Heavyweight Showdown in This Week’s Episode 3 of ‘The Tester 2’

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The pressure of the competition looms large in this week’s test of communication skills as the 9 remaining gamers grapple with a Fat Princess inspired challenge involving turrets, blindfolds, and a megaphone. With one of the most critical skills on the line this week, who’s got the chops not to get chopped?

SCEA Santa Monica Studio Senior Producer, Deborah Mars, joins the panel in Week 3 as the gamers are taken way out of their comfort zones to see who is the most well rounded communicator.

Be sure to download Episode 3 of “The Tester 2” available only on the PlayStation Network in the PlayStation Store. Starting Wednesday watch it with your friends in “The Tester 2” theater in PlayStation Home to receive this week’s ‘Game Over’ T-shirt.

The Tester 2 - Ep 3 Prizes

This Week’s Prize Package

For Week 3 of our ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes, we are giving away a pair of Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling Headphones and “The Tester” Limited Edition PS3 system. Download Episode 3 from PlayStation Store by November 22 to be automatically entered to win. See the official rules here.

And, congratulations to Keith M., from Long Island, NY who won the God of War III Ultimate Edition, and ‘The Tester’ Limited Edition PS3 system both autographed by Episode 1 guest panelist, Stig Asmussen.

More with Samurai

Looking to hear more from Samurai? Be sure to check in on PlayStation LifeStyle’s weekly podcast, where they talk to Samurai about his participation on the show and what game he’s currently trying to platinum.

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6 Author Replies

  • And you wonder why your in last place?

  • Any love for Canada?

  • Please stop posting info about Tester like this. It really leech all the “surprises” out of the episode, makes me not want to watch it since I know what to expect.

    • Sorry you feel that we’re giving too much away. We really do try to not reveal any spoilers in the weekly previews. We’re very careful about not revealing who loses the challenge and who goes home. I don’t think you can tell the outcome of Episode 3 from the preview, but we’ll try to be even more obscure with future previews.

  • *Kanye voice* “Sony doesn’t care about Canadian People”

    4 years of complaining and nothing changes.

    No idea how a fat suit contest helps you decide if someone would be a good tester.

    • The show is available in Canada.

      The skill being tested in this week’s episode is about communication skills (not necessarily how to maneuver in an oversized wardrobe). The program uses the obstacle course and the suits to provide a visual way of presenting the challenge.

  • Cmon Sony, do something something for Canada!

  • SONY needs to step up and admit this is a failure as a promotion. Advertising on tv, print, radio that gamers actually listen to would be of far more use in keeping PS3 alive. Come to think of it putting real effort into the games released and usable firmware for a change would help relieve the massive alienation of SONYS dwindling fanbase.

  • Is there a way to block tester shows from the automatic download? I don’t find shows like these entertaining in the slightest.

  • When is this and all the other content coming up today??? Why can’t anyone ever give me an official Store update time!?

  • “download and win?” does that mean i have a chance to win free stuff when i download the free episode as it comes out?! sa-weet!

    • This week’s “Download & Win” promotion features Sony Noise Canceling Headphones and The Tester limited edition PS3. Next week is a limited edition autographed copy of Metal of Honor by Exec Producer, Greg Goodrich…and a PS3.

  • Pretty cool show…..I got my wife hooked on it and shes not really into video games!


  • @8 The Tester isn’t downloaded automatically……

  • no to sound negative or anything.but,i agree with #7 this show only appeals to those ppl that watch mtv or lets say survivor.besides, most of the cast are actors in the whole sense of the word(cheka is a true gamer,though) so thats so much for a “reality show” right there.don’t get me wrong i know what you guys are doing and where you want to be as programming goes (according to the interview that susan panico gave to the gaming press)but you guys have ways to go before getting in to HBO level of quality there(best wishes in getting there,really).on the other hand, its pretty nice what you guys are doing in giving out prizes for people that watch the show…

    like #7 said the money would be better spent with localizing jrpgs or improving the feautures that our beloved console needs…

    btw,kevin since you worked (hope i’m not confusing you with anyone else)for the localization of wkc, i wonder if you guys are going to bring wk2 or dogma wars to the ps3/psp?
    anyways, one day to go for the anniversary of the ps3! whooo whoo!!!!!! :0)

  • Can’t wait to watch it today. :D

    I should meet up with Samurai because I believe we live in the same state, haha.

  • LMAO – nice reply to #2 – you can’t seriously tell me you didn’t know he was talking about the download and win contest…

  • …and again to #5 ROFL…

  • Episode 3 already? Season 2 is coming along just fine. Downloading now…

  • verify your information before* you open your mouth and spew out BS.

  • @20 – just for kicks, I just went onto the video store, and there it was – episode 3. It’s downloading now…

  • Also, I’m positive that someone working for Sony and who has to access to this blog knows the exact and official time for when content is updated, and as a loyal PSN consumer I have every right to know when this time is.

  • TUSTIN1, it was just put up. Before your comment it wasn’t there. It’s under both the Game and Video section, only available by searching in Video.

  • Wow this is so lame, every week the update for Tuesday creeps later every week. It’s nearly 7PM here in Canada and still no sign of an update – for anything.
    Playstation – it only does everything ….unless you live in Canada and then you get royally stiffed.

  • @#4 Kevin Furuichi

    I actually did not watch the preview video and only skimmed the material quickly and not by intention I might add (it’s hard to avoid the bold text and words like Fat Princess). But I would say knowing who the loser and winner is, is only 10% of the show.

    What’s more interesting (at least to me) is the challenge itself and what it’s looking for and of course who the guest judge is, to see people of the industry that at least I recognize and listening their opinions is currently more interesting than any other part of the show. Maybe you can do a “Guess who the guest judge is” and give some hints.

    To me it felt like you’ve just removed 75% of the episode.

  • We were complaining about the US only “download and win” contest and you know it Kevin.

  • thats a nice prize, i forgot all about the “viewers win too” concept but i did download non the less. be real nic to win this…ok i guess all these prize gifts are nice!! #sonyplaystation

  • Question about the contest: If I download the episode from my PC through the Media Go application, will I be entered into the sweepstakes? I can’t download it from the PS3 …cuz I don’t have one lol, hence the reason for wanting to enter.

  • I like this program but I wish you didn’t cut that much stuff. Meaning can you at least leave the competition and the final judge decission without cut? Is kid of annoying, sometimes I’m feeling like I’m watching a resume of a real episode. Why you guys try so hard to make the episode so short?

  • I live in Long Island so I’m gonna find you, I’M GONNA FIND!

  • how come when you have a weekly competition do you let people download videos as many times as they want to get the prize shouldnt it be a 1 entree and go out of those odds than letting some one put in 100 downloads and win it

  • do you download from the internet to join sweepstakes or does it also work on psp because i have psp and a psn account so does it enter me in the sweepstakes since i dl the “tester 2” episode 3 on my psp or do you have to use the computer

  • Pretty cool new episode and im wait for this headset as well !

  • okay so how does psn know ware i leave so they can the prizes i know i download ep2 for the camera

  • I don’t like this new season. I feel that the first one was better. This season seem to go in line with most reality shows as far as they pick a contestant to hate. it seems like “Big Fazeek” was put on the show to create drama and discontent and it is being focused on way too much.

  • I finally got time to watch this one. I think Mo got a bad rap. This was a show about communication. He was in trouble for not putting the crown on. But, if you listen to the instructions, all they had to do was to get to the crown. There was nothing in the instructions saying they had to put the crown on. They only had to get to the crown. Mo should not have been penalized for his actions.

  • ^you sir are correct. she never said they had to put the crown on their head to finish. for all the talk about clear and concise instructions they failed to do so from the beginning.

  • Yesssss! I got an e-mail from Sony yesterday to confirm my address so I am pretty sure I won week 3’s prize package! I’m lucky I saw the e-mail in time because they only give you 2 days to reply. Thank you so much to the PSN and good luck to everyone else on scoring something.

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