Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3: Console Gaming Personified

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Dood! I just wanted to stop by to provide you with some tasty tidbits about Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3. The epic tale of the meek Neptune, Compa, and IF on their search for Histoire is headed to the U.S. and I wanted to talk more in-depth about the game.

Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3

The battle system in Hyperdimension Neptunia provides customizable, varied approaches to gameplay. Each character is able to build combos against mobs and bosses, and depending on how you decide to link or structure your four-command combo, some really powerful abilities and really long chains can be created. For example, you can use an ability called “Skill Link” as the final hit in your combo chain that will allow combinations to string together and restore some AP (action points) and create higher hit and damage counts.

Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3 Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3

In other words, if you create a combo as X, X, O, O, with the final O using “Skill Link,” you will begin a new combo with O as the first command. Then, you can chain your second combo like, say O, X, X, X, with the final X using “Skill Link,” or another ability. One such ability is “Transform,” a mechanic allowing you to access a CPU’s HDD form (or Console Patron Unit’s Hard Drive Divinity form) at the end of a combo chain so the goddess characters can transform into their true forms for extra power and much… tighter… clothing. It comes in real handy against that boss who would otherwise own you, or those lonely nights on the couch. Hah!

Lastly there is a combo ability that will let you select a party member in your reserves to “Switch” with you mid-combo and have them continue a second string of moves against the mob or boss. As your characters level up, new abilities unlock and add to your repertoire. I appreciated not having to access a Fight/Magic/Item menu during the battle sequences and liked how the controller buttons corresponded to different attacks, let alone the sheer number of combos you can create using the buttons in any combination.

Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3

Along the way, Neptune will bump into three other buxom female characters named Noire, Vert, and Blanc in Gamindustri. These three characters are known as the three goddesses, or CPUs. Upon transformation, they become Black/White/Green Heart which are their true goddess forms. Each has their own particular personality traits and flaws. I appreciated the subtle references to the actual game consoles they personify – especially how some of their predominant console flaws are pointed out and are portrayed as people instead of machines, hehehehe. As for the villain in the game, she is known as Arfoire, who is hell-bent on wreaking havoc in Gamindustri. She is the embodiment of all things evil and wrong in the gaming world and will constantly appear to thwart you in your journey to find Histoire.

The world itself is divided into the four major areas of Planeptune, Leanbox, Lastation and Lowee. Within each are countless dungeons for exploration and questing. Between the dungeons and quests, you will frequent places called Basilicoms where you meet other quirky characters to help drive the storyline and keep things interesting as you progress through the game.

Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3 Hyperdimension Neptunia for PS3

On a quick side note, we are going to be having a Thanksgiving sale starting Monday the 22nd, and it will be running for a whole week! Each day there will be discounted items, so make sure you stop by our NIS America Online Store and don’t miss out on some really good deals, dood!!! Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to add us on Facebook for constant updates and news as it happens!

Thanks for hanging out with me today to listen about the exciting new Hyperdimension Neptunia, dood. Don’t forget to check out our juicy Hyperdimension Neptunia website that goes live today! Hold tight for another few weeks or so and we’ll have a rocking trailer for all of you to see!

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  • Looks awesome! Thanks for great news!

  • I’m looking for this game. It reminds me of Trinity Universe that was another fun game.
    Also the concept for the story seems interesting.
    I just wish it had a video of the battle system.

    • Hey, dood!

      Hang tight, we are going to be uploading more and more screenshots on the website going forward so that you can get a few more visuals of the system. I know there are also a lot of trailers from the Japanese version out there if you wanted to take a gander before we get our US Trailer up!



  • Sounds pretty coolio. will there be a demo?

    • Hey Zezzler,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have plans for a demo of this title. Stay tuned for a U.S. trailer though!



  • Looks interesting.

  • I am really hyped for this game! Finally getting an EU release :D Was going to import but decided not too! Good choice it seems! Extra stuff for the English version as well!!!

  • so this game is kinda like xenosaga.

    • Heya, dood!

      The battle system itself does share a few similarities with Xenosaga with the combos. Overall the game itself is like a hybrid between Xenosaga and Mana Khemia battle wise. ^^



  • Arfoire! LeanBox, Lastation! LoWee, I love the names.

    I cant wait for next weeks sales, please Trinity Universe be on sale!!!!!!!!!!

  • NISA Avatars, where?

  • That sounds like a pretty interesting combo system, can’t wait to try it out!

    Is the US version going to have some of the DLC released for the Japanese version included already?

    Also, how is the box art coming out? I didn’t care for the US Rorona boxart :(

    • Greetings, dood!

      The US version will have the same DLC as Japan, but it will not be included, unfortunately. On a positive note the Japanese patch that decreases load times and allows you to skip animations is already implemented in the game.

      As for the box art, it is coming along really well and we should be able to have that to show fairly soon. Keep your eyes peeled for a Prinny Bomb & Facebook update with the art!



  • “Each character is able to build combos against mobs”

    Please stop, this isn’t Rogue.

  • This game looks awesome! Also, are you no longer selling Trinity Universe on your store? I was wanting to buy it but now I can’t find it!

    • Hey Ska-Boom,

      I know had just gotten a few copies of Trinity Universe in our store about a month ago, but currently if you don’t see it on there it means we’re out of stock at the moment. If you subscribe to our Prinny Bomb we usually announce when we get more copies in!!



  • Truly fantastic news guys. thanks so much for bringing it over :). cant wait to pick this up, Ar Tonelico and Disgaea 4 :D. please keep up the great work and hopefully someday we also get to see the Tales of games coming our side in English. NISA thank you!

  • lol PS3 FTW

  • @creid8

    NISA is the publisher who is bringing us the localized version, not the developer.

  • really cool that you guys are releasing this in the States.

  • Ryan –

    The avatar you’re using is awesome (Z.H.P.). Would would be more awesome is if it were actually available as a purchasable avatar on the PSN store :p

    Thanks for the update on Neptunia. Looking good!

    • Thanks dood!

      Complimented Ranger!!! As for the purchasable Avatar I’ll have to get back to ya on that one, hehehe.

      Happy Friday!


  • cool this game looks sweet

  • hi ryan. i dont want to sound pedantic or even trollish but is the gameplay like trinity universe? if so, will you guys guarantee that the game will be bug free?? i’m asking because the kanata story/path of trinity universe was kind of buggy and you guys didnt support or patched up the title even tough i e-mailed robbie about the matter…

    anyways,i just wish you guys give your titles more support when the games comes out with bugs…that surely would be pretty much well apreciated among your fans & costumers…

    • Hey perrandy,

      Good questions. So far, from what I have seen along with our editors, is that the game is really solid at this stage in localization. As usual, we are hades-bent on doing exhaustive QA’s on our titles and really work with the developers to put out a product that is stable and without freezes.

      I can let you know that unfortunately there will not be the option to include your own soundtracks. However, there are other customizable things in the game *wink* *wink*

      As for post-launch title support, we really are at the mercy of the developers for patches and such. We take all feedback seriously and forward it directly to them. At that point, it really is up to them to release subsequent fixes. On a positive note, our US version will automatically include the Japanese patch that decreases load times and allows you to skip animations!

      Hope this helps!


  • Love the PS3 JRPGs NIS brings (that’s a lot of abbreviations…), but they always seem to be so damn hard to find. I’ve yet to see a single copy of Atelier Rorona in stores…

    Hopefully I’ll get around to preordering this one so I don’t miss it. Got a release date yet?

    • Greetings Zarxce!

      Depending on your area and local game store, sometimes it may be tough to find certain titles unfortunately. =/ The good news is that our online store still has plenty of copies of Atelier Rorona =) If you ever get in a pinch, you can preorder through our store, that way you can take advantage of our preorder bonus items that are typically offered to fans who use the online store. =)

      As for the release, it will be in February, 2011!!!


      – Ryan

  • Hello again, Ryan. Just wanted to ask you to kindly ask the developing team to not use copy protected files because they make it unable to quickly backup your save.

    Please notice the growing opposition to this type of save file:



    • Hey AriesWarlock,

      I hear what you’re saying about copy protected files. We’ll definitely explain to the developers that there is an increasing movement for copy protection to be removed for valid reasons.

      However in the end, since we are only localization, we just don’t have the final say. The developers control all the chips when it comes down to copy protecting their games, so unfortunately, it’s entirely up to them. =/

      Hope this gives you some insight,


      – Ryan

  • Reminds me of SEGAGAGA!

  • Played the import, yeah… no. Pass.

  • oh another question does this game support custom soundtracks?:0

  • does this game support custom soundtracks?:0

  • sry for the double post

  • Another game where they fail to dress women..

  • i love jrpg’s is this going to be a PSN release and if so how much?

    • Greetings!

      It will be for retail only, unfortunately. We will announce preorder information & pricing on our online store in the upcoming months!!!



  • I don’t need to say that I’m gonna get this ASAP, do I? Besides….. “Overall the game itself is like a hybrid between Xenosaga and Mana Khemia battle wise. “…. I think I just freaked out lol

    • Hi Moonglare!

      We’re glad you’re excited, dood! Stay tuned for updated info on the website along with a trailer!!!



  • I’m pretty excited about Neptune. I really didn’t think it would get a US release. With regards to the NISA Online Store Sale, I’m hoping to pick up an Asagi Prinny Plush and Toradora! Volumes 1+2. ^^

    …Any new updates for the NISA Avatars? :)

    • Hey Jerel,

      Make sure you check-in daily to our Online Store next week as the sale items will change depending on the day!!!

      Avatars are dated for Dec. 21st!



  • Is there any set release date yet? These are the type of games that as soon as they pop up in GameStop’s reserve list I need to pre-order the sooner the better.

  • Will this game also be on PSN or just disc.

  • Is this gonna be a PSN game or a retail game? It looks interesting

  • thank you thank you THANK YOU for localizing this game NIS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I cannot wait to play it!! :D

    • Hey dood!

      Happy Ranger!!! Awesome, dood!! Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the February Release!!!


      – Ryan

  • my mind, it asploded. this is awesome derp sauce!!!

  • Looking forward to this one. I hope there’ll be a nice bundle on the store for it in the future ^,^

  • I would like to thank you Ryan for your response on that subject, and thank you again for even pointing out a date. Keep up the excellent job there at NISA, I’m always counting on you guys.

  • Oh, and if I may, what games are the avatars going to be? Mostly Nippon Ichi property or maybe some Gust and Idea Factory’s games?

    • Thank you for the kind words Shizuka5!!!

      The Avatars will be of Nippon Ichi Software licensed characters and games!

      Have an awesome weekend!


  • Give me a NISA (girl from Neptunia) avatar and I’ll forever be grateful.


    since neptunia is already set for february and ar tonelico qoqa for march now i am just need to wait for disgaea 4 and atelier totori release date^^

    and maybe you guys can please try to do some intense chat with namco bandai japan, to bring some PS3 tales of here (especially vesperia and graces f)

  • I’ve been hearing about this from game site like Kotaku. I like the story and the concept (better then any JRPGs I’ve played).

    • Hey Midedo2007!

      The story definitely is a cool idea and really captures a lot of funny aspects of the gaming world. If you are a console gamer, you will probably appreciate a lot of funny things that our editors have tucked away in the game, hehehehe.


      – Ryan

  • Ever since I first heard about this I loved its premise. The whole console war thing and the personified consoles (can’t really call them OS-tans can we?) just make it so adorable. Day 1.

  • No Prinny love here…u_u ( I’ll fix that )

    Hey DOOD!

    Total props to you guys localizing all these great games for us. Not only that…anime too!( Shout-out for Working!! ) Overall this one looks pretty interesting just for the story alone.

    Furthermore… You guys just saved me from importing it ^_^

    In ending, HAPPY THANKSGIVING DOOD! ( That TurkeyPrinny in the Prinnybomb was awesome. Maybe a plush is in order? )

    • Dood!

      Much Prinny love straight from NIS America!

      We’re really stoked for next year as the lineup is looking really good! Stay tuned!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too, dood. I’m going to rock Thanksgiving Prinny style and do some drinking/sleeping and probably get yelled at by Demon Lord Grandma!!! J/K Grandma’s not a demon lord, but there will be plenty of yelling hahahaha.


      – Ryan

  • This is a day one purchase for me.

    I know it’s a tiny bit off topic, but you all have GOT to make an edition of Ar Tonelico III with a soundtrack. I’d definitely pay extra for the OST.

  • I just noticed this
    Leanbox = xbox
    Lastation = ps
    Lowee = wii
    Planeptune = ???
    Anyways, is the game going to have dual language?

  • @44

    Yep of course it will, all NISA games include both audios

    • Greetings dagonzero & Destiny89!

      You are most definitely correct! There will be both!! ^^

      Have a stellar weekend, dood!!!


  • @dagonzero

    Planeptune = Sega Neptune that never made it into production.

    The villain Arfoire = R4 piracy

  • I’m so excited I had to post twice on here! Good gosh I don’t know what I’d do without NIS this gen! :)

  • I’d love to preorder from your store, but shipping rates to Canada are astronomical. Even the bonuses aren’t worth the shipping, despite my extreme love for all things NISA.

    I can’t wait for this game.

  • Consider this BOUGHT (that is if this makes it to Europe). What a cool and crazy premise for a game.

  • No turn based combat, no buy. Simple as that. Im so sick of playing RPG’s that are action based. Why in the heck would I wanna play a broken action game? RPG’s done sell like they used to. Just look at games like Skies of Arcadia, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy X and you will see the formula you need to have a good and successful game.

    • Greetings, dood!

      Sorry for the confusion and the late reply! Please let me clarify. The game actually is much like the games you just mentioned. The combo system is very much present, but within a turn-based style gameplay. You control each player individually and have the ability to construct different combinations/attacks per turn, per player. So hopefully this is some good news!!!!



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