Worms: Battle Islands Hits PSP November 23rd with New Modes and Editors

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On Tuesday, November 23rd, Worms: Battle Islands will hit PSP as a PSN download, and the game is packed with great new features. At its core, it’s a traditional 2D Worms experience: a turn-based game where players use a mix of strategy and skill to move their army of worms about a landscape, and attack one another with a range of funny and surreal weapons, until the last team standing are declared the winners.

Worms: Battle Islands for PSP (PSN)

In Worms: Battle Islands, players can do battle across six distinctive environments: Nuclear, Desert, Underwater, Jungle, Chemical Plant, and Arctic (the game has a “modern conflict” theme.) There are new customization categories such as masks and backpacks, and over a hundred different items with which the player can leave their personal mark on their worms.

Multiplayer lies at the heart of the Worms franchise, and Battle Islands supports five different modes. The classic way to play Worms is Deathmatch, and is backed up with the fan-favorite Fort Mode. Introduced relatively recently to the series, the Racing Mode which sees up to four players race their worms around a circuit-like map, also makes a return for this game, and Triathlon Mode sees two players battle to be the best over three rounds.

Worms: Battle Islands for PSP (PSN) Worms: Battle Islands for PSP (PSN)

But the brand-new Tactics Mode is what makes this game unique, and is where the “Battle Islands” name comes from. Each player takes possession of a secret island base surrounded by a number of smaller islands, each of which can be home to an item. These items allow you to implement a tactical plan before the game begins. If the player uses their abilities wisely, they should be able to lever an advantage, and when playing Tactics Mode online the winning player gets to take something from their opponent’s island, so the game means more because something is at stake. The game can be played by up to four players, either locally by sharing the same PSP, over a wireless ad-hoc network, or over the internet using an infrastructure network.

Worms: Battle Islands for PSP (PSN) Worms: Battle Islands for PSP (PSN)

There are also over 70 single-player challenges split over the three modes: Campaign, Puzzle and the PSP-exclusive Time Attack mode. We’ve also added two new editor modes. With the Landscape Editor, the player can draw their own maps with a number of easy-to-use paint package-like tools, texture them, place items such as Sentry Guns and Land Mines, then use the maps for multiplayer matches. The player can even create their own Worms weaponry! When the player first visits the Weapon Factory they’ll find their options limited, but can unlock more functionality by collecting the blueprints scattered throughout the Campaign missions. The more blueprints there are in the player’s possession the more varied the weapons that they’re able to create.

I really hope you enjoy the game, and maybe I’ll see one or two of you online. Good luck! Worms: Battle Islands PSP is to be released digitally in the US from PlayStation Network on Tuesday, November 23rd for $24.99.

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  • what ever happened to worms 3D?
    Seriously? Move support Worms 3D in HD would be AMAZING!

  • FINALLY I can have worms downloaded to my PSP. You dont know how awkward it is to ask the store clerck “Hey, do you have worms?”

  • “I really hope you enjoy the game, and maybe I’ll see one or two of you online”

    So this means the game is Infrastructure? YES!!!!!! than I will be buying this than.

    • Hi – thanks, and yes, the game can be played by up to four players, either locally by sharing the same PSP, over a wireless ad-hoc network, or over the internet using an infrastructure network as you say. There is also some additional support for the latter option, with features such as leaderboards, friend lists and in-game messaging.

  • I was wondering when the actual game would come out. The demo has been out for a while now. Looks like I’ve got to get another PSN card for this as well.

  • @mark that is great! I like the friends list and in-game messaging option. Be sweet if it had voice chat lol just throwing a hint out there.

  • Worms brings back a ton of memories. My buddies and I would grab a case of beer, drink and play the original PS1 version until six in the morning. Good times, man. Keep up the great work.

  • any chance that this will make its way to PS+?

  • does the PS Blog have an e-mail I could reach you guys at?

    • Hi – glad to hear you are enjoying Reloaded and W2A on iPhone….maybe the infrastructure mode can tempt you to Battle Islands at some point too?

  • Sweet! I never liked turn-based strategy games but Worms is the only exception! It’s hilarious and I would spend hours playing the PSN version with my friends online! The amount of content being put into this version is excellent and seems well worth the price! Keep up the great work Team 17!

  • Wii version $30 and the downloadable portable version is $24.99?

    Is there a rule that requires downloadable PSP games to be overpriced? I seriously do not understand how the pricing is still out of whach.

    I would have thought by now devs/pubs/Sony would have figured out nobody is willing to pay these insane prices.

  • @Krae “Nobody is willing” can’t make a generalized statement like that when you do not have the facts. I am buying this game. I figured I will try a game that I normally would not play. So that price tag will no scare me away. If it did not have online multi-player, then I would not buy it.

  • PSP software sales are terrible, you don’t need to look any further then Sony’s only financial statements to back up that up.

    It’s not like the statement “PSP software is overpriced” is some out of left field position nobody has, It’s more like a reality.

  • Worms + Infrastructure = Must have!!! I’m getting this the second I can get my hands on it!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Looks like it has some unique features, though personally I don’t really care about online multiplayer.

    Team17 should consider introducing some more RPG features, such as levelling up, item/weapon synthesis, an engaging and emotionally wraught storyline (yes, even worms deserve love),etc…

    LOL @ Big_Hawk97

  • I have to ask… Is the Battle Pack DLC for Worms 2: Armageddon supposed to come with trophies? I’ve read several press releases this past week touting new features and trophies, but no new trophies were added! :(

  • Thanks for responding! There’s also one more huge bug on Worms 2: Armageddon for PS3 that has really ‘bugged’ me and my online buddies. Namely the one where you can only do one round to win. We would have to invite each other after every round, and just wished we could do best of 3 rounds won or whatever. It’s quite annoying. :/

    • Hi, I will speak to the guys about both these PS3 isssues you mention, and get back to you at the start of next week if that’s ok?

  • Excellent! Thanks for hearing us out! :D

    • Hi, sorry for the delay in responding, I have checked in with the guys about the PS3 things you mentioned, and they are currently evaluating feedback on both the main game and the Battle Pack DLC since launch, and issues that need addressing will be updated with a patch/update as soon as this is possible – hope this helps?

  • I’ve been a Worms fan since I got it on the Amiga 600, back in the day.

    Will this be coming to PS3 too? It’d be great to see some cross-platform multiplayer with PSP and PS3 in the same game.

    For most games it’s near impossible, but for a (great) 2D turn-based game like this it should be much easier.

    Add HD graphics on the PS3, a little lens flare, and you’re done :D

    (In a perfect world, buyers of the PSP version would, like PS Minis, automatically get the PS3 version, and vice-versa… nudge nudge wink wink)

  • Is this game still comming out? I checked the Playstation Store today and it was not there :/

  • I have Worms 2 on the PS3 and have been a fan for years(including 3D) and I was wondering if there will be anymore add-on content for Worms 2 such as this very appealing new weapon creator mode as well as maybe a customization pack or two. I think Worms is a game perfect for becoming like PAiN or LittleBigPlanet and having a constant stream of small things to download and I would greatly enjoy that personally. I am also curious if this new PSP game will have any add-on content as well.

  • I got it!! But i dont see anyone online :I

  • I’ll take that as a no.

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