Countdown to Gran Turismo 5 Launch: Daily Chance to Win a Tissot GT5 Watch

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With the launch of Gran Turismo 5 set for November 24, we’ve teamed up with Swiss watchmaker Tissot, the official timekeeper of NASCAR, to bring you the Countdown to GT5 launch sweepstakes. Each day leading up to launch, we’ll be giving you a chance to win a Tissot PRS 516 watch customized for Gran Turismo. This watch, valued at $495, features a stainless steel case and rubber strap with folding clasp engraved with the GT logo. It’s a true fan collectible that won’t be sold in stores – you can only win it here.

GT5 Tissot

Continuing on with the GT5 love, you can now pick-up limited edition Schick razor packs featuring Gran Turismo 5.

GT5 Schick

Each pack includes a download code that unlocks exclusive content including a dynamic theme and GT5 racing suit for Home. For more details, click here.

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  • I feel weird that the game is finally, actually coming out now. I think it might be time to pre-order >_>;

  • i still dont beleive the games coming out :P

  • These are some decent promotions. I actually bought a couple of Schick products, and now I use them regularly. First time a promotion like this has worked on me. Only GT5.

  • I am scared to pre-order because of the fact it’d possibly get pushed back again…

  • 7 more days.

    Playing through the incredible Sly Cooper Remaster and GOW: Ghost of Sparta while waiting.

    And then the greatest racing sim of all time, Gran Turismo 5, arrives.

    My god is it good to be a Playstation owner…

  • When are Sony going to start advertising this game? Seybold said it’s the “industry’s most anticipated title”…so you’ll do some Acti and MS style advertiting, right?


  • It is urgent the KB advertising for Gran Turismo!!!! Also in the meanwhile please remove the terrible advertising for LATAM!!!

  • At ABOVE, I have often been scratching at Sony’s advertising, or lack ther eof. Seriously, it easily has the best lineup of games and more variety, yet, many are simply not aware, Sony has the WORST ,Marketing in the gaming biz. Outside of kevin butler, they have done nothing. No exclusives get marketed. If more people knew about the wealth of PS3 only games, it would sell more, but all anyone hears about is HALO. GT5 will sell regardless, but others in the PS3 library aren’t so lucky. Sony needs to totally rethink its current marketing strategy. Its a joke right now. MS is crap IMO, but one thing they do well? Is market, sell their products. Sony simply does not do it very well at all. remember the PS3 ads before butler? Terrible.

  • I bet it’s for Americans only… :/

  • Yeah, once again, Canadians, europeans get nothing. Funny, as America is where Ps3 sells the worst, its much stronger in the rest of the world.

  • Hopefully, somebody will answer me.

    Will be GT5 be in stores on 11/24 (Street-dated) or will the game be shipped on the 11/24???


  • WOW… Playstation… You guys are on a role! cant wait to play this game!

  • Does one code give you everything listed? Or do you have to buy multiple products to get everything?

  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what the hell, yet another thing that canadians can not enter. i mean seriously is it so hard to open things up to people across the border

  • I normally don’t post on here but I wanted to say for those making comments like “I still don’t believe its coming out” or “I’m scared to pre-order because it may get pushed back again”.

    The game has gone gold, for those who don’t know what that means, a finished gold master copy from Polyphony was sent weeks ago now to be pressed which means copies have already been made and shipped on shipping vessels to various countries, believe it or not there has already been a handful of videos online of people playing it at home.

    I understand your lack of faith and why you feel that way, I do, we’ve waited a long time and been through many delays, the last one hurting the most, but you can feel confident in the fact that the game will be released Nov 24th. Hope to see you all on the track. :)

    always the state get everything.

  • Sadly not available in Canada.

    I am going to the States next week. Will see if I can get myself some razors there.

  • Lame another U.S. only contest.

  • Just so happens that I need some new blades for my Schick Hydro.

  • Kinda sad i waited for that game for so long but now that they finally announced the release date i don’t feel like buying it anymore.

  • ?? why dont you feel like buying it? Your loss, easily the best racing game to grace consoles, its huge , detailed, and beautiful to look at.

  • I can’t wait for this game to finally release. I’m not buying it, I’m just sick of hearing about the drawn out speculation.

  • Yeah, Sony needs to start the advertising now.

  • Really?…. If you guys dont wanna pay to ship it to us if we win just say so.

  • again. No Canada Love.

  • Hard to complain about a free contest…. but I’ll do so anyway… looks like this contest started on the 12th… wish I would have known about it then.

  • First GT Academy, now this? Why do you hate Canada?

  • Seriously, is it that hard to ship a prize across the border to Canada? You want to hype the game up even more with a contest that rewards with a “true fan collectible” and then make it unavailable to a huge number of the fans. Should just put “US Only” at the end of the article title.

  • Sweet, I shave my head with Extreme 3’s disposables so it works out!

  • The submit button isn’t working…this isn’t a US only promotion is it?

  • How about putting a countdown in the blog just like with Uncharted 2 and GOW 3?? :D

  • Question here!

    Do the entries prior to the adjusted form (the one without email) still count? I noticed the new form has somewhere to enter in an email as opposed to before.

    Thanks, and lookin’ forward to GT5!

  • Probably the coolest looking watch I have seen in awhile.

    Hope I win :D

  • ill be picking up some Schick razors! lol

  • Okay guys! I love Sony for life but this hurt a freaking BAD! Do you really think only people who honestly waited for GT5 live in US? Or is it a powerful discrimination here? To my knowledge GT5 is world’s most well known game… So to my honest warning to you guys I understand Jeff and everybody here do hell of the work here. Honestly guys PS world Brand that’s way you still survive here. If we want a ripoff we have one from Gates family… Please don’t repeat that ever again… Just please… Lifting everyone (Canada and Europe – Yes, I am Canadian but I will protect Europe ) but US with this contest apparently the worst ever mistake Sony ever made.

  • Oh and PS3 outsell Xbox in Canada if you forgetting about that I can remind you that (but I am try to stay diplomatic here not emotional hope Sony understand my point for the future

  • @38:
    I’m one of those people who honestly waited for GT5 and live in U.S.

    Not sure you should protect Europe, they got a lot a love w/ getting GT Academy first, and also the SLS challenge. I’d rather have a chance at winning a car than a watch.

    But yes, SCEA should include all of N. America, not just U.S.

  • If they intended to release this game at this faux release date the advertising would’ve already started. No real members of the fanbase are being fooled. And this is coming from someone who’s been a fan since GT1.

  • Awesome!! Great choice too. I’ve had a Tissot for about 10 years now. Absolutely love it. After buying my Tag it doesn’t get the love it deserves anymore but Tissot makes incredible watches. About due for a new watch so just pull my name out of the bad & all will be well. ;)

    side note: Better have the Volk SLs in GT5 for my 350z. Just got the email yesterday & the 19″ are stateside and coming my way. I’ll be crying for months if I can’t get them in the game too. :P

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