This Week in PlayStation Home: Gran Turismo 5 + My Chemical Romance, Dragon’s Lair & More!

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One of this year’s most anticipated games and eagerly awaited albums pair up in PlayStation Home this week for a special giveaway. Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, November 18th, visitors to PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza or Theater will be able to pick up an exclusive Gran Turismo 5 costume designed by the platinum-selling rock band, My Chemical Romance. The band’s single “Planetary (Go!)” from the upcoming Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, is the main song in GT5’s opening cinematic sequence. This special racing suit will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to log in to PlayStation Home Thursday and pick yours up while you can!

PlayStation Home (GT5 Racer Female) PlayStation Home (GT5 Racer Male)

Miles from civilization, hidden deep in a gorge that once housed a secret government facility, lies the long-lost Dam personal space, the perfect location for each and every aspiring arch nemesis that simply needs a proper hideout from which to formulate plans for world domination. Pick yours up Thursday from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall and then commence becoming the evil overlord you always wished you could be (just don’t make the common N00B mistake of falling into the built-in piranha pool…)

PlayStation Home (The Dam) PlayStation Home (The Dam)

In other news, the PlayStation Home Community Theater will air episode 5 of GamerIndepth’s “ShoutOuts” this Thursday. In the newest installment of this popular videocast, the GI staff sits down with Amped from the first season of the PlayStation Network original reality show “The Tester” to talk about the new season (and the new contestants). On that note, we’re pleased to announce that Episode 3 of “The Tester 2” is now live in PlayStation Home as well. So be sure to head to the PlayStation Home Theater this week to watch the newest episode of “The Tester” and pick up a limited edition t-shirt reward!

The PlayStation Home Mall gets an enormous update this week with standee furniture items appearing in the LOOT store from Top Cow’s famed Witchblade comic book series (including standees of The Magdalena, Sara Pezzini, and Danielle Baptiste), Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne outfits from the classic Dragon’s Lair franchise, and new additions to the Sodium store.

PlayStation Home (TopCow)

PlayStation Home (Dragons Lair) PlayStation Home (DragonsLair Dirk)

In celebration of the impending holiday, we’re bringing the popular Turkey Chase game back to Central Plaza! To play, simply approach the giant stone turkey, proclaim your allegiance to the almighty Meleagris Gallopavo by stating “gobble gobble,” and then proceed to chase down legions of wily turkeys while unlocking some truly hilarious rewards. It’s not only ridiculous(ly fun), it’s the most festive way to pass the hours and days leading up to Thanksgiving. Check out this video for a sneak peek at what we have in store for you Thursday.

See you in Home!

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10 Author Replies

  • Sounds good, getting standees!

  • Awesome! Looking forward to it.

  • The Turkey Chase rewards are the same as last year?

  • So, what’s with all the “Dragon’s Lair” stuff on the PS Store and in Home? Is there something I’m missing? Has a Dragon’s Lair title been announced for PSN/PS3? I loved the original arcade game as a kid…

  • I welcome GT5 anything and in Home its a Plus for sure, i still havent gotten a GT5 schick Home Race Suit. Home Ver. 1.40 is nice.

  • I deleted Home the other day after the update, after it finished all my rewards where gone :(

    • Have you checked the Storage section of your wardrobe? With 1.4, your “active” wardrobe holds a maximum of 500 clothing items. Everything else is automatically placed into the “Storage” section.

      You can learn more about managing your wardrobe by reading GlassWalls post in this thread:

  • why we not getting the amazing singstar outfits home EU is getting and getting DL outfits?.. why are we being punished? Q_Q.. what did i do wrong? plz locust… gimme my singstar outfits *cries* ill be a good girl xD

  • got a ? is the trophy room still coming to ps home and i put an idea for ps share and still aint got put up and its been over a week about bringing netflix live streaming to ps home to watch with friends who have it

  • is the Turkey Hunt the same prizes, curious because i got them, still fun though. still have my pi?s from last year, wow time flies!

  • Hello Locust, can we expect Foam Gloves from the V-Store in NA?

  • @bonemandust My rewards were gone too but a maintance was dont Monday/Tuesday and ive gottten my sitem bace, thones ive known to had diapeared.

  • Hey Locust! I like the GT5 stuff there will be! Cool… Hey brotha i messaged you couple of MONTHS ago in one of this Home updates you put up in here… I remembered i asked ” whats up with the mall casual clothing? Diesel clothing? Its been i think a year since Diesel has gotten new clothes… Come on, i mean you guys are giving costumes, costumes and more costumes… And the casual clothing? No new jeans, new tshirts in threads, WHY? All you told me last time was, i passed this message to i dont remember who but stay tuned! Ok i stayed tuned for MONTHS before i even messaged you, literally i am probably one of the guy that spends pretty decent amount of money in home, i think i deserve an honest answer other than “stay tuned” and you can even check my accout, i am not liying, THANKS, I HOPE YOU REPLY

  • Seeing a dancing turkey makes me wanna hurt someone.

  • Will the GT5 costumes be free? Nice job getting MCR to design em btw ;]

  • any word on when or if the Robot Chicken items like the t-shirts, tank tops will ever come to NA?

    Locust do you like Robot Chicken ?

  • Very cool – The new Witchblade pictures from LOOT looks nice! Yay

  • will we ever see a GT5 home space?

  • we should b able 2 buy the new my chemical romance album in home, and listen 2 it there also!! that would b awesome!!

  • when will the star wars cantine be finished? Its been like 2 months since it came out and it still says coming soon.

  • Any word of the Fix for getting our Missing Items back due to the 1.40 Update?

    We like our stuff back and would like an answer to like when we might get these items back?


    By: DCS

  • Good stuff L_C!

    TopCow owns the Wanted Lincense me thinks, any chance of us seeing some of the covers from Mark Millar’s run in the future?

    Loot FTW!!!

  • So i take it the GT5 outfits are gonna be in the Kiossk then? And there not FREE then…

    By: DCS

  • Speaking of Tester2 Episode 3 now in theater 6 we all been to that today and were Not Getting the Reward after we watch the episode… Some have even stayed to watch it 3 or more times and still no Reward… When is that gonna be fixed…

    By: DCS

  • At first, I saw “Playstation Home: GT5 costumes” and nearly creamed my pants… then I read “designed by My Chemical Romance” and wanted to kill myself. I actually don’t mind their design too much, except for that stupid spider on the front.

    I can’t believe MCR has a better understanding than Scion of a free outfit that people actually want!!! I’d much rather have won a Scion racing suit than those stupid-looking, Scion branded, hipster clothes–fedora hat, army jackets, girl jeans, and slip-on shoes… Seriously Scion, I am disappoint.

  • Off topic, but there isn’t really any other place to ask… where’s our PS+ post detail the next update? We usually get one on the day following a PS+ store update.

  • Wow…sorry to say it, but I’m disappointed beyond words that you’re reusing last year’s Turkey Chase. I really hope that the greedy Festive Tree doesn’t make a comeback as well. Having the community purchase specific items to get a “reward” totally killed the spirit of the holiday season. If our NA devs are too lazy to come up with a new event this Christmas, can we at least reuse EU Home’s Winter Wonderland from last year? Now THAT was an event!

    And is it me, or does the new Dam personal space look suspiciously similar to the old Villain’s Lair?

  • Can we please get a comment on the supposedly extended server downtime occuring tomorrow? EU and Japan teams have said that it might go until the evening, but not one word has been said about it here in NA. A sentence or two here in the blog, on the forums and in the Message of the Day would be much appreciated.

    • Downtimes vary from week-to-week depending on the size and scope of the publish. Given that, it’s impossible for me to give you an exact time that Home will be reopened on any given Thursday.

      That said, we are not anticipating an inordinately long downtime this week.

  • the new space sound very much alike the villains lair.. except fer the piranha pond in which ill make no N00b mistake to fall into .. thou that be nice to have an alternative space to plan more world domination.. MUHAHAHA

  • @17;DCS-Tekken:

    Have you checked the Storage tile in your Wardrobe yet?

    I was about to blow a gasket when I couldn’t find my white Sony racing helmet in my Main Wardrobe! I decided to look in the Storage tile, and there it was, along with a lot of other tops, bottoms, and shoes I like to wear.

    ***If anyone believes they are missing some items of clothing, take a look in the Storage tile in the Wardrobe. It’s possible some of your favorite pieces of clothing might be in there.

    ***Also, your saved outfits have not been deleted. They simply do not have a preview picture on the tiles. Just load up each outfit, then save the outfits in the same exact tiles you loaded them from. Once you do that, there will be a preview picture of your saved outfits on the tiles again.

    DCS, if you’re talking about something other than the clothes, I’m afraid I can’t help you there, sorry.

  • Wow…This is a “OKAY” update!

  • guys dont forget to download the first episode of trigun from the psn! its free,btw!

  • The Tester2 Episode 3 is new in Theater 6 now and were susposed to get a Reward for watching it… What i said was we did watch it and the REWARD is not Given to us at all… It’s Broken!

    So what i’m saying is we want it fixed so we can get our Tester2 Episode 3 Reward then…

    If we got it i wouldn’t be on here saying it was Broken then…

    So it needs to be fixed ASAP so we can get it…





  • Far as the Lost Damn that was an EU exclusive and i wanted that long ago. But its been a year now since EU got it… Does that mean that EU is gonna be given the old Chamber Apt….

    Exclusives are Exclusives for a reason…. So one has to wonder why now?

    I just Hope its not 4.99 as EU has it for much less than what that would be so we should only have to pay like 3.99 at the most…. 3.49 would be better…

    Just saying.

  • We used to have White Text to begin with. So its not a big deal to me… We just got used to the Color Text so it’s very odd to see the white again.

    Oh Well, I guess u can’t please everyone…

    All i know is Missing Items are still Missing and there is no Excuse for that…


  • Any word on Christmas outfits yet? The one thing that was missing last year was the Santa Claus outfit for Male avatars. It was missing his GLASSES… Can we get the GLASSES back this year for 2010… It’s not complete without the GLASSES..


    By: DCS

  • Honestly, the Thanksgiving event being recycled makes me happy. I’m waiting on my PS3 to get fixed, so I’m probably gonna miss it… but I did it last year, so thats okay. That said…. Dirk the Daring? WIN.

  • Hey way to go all out. LAME

  • Cool update but in all honesty, I’m not buying any more items until you get all of the issues fixed with 1.4. Like others who read this blog and are on the forum, I have lost my Tekken 6 Arcade Machine, Dragon Spirit Arcade Machine and even every piece of the 2 costumes from the Contra Bill and Lance bundle (with the exception of the boots. Opposite situation of the problem you advised me on the last time.). I have posted this in the support forum but I figured I would bring it to your attention here because one of the Bundle is something I actually paid for vs the other two items which were rewards.

    Once all of my missing items are back in my inventory, I’ll gladly buy the Dirk costume and maybe the standees. The Dam looks interesting also. Dragon’s Lair is so Classic. I can’t wait for that to arrive on Playstation Network.

  • Thanks L_S, I’m SO glad to see that the Festive Tree will not be returning this year. Now I can happily look forward to whatever surprises await us!

    I didn’t expect the new GT5 suit to be free either, that’s a pleasant surprise!

  • Yay FREE outfit and Red White and Blue and Fancy too….. AWESOME news!


    And no Festivus Tree this year… another YAY! good to hear…


  • It’s also good to hear that the downtime won’t be any longer than expected tomorrow. The party is on!

    You’re all invited to party with the Save the Ta-tas calendar girls tomorrow at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern! It’ll be held at Guitar Hero’s VIP Lounge!

    (See the Ta-tas Girls thread on Home General forums for more info on the Ta-tas Girls, mini-comic and free calendars/XMB wallpapers. Spreading breast cancer awareness doesn’t have to cost anything and doesn’t have to end with October!)

  • What is the point of standees? Witchblade costumes would have been better…Looks like I`ll be sitting on my $6 for another week, wow my $20 card is lasting another 4-5 months.

    Glad to see the turkey event return though, I missed it last year.

    Who were the people that made the Cat and Dog costumes? Did they make the Easter Bunny ones too? Will we get those? Whoever they are, please get them to make more, and for our NA server.

  • 4 years of PS3 today

  • Any new rewards from the Turkey event? I remember playing this mini game last year. :p

    Looking forward to the GT5 suit and Central Plaza update. :)

  • i gotta say i am extremely disappointed in the event being redone, mostly because the event was there for the past 4 WEEKS!!

  • No Festive Tree this christmas?(bummer)So what plans do you have for Playstation Home this Christmas?

  • Oh, and I`ll pass on the GT5 suit, too american. I`m canadian, I`m not gonna go around wearing red white and blue…

  • I just want my chris angel couch back…summer house space and a few others still freeze or dont load all furniture yet either..would rather glitches fixed first…

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