlock all of the movies, but the demanding scores have me sitting at only having 3 of the 5. I have no clue if it’s just me who’s seeing it this way or what. I love the game, but at this point I put playing it on hiatus in hopes for a difficulty patch.

    I’m sure this is a pretty obscure question you may have no answer to, which is fine, but if that’s the case, could you kindly direct me to somewhere or someone I can ask about this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I haven’t heard anything about an upcoming patch.

      I do recommend you submit an idea to Share (link at the top of this page), and if it generates a decent number of votes, I’ll make sure that the developer sees the reqeust.

  • Bring back Sony Rolly!

  • Hope this bleach game makes it’s way to the states also hope this isn’t the exclusive that Sony’s gonna reveal on Dec 12 :) You guys have been on a good roll hope you keep it up.

  • I wish everyone over at Sony at an Happy Thanskgiving. For my thanksgiving i’m going to playing alot of God Of War:Ghost Of Sparta, which i’m going pick up in the next few days.

  • the link seems to be incorrect.

  • Jeff,
    Can you please tell me if Best Buy will sell the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition? I have a $200 gift card from there so that’s where I’d preferably pre order.

    • I’d imagine that to be the case (we’re doing a pre-order deal with them, as detailed here), but I don’t see it currently available for pre-order on their site.

  • Good articles. As for a workaround on the MSNBC article, just read the URL and you should be able to figure out what’s wrong with it. I’m 15 and I did. ;)

    • You’re a rare breed these days. I think sometime soon nobody will need to be able to read HTML. And that’s a good thing.

  • any idea when pac man releases as a psp mini, I’ve been playing the DX version on my xbox and it is sooo much fun, I know it’s the old version or so i think but i would love to have the new pac man on my psp, if u don’t answer that’s okay, as long as u read this post, it’s thanks enough

  • Hi Jeff!

    Last week I reported a problem with not being able to add DC Universe Online to my wishlist when I log-in to my account. You replied by saying that you would ask the people to investigate this problem. I’m sad to report that this problem has still not been resolved. Would you please ask them again to investigate? Thank you.

    • I did ask them to fix that, and some trophies not showing up in the PSN ID section. I know they fixed the trophies…

  • also u guys should include the new The 3rd Birthday updates which I as well as other gamers have posted under PSP Games such as:
    -Digital version being released on PSN for Japan
    -Customization of Aya’s DNA revealed with pics.
    -Maeda from Parasite Eve 1 returning also with pics.
    -Also new costumes for Aya such as the Maid and Knight costumes.
    -An official OST web site for T3B.

  • also u should include which was officially told by that Tekken 1 is releasing as a PSone classic for the US PSN, which I put under PSP Networking forum.

  • I’m very happy to see another MMORPG (Kingdom Under Fire II) coming to the PS3. It’s too bad that we have to wait until 2012 though. I just hope that if they plan on using a subscription payment model – that they keep the prices very low and offer PS Plus members generous discounts.

  • Dear playstation i have a very important issue to talk about my online games keep dropping and i know its not my internet because everyone i talk to has the same problem, i love my playstation best thing ever, so i was wondering if i buy the network plus will i get connection to better servers that dont dropp games ever? i am willing to pay for that thanks

    • Your problems are likely due to your setup, though I’m not tech support. Contact consumer services for a checkup, or ping them at

  • @Jeff: Thanks for the tip! I’ll go write something up for that asap.

  • Thanks for the great response Jeff! I completely understand. Team ICO is a great addition. KB at E3 was also great. I think Sony deserves more credit than they are getting, its just things like cross game voice chat have been below the radar for quite some time and to this day are heavily desired by the community. All in all I can’t be too jaded, PSN is free and given that fact it is a great value and a great experience. Again, thank you for your response.

  • Any Canadian based news?

    PS Still waiting on the PSP Phone

  • another stellar week for playstation!! man, i love being a ps fan!

  • I wish you guys would make a Legend of Dragoon 2.

  • hey jeff,

    really looking forward to purchasing dead nation with that plus discount

    additionally how long till we see an echochrome ii update?

  • @theonestunner. I agree. Legend of Dragoon 2 would be great. I wish the first one would appear on PSN for download too! :)

    Tetris on the PS3?! Sign me up! When is it coming out btw?

    Also: a new Pacman game this week? Cool!

    I’m excited about Grubbins on Ice (Costume Quest DLC. excellent) and I’m looking forward to Bioshock Infinite and I’m glad it won’t be laggy. :)

  • I also wish you guys would release Bust a Groove 1-3

  • Hey Jeff, as an early Christmas present can we get some news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII plzzzz?

  • Wat r u guys gonna do for Home? None of the major games have a Home public space. When is this gonna be addressed? Anytime soon or forget about it?

    Call of Duty, God of War, Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, Burnout, Killzone, MAG, Sly Cooper, Dead Space, Medal of Honor, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Tomb Raider, Fallout, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Mafia 2, GTA4, MGS4, Final Fantasy 13, Prince of Persia, Red Dead Redemption.

    See! None of the big titles. Just stupid.

  • Hehe. I thought HD tetris was a bit of a stretch (even if it’s great for multiplayer on a large TV) – but 5.1 surround? :D

    Maybe if it was something that worked like Twintris on the Amiga..
    (make sure you watch until the first tetris, and the smash afterwards :) )

    Comment on the playstation.share – I think what some of us want to know is what sort of suggestions that really are discussed. For example, when it comes to the most wished for features, such as cross-chat, jukebox, video and screenshot capture, etc. – all of those are technically possible to do, but it seems possible to imply from what’s been said that there are problems with licensing questions.

    So at least I would like to know what sort of obstacles there are, and what it would take for PS folks to find a way to work around the problems that are there.

  • Costume Quest DLC coming? Sounds great to me. Folks at Double Fine Studios sure make some awesome games.

    Between that, Dead Nation, Prince of Persia HD, Atlus 50% off sale, etc….even if I were to pick up a $50 PSN card, I *still* wouldn’t have enough to buy everything I wanted.

    Oh well, at least I have Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood to keep me distracted from all that until Christmas…

  • I have the version 3.50 but I can not play online when I log that calls an old version
    what I do?

  • FYI Jeff,

    The Enslaved trophies have not been fixed on the My Trophies page.

  • I have been sucked into the world of Fallout New Vegas and I just cant stop playing..unless I get a LBP2 beta code that is.
    Oh wait..GT5 is going to have something to say about that..oh and Dead Nation and the Sly collection and the Prince of Persia HD, so much to play and I dont have billions to clone myself to play them all at the same time…great time to have a PS3 imo..

  • hiya jeff? what’s your psn? so we can dead ops lol

  • Can’t wait for dead nation!

  • I have the version 3.50 but I can not play online when I log that calls an old version

  • So much good news! excited

  • i have a question. since black ops came out the ps3 servers have been absolutely horrible and with this new patch i can’t even finish a game with out it disconnecting me. i was just wondering if you knew when a new patch is coming out and if there is even gonna be one!

  • This will be quite the busy week. Buying a few things from the update plus the whopper that is GT5. I couldn’t ask for more gaming goodness in a single week. It’s like early Christmas. And please read this carefully, keep letting Vic Ireland do his work and bring more PS1 classics over like Arc and Alundra.

  • oh boy when is tetris going to be released in europe?

  • Tetris coming to PS3? Awesome. Just pure awesome.

  • CRAZY TAXI TROPHIES ARE BROKEN! They display in my list, but when I check my ID card, they are nowhere to be found. I have the icons and totals for trophies I’ve gotten since and those I had before, but the CT trophies are not showing up. Also, the system syncs trophies constantly- every time I enter.

  • How come every time I try and submit on PlaystationShare Blog, nothing ever goes through? It always says there is a related idea, but it’s never even close to the same thing.

  • Yes, I want one (a Sony Rolly) Those crazed little robots look like fun!

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