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Hey all!

Ronnie2K here back again to discuss all things NBA 2K11. If you missed my last submission on the PlayStation.Blog where I discussed the Move along with a background on all the great features 2K11 has to offer, you can catch it here. If you ever have feedback on a feature, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter and make sure to follow us on Facebook if you are a fan of the franchise.

Several weeks after launch, fans everywhere are still buzzing about the return of Michael Jordan to the video game basketball landscape. The extremely remarkable reviews have been pouring in calling NBA 2K11 “the greatest sports game of this generation” and getting a 9.5 from IGN. We introduced great features like The Jordan Challenge, where you can play in 10 of MJ’s most iconic games, MJ: Creating a Legend, where you can bring MJ onto any modern team, and the revamped My Career Mode where you live the life of an NBA Star, participating in Press Conferences, sign Endorsements, and so on. For those of you who don’t have a copy, this is the perfect time to get in and get an extra feature for your NBA basketball video game experience.

We are now taking the NBA 2K11 experience to a whole another level. Starting today, you can experience NBA 2K11 in 3D, for PlayStation 3 users who have a 3D television! Just hop on over to Best Buy and get your copy to experience an extra layer of depth (an extra dimension even!) to what many critics are already hailing as the deepest, most immersive, and best sports game of this generation.

A lot of people wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make 3D possible. So I got together with the dev team and asked them!

All 3-D effects come down to one simple idea: make each of a viewer’s eyes see a slightly different image and you can create the illusion of depth on a 2-D screen. Technology to create 3-D movies evolved from two-color images, called anaglyphs, into the more modern projection systems that use differently polarized light. Most of the new 3-D televisions use a technique called “alternate-frame sequencing” in which they first display the image for one eye and then display the image for the other eye, holding each image on the screen for 1/120th of a second. To make sure viewers see the correct images with each eye, glasses that cover-up one eye in exact synchronization with the television display, called active-shutter glasses, are used. What’s most exciting about the new technology is the quality of the images it produces. The new generation of active-shutter HDTVs let us make a 3-D game using full resolution HDTV images at framerates up to 120Hz.

To properly drive one of these televisions, NBA 2K11 must create two separate images every game frame–one for each eye. We create a virtual stereoscopic (two-eyed) camera and render the whole scene in full HD resolution twice, once for each eye of the camera. These two images are packaged together and delivered to the television as one “frame” which the television decodes and displays as two consecutive images, one for each eye of the viewer. Just in case anyone has a pair of the old-school 3-D glasses lying around, NBA 2K11 will render using the anaglyph method as well.

I got the opportunity to try it out last week and have played NBA 2K11 in 3D extensively. I have to say it’s absolutely amazing how the ball pops out of the screen on a pass or how you literally jump off the screen when going for a thunderous dunk. It must be witnessed to be believed so make sure to get in front of the game immediately!

NBA 2K11 3D

If you already have NBA 2K11 on the PS3 and don’t want to buy another copy, don’t fret. All current owners of NBA 2K11 for the PlayStation 3 system will be able to download an upgrade to enable their game to play in 3D for free from the PlayStation Store, January 2011. Make sure you’re on the lookout at the turn of the year. Before that time, we will have a game update scheduled (within the next few weeks) for small fixes to look forward to.

I want to thank the people at PlayStation for giving me this time to tell you more about NBA 2K11. Let me remind you to follow us on Facebook to see the most new and exclusive info for the NBA 2K Franchise. Thanks for reading!


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    • This reminds me, today we were announced as the #1 selling game on PS3 for the month of October by the NPD. Can’t thank you PS3 fans enough.

  • first lol

  • Im buying it, but seriously, next time, lead on PS3.

  • Ronnie Singh should be 2K Sports President! Thanks for all the awesome support! Happy belated Birthday too!!

  • Feel free to leave me any questions after reading the blog. Thanks for checking it out. Honestly, can’t say enough about 3D. Once you see it, you’ll want it.

  • Congrats on the amazing reviews. i am not really into sports games, but i will try this one for sure. i hope the move and 3d support really better the game.

    • I think you will be highly impressed and become a fan for a long time. Hit me up on Twitter, let me know what you think of it after you’ve had it for a bit. 3D is unreal.

  • I was amazed at the improvements in NBA 2k11. It also helped having my favorite team/player on the cover (MJ). I’m beyond impressed and happy with my purchase.

    • Very glad to here that ManaKnight. The reviews have been remarkable and truly humbled at all the success the game has earned. But the 2K fans are great!

  • I think its awesome that you spent time on 3D, but I hope you fixed the fact I couldn’t play a 1v1 with a friend online. I was surely disappointed and haven’t played it since.

    • Our online performance has been lightyears better than last year and we actually put out a patch a few weeks back that helped matchmaking even more. Try it again, and if you are still having issues, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

  • bought the game a couple of days ago and let me tell ya i’m loving it.me and my bro played a couple of matches already and he is always kicking my butt XD

    tried the online just yesterday too and i was beaten to death.all in all, you guys have made a heck of a game, kudos to you all…

    btw, lets go HEAT! XD

    • Glad you love it! Our marketing really spoke to our enthusiasm that we had done something special. I really think you’ll hear us in many conversations for Sports (Overall?) Game of the Year. The dev guys did an incredible job, and taking it 3D was a must.

      Thanks for the support perrandy! Except the Heat call… haha go Thunder!

  • is move support on it now or is it coming later.

  • Any news on the association patch?

  • Great news, thanks Ronnie.

  • How about patching NBA 2K10? One glitched trophy preventing every PS3 owner from ever completing…

    • If I assume you’re talking about the Good Teammate trophy, only a few people had issues with that and those that did, if you tried the things customer service suggested (such as clearing cache, deleting save files, etc.) didn’t work, a patch actually wouldn’t help that issue. It’s unfortunate. Go and hit up customer service about this and at least see it through.

  • Are there any plans to add more last names and/or nicknames to the in-game audio? I have a fairly common last name but unfortunately is isn’t in the game.

    • Good question. I am discussing in the next couple weeks with the audio team about coming up a way that fans can submit their name to the database for next year. Not sure if it’ll happen but I know it’s something we want to do. That’s the kind of thing to hit me up on Twitter about, would be happy to follow-up and keep you all posted.

  • What about all of us who bought this title on launch day? Wait until January? 1st or 31st? Big difference.. not to mention the season will be half way over.

    Next time I won’t be buying your titles on launch day..

    Thanks but no thanks..

  • I will be back shortly. Keep leaving me questions, promise to get to all of them.

  • Will PS3 owners be able to have custom in-game soundtracks either with an update or in 2k12?

  • Hey Ronnie!

    I love the passion that you guys’ show for the game, glad that this sports franchise from 2K is really at the top of its game!

    Also, do you have a twitter to follow? You seem like a pretty easily accesesable guy, so I figure you would be tweeting..


    PS: Also, I won a 2K Mystery Swag Bag from you guys for yesterday’s contest, so real happy about that, love most of 2K’s games.

    • Hi Patriot, thanks for the kind words. It’s easy to be passionate about games that are so terrific and I love being part of our exceptional marketing.

      Yes, I talk to fans all the time. My Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/Ronnie2K. See you there.

      Those swag bags are cool. Glad you’re a 2K fan across the board!

  • I want to marry Ron2k!

  • Well, another reason to buy a 3DTV… they just keep piling on

  • does 2K11 have the option to be installed onto the HDD to slowdown load times?

  • I mean speedup load times…

  • What about Navigation Control support? using Move + Dualshock isnt much fun

    • Yeah unfortunately, we couldn’t get the Navigation controller in there this year. Came up a little late in the cycle, I am sure this is something we’ll want to do for 2K12.

  • LOL @20!
    Honestly Ronnie is one of the BEST in the business! He really replies to your questions on twitter, e-mail etc. The guy really is concerned about the gamer, and tries really hard to get the gamer happy! I am so happy with the over-all game with 2K11. But 2K12 has to even be better cause EA has a 2 year development on their game. I know we are in good hands with 2K as long as Ronnie is on board! Thank you Ronnie once again for the awesome work you have done with keeping in touch with the fans. I know Ronnie knows there are trophy problems and will get fixed in the next big patch!

  • Is the agreement with Michael Jordan a 1 year deal or will he be back in future versions of the game?

    • The conversation was open ended. I hope we bring him back of course, but hey who knows… maybe we get even bigger? Is that possible? I don’t know. But I said that last year so the brilliant guys in VC and us in marketing are going to be looking for a way to continue to push the envelope.

  • yea, so us PSP users would like some updated rosters. a patch would be much appreciated.

  • how about extending some of the contests in NBA 2K11 to Canadians?

    • I imagine there’s nowhere we wouldn’t want to have the contest. However, state/country laws get in the way sometimes. It’s unfortunate and I apologize.

  • Does it install on its own? or is there an option for it? Also how about some NBA 2K11 avatars/dynamic themes?

    • Pretty sure some Home themes will be coming soon, stay tuned to my Twitter.

      The game is installable like other PS3 games.

  • Will you be playing against PS3 owners anytime soon? would like to see how I fare against Ronnie2K :P

    • Now that’s a good question. I have been meaning to do some community play days, I will get it going in the next couple weeks I promise.

  • This is sort of an unrelated question towards NBA 2K11, but I was curious to know how one gets into the game industry as a community developer, or social media director. It seems this is a booming industry in the world of PR, where publishers will take to Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their fans rather than through press releases.

    How does one get into that kind of industry?

    Back to 2K11 – the demo was great, once finances are back in order I plan to pick it up. Haven’t picked up an NBA game since 2K7.

    • Ny route to this industry was different than the two ways I hear how most people in my office got there. A lot of people started in QA or the like, working in the video game industry and making contacts. PR jobs are more likely through working for agencies and then getting picked up.

      I actually worked in Sports before this. It’s a different route and probably more difficult but one that allows people to trust you in the public domain a little easier. Something that’s extremely important in terms of social/community.

  • Feel free to continue to drop questions. I’ll be checking back tomorrow morning! Thanks for the questions today!

    – Ronnie2K

  • Well, not every game has the option to install… all I wanted to know is whether it installs on its own the first time I popped in the disk or do I have to find it through the menu?

    • You have to find it through the menu. I don’t really install games so I am not the person to talk to about that but I have seen it done.

  • Any chance of a NBA 2K11 Demo with 3D? I own the game, but I’d like to see it for myself before I invest on a 3DTV

    • The demo was Move-compatible but 3D obviously is just launching so no. But I know Best Buy is really loving it so it’s setup in many of their stores. I am sure you can check it out there.

  • Also, since the last time I’ve played NBA 2K… NBA 2K9. I see that there has been a change on the way that challenging someone to ranked matches are done. Now we have to send a messages to multiple people and wait for them to accept which is usually what is done when you want to invite a friend to your game.

    Why the change? it seems very backwards to me having to go back and forth between the game and XMB to see who you have a decent online connection with then you send them an invite then wait for a response… rinse and repeat. Not to mention you get cluttered with messages that don’t tell you who you have a decent connection with. Before you’d be able to challenge from the game screen where everything is displayed as well as accepting challenges.

    • You can’t invite a friend to a RANKED game basically to give our leaderboards more integrity. However grabbing a ranked game is easier than ever before, simply press down on the main screen and Find a Ranked Game. It’s that easy!

      Grabbing an UNRANKED game against a friend is quite easier than you explained there. All you have to do is press Square in any screen, scroll over to Friends using R1 and then challenge the friend. Nice and simple.

  • Last one, any chance of having more lobbies? I understand that since there is no competition this year and it was launch week it was rather full, but I had trouble finding an open lobby for a few hours and actually getting a match going until midnight when there were less than 20 people in the lobbies and it actually worked properly… I suppose the patch fixed/fixes this

  • What team are you rooting for? also which player and team has impressed you so far and which player and team has disappointed you so far? (doesn’t have to be the player from the same team, can be different)

    • I am a huge fan of Kevin Durant. I more like players rather than teams, it’s just a weird thing about my watching of the NBA. I used to follow Shaq from team to team, now it’s KD. I gotta say I am a little disappointed by the Thunder but sorta expected a slower start and it might be another year and a few signings before they make that championship step.

      I predicted the Celtics to win the championship over the Lakers in the rubber match and both teams have lived up to that billing. I thought Miami was still a couple MLE signing’s away.

  • Ok, so I’ve tried playing 2K11 with move and its pretty neat (except that theres no Navigation Controller support) but the Move control tutorial only goes over the basics.. it doesn’t teach you how to post up (which feels odd) and do many of the other complicated stuff. So I was confused as to how to do these things with Move any chance that gets patched? or was this deliberate since most Move owners are casual players?

    • Did you read the last blog?

      I am sure we wanted to find out what was popular in using the Move in Year 1. I don’t know if it’s directing it to the casual as much as it’s about getting as much feedback as possible. We really take that feedback seriously.

  • i love the 3d on this game but was a little disapointed that you cant get the 3d when playing online. do u think there will be any patch in the hopefully near future that will allow this to happen?

  • Any chance the demo will be updated for Move functionality?

    I bought this game on Xbox and heck just might buy it again if the Move features are fun.


    I’m a Knicks fan…but, seriously, who would be bigger than Michael Jordon? I don’t think sports fans want to play Kratos…so to imply you might get someone bigger than MJ next year is kind of silly. Any other basketball legend you sign would be a step down…and this is coming from a hardcore John Starks fan.

    • The demo has Move functionality I am quite sure.

      I didn’t mean it as someone bigger than MJ. You’re right, there’s no one greater than him. I just meant that our idea of the franchise and who we use overall could get bigger. I am always impressed how we push the envelope and I imagine we’ll find a way next year as well.

  • I want to start by saying I’ve been a huge NBA 2K fan since the Dreamcast. You guys make an amazing game each year and I have no idea how you manage to out-do yourselves so often. With that said, I do have a serious question about the My Player mode glitches/crashes players have been so vocal about on the 2K Sports forum. You mentioned above that patch 1.2 would be released at some point in early December. Will that affect My Player as well as Association? I’m only this concerned because I purchased 2K11 for almost literally every aspect BUT My Player and now I’ve played 50+ hours of that mode, only to have it dump to a black screen every time I load it up.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can give on this issue and remember that the fans ALWAYS love to hear updates regarding what you guys are up to.

    • That will definitely affect My Player as well. I know how popular that mode is, it’s amazing. My suggestion is try some of the stuff in our forums and otherwise hold on to your My Player for the patch. It shouldn’t be too long.

  • Way to answer all these comments Ronnie! I need a 3D TV STAT, hopefully I find one cheap enough on Black Friday… :)

    Oh yeah, Laker fan here.

  • Since your responding to so many questions…

    Which Do You Prefer:

    French Fries OR Curly Fires

    Coca-Cola OR Pepsi

  • hey i have the game and i love it its the best b ball game i ever played i just have two questions and one of them can possibly help you guys out in the long run ok first Q is is there gonna be a patch for the my player mode to fix my problem i saved and quit my game in the middle of the game and now when i try to load it up it freezes my ps3 totally and i would have to get up and manually turn the ps3 off i havent played that mode in 2 weeks. second Q is why does this guy MessenjahMatt do not work for yall you should check out you tube and see his work man he makes great trailers for your game p.s i dont know him buy the way

    • On My Player mode, yes. That’s part of the v1.2 patch coming late this month or early next.

      We love MessenjahMatt (I have talked to him a few times) and have thought about how best to bring him into the fold. That Jordan vs. Jordan movie released recently was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him join us at some point.

  • I don’t think you understood my question about the challenge system. 1st yeah if you go to find ranked match it is much faster and I believe it was like that in 2K9 as well, but if you go to a lobby and try finding a ranked match it has gone backwards for the reasons I explained previously. Also I know you can’t invite a friend to a ranked match but I was just using it as an example as to how the new challenge system is very similar to what other games use to invite friends since you have to send a message

  • Will we see future NBA2K titles bring on challenges from other great players like Magic Johnson & Larry Bird?

    • Anything’s possible. With any retired player though, we need to reach out to them individually. Let’s see what’s in store.

  • About the Move question, yes I read your last blog but in the game itself it doesn’t teach you how to post up with the move controller.. it only goes over the basics (passing, shooting, rebounding and blocking).

  • yea i want too pick diz game up 4 black fri. 4 sure but when uu said da demo waz move enabled iz simply WRONG it should have been too skyrocket salez !!!!!!!!!!!1

  • I can’t help but admit I absolutely can’t stand basketball games. But the fact that you added 3D support to your game makes me at least tip my hat to you guys! Good job. I hope Sony starts breaking out some 3D patches for a lot of the PSN titles and that more disc based games get the 3D support! I need more 3D support for my brand new Panasonic Plasma tv.

  • Not sure if I’ll get a 3DTV anytime soon but a great nonetheless. Loving the game so far. Only problem I have is with My Player: Saved and exited during the game and I can’t load it back up. Looking forward to the patch at the end of the month. Sports GOTY

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