Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move: Q&A, New Video

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Last week we introduced you to Japan Studio’s upcoming PSN title Beat Sketcher, a PlayStation Move motion controller exclusive title that will be available for purchase in the PlayStation Store on November 23rd.

This week we’d like to introduce Sound Director and Composer Mr. Yasuhiro Kawagoe – and show you a new video that he created using Beat Sketcher. UPDATE: Correct video added!

Yasuhiro Kawagoe – Sound Director * noisycroak Co., Ltd. Learned Jazz theory and Drum performance in a musical academy. Since graduation, he has been worked as a performer and composer. Now he mainly works on game music and sound, such as the What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? and No Heroes Allowed! (as musical performer), Patchwork Heroes (as sound director), and echochrome (sound effect manipulation).

This week, the Beat Sketcher team shares some of their thoughts behind the creation of Beat Sketcher. If there are any questions that you would like us to ask the team, leave a comment and we’ll try our best to include them in the next blog post!

Q: How do you use PlayStation Move motion controller in Beat Sketcher?

A: In Beat Sketcher, you can doodle at will by using the PlayStation Move as a pen. A whole screen shown on your TV is a canvas, so you need to move not only your hands but also the whole body widely. Doodles created by your movements hit the notes, overlap, and become music. It generates a new experience because you can enjoy drawing and sound at the same time!

Q: What are the benefits of using PlayStation Move in Beat Sketcher?

A: Various nuanced expressions are easily produced with intuitive controls, such as dynamic line by using Japanese-Calligraphy-like brush pen, calligraphy line making full use of wrist twist, or an intricate line by using an ultrafine pen tip.

Q: How has the high degree of accuracy and speed afforded by PlayStation Move helped in creating Beat Sketcher?

A: When a player draws, the player’s moving position and drawing speed can be used as accurate control input. So PlayStation Move’s capability enabled us to realize various types of expression as mentioned above.

Q: How does PlayStation Move change the way you approach and play Beat Sketcher compared to other “drawing games”?

A: There are some existing games that you can enjoy drawings, and those are static type of gameplay that mainly use a mouse or pen tablet for input. When we develop a PlayStation Move-exclusive game, we had the idea to create something that enables the doodle itself to be more dynamic gameplay by making full use of the motion controller capability.

Specifically we were very inspired by a famous Japanese illustrator and singer, Ms. Ado Mizumori, who is well-known in Japan for her performance of drawing a transparent acrylic board while singing a song that lyrics tells what she is drawing. We were also inspired by a series of pictures shot in 1949, which captured drawings by Pablo Picasso with light.

We also consider that the sound is one of the important factors to make doodle dynamic play, and keep working on how to integrate it in the game since the early stage of the project. Finally we reached the current style that to create the sounds and drawings at the same time.

We’ll be back next week with the second half of the developer interview and introduce you to Mr. Kenei Hayama. In the meantime, here are a few more awesome pictures that were drawn using Beat Sketcher, just to give you all an idea of what you can create.

Beat Sketcher for PSN: User-created art Beat Sketcher for PSN: User-created art Beat Sketcher for PSN: User-created art

Beat Sketcher for PSN: User-created art Beat Sketcher for PSN: User-created art Beat Sketcher for PSN: User-created art

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Network on November 23rd!

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11 Author Replies

  • I will be getting this day 1 provided the price is right. My family had a lot of fun with the demo.

  • Can’t wait to get this game next week!
    I LOVE drawing/painting! Add sound and music to the mix and I’m delighted!!!

  • How much and any trophies?

  • I said Wow. Really, I said it.

  • The music in that video sounded kind of silly, but I could see how if it was used properly it could sound a lot better. I don’t know how much time I would spend on this though.

  • That looks like the kid from Boku no Natsu Yasumi which, btw, you should bring out to the US!

  • LOL, this better no more than FREE, I’m sorry my computer comes with a PAINT app.

  • depending on how much it is, i’ll buy it. :D

    4.99 seems like an ideal price, but something tells me its gonna be 10. In which case, ill wait for it to go on sale.
    I still need to pick up Tumble. :/

    Anyway the game looks cool either way! :D If i had unlimited money, i would definitely buy it lol.


    Comes free with the operating system which was bought. If your response is that your OS was free because it came with the computer, check the price of that same computer without an operating system (hint: it wasn’t free). If your response is that your OS was free because it’s linux based… Linux is only free if your time is worth nothing.

    In the end, comparing this to either msPaint, myPaint, or GIMP is incomprehensible on its own right. Play the demo to see what I mean. Comparing this to one of the “free” paint programs (loose use of the term free… very loose) is like comparing Mod Nation Racers to Super Tux Kart… By your logic, Mod Nation should be free because Super Tux Kart comes free with my computer.

    • One thing that I’d like to point out is that Beat Sketcher is much more than a paint program. It’s part music, part painting, part performance. it took allot of care and love for the team to create this game and I’m sure everyone who spends time creating musical paintings will agree that it is a really unique experience!

  • The sound quality in the demo sounded quite poor, especially given that the game is supposed to be music-focused. Will the shipping version have audio assets that are 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed (e.g. FLAC)?

    If not, why not?

    I had a lot of fun with the demo, but shipping MP3-quality audio on a PS3 exclusive game is generally not something I intentionally pay for.

  • Anyway, buying this day one. Also, thank you for the clarification on my post Mr. Weising.

    Very much looking forward to this game after playing the demo.


  • @N_8_

    Fair and valid points enough, I don’t see myself buying this.

  • Wait what, PSN title now a while ago it was coming to bluray disc
    now which is it?

  • Everytime I try playing the demo I see a strong, handsome, muscular man looking back at me
    (Will get this day 1)

  • good luck selling this, i’ll stick to paper and pencil, and i’ll even upload some to youtube if you’d like to see some of my art

  • A couple of questions:

    What is the counter – 1 – 2 – in the upper corner?

    Both this video and the previous 1 showed adult men drawing very slowly and methodically. Can my school age children just go wild on this like the new Yoda Jedi or must they draw like old school Ben and Vader?

  • @16 my friends 4 year old had a blast scribbling all over the place in the demo. Kept up with him 1:1.

  • Seriously, Sony, it’s time to unleash the ban hammer on all these trolling accounts.

    God, if you trolls hate this game, why even comment? It’s really unnecessary and all it does is clutter up the comment wall.

    Ontopic: Going to give the demo a try. I just got my move bundle a few days ago.

  • I hope you are not saying I am a troll! Dam other people have opinions too! If our opinions disagree it does not mean we are trolls! Grow up and get a life!

  • BTW @19 was for Band2eto

  • shouldnt this be for free? its only painting after all

  • wow finally i can get in… i wonder how the rest of you guys got in to comment since the psn was down? :/

    anyways, this game should be good for those ppl that have artistic inclinations…XD

  • i forgot if im able to use 2 move controllers at the same time?is this just painting or you can do some kind os movies with this

    • You can record videos of yourself as you make your painting.. to music that evolves with each brush stroke. Then you can share your videos with the world via Youtube.

  • I love to draw in my spare time and I’m looking forward to try this new way to do it on the PS3. Who knows, maybe in the future I could post an “OILIX Beat Sketcher gallery” on central park. Good job guys on this!

  • @21: Implying that painting is free. Go buy some good brushes, paint and a canvas and see how much that’ll set you back. Or how about you invest in a good tablet to use with a program on your computer.

    No decent alternative to drawing is cheap. If you’ve already got a Move for other games, then an extra $10 or whatever the price will be is nothing for this.

    Plus, it’s not just painting. It’s creating music along with each stroke and you can upload to youtube the entire thing.

  • Nice But I Don’t Like It Lol

  • Oddly I find myself interested in this, which is odd because I’m terrible at drawing and don’t really like to. I am, however, interested to see what my toddler would do with it.

    I don’t own Move though (at least yet) so it will have to stay on the back burner until a full up game comes along that I’m interested in.

  • Definitely would love to get this if I could upload my own sounds. Seems like it would be easy to put in a loop and get a phase, pitch and flange effect on it.

  • i’ll wait till it becomes free for plus members
    that shouldn’t take long

  • George,

    THAT’S WHAT I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE! I can’t wait to see what people can create with it.

    Your going to absolutely love what I’m going to make though.

  • It’s true that Beat Sketch is about the performance as much as the drawing. We’ve made some truly fun and embarrassing videos using it since we got it on Hong Kong PSN last week.

    If you’ve got a few crazy friends then you can have fun making videos with Beat Sketch, and the video recording function makes it so much more than just a paint program.

  • I do have a few comments and suggestions since downloading it, though, some of which I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

    1: This game really needs the option to turn off the music and to turn on the mic. You could make amazing video blogs with it, and the function would be so easy to add. With a simple “Music on/off – Mic on/off” option this would become the ultimate blogging tool. I know it’s “supposed” to be a music game, but the performance aspect is limited without the option to use a microphone.

    2: Simultanious multiplayer with two Move controllers would enhance the game. You should be able to draw together, at least in Create mode. Right now there is no support for a second controller, so you always need to pass the controller around. At least patch it so that we can take turns but use separate controllers.

    3: Video recording should be included in all game modes.

    I hope someone passes on these comments to the developers because it would enhance the gameplay a great deal.

    • Not only will we pass these comments along, but the team is reading your comments and may respond to some of them in a future Blog post! Keep it up :-)

  • @pitythefool852 and @Ayjent – I agree completely with you guys

    Beat Sketcher is a solid drawing title, and it does what it does very well. If the devs made a few minor modifications it could become a great multi-function title too.

    Support for multiple controllers is a must. Just adding this would make Beat Sketcher into a good party game.

    Being able to turn off the music and record just your voice would make it into a great way to make YouTube videos that could include writing or drawing. It’d be good promotion as more people would then see Move online and in action.

    Being able to add your own music loops would also make it more attractive to music enthusiasts, as it would allow more creativity beyond the current loops.

    These are tiny changes, but they would make Beat Sketcher more attractive to different kinds of people.

  • Actually, a few months ago I made a Blog Share suggestion for a sticker photos game. Sticker photo booths are really popular here in Asia, and Beat Sketcher, again with a little DLC modification, would make a great sticker photo style game.

    This is the kind of booth that I’m talking about:

    It would be a small step to add the same functions and interface style of this booth to Beat Sketch as an extra game mode. Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls would love to have their own home sticker photo maker… maybe western girls too.

    • Since you can already hook a USB printer up to your PS3 and save your pictures, If you buy label printer paper you should be able to print stickers!

  • @George Weising

    I’d love to share some videos, but we were going a bit crazy with it at the time. I’ll try to make some less embarrassing ones and upload next week.


    My other half would love that, bro. I checked out your Share post, and there’s some nice ideas. I hope you don’t mind me copying and pasting them here…

    “Take a photo and:
    -Draw on it with Move
    -Add stickers, icons and words to it
    -Put your faces on cartoon bodies or into movie posters (ie. change you into Jack Sparrow)
    -Change backgrounds
    -Use PlayStation Move to add augmented reality items like swords, or fans (see the first PS Move tech demo)”

    Sounds amazing to me :D

  • @George “Since you can already hook a USB printer up to your PS3 and save your pictures, If you buy label printer paper you should be able to print stickers!”

    Exactly! Or just upload directly to Facebook.

    What I was hoping for was something a little more like what’s in the YouTube video I posted. Two players drawing together on a set of photos taken with the camera.

    Maybe a few more pen types, a rainbow pen, a calligraphy brush, spray paint can, more shapes for pasting in to the picture. As it’s a video recording, you could make dynamic animated pens that change colour or sparkle.

    All it really needs is an easy-to-use interface that lets you simply take a set of photos, and then split the screen so that you and your friend can get creative on them. You could record video at the same time for an even funnier experience.

  • Just to let you guys know I played on the demo and drawing with the move feels so natural, like pen and paper natural, much better than MS Paint with a mouse!!
    I will buy it up and see how much more I can do with the full version

  • @25 so you are saying that this “game” is on par with a good tablet or paint brush + canvas? I can get a piece of paper and a pencil and do the same thing and probably even better. Heck if I get good at it I can become an artist then upgrade to a paint brush and a tablet. Also how about paint? or photoshop? you can do the same things and you can use a program like movie maker to turn it into a video then upload it to youtube nothing special there…

  • I just think this should be an app not really a game that will cost $10 or so

  • People are judging the game based just on the Create mode.

    Yes, if you just look at that then it might not be worth it, but there’s other modes too. There’s mini games inside as well as challenges. This is not just a paint programme and shouldn’t be judged as one.

    I’d have to agree with most of the suggestions above though… especially about using two controllers and having more control over sound and microphones

  • I was very, very impressed with the demo. I will surely be getting this as everyone else stated, it will be a nice medium away from what we usually play. This game is for ALL gamers, not just casual or hardcore. Its for everyone!

    The pictures you have displayed showing the kinds of drawings people made using the game is phenomenal. Sends chills down my spine to know what great works of art people are going to come up with! Is there a time on Tuesday of next week for when this game will be up for download? Let us all know because this game is going to be too fun!

  • I really had some problems with demo. The first screen says to push O buttom, but I press the button and nothing happens…

  • @clbulek

    It was a problem with the demo. The game only recognised the Move controller if it was in a particular controller slot… I can’t remember if it was slot six or seven.

    Hold down the PS button and change the slot on your Move controller, and it should work fine. The final game (perhaps after patch) doesn’t have this problem. It still tells you that Move isn’t connected on launch, but then runs fine.

  • @pitythefool852

    Thank you very much…You are very kind to help me. And it works fine in 7 slot.

  • @AnthonyTonyMagic

    There’s already a spray can, but I would like a better one.

    Do you remember the first demo of Move from when it was still a motion controller? The spray can and paint brush that Anton M. used created much more realistic effects. The spray can here is quite generic, and could do with some customisation

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