Your Chance to Become a Pro Race Car Driver with GT Academy!

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It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for auto enthusiasts and gaming fans! PlayStation and Polyphony Digital have teamed up with Nissan North America to bring you GT Academy, a competition using Gran Turismo 5 to win the ultimate prize – a chance to become a professional race car driver, starting December 20.

Gran Turismo 5

Whether or not you’re good enough to become a pro race driver doesn’t matter, because all participants will earn free digital content just for playing, as well as an opportunity to earn prizes for winning regional and national time trials. All participants will compete in a series of GT5 online trials using Nissan cars and will be narrowed down to the top 32 virtual racers in the U.S. They will be invited to compete to become one of 16 GT Academy finalists in the live national finals event in March 2011. The 16 finalists will compete in a series of challenges, including behind the wheel of real Nissan race cars, for a chance to become a professional race driver as the GT Academy winner. The ultimate GT Academy winner will train with elite race car drivers and race as part of a professional team.

And if that’s not exciting enough, the competitors’ road to victory will be documented in a multi-episode reality show airing exclusively on SPEED channel and the PlayStation Network in 2011.

Be sure to register first for GT Academy, which opens on December 6th at the official Gran Turismo website. Check out the official rules here, and visit the FAQ here for more information.

If you want to get a head start on GT Academy, be sure to pre-order Gran Turismo 5 to guarantee your copy of the game on November 24. Good luck, everyone!

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  • Looks like a good way to kick things off for GT5

  • See you there :)

  • Hey Steph. Somewhat GT related…why aren’t Sony asking retailers to update their product pages for GT5 to reflect the full feature set?

    On Amazon for example, there’s no mention of weather, course maker, Top Gear TT, etc, etc.

    I’d be putting that weather trailer on every online retailer that sells GT5.

  • Nice….Sony, I know this is off topic, but when are you guys gonna start REALLY marketing GT5? I haven’t seen one commercial on TV, besides SPEED channel. The game comes out next week. Word of mouth can only get you so far.

  • OMG sickness. But I dont know what I want more? To become a pro driver? Or spend 200+ hours on the single player in this game? PD 4 life! Hahaha!

  • Man I can’t wait to get out on the tracks!

    I am hosting my family Christmas party this year and you better believe I am going to have my 2 PS3s both running GT5 hooked up to 2 TVs back to back for head to head racing. My family is very competitive… it is going to be great!

  • yeah we need the Kevin Butler ad ASAP

  • Will there be something similar for Canada residents?

  • I am IN!

  • cant wait for gt5! im so ready to get started on my way to bein a pro racer!

  • I may be old and slow, but it won’t stop me from trying my best and having fun! Thanks a bunch Stephanie!!!

  • So does this mean the game is REALLY coming out on the 24th of Nov.? No joke, the real thing with no delays?

  • I wonder if someone could be a leader on the leader boards and get selected to win even though he uses a controller, and not a steering wheel. LOL

  • Oh, and I will be one of those controller users!!

  • It would definitely be nice if Canada could compete in this as well, even if it was for a different prize.

    Race fer beer or something – I’m sure Labbatt or Molson would be interested in sponsoring something…even if the prize wasn’t beer – lol…

  • Yes, Stephanie, I’d also like to see Canadians included in the big, important GT contests, such as this one.

    Any chance of this happening for next year’s Academy?

  • whats the name of that song?

  • Honestly, it has been my life’s dream to become a race car driver. I am going to give it everything I have got December 6th.

  • Theres a few things I’ve noticed. Not only are canadians excluded from these mediocre events so is the rest of the world. It matters little the TV spectrum has been overcrowded with this kind of low budge overhyped “reality tv” for years. This will likely turn into another “american fighter pilot”, I bet you wont remember that, and be cancelled in 3 or 4 episodes. That is in the unlikely event anyone really gets GT5 when sony says they will. We all know sonys track record on that one. That reminds me of what nsnsmj said, namely wheres the advertising, this games been eagerly anticipated for years and delayed many many times. Companies producing this kind of product always hype it up beyond belief heading into the hottest selling season of the year if they have a product to sell even a bad one.

  • Good luck to all Academy participants!

    If you want some good competition on-line or help with GT5, come to the GT forum here.

  • I think the reason Canada gets the shaft on contest is because there’s different laws governing giving out prizes. I remember Canadians having to answer a Math question in order to obtain prizes and that’s on top of winning the drawing. I’m an Amatuer Drifter and im definitely down for this, as I’d love to take up GT circuit and Gymkana racing. See you GT fans online!

  • Honest1987 / #20,

    Sony Europe has done GT Academy 2 years already, and their winners have gone on to win a bunch of races. The reality show seems like a very small part of this. The big thing is a GT fan getting to become a professional race car driver. Can you imagine a SOCOM player getting to become a real Navy SEAL? Haha.

  • PlayStation never has contests or events including Latin America, too bad!!!

  • ok be ready to have an accessable spot for my wheelchair, behind the wheel im anything but slow!

  • Thats really awesome, I’m going to enter but I doubt I have a chance

  • Woah, now we’re talking.

  • Ms. Yashimoto, can you explain why CANADA has been excluded from this contest? First the Tissot watch give-away and now GT Academy…?

  • wheres jeremy clarkson?

  • *another unhappy left out canadian*

  • …and y isn’t this available in the UK!?
    The majority of best official drivers are in Europe! To find the best, it has to be a WORLDWIDE tournament!

  • No Canadian love? Surprise, surprise.

  • will this have more unique tracks than gt5?

  • Another unhappy left out canadian, it would be nice to know why.
    Good luck to all participants anyway :)

  • Hell yeah, there should be a GTAcademy in all continents!

  • Bah Canada excluded again ! Shame on you!

  • Wait, is that footage from people already trying the GT academy thing. So does that mean that they have already selected people. Where and how did they get that footage?

  • It says course maker at the end of the trailer!!! does that mean GT5 has a track creator???

  • The footage was from the Europe GT Academy. I think it was held in Germany earlier this year. Finally coming to the States how nice.

  • I love that this opportunity exists. This is such a great way to promote the authenticity of the GT series.

  • No love for the Canucks, again.

    Did you know the fastest time from a North American driver, from last years Indy TT demo was a Canadian. You won’t know if you’ve got the best drivers or not.

  • FYI, at, our GT racing league, Canadians are the most well represented, per capita.

  • WOW !!!
    thats an awesome offer !!

  • Can’t wait…now I just have to figure out a way to convince my ‘better half’ to allow a Playseat into the house to complete the setup.

  • Great….unless you live in Canada. So thats no signature edition and yet again anyone that lives in Canada may as well bin their PS3 and trade it in for an Xbox 360, atleast with Microsoft you knew you were screwed as soon as you opened it.
    Get a grip Sony and stop taking a dump on Canada eh!

  • im looking forward to the show when it debuts on psn and speed! this is a great way to use gran turismo 5.

  • Yes we are left out again. So, GO GAR GO! TPRA grad.

  • uggh, still not eligible if you’re a Canadian citizen. When are we going to get some Canadian love from Polyphony Digital, Sony and especially Team Nissan? :( What does it matter where you are from as long as you are fast and above all consistent? Heck, you should support this everywhere, South America, Australia, Asia. So far it only happens in Europe and U.S.A. Very sad! I got my Playseat Evolution chair and Logitech G25 racing combo since GT5P came out. Now I cannot participate in these wonderful special trials because I am located in the “WRONG” geographical zone. It doesn’t make sense!

  • gt5 will not be out till the new year some people say i dunno what to think ppl plz help me out xxx ty

  • So now that GT5 looks like it’s finally coming out. Can anyone at Sony please find out if PD is going to either make a motorcycle DLC for GT5 or a stand alone version of Tourtist Trophy 2. I still can’t believe that they think people would prefer driving VW Minivans then high powered sportbikes.

    PD said if there was a demand for bikes they’d add them or make TT2, yet Sony nor PD has given us a forum or means to show that there is a demand for TT2 as a stand alone (prefered) or DLC (if it means I don’t have to wait 10years).

  • I’ve modified a VRocker seat, attached the wheel and pedals and can’t wait to give this a go.

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